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[RP] Lake
August 24, 2013 04:42AM





Re: [RP] Lake
September 07, 2013 10:00AM

Now that it was finally night time, it was time for hunt, and this time, get some really delicious blood. Where was that blood from? Women, human ones, young, reckless ones, that doesn’t know how danger this world can be. Its their fault for getting killed by Shannon, they shouldn’t be so reckless and fall in a flirt from a guy at night, only bad bad will happen. 
He was walking through the streets and found himself in the lake, for his surprise, there was a women, skinny dipping, wow, alone? Well, she must have some decent “balls” to do that, at least she would be doing it with some friend or a boyfriend, but no, she was alone. How was Shannon get her attention without looking like a freak that was stalking her? This is going to be hard, so he just waited for her, to finish her “swim”. It took a lot, but she was finally done and dressed, whenever she was starting to walk away, Shannon used his speed, to get behind some trees more ahead than her, then he just waited for the right moment, to appear out of sudden, and bump into her slightly. 
“Hey, watch it!” 
“Oh, I’m sorry. Really, I had some guys following me because they wanted to beat me up, this was the only place I found to hide, but I stumbled on a branch. I’m sorry again.” 
Shannon said with the most nice intentions out there, as he keep an expression that would show him how sorry he was. 
“Oh..its ok. Wait? You was here the whole time? You mean, you saw me?!” 
She asked already embarrassed. 
“What? No, no! I mean..well yeah, but it was an accident. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t invade your privacy like that.” 
Shannon apologized again, and keep up with the innocent acting. 
“No, I’m the one who’s sorry, that view was horrible for you, I bet.” 
She said, biting down onto her lower lip. 
“Well, I kinda liked it.” 
He told her with a small chuckle, and showed her an adorable smile. Their conversation went on, and on. He was already getting bored, because she was talking a lot, and less action was happening. After a hour, the both of them was over some towel on the grass, making out. She was topless, and so was he. He was kissing down on her tummy, before move his lips up to her ear. 
“Did you know vampires exist?” 
He whispered into her ear, with a tough voice, as he tugged on her earlobe. 
“They kill reckless girl like you, who offers their body to a stranger.” 
He keep teasing, as his lips slowly moved down to her neck. 
“I’m one of them.” 
With this, he just open his mouth, and dig his fangs into her flesh, drinking all of her blood, till she was pale like a paper. 
Shannon pushed himself up from the ground, and picked up his shirt, so he could dress himself. With this done, he stared down at the dead body of hers, and just grabbed her by the neck, like she was a simple doll. His gray eyes stared at the lake, and in a matter of seconds, he threw her body away, towards the lake, it looked like a doll flying around, he just made sure it would land far away in the water. 
“The entrance was delicious, now for the first plate.” 
After saying this words, he just began to walk away, with a devilish grin placed upon his face. 




Re: [RP] Lake
November 15, 2013 03:09AM

During the entire way from Galtem’s house to the lake, Shannon and William had their hands on each other shoulders, if one were a mere human, that person would have already his shoulders broken, from the strength they placed on each other. This was only to make the other feel more pain and slow down on the speed, so then Shannon could take the chance and just attack him, but that wasn’t very well done. Soon they arrived the lake, and William simple gripped on Shannon’s shirt collar again and punched him harder across his face, making him fall on the ground again. 
Shannon groaned out in pain, and fell on the ground, as he rolled a bit on his side. 
“Give me a break, doggy!” 
He knew this would only angry William even more, but that’s what he wanted, when William picked him up from the ground again, Shannon quickly attached his hand around William’s neck, and tighten as hard as he could, before just throw him away like a little doll. William finally stopped flying, and hit his back against a tree, then fell on the ground. His back was hurting like hell, he placed his arms on the ground, trying to control the pain, while pushing himself up from the ground again, for another round. 
“I can’t believe stupid vampires like you are coming back. The all hatred between vampires and werewolves, are here again. And if a war ever happens between them, its all your fault. Even tho, I believe you would only feel more pleased with that, and no regrets.” 
William said between his gasps for breath. He was finally standing up again, and Shannon only chuckled at his words, because it was the truth, he would only feel more pleasure knowing a war could happen between werewolf and vampires, he would love to watch those werewolves go down and disappear from this world.





