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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 02, 2013 04:19PM
Johnathon’s office
Vivian it seemed missed much of the Doctor and the Detective’s investigations, but now she had left her room and headed down to the Doctor’s office, where Reginald just watched his daughter take off to see that young chap Johan, the mysterious naked man from earlier. Without knocking, Vivian entered the office, and both men looked up at her expectantly.“There you are, Vivian. We thought you had gotten lost.” Johnathon said with a slight smirk, before going back to puff on his pipe. Vivian stood with her hands on her hips and looked at each of the men, before she said with exasperation. “Is someone going to give me back my reporting book?” She did need this for her investigations, and Reginald took it out of his coat and handed it to her with a sheepish expression. “Sorry about that. But seems we discovered something that is a great deal more dangerous than the two killers that we have been chasing.” This was the truth, having now known of the death of Amos Roxburg and the fact that his daughter now resided with Count Marulo. The very man they know to be the alpha Werewolf of London.Taking her book back, she sensed they weren’t being entirely up front about their investigations, and she quickly pulled up a chair and lent forward expectantly.“There are vampires…in London, yes?” Vivian asked, her eyes darting between them.

“Yes….and werewolves, and demons…..and angels.” Johnathon said honestly, gauging her reaction closely. The part about angels, had Vivian catch her breath. “Angels…in London?” She asked incredulously.


“Right under your nose, Miss Westlake.” Johnathon replied, puffing his pipe. Reginald looked to the window, still worried about Josephine, thinking his request for her to live with him had now been rejected. “Right in front of you, Vivian. Johnathon is one. I’m a human like you however, nothing fancy about me. Or…godly.” He muttered.

Vivian laughed, as though they were both telling the funniest joke. “No…no, that’s not possible. The Doctor…does things, God would not approve of.”

Johnathon then looked up at her surprised. What on earth did she mean by that?

“Like what?”

“You know…*she then whispered*…the whole treatment for….that.”

Johnathon chuckled and placed his pipe down on a holder on his desk. “Haven’t you heard dear, that when I do THAT, my patients praise God. And I am pretty sure, God…doesn’t mind that a bit.”



Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 03, 2013 02:03AM
-Front of the Bianchi Manor-The young lady had strode straight up to the manor, she was rather stunned at the majesty of the place, she softly pushed the gate open and walked to the manor door, her soft heart pounding against her chest as she coughed slightly. Knocking softly on the door she let out a loud and cute “H-Hello, I-I am here to see the doctor, a man the hotel suggested I come here for a check up”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 03, 2013 02:28AM
The Foyer
It would be Milly who heard the light knocking on the front door to the manor, with the etched glass panels showing an outline of a feminine figure. With the rustle of her white petticoats beneath the long black skirt, Milly trotted over to the front door, and opened it slightly, to see a waif of a girl standing upon the door step. It was not an uncommon sight to have such young urchins be directed to the Doctor’s manor. Word had spread far and wide of his unorthodox methods, and many clients paid him with a variety of goods as opposed to pounds, due to the poor economic situation for many. But the Doctor had signed an oath, that none shall leave his door without treatment for their ills. It was his calling, and his duty.Listening to the stuttering ginger headed girl, Milly stood patiently, before pulling the door back further, and taking a step back so the girl could gain entry.“He is just with Detective Blaine and Miss Westlake at the moment. I will announce you and then you can be seen through to his office. Please, just take a seat here, and wait to be called.” Milly was younger than most of the maids on the neighborhood estate, but a diligent and forthright member of the household. She happened to notice that the girl looked half starved and then as the girl took her seat, she leaned in and whispered.“I’ll see to it Cookie makes you some tea and toast, Miss.” Milly bobbed and then went to knock on the Doctor’s office door, where you could hear the deep tone of Johnathon’s voice mixed with the laughter of the Detective and the whine of Miss Westlake.


“Doctor…there is a young girl in the foyer who has been sent to see you for a check up.” Milly announced, just poking her head through the door, and giving a polite nod to the Doctor’s guests. Johnathon glanced up from his desk and then showed a half smile.

“Good timing, I was just showing Miss Westlake out.”

“You are just trying to get rid of me, before I ask more questions.”

“Absolutely. Reg, why don’t you escort Miss Westlake back to London, I am sure her editor misses her fiercely.”


Reginald chuckled and rose from his seat, placing his bowler hat on his head and then straightening his jacket. He offered his hand to Miss Westlake, but she simply huffed and marched out of the office and past a startled Milly.


“I’ll be back, Johnathon.” Vivian sung out, as she headed to the front door. Reginald shook Johnathon’s hand warmly and went to take his leave, picking up his umbrella from the stand. “Anyone would say you are trying to set me up with Miss Wsstlake. I do like her, but her temper.” Reginald admitted, watching Johnathon as he went to wash his hands before dealing with his new client.

“I rather enjoy her banter. But a woman of her nature can be tamed, my good friend. Why not make that your goal? You could use a woman like that in your life. And she could use a good…” He didn’t need to finish his sentence, as both men found humor in it, since…it was true.

