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Re: {RP} Miss Childs Boarding House for Ladies
December 04, 2013 07:41PM
Vivian’s Boarding Room

-As the young girl stretched in her bed, she pulled back the sheets and yawned, she didn’t wish to sleep in her only pair of clothes, so in her morning drag of sleepiness she stood at the window, presenting her nude body to the world, however she went to have a shower, cleaning herself up as she strode down the gentle halls of the home, Once again she found herself in the midst of Mr Snookims, Meowing playfully he let out a small smile-

*Hello little Vivian, How are you this morning…as for myself I’m fine, the hair is growing back fast…but despite how much I care for Miss Henrietta, I’m rather scared she might try another potion on me*

“Hehe, I’ll make sure your safe however your Mistress said she might have a job for me from Mister Bailey, so maybe I can finally get on my feet and repay everyone’s kindness, maybe get you some yummy fish”

-As she turned into Miss Winnifed’s room on the first floor, she took a seat waiting, oddly finding a tray of food for her, a small note with her name on it. It wrote “Hello Vivian, I had someone make some breakfast for you, please dig in as I know you would be rather excited to get to work, We shall be with you shortly OK”-

Re: {RP} Miss Childs Boarding House for Ladies
December 04, 2013 08:42PM
Miss Winifred’s Room

Stepping out of her small saloon, Miss Winifred was already dressed for the day, and about to place her hat on, since she had decided that rather than interrupt Lord Bailey from his busy schedule with the animals at the zoo, she would take the young Vivian there herself to be introduced and hopefully gain employment there.

Seeing that Vivian was already eating from the small tray of breakfast that she had arranged, she noted the girl’s attire. The same threadbare clothing she had on earlier, and this simply would not do.

Tutting, after placing on her day hat, she turned and placed both hands in front of her, regarding the girl thoughtfully.

“My dear, I need you to look presentable for a society outing. That won’t do.” She referred to the girl’s dress and she reached for her bell, to summon her maid; Veronica. In a minute, Veronica was at the door, and looking at both ladies inquisitively.

“Yes, Miss?” She asked, curious about what the two ladies were up to.

“See to it that a new gown is prepared and placed on the hook in young Vivian’s room. I need her changed and she will also require, gloves, hat, bag, shoes, stockings, and I want her hair done suitably. A nice bun with loose curls.”


Veronica took note of all this, and then looked to Vivian.

“This way Miss, and I shall have you dressed nice for the day. What is your favorite colour?” The maid asked, hoping to get a good idea so the dress she picks matches.

As the two women left her room, Miss Winifred took up her clutch purse and headed back down to the sitting room to wait for Miss Vivian to be ready to escort to the Zoo.


Re: {RP} Miss Childs Boarding House for Ladies
December 04, 2013 09:01PM
-Veronica led her up to her own room and so she chatted-

“I love red and black as a mixed pair, since I adore Victorian Gothic style clothes, I always admired people in those clothes”

-Veronica giggled but soon left the room, gathering a matching pair of clothes and accessories to fit her style. this took no more then 15 minutes as she laid it on the hook, The young flower Vivian asked her to stay in hopes to help her with the outfit, so as she stripped down to her small frame, lithe as it is she slowly got into her new clothes, giggling softly at how wonderful she began to start looking, as if she was finally going somewhere, However the rather nude display had left Veronica blushing-

“Young Miss, you must be rather more conscious of your body, someone might take advantage of you, However I admire it..but what is that thing hanging from your legs”

-Vivian giggled softly as she finished dressing up, sitting down softly for her hair to be done as she spoke-

“Well Miss, what do you think it is, I’ve had it since birth but it never bothered me..I mean I got bullied but I rather like it, I feel it makes me unique but still normal. Thank you though, You and Miss Winnie are being really generous and kind, even if I just appeared”

-Veronica smiled softly, brushing the hair of the young Vivian- “She has helped many young woman like you, given homes to those lost, your a common one but you do have extra pep, I’m glad to have met her, every time I see her smile I cannot help but feel like I must do better, to thank her for her kindness”

-As they finished, they slowly walked back down to Miss Winifred as she appeared in front of her, blushing rather deeply at how elegant she found-


Re: {RP} Miss Childs Boarding House for Ladies
December 05, 2013 01:10AM

Winifred was standing in the foyer, readying herself and checking the placement of her hat on her head as she waited for Vivian to get read and dressed properly for their trip to the London Zoo. Humming softly to herself, she was arranging her hat pins, so the hat sat just right, when she heard the tell tale sound of rustling skirts coming down the stair case.

Turning to see, Winifred smiled at the way the black and red lace gown suited Vivian to a T. She clasped her hands together and tilted her head ever so slightly to the right.


“Now that is much better, my Dear. Your choice of colour certainly brings out your eyes.” Winifred said, fussing over the young girl like a mother hen, something Winifred was known for.

Henrietta stepped out of the library with a book and munching on a red shiny apple, when she saw the two ladies together. She could see both were dressed up and the curiosity got the better of her.

“Trip to the city? Shopping? Tea and cake?” Henrietta asked, looking a bit miffed she wasn’t asked. Winifred winked at Vivian before turning to her good friend and saying.

“I am taking Miss Vivian here to the London Zoo, to see if i can’t get her employment through Lord Bailey. I believe her ability to speak to our cat, showed a hidden talent, that can be useful.”

Henrietta frowned. She had a bit of a crush on Lord Bailey, and was miffed she couldn’t come.


“I tell off that cat all the time…and you never invite me to the zoo. Pooh. Well, say hello to him for me, hopefully he might call on me one of these days.” That said, she took her book and munched on her apple again, heading off for the sitting room to read. Winifred shook her head and then gestured for Vivian to follow her out the door.

“I have a carriage ready to take us to the zoo. Come along, we hate to keep Lord Bailey waiting.”