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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 04:35AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

The moon rose high in the sky, and cast its light down through the large glass windows that made up much of the eastern walls of Sam’s apartment. Laying curled up within Sam’s arms, was his soul mate and most cherished Damion, who had finally fallen asleep after the long shower they had together. Sam had slept soundly for much of the night, but subconsciously, he kept a close hold on his lover, drawing him into his body. Finally Sam’s eyes opened, and he could only gaze adoringly at the young man he held in his arms. The night had not been a dream, they had really made love to each other, and Damion had accepted him as his mate. Sam couldn’t help, but run his hands across Damion’s chest, while smelling his hair, and pulling him even closer than before. He didn’t wish to wake him, he just felt so complete having Damion laying in his bed. This was no simple love story, but their feelings were so deeply intertwined now. They were close on another level to most other people.


Sam knew if he stayed in bed, he was going to get carried away, already feeling a touch of morning wood. Thinking he was better to let Damion sleep, he pulled away and rolled out of bed, finding a light pair of cotton pants, and padding over to the kitchen, to make himself a pot of coffee. yawning and scratching his stubbled chin, he put the pot on the stove and lit the match, turning on the gas. Sam must have looked pretty rough, but in a sexy kind of way, as he leaned against the counter, and waited for the water to boil.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 07:54AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Damion was simply having the most erotic dream he could ever remember having. It was all sensual, skin touching skin, long teasing kisses culminating in that final act of love and desire as a body pressed upon his.

He moaned in his sleep, turning onto his back as the sheets rubbed over his sensitized skin. His body throbbed as the dream continued; lips caressing every inch of his body causing him to gasp and groan in his dream-lover’s embrace, fingers stretching and preparing him for what was to come. That single long press of hardened steel that made him gasp out loud.

He sat up as he did so, the dream slowly dissapating as he woke. His heart was racing and his cock was hard enough to pound a railroad spike as the sheets pooled into his lap. He rubbed a hand over his face, surprised. The dream had been so realistic to him. He gripped his hair in his hands and struggled to calm himself down. He was about to climb from the bed, not yet realizing he wasn’t in his room at home when his backside gave an angry but delicious twinge and he stopped moving, a groan easing past his lips.

His head shot up and his eyes snapped open as he quickly took in his surroundings. This wasn’t his room.

He was in Sam’s penthouse…in Sam’s bed…

Last night had been no dream.

He smiled.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 08:03AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Hearing the delicious sounding groan coming from his bed, Sam raised his head and glanced over, only to see his lover writhing in the sheets. Fuck he looked so hot doing that. A twitch from Sam’s lips as he could only imagine what Damion was dreaming about, and he then poured himself a hot cup of coffee, and another for Damion should he wake up. He tried to keep the noise down, but he found himself staring over at Damion, again and again. Finally, Damion sat up in bed, and for a moment he appeared to look lost. The way he was grabbing at his hair. Poor thing. Sam picked up both cups and started to walk back over towards the bed, only stopping to set down the cups and the youth in him could hardly resist seeing his mate with a massive erection.

Sam climbed onto the bed, and then crawled up to his lover, his eyes watching him like a predator.


He then started to kiss Damion’s neck, though he was on all fours still.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 08:27AM
A movement caught his eye and he turned his head to see Sam coming toward him, two cups of coffee in his hand. Damion licked his lips as he stared at the fine figure Sam cut in his cotton pants. He couldn’t help but stare at the trail of dark hair trailing down beneath the waistband.

Sam set down the cups on the side table and crawled onto the bed, eyes watching him like a hawk. Damion felt his pulse race for a whole new reason.

“Morning….Damion.” Sam whispered, kissing Damion’s neck as his body hovered over his own. Damion let his head fall back and his eyes closed.

“Morning.” he moaned, fingers clenching into the sheets beneath his hand. “H-How long have you…been…awake?” he stammered as Sam’s lips trailed over his skin. Reality beat dreams any day and Damion wanted to pinch himself to see if he was still awake.

He couldn’t help himself as his hands slid upwards across Sam’s chest, feeling the wiry frame beneath his questing fingers.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 08:40AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Sam could only smile between the kisses, hearing that gorgeous submissive tone of Damion’s. The stutter in his voice as he asked how long he had been up for. “About twenty minutes.” He pulled back from kissing him and stared down at his lover’s twitching erection. Sam’s cheeks actually flushed and he then whispered.

“What were you dreaming about, love? I could hear your moans from the kitchen.”He knew it had to be something about what they had experienced, but Sam wanted to hear Damion actually admit it. He flexed his pecks as Damion ran his hands along Sam’s chest, and let out a low growl of satisfaction.

Sam reached out and ran his fingers through Damion’s hair, before cupping his cheek. Again he was being gentle…like the calm before the erotic storm. It was just how he felt best to be with his love. They had made love but once, and followed that with heavy petting, but he didn’t want Damion to feel pressured. Sam wanted Damion to come to him, and let their relationship grow naturally.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 09:02AM
Sam could only smile between the kisses, hearing that gorgeous submissive tone of Damion’s. The stutter in his voice as he asked how long he had been up for. “About twenty minutes.” He pulled back from kissing him and stared down at his lover’s twitching erection. Sam’s cheeks actually flushed and he then whispered.