Reginald hurried out after Miss Westlake, who was getting into a black carriage out the front of the Bianchi Manor, while the Doctor came out of his office to greet his new patient.

“Won’t you come this way, Miss?” Johnthon asked, and beackoned her inside his office.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 03, 2013 02:40AM
The young lady got up and smiled as she was beackoned into the office, she quickly turned around and bowed softly at Milly- “Thank you Miss, Do I have to pay” -The soft voice was worried, having learnt that everything in life wasn’t free and everyone wanted something. As she walked in and took a seat, she let out a smile- “The hotel sent me here suggesting I check my health as it is oft smart to do so before looking for a job, I need a check up as the young Miss mentioned, I do not have any money but I am willing to find a way to pay you back..and sir, I have a little…extra on my body, please..do not laugh at me” -She grew scared at the fact that the man might hurt her, her past stung deep but she still remained a gentle girl. She lifted her head and then smiled- “Oh the birds on the manor lawn would love some extra seeds if you have some”-She smiled softly as she settled, absent mindedly trying to blow and lock of annoying hair out of her face, growling as it would fall back on her face, staring her in the eyes-

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 03, 2013 03:43AM
Johnathon’s Office
“Thank you Miss, Do I have to pay” This was asked of Milly, before she was to be announced, and Milly shrugged her shoulders lightly. She knew the girl probably hadn’t a penny to her name, much like many that came this way. Just by looking at the girl’s attire you could see she was truly down on her luck. But an employer wants staff that are healthy, and a check up is necessary to confirm this, especially one done by Doctor Bianchi.The Doctor allowed the girl to pass him into his office, and he closed the door behind her, showing her to a padded table, where he urged her to lay down. Doctor Bianchi rolled up his sleeves, and showed a kind face as he listened to the girl’s concerns about treatment.“The hotel sent me here suggesting I check my health as it is oft smart to do so before looking for a job, I need a check up as the young Miss mentioned, I do not have any money but I am willing to find a way to pay you back.”

“Let us not worry about things such as payment, Miss. Sorry, I didn’t catch your name. No problems, I shall make note of that on my chart. Now, first we will check your blood pressure, then I am going to conduct a reflex test, followed by a quick eye exam and hearing check. These are probably most important.”

Johnathon placed a tie around the girl’s arm and started to work on getting her blood pressure, trying to be reassuring that he had no intent to hurt her. “Don’t worry, I never laugh at my patients. Well, sometimes when they get my bill later. But seriously, whatever you have on your body makes you unique, and not something that I would find trivial.”

The Doctor then took her temperature, and took notes on his chart, but you could see he had some concern. “Have you been getting enough fruit and vegetables in your diet?” He questioned, and then on checking her arms and legs, he could see how gaunt she was. The girl needed to eat, that was clear, and mal-nourishment, led to all kinds of bacterial infections.


As though an angel was watching over the young lass, Milly knocked on the observation room door, and brought in a tray of foods, and tea for the young girl, setting it down on a small table, and then excusing herself. The maid must have read the Doctor’s mind. He followed through with a reflex test and then asked the girl to sit up and read the eye chart, one hand covering each eye at a time. The last test was a hearing test, using his fingers, snapping them at each ear, and then watching her reactions.

He then stood back and went to wash his hands.


“I suggest you take the tray and follow through to my office, and I can give you my recommendations. You are seriously under nourished, and this meal, though small is a good start. Do you have a boarding accommodation, or a place to stay, before you find a suitable job?”


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 03, 2013 04:00AM
“Let us not worry about things such as payment, Miss. Sorry, I didn’t catch your name. No problems, I shall make note of that on my chart. Now, first we will check your blood pressure, then I am going to conduct a reflex test, followed by a quick eye exam and hearing check. These are probably most important.” -She smiled at the mans kindness as she followed through with the tests, The blood pressure was not too bad, rather normal and healthy, however in his reply to the bill, she laughed herself- “I still would prefer to give you a payment” -She lifted up the other sleeve of her arm and unattached a small gold chainlink bracelet, a heirloom she got a year before her family’s death, the gold may be fake but she still found it precious to herself. Handing it to him as she went onto the eye test, easily wording the chart to the smallest letter, both ears. As he snapped his fingers, she would turn quickly around at each flick, a safety reaction but it proved her hearing was perfect–As he finished and suggested they move to the office, she grabbed the tray and hoisted it having forgotten to answer his words about her eating habits- “I barely eat anything, the orphanage I used to live at was grossly overfilled, I be the newest one to leave it. I do tend to eat as much fruit as possible” -Walking in, she fidgetted but remembered a place she saw along the way to the manor- “I plan to stay at that boarding house for a little while, I still have yet to talk to them before having a bed for myself”-She cleaned her tattered dress before thinking a thought however somber and depressing at first- “Is..there any place for a freak needed, I enter that category since I have..a um..appendage”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 03, 2013 04:40AM
Johnathon’s Office
Seeing the girl take off the gold chain link bracelet, and place it down as payment, the Doctor let out a sigh. He didn’t want to embaress the girl, but he also didn’t want to take the bracelet as payment, since she may need it for trading on other necessities in the future. Not everyone was as charitable as the Doctor, and he picked up the bracelet, handing it back to her.“Please, keep this. I am sure one day, when you are on your feet and well to do, then you can find a way to pay me back, but for now, we make it a simple, IOU.’The Doctor said, taking his seat behind his desk, and carrying on writing down a few more notes in regards to the girl’s health.When the young girl, who had still yet not offered her name, asked about where she might find a place for a person like herself, considering she had…an appendage. Now, it was not common place for someone to up and explain about their biology in this manner, and the Doctor even took off his glasses hearing this bit of information, which he had completely missed in the physical.https://i2.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8980mYVfq1qiu1tyo2_500.gif

