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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
November 07, 2013 06:04PM

Outskirts of Blackfog Castle

As the Rock Trolls and Goblin Army made their final progress down out of the mountains and into the Night Lands the forces of the light fled before them. Word soon spread of their gathering towards the Blackfog and King Brandons forces. The Three Troll Brothers were unhappy with the encounter in the mountains as they had lost nearly twenty of their brethren in the melee. It had been hard to get them all back to task and not chasing the lone man. The flying one had flown off early on and they suspected it had been an angel. The trek in hadnt been too tough, but the Orcs constant pillaging of the farms had to be curtailed. his Trolls had to bash more than once a few heads in. Seemed their leader wasnt as good at enforcing as they were. They finally made it in sight of the Castle The army presenting itself to the Kings commanding guards. 

” We are here! ” 




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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
November 07, 2013 10:59PM

Outskirts of Blackfog

Drakkar was nearing the Castle and was within sight of the spires. The black knight was ready for true fame and glory. As he walked through the woods he had reached a low meadow and seen the edge of a clearing past the tree line. A small cottage with a low fire was burning and he heard shrieking. A woman was crying and it sounded like someone was being killed. Moving quickly the knight moved his bulk through the trees to find a large goblin killing and nearly devouring a man’s head from his body as he died. His wife and child lay near in hysterics expecting to be next. A human family by all accounts alone in the wilderness. Servants to Brax and farmers from what he could see. Unsheathing his swords he lighted both the fire and ice of each blade by thought as they were drew from their scabbards. The light from them shining dully in the moonlight. 

” Why dont you pick on someone your own size? “ he chided the Goblin.. 

Turning out quickly with each blade he spun each in rapid succession using the movement in his body to allow the blades to arc towards the Goblins midsection and head as he moved to maximize the damage. The Goblin managed to partially deflect the blow to head but suffered massive fire damage but the ice blade cleaved it in half neatly ending its life. 
Quickly he removed its head so not to allow it to regenerate as many of its species did as he well knew. 

Turning to the woman he advised her to make a larger fire to burn the remains. Piling what was left of the Goblin upon it he told her to follow him into the town. 


Drakkar handed her a pair of large gold coins. This should set you square with the innkeeper here for a good month. It’s a start. Be careful and you should be able to find a job and save. 

Turning to the innkeeper he asked where the guard resided. 
The innkepper advised him that they were near the gates. 
Heading towards them with a swollen head in his bag He had a few words to share with them. 

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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
November 15, 2013 11:10PM

Before the Horde


Brandon strode onto the field upon a pale horse. An image of the death soon to be upon the battlefield. His squire Drakkar at his side, he seemed ready for anything. At his side Soulstealer gleamed in obsidian contrast to his horses pale skin. Its dark blades resonace seemed to almost cast a shadow upon the the land as he moved. As Brandon made his way forward his presence became even more formidible, drawing upon the masses of troops he unleashed his own presence and power of fear and dominance upon them. The power doubling as their combined will was fed into him. His voice and power was raised as he began to address his troops. 

Goblins, Orcs, Demons, Trolls, Witches, Warlocks all those of the Night Lands. The time for your revenge is at hand. We go to war with the Angels! Now we fell the last of the dreaded Casterly’s and cast their light from these realms! Let us mash, stomp and destroy any in our path. Let no one stand in your way! Onward to Haven Castle and the Vaas Plains!” 

The battalions of Demons, Orcs and Trolls yelled furious crys in answer. turning towards the plains and began the march. The knights following their lord they began to follow the King. The Goblins made their way behind the Trolls and Orcs acting as a Vanguard behind the Knights. The newly formed Army now a mass of hellspawn not seen together in one cohesive unit in many thousand years. The darkness spread as the House of Brax’s Power seemed to spread towards Haven Castle. 
King Brandon was on his way. 



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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
November 16, 2013 02:39AM

Castle Gates


Joffrey was not rushing to join his father, especially since he had Drakkar at his side as his personal squire, and side kick. An unknown entity with a bloody big sword. Joffrey was not entirely sure if he was impressed with the man, but so long as he served the King and killed as many Angels as possible, it only made it all the easier to gain entry to Haven Castle and his ultimate goal. The destruction of the King. As the Demon Prince’s metal boots resonated off the stone floor, on his way out to the stables to get his horse, Scorn, he happened to meet up with the rogue Warlock Bizmarc. A tall fellow with long flowing beard, that wore a shimmering black cloak. His weathered face was hidden deep within his blackened hood, and he crept along like a wizened old man. Well, he was over two thousand years old, so you had to expect him not to have a spring in his step. 

“Off to war, then?” Bizmarc croaked, seeing Joffrey in his heavy plate armor. 