Re: [RP] Lake
November 15, 2013 07:41AM

After sniffing around trying to follow William’s scent, Christina finally arrived at the lake with Simone in tow. Turning to look at the mermaid just as Shannon was tossed through the air, she smiled triumphantly. “Found them.” 

Simone was leaning over with her hands on her knees trying hard not to barf from traveling so fast with Christina. Feeling nauseous, she dry heaved for a moment before straightening up to snap at her “Could I get a warning next time!” 

Rolling her eyes yet again, Christina sighed “Is anyone in this town grateful?”
Simone turned away from Christina to see William getting up slowly in front of a tree and Shannon was standing there waiting. Rushing over to Shannon, she grabbed his arm and stared up at him “Shannon! Stop, please! Just tell me what’s going on. How do you know him?” She glanced over her shoulder to look at William, clearly torn between the two men. William was the one who impregnated her, and she couldn’t just get over him so quickly…even if it was a one night stand. She thought the world of him the night before, but he left a note. Looking back up at Shannon. Simone placed her hands on his chest as if trying to stop him from attacking again. She had only just met Shannon, but she felt a bond with him and was terrified that they would kill each other. Her eyes were soft as she quietly begged “Please stop…” 

Christina just stood to the side with her arms crossed, ready to step in and protect the pregnant woman if things got out of hand.




Re: [RP] Lake
November 15, 2013 11:46AM

After getting himself straight, William was about to just go forward and keep on attacking Shannon. However, it was on that moment Simone showed up, really? She had came a long? And the first thing that happen was Simone just beg Shannon to stop and get herself all over him. What the hell did he do to her to make her think he was such innocent person? That guy was dangerous, wasn’t it enough evidences? She was asking for what was going on, and how did Shannon knows him, he doesn’t, but William knows it was this stupid vampire who tried to kill Jennifer. 
Shannon stared down at Simone, and now his fangs went to back normal size teeth. It wasn’t like he was going to hurt her, and he just stared down at her, listening to her words. She didn’t knew a thing, and Shannon didn’t planned on telling her. If she was going to step in his way, he had to get rid of her. Business is business, he can’t lose his life just because of her, he can’t lose this fight because of her, he wants to see William dead too. Shannon’s fangs showed up again, and rose his arm, he was going to grab Simone and just pull her away so she should stop touching him. Her begging was what made him not be so harsh with her, he was just going to let her go off him, not really hurting her, but before Shannon could do that, William stepped in. 
William used his speed to push Shannon away from Simone, then he quickly stretched out his hands to grab Simone so she wouldn’t fall. He stared down at her, stopping her from moving. 
“You want to know what happen? Well, I tell you what happen. That guy over there, that you think he is so innocent, is a vampire who tried to kill the woman you saw on Galtem’s house, saw how wounded her body was? It was all because of that vampire! And now he was going to attack you.” 
William tried to reach out for Simone’s sense, and just make her wake up and not trust Shannon. 
Shannon got up from the ground, and cleaned his shirt from the dirt. This was getting way too frustrating, people keep on stepping in, and he couldn’t finish this. 
“Screw you! I don’t care about mermaid’s blood.” 
Shannon pointed out, since his goal in here wasn’t kill mermaids, it was only to kill werewolves, or those that stepped in his way and wouldn’t let him finish his goal.




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Re: [RP] Lake
November 18, 2013 03:24AM

The Lake


A favored spot by the town vampires, aside from the fair grounds, to make an easy killing or feed. Take your pick. David’s crew rode their motorcycles hard across town, then down the old bitumen roads that led to the state forest and of course, the Lake. Sarah, the blood doll rode on the back of David’s bike, as she was his number one…for the time being. A shaky position to be in, knowing David’s temper and tastes. Nick, Brian, Tanner and Matt made up the rest of the crew, with the exception of their guest, Stephan, who rode just as hard to keep up with the others. The blinding headlights illuminated the darkness that surrounded the Lake grounds, and soon all the bikes pulled up at the parking lot, where there were already cars present. 


David shut off his engine and grinned lewdly as he pointed at the other cars. “Always something going down here. What did I tell you?’ The other vampires all laughed, while Matt slowly took off his helmet and sniffed the air. “You smell that?” David stopped what he was about to say and then his face furrowed till a bright smile erupted. 