“So you are a hermaphrodite. Interesting. I do believe I have only met one other before you, and she worked at the Bizarre Circus troupe, though…I am not sure if she still does.” The Doctor didn’t think that this condition should truly label her as a freak, for no one is truly perfect. He eased back in his chair and thought a moment. “Jobs suited to you, may well be a maid, or…caregiver, possibly a nanny. Course you need training. The boarding house of Miss Winifred should be able to help you there.” The Doctor said. He took out Winnie’s card and handed it to the young girl.

“She is a very warm and generous woman, but she is also a no nonsense one. I would hate to be on her bad side. I suggest seeing her, she is much better at helping place women in an occupation, than I.”


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 04, 2013 12:45AM
Thank you doctor, that is very kind of you, I promise to work hard in hopes of paying you back” The young girl then gasped as she slapped her hands to her face before blushing softly- I am so sorry doctor, How rude of me to not tell you my name, My name is Vivian Alora, like alurring but with a ah instead” -She ate the food gently, smiling at the mans kindness and not reaction of her pain, taking Winnie’s card, her brow furrowed before she huffed playfully- “Hush now doctor, you have done this woman a world of help and joy”-She thinks softly before getting a idea- “One day once I’m better, I shall come around and pay off my debt in part, I can work with the Miss to create a feast for the manor and the doctor provided, I swear honestly you will enjoy the best meal of your life” -She giggled before tilting her head- “Doctor, is there anything else I should know before I go”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 04, 2013 01:32AM
Doctor Bianchi’s Office
Finally, the young lady revealed her name to the Doctor. A Miss Vivian Alora. He smirked somewhat at how she explained the pronunciation of her surname, and he kept that for his memory. Her offer to pay him back through the hard work that she put in over time, brought forth a light grunt of acknowledgement.“There is no rush, my dear. In good time I am sure you will have made a success at your chosen field. I find though that if everyone gave a hand, no matter how big or small, it leads to one being able to stand tall and true on their own feet. I believe that is how society should be, just wish that it was actually like that.” he was sincere in his statement, as he took down her name for her chart. When finished, he simply closed the file and pushed it along the desk, happy enough with his findings.

The Doctor noted her appetite, and this was a good sign. Cookie always did put on such a nice supper. Vivian offered to come work with the Miss to make a grand feast, and this was welcomed. “If Cookie is willing to let you work along side her, than I am sure that would be a joyous occasion.” The Doctor took up his pipe and struck a match to light the tobacco, when the young lady asked.

“Doctor, is there anything else I should know before I go”


“Hmm…remember your manners, and Miss Winifred tends to be a bit overly inquisitive. Don’t be surprised if her and Henrietta try to set you up with the local dandy. They are matchmakers, the pair of them. I always can feel their stare in the back of my head, plotting to marry me off to the latest widow. Annoying sometimes, for I have just lost my wife recently, and the last thing I wish to do is remarry.” He spoke of this with a touch of sadness in his voice, before realizing his gaff, and then smiling as though he wished to mask what he had just felt.

“I am sure you will do well in her care. Especially since I have offered my recommendation and a clean bill of health. Just keep up with the good diet, and you will be fine.”


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
December 04, 2013 01:41AM
“If Cookie is willing to let you work along side her, than I am sure that would be a joyous occasion.”-She smiled at the words, she loved making new friends and in earnest this made her brighten up a whole lot more as she finished off the tea and food, However she got up when she heard about his sadness even if his words did not show it, so she got up and strode over to the poor man, leaning over she kissed him gently on the cheeks before saying- “Do not hide behind the mask doctor, for all you shall find is sorrow from hiding those feelings, do not fear what may show, embrace those that continue to be your mask instead” -She strode around as her skirt fluttered around with her before she grabbed her recommendation and thus turned to the door.- “Bye Mister Bianchi, May god smile upon you great fortune and happiness” -With that she opened the door and asked Miss Milly to say thanks to the cook before giving her a kiss on the cheek as well and hopped out the door, with this she ran joyfully towards the housing, a great smile on her face and nothing more then joy in her heart-