“No…actually I am heading to the pub for a tallie. Course I am off to war, you daft old goat.” Joffrey seemed to easily lose patience with the old man, like he was holding him up. The Wizard then caught sight of the vial around his neck, and licked his cracked lips. You could see the want in his silvery orbs, dying to get a hold of it as he raised a craggy hand. 


“Essence…of a Throne of God? So…they did it, eh?” Bizmarc sounded like he was about to jizz his pants. Joffrey recoiled at this twisted old Wizard, and then placed the vial within his armour chest plate, out of sight and reach of the Warlock. “They did…and if I were you..I’d keep my bloody trap shut!” The Prince growled, now with the flare of his yellow snake eyes appearing. It was a definite show of defiance, and the Warlock chuckled darkly. 

“You sneaky little snake.” 

Ah…so the Warlock was onto him. Joffrey tilted his head slowly and then tapped the outside of his helmet. Clearly, he wasn’t as stupid as he looked. The Demon Prince took a step towards him and then his steel plated fist rocketed out hard and fast, and smashed the Warlock clear in the face before he could blink. At the same time, the cracks in the walls started to tremor, as snakes oozed out of each and every hole, winding around the old warlock, who screamed and struggled, till his breath was finally stolen from him, and a large snake entered his mouth, taking him to death. 


Joffrey watched all this with a glint in his yellow eyes, then laughed as he kicked the Warlock’s boot to check he was dead. Seemed to be. Happy enough with that, Joffrey headed out to mount Scorn, who also was not behaving itself. Genuinely spooked as this new Joffrey mounted him. A hard kick to the flanks, and the horse sped off to join the growing throngs that was his Father’s army. 

Soon Scorn and the Prince had caught up, and what a sight it was. Goblins, Orcs, Demons, Trolls, Witches, Warlocks all gathered to take on the armies of the Casterly, that were no doubt building up their defenses upon their own lands; the Vaas Plains. Victory…Joffrey could practically taste it. He rode his horse up alongside that of his father and Drakkar, and bowed his head in reverence. Lifting his head, he then withdrew his demon blade from its sheath, holding it aloft to the army that had gathered on mass. 

“Death to the Angels, may we drink their blood from their skulls!” He roared. 




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Re: [RP] The Night Lands
November 21, 2013 11:45PM

The March

A mob scene like no other to behold engulfed the whole of the land. The demonic energy of The Two Lords of Brax seemed to strengthen the army and the army them, As they marched the Hordes ate any dissenters. The Villagers had long ago fled behind the Castle walls and to other sanctuaries. All the outlying villages were deserted. The crunch of bones was heard as the warlocks began to summon the undead. Their ranks swelling as they passed each passing graveyard or already mauled camp. The Orcs, Goblins and Trolls wasted no meat. There were many tasty morsels to be found. The dyings screams only seemed to encourage the others. It was a mass of destruction. The putresence of the rolling fog moving off them seeming to wave behind the masse. Angels that were found along the way were spared no mercy. The Casterly’s were their prey. They had but one purpose to see them all burned. 


Brandon rode his pale horse in silence for a time amid the horde feeling the fervor of them. Unsure of how to handle his son, he knew he may yet fall in the battle. He would fight to the end however. The honor of the house would be restored. 
He looked to his squire, wondering if he had chosen right. Something in him bespoke of honor. Yet he felt the blood of something else entirely. He was not sure who Drakkar was. But he was not what he claimed to be. 

” You ready Squire? “ 

Drakkar turned from studying the terrain towards his Lord. 

” Yes my Lord. We shall clip their wings.” 

” Be ready for anything Drakkar. Watch all sides. In battle friend can become foe. Watch your flank as well as your front. I shall need you guarding my back. This battle is going to be dangerous. We shall do what we must. For honor and glory. ” 

Drakkar simply nodded. The two continuing in silence as they approached the final miles of road. 


The Final Steps

Magnus had followed in the rear. His warlock had not returned from his scouting mission. That mere fact told him only one thing. He had been killed. No minor demon or troll or orc could kill him. Something of true power would have had to have done this. He did not have to guess very much when he saw Joffrey return with a grim smile on his face. Bizmarc had been one of his mentors. He had taught him one of the key spells he needed to make the charm. He had finished its creation on the roof of the castle before they even left. In secret the charm was made. Kept well hidden he smiled to himself knowing the King would need him before the end. 

As they made their way towards The last miles the opening towards the battlefield was finally seen. The horde engulfing the entrance to field. As the darkness spread ravens flew overhead and the chanting begun. The demons roared and they scrambled for position. The well ordered knights centered around the king as well as the demons and warlocks each around their own.