“What were you dreaming about, love? I could hear your moans from the kitchen.”Sam asked him. Damion’s face suffused with heat as he thought back to those dreams. Should he admit them out loud?

Sam looked expectantly at him and with a blush on his cheeks, he spoke his thoughts. “I was dreaming about you and me…and what we did last night.” He felt Sam’s muscles flex beneath his hands and smiled in wonder. It still surprised him that he drew such a response from his mate, after everything that they’d done the night before. Sam growled, causing Damion’s hardness to twitch. Damion gulped.

He felt Sam’s fingers brush through his hair before cupping his cheek. Damion dragged his eyes up to Sam’s, looking into his mate’s eyes. What he saw there stunned him. Passion, arousal…and pure unadulterated love.

Damion decided to take a chance. His body yearned for this man, his soul called out to his mate’s. He wrapped his arms around Sam’s neck and pulled his body on top of his. Damion took the initiative and kissed Sam, slipping his tongue into Sam’s mouth with a groan.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 09:24AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Sam could hardly believe it, when his mate admitted that his dreams were of what they had done the night before. Truth was, Sam had never experienced the joy of love with anyone, the way he did with Damion. It not only felt good, it felt so natural to him. The Alpha was actually proud that his mate felt the way he did about what happened, and now he was again excited, with his bulge showing through his light cotton pants.

Damion reached to wrap his arms around Sam’s neck, and pulled him down, so Sam’s body would cover his own. The immediate feeling was indescribable, as the two men started to kiss each other. At first slow and gentle, with Damion slipping his tongue into Sam’s mouth, groaning into it. Sam responded, his hands wandering and then cupping the sides of Damion’s head. The kiss deepened, as their tongues wrestled, and the war was on. Lust was heating to friction, as Sam started to roll his hips against Damion’s. He had never wanted a man so much in his life. He broke the kiss, and uttered his name…breathlessly.

“Damion…” His large blue eyes searched his, and he whispered. “Stay with me…live with me. i want to wake up with you…I want to love you every day….I need you.” Sam couldn’t help himself, easing off his pants, and pulling back the sheet. He started to rain kisses all along Damion’s shoulders, his hands trembling, as he didn’t know where to touch him first. the feeling was incredible.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 09:36AM
Damion gasped as Sam rolled his hips against him, showing Damion he was wanted just as much as Damion wanted him. It was a heady feeling to the younger werewolf.

“Stay with me…live with me. I want to wake up with you…I want to love you every day….I need you.” Sam begged him, sliding off his pants and the sheet covering Damion. Sam pressed kisses along Damion’s shoulders and Damion felt Sam’s hands tremble on his body.

“But…my father…have to make…him…understand.” Damion gasped as he grabbed Sam’s asscheeks and squeezed. He couldn’t think straight, so caught up in his desires for Sam. He wanted him. “God! Sam!” Damion groaned as their cocks rubbed together, thoughts of his father disappearing from his mind like water over sand. As before, their passions were explosive and their thoughts were only for one another. Damion kissed Sam again as their bodies thrust against each other.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 09:49AM
Right at that point Sam didn’t care about Damion’s father, or anyone else for that matter. There was only one person that did, and that was the man kissing him at that point. They were now locked in a fevered embrace, their kisses were such that the two men moaned deeply into each other’s mouths, their hardened members were rubbing against the other, causing a friction that only made them super sensitive and throbbing harder. Sam had always been the antagonist, the alpha, but now both were showing signs of how great their needs were for the other, to be be fufilled and filled. Sam rolled over on his back, taking Damion with him, so Damion would be atop him. His hands reached around for Damion’s ass cheeks and kneaded them hard so he would be gyrating his hips against his.

Sam stared into his lover’s eyes and you could almost see tears of joy, before he hungrily kissed his lover again.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 10:02AM
Sam rolled them over so that Damion was now sprawled on top of his mate. Damion gasped as Sam grabbed his ass and kneaded them as he thrust hard.

“Sam!” Damion gasped, rolling his own hips. He felt the press of Sam’s head against his opening, and not even caring he wasn’t properly stretched, Damion eased up and over Sam until Sam’s thickness was inside of him. Damion gasped at the delicious burn and throbbed around the hardness.

“Yes!” Damion groaned as he rose up and down on Sam’s manhood, enjoying the stretch and burn as the passion ignited his body.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 05, 2013 05:33PM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Sam looked up to Damion’s eyes, and he let out a loud gasp as his head pushed through Damion’s ring with minimal effort. His kneading hands that worked Damion’s ass as well as Damion’s own desires brought him down on the Alpha. The feeling was indescribable, tight and insane. It actually caused physical pain, for nether were truly ready for the other, but their passion drove them both over the edge, and Sam could only go with it now. Damion was practically bouncing on his lover, driving himself further and further till their skin met and slapped hard against the other. Sam was lost for words. His beautiful mate astride him was a sight that turned him on like no other. His hands changed from Damion’s buttocks to his chest, running up and down in strokes, as he licked his lips, wetting them till they shone.