“You gotta be shitting me? Werewolves?” All got off their bikes, with David cracking his neck. “Oh yeah, we are going hunting!” 






Re: [RP] Lake
November 18, 2013 09:46AM

Simone stared up at Shannon with hope in her eyes. His fangs were disappearing and she couldn’t help but smile up at him. She didn’t believe he would hurt her and she felt that he would control himself for her sake. Reaching up to touch his cheek, the mermaid was about to speak to him gently when William came rushing over to her with his vampire speed. Wrenched away from Shannon, Simone stared up at William with rage flashing in her eyes. Yanking herself away from him, she stared at him with tight lips as she listened to him slander Shannon. Shaking her head slowly, she finally snapped.
“Are you kidding me right now? How dare you think you can protect me! You slept with me and just left in the morning with a note! No number, nothing! Now you think you have a say in who I can be around or talk to?! You’re so wrapped around that woman’s finger that you can’t see through the pussy tears she’s making you shed! Who told you he did that? That woman?! You have every right to see your child but I don’t want to see, smell, or be anywhere around you for the next nine months. So you can fuck off.” Her flashing green eyes then landed on Shannon as she stalked over to him to point a finger in his face “And fuck you for not telling me you knew him! You knew enough to know how hard being pregnant is on me and you didn’t say anything when I tried talking to you at the apartment?!”Stepping back, Simone raised both hands to point at them “Both of you can go fuck yourselves. I’m done with this bullshit.” With that, she began to storm away. 

Christina watched Simone go off on the boys silently. There was no point in commenting and she had nothing to do with what was going on. As Simone finally stormed off, she offered an awkward smile to both Shannon and William “I…uh. Yea. I’ll go take care of blondie. You two have fun working out your problem.” Turning away from them both, she walked over to join Simone who was standing on a hill looking down at something. Walking up to her, Christina raised an eyebrow “What are you looking at?” 

Simone looked pale as she pointed down at a group of people down by the parking lot “Who are they?”
The vampire turned to see where she was pointing and froze to the spot “Oh…they are not good news, I’ll tell ya that much, Blondie…”



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Re: [RP] Lake
November 18, 2013 09:37PM

The Lake

Stephan followed up on the motorcycle as they made their way towards the lake. His headlights filling the way ahead. His preternatural vision made the light entirely unnecessary however. He did it more for the mortals so he didnt wreck it or get pulled over as they made their way in. But the break neck speeds they had traveled in on were a real thrill none the less. It wasnt as if it could kill him. Even a true wreck would do him little damage he was quite old. Fire did little damage. He would need to be stake or decapitated to be killed, exposed to full sunlight for an extended period of time. A bike wreck might hurt him but wouldnt kill him by any means. As they came in though he smelled a very familiar smell however. Lupus Erant, upon the air. Next he heard David speak, 
“You gotta be shitting me? Werewolves?” All got off their bikes, with David cracking his neck. “Oh yeah, we are going hunting!”
Seems the accords werent holding in these parts. “Well this will be fun David.. It has been quite some time since I have hunted dog.” 