Sam’s body trembled and shook beneath Damion’s, jerking his hips upward in thrusts to skillfully time his movement with his lover.
“Ride me!” He cried, now gritting his teeth.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 06, 2013 08:03PM
“Ride me!” Sam begged him as Damion rose over him again and again.

“Yes!” Damion cried out as Sam pressed against his prostate. The feeling was indescribable. He could feel every vein in Sam’s cock as he rode out his completion. He could feel himself reaching that peak and he took his own cock in hand, stroking his own flesh in time to Sam’s thrusting beneath him. “Oh…god…Sam!” Damion called out as his whole body trembled violently. He clenched around Sam’s hardness as he rode him harder and faster.

“Uhh…yes…ohh…mmm…fuck!” Damion growled, slamming his lower body as hard as he could. He was so close!

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 06, 2013 08:23PM
Sam’s bed

Sam made the demand, and his lover was not shy now in doing what he was told. He went from being the submissive wolf, to finding that his own pleasure was now mounting so much, he could unleash his true being and experience the rawness of their love. Watching Damion was incredible. Sam’s eyes flowing over him from his facial expressions, to that of him jerking his own cock. This had Sam thrust up harder, skin slapping in a flurry of movement, as he hissed and growled through gritted teeth. His mouth then opening as he gasped at Damion clenching his stiff member and pulling it time to his rhythmic bouncing.


“Yeaaaaaaah…that’s it. Fuck me Damion…fuck it…God you feel…Mmmah!” Sam grabbed shoulders and brought him down, to kiss him as their bodies were fused together. Insanely fucking the life out of each other, Sam’s cock buried deep into Damion’s ass as it pulsated and stretched his hole, then he grunted with power, as he started to cream inside his lover. He kissed Damion hungrily, holding him down as their bodies writhed and spasmed. This just felt so right and Sam was hungry for Damion with an insatiable need. He rolled over and then pulled out of his lover, grinning as he stared at his throbbing cock. He inched down and then with lightning reflexes, he took his cock into his mouth, pinning him to the bed, and started to suck him violently, practically pushing him up the bed. His tongue sweeping around his length, while he forcibly tried to milk his lover. It was animal like and so not like what he had done before. The Alpha’s eyes darkened and he kneaded his lover’s thighs with his fingers, moaning with a mouthful…


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 06, 2013 08:36PM
Sam grabbed Damion by his shoulders and hauled him in for a kiss as his body jerked and spasmed, filling Damion with his hot cream. Damion moaned into Sam’s mouth, still riding him, trying to reach his own climax.

Sam rolled over and pulled out of Damion, much to his surprise.

“Sam…wha—Oh god!” Damion gasped as Sam took Damion’s hardness into his mouth, pinning Damion’s hips to the bed before he could arch away. Damion moaned, his fingers clenching into Sam’s dark locks as his toes curled. Sam did not let off of him and Damion could feel himself approaching a serious meltdown. He pulled on Sam’s hair, trying to get him to let off before he exploded, but it was too late.

Damion threw back his head with a cry as he erupted into Sam’s hot mouth. his whole body shaking so hard the bed moved. “Sam! Oh! God!” Damion repeated over and over as he struggled to breath, bathing Sam’s wet mouth and tongue in his pearly seed.

It was moments before Damion came down from his high, struggling to breath as he looked down at Sam. His eyes were wide with shocked arousal and he gulped hard.

“I…love you.” Damion panted.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
December 06, 2013 11:06PM
Sam’s bed

Sam knew his lover was not far off, for he could tell by the way he gripped his hair with his slender digits, and then tensed his whole body. But Sam wanted to taste him, and kept up the pace, sucking generously, eager to take his lover to heaven if he dare. Then that moment, Sam closed his eyes, as the first jets streamed into the back of his throat, with Damion crying out…

“Sam! Oh! God!” Over and over, as he reeled and spasmed, jerking violently. Sam stayed right where he was, taking it all, and swallowing each mouthful, till his lover was spent. The bed eased and stopped rocking against the wall, and Sam raised his head, but his tongue continued to lap at Damion’s shaft, relishing in watching his lover’s joy.


He pulled up and then crawled up the side of Damion, finally laying beside him, and then drawing his lover into his arms, molding his body against his own. Eyes of wonder just stared into Damion’s, as he panted the words that he loved him. Nothing made him happier at this moment. He chuckled to see the now cold cups of coffee on the night stand and said.

“And..I may have to make some fresh coffee. But right now…I want nothing more than to hold you.”

Sam’s hand wandered up and down Damion’s back, as he lent in and kissed Damion’s lips with a softness that was full of love. He nuzzled and continued this, all the while growling protectively. A true alpha in love with his mate. He brought his free hand up and raked his fingers through Damion’s hair, smelling him…kissing..and loving him, as far below the building another day had dawned.

What would happen when Damion decided to take Sam to meet his parents?

Could their love last his father’s wrath?