Re: [RP] Lake
November 19, 2013 12:57PM


No matter what William done it seems Simone got everything wrong and didn’t believed him. Wasn’t it obvious? He was a vampire, he was attacking William, even if its for defense, he was enjoying the fight, she even saw how badly Jennifer state was, and yet she couldn’t believe him? Wasn’t it enough to make her stay away from Shannon and protect herself and the child? William removed his hands from Simone since she seemed pretty much upset with the entire world. She didn’t wanted to see him for the next nine months, she didn’t wanted to have any contact with him, but he had the right to see the child, its not like he wanted the child, but he was going to do what he had to. Its still hard for him to believe that he really got Simone pregnant, how could he be stupid? Right after he broke up with Jennifer and this happens? God its really bad luck. And the first time he saw Jennifer after breaking up with her was at Galtem’s house, in his bedroom, with other bunch of people, and his goal was basically avenge her. 
William took a deep breathe and watched Simone storm off, then he looked back at Shannon. Should he end this fight? Or should he just leave? He done what he could, he warned Simone, but that woman was stubborn like hell. While William was thinking about this, he quickly felt another vampires scent. Oh no, more? So this asshole wasn’t alone? This was what William feared, that his other friends would come over and make this way harder, and William was alone, against this all. It wasn’t only one more, it was way more than that. Now this was a good time to run away. 
Shannon noticed the vampire scents as well, and even if it wasn’t that familiar to him, he could careless, the blood scent on them could be clear that they were dangerous, dangerous enough to take down this werewolf. Shannon grinned showing of his fangs, as he pointed at William with his index finger, then used his thumb finger to give a “thumbs down”, basically saying that William was going down. 
“Its better you run, little puppy.” 
Shannon began to push William to his limits, and question his pride. 
William stayed there, he wasn’t dumb, he knew he had to go before he could get caught, but this guy had to suffer the consequences, and deep inside William didn’t wanted to leave Simone any closer to Shannon or leave her here, even tho Christina was with her, and she seemed to be the only neutral here. William clenched his fists, showing a bit of his veins from his hands, he was thinking and thinking if he should leave, he even took two steps back. But it was like his body didn’t wanted to go either, the anger was too much.




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Re: [RP] Lake
November 19, 2013 06:43PM

The Lake


The expensive pink sports car pulled up suddenly in the car park just off from the bbq areas of the Lakeside park. Misty and Bianca decided it was not only time to get Jarvis out of his funk about Amelia, but also, the randy rabbits; Shane and Carmen, were driving everyone nuts with their non stop fucking. 

Turning off the engine, Misty slowly took off her sunglasses, and eased back in her seat. Bianca looked in the back seat at Jarvis, who was still pouting. 

“Will you quit being so damn emo and let’s go have some fun, huh? I heard there is a bonfire party being held down here tonight, and you might meet someone…or have a meal, I don’t know.” Bianca said, opening her car door, as Jarvis huffed in the back seat. Misty was already grabbing her bag, and was excited at the prospect of catching up with some friends. Bianca had to tap on the window to get Jarvis’s attention, since he was not listening. “Out!” 


The Lake

David’s crew were already homing in on the scent of the werewolf, but there were others….and they were not. Matt had picked up on it, and jogged ahead, while David seemed to be taking his time, as Stephan had finally caught up. Nick looked back at him and snapped his fingers. “If you want a chance at the dog, you need to step up, man.” He joked, laughing as David checked to see his blood doll Sarah was behind him. She was timid about being by the lake this time of night, even with David and his crew. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” she asked, stepping over some fallen tree branches and trying not to catch her skirt. David placed an arm around her and brought her close to him. “It’s just a bit of fun. Not like this is going to be a war zone. it’s a family park!” He laughed and she grimaced whilst nodding. 


Matt was the first to arrive on the scene, where Shannon and William had been facing off, and the young mermaid and other girl were not to far from them. Matt seemed to recognize William from the nightclub that Galtem owned, having been there a few times with Nicole. The others he didn’t have a clue about. “You guys realize this is a really bad part of the lake to be enjoying the sights this time of night.” He was giving them a warning, but it came all too late. 


“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOO! Hahahahaa. I smell a furfag.” It was David, and he had come up behind Matt who suddenly looked worried. Although he was a part of David’s crew he didn’t always approve of his methods. The other crew members came up along side, and Nick blew a kiss at Christina. “Fuck…we got hot bitches.” David then spied Shannon, and pointed at him. “We interrupt your date?” The others sniggered, as just then the crunching of leaf litter showed there was more approaching…the shocking part was of who it was. 


“Are you sure the bonfire was tonight, Misty?” Bianca groaned as she got swatted by another leaf laden branch. “I can’t see shit.” 

The crew looked around and Matt was the first to recognize them. They were Shane’s crew. What the hell were they doing here? Matt started to motion with his hands for them to leave, when David spied them. 

“Well lookie who we have here. The Disney kids. Now I am torn on who I want to attack first.” Clearly, he had his sights on ramping up the war with Shane, and one werewolf, was not going to keep him amused long. 

“David?!” Misty shrieked, as Jarvis came in behind her. When he saw all the people, he knew none of them were human. “I thought this was a human party. Oh no, not these guys.” Now there was a standoff, between David’s crew and Shane’s. Anyone in their right mind….would run.