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(RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 23, 2013 12:38AM

Ok so Dark ages is now fourm continuing from the last session posted in the Dark Ages thread

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 23, 2013 03:47PM

-Arren heard Charlotte’s insult and knew right away she wouldn’t believe him. He knew to ingore her insults as he said to her.- “I understand that you don’t believe me. My power is limited since the body you see me as now is only a construct of myself. I created Conan’s race. The volfen’s have been around since before you were born. I didn’t create Conan in particular he born naturally for my daughter’s sake. He asked for her hand in marriage.” -Arren looked over Conan one last time as he placed his paw on his chest as he spoke to him as if he was awake.- “Rest easy Conan. Your like a blood son to me.” -he pulled his paw back from Conan’s body as he looked at Charlotte.- “If you want truth then I will give it too you. However I feel it would be best we talk else where. I do not care if you believe me or not. What I have to tell you is a concern of you and your family.” -Arren started walking towards the door using his bo staff to keep balance as it tapped to the floor. He seemed not annoyed of her words but more of the damage of things that have taken its toll this far. He got to the end of the door way as he turned around back to Charlotte.- “If you want answers I will be in the centers stone of the zen garden. You passed it as you came in.” -he pointed to the center stone that was in center of the sand garden that they had passed before. Arren began to walk towards the stone was he disappeared from sight.-


-Mean while in Lorewall in the industrial estate Sarah walked around searching for her sister. It was getting dark for the night the night it seemed to be about 7:50pm, her bright golden hair was now starting to stick up form the lack of care to it as well she had not been able to groom in so long. Sarah’s beautiful white dress was now just a filthy dark white that had dirt all over it, she hated how she felt it was almost like she was an untouchable to everyone in the city. She sighed as she was starting to get hungry hearing her stomach grow. The twelve year old looking girl couldn’t help but feel helpless now that her creator was gone. She finally passed an alleyway where had turned too hopping to find a place of shelter not knowing she was being followed by someone of evil intent. Going behind the dumpster that was there she quickly find a cardboard box to wrap herself in trying to see if she warm herself as she said.- “Father. You were my creator yet why did you leave us with nothing to survive. Did you think so little of my and anya? Where we just your tools? You made us from your own being yet you did not plan for what would happen after your death.” -tears were falling from her eyes as she said this trying to think as why Shadow could not have done something to help them more. Countless worlds from her home she couldn’t think of how to find the one name Charlotte the one who her father trusted. She was lost in a city that she knew nothing about.-

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October 24, 2013 08:36AM
“It’s not a matter of whether I believe you or not, Arren. Though you take my words as insults no doubt. Let’s just say I have my reasons.” Charlotte nodded, thinking of the one she once called Father. Though he was now long gone from the world, he was seen as the creator, the Father of the Sun. It brought a rise of colour to her cheeks, and she swallowed a rising ball in her throat. No, she would not get emotional, but instead watched on as Arren regarded Conan like a son, which in a manner of speaking he was. Charlotte was not sure how she felt about this relationship between Conan and Arren. Secretly she wished Conan could wake up, right now and explain what was going on.

“If you want truth then I will give it too you. However I feel it would be best we talk else where. I do not care if you believe me or not. What I have to tell you is a concern of you and your family.” 

At these word, Charlotte hurried after Arren, looking back at the rock he mentioned and going towards the door.

“Wait…don’t mention my family like that and walk away from me.”

But as soon as he mentioned the stone, he disappeared from sight.

“ARREN!…This isn’t a game. Show yourself.” Charlotte was now frantic, and wanted to know what that stone had to do with everything. Was it a portal device? Or something more sinister?

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October 24, 2013 08:58AM
– ” I truly don’t need much Jalal replied. ” He motioned over one of these chicawaga to refill his canteens and asked for a small food pack for their journey letting him know that it must be compact as he always traveled light. ” I have quite simple needs and very few wants in the world.” He walked out around the garden marveling at the beauty of it. It was a very strange place and wonderous. Sipping his tea quietly he took a short walk before returning and taking his seat yet again to wait on the rest of the party.-

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October 24, 2013 01:20PM
– Imay had quickly carved a simple circle with a line bisecting it straight down the middle into the river stone and set it aside. He had started working on the obsidian and granet stones at the same time quickly feeling them both with near identical runes.
Imay was a little surpised at how fast his work on the stones was going, though he figured it had to do with this area his uncle Arren controled. “Oh this had to be the one fight you couldn’t make it to brother” he said quietly to himself as he picked up the marble stone worried about what might happen next. When Jalal returned from his walk Imay had placed a small pouch, marked with a dragon, on the table where Jalal had been. “Oh Jalal you might find some usefull tools in there.” Imay said criptictly as he pointed to the pouch. “Can’t tell you how much draconic material i’ve saved in that but it should be enough.”

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October 24, 2013 03:40PM
The sun was slowly setting on Lorwall, an industrious city that stood silent as if it was asleep while a soft breeze ran through the city’s dampened streets though there was spots and secluded areas that were dry as a desert on a hot day. The sky above began to have pinks, reds, oranges, yellow, and even a small bit of sky blue colour still remained while night fall was slowly taking its reins for the time being. Stars, bright and dull had begun to slowly crawl their way into the darkening world.


At the entrance gate of Lorwall, a woman in white and red robes whose hair was the shade of rusty metal, long auburn hair with a slightly shine to it since she was caught in the soft drizzle though she could not have predicted weather for it was not her talent. This fair toned woman was really 5’6″ but with the wooden sandals she wore on her sock covered feet only rose her height about an inch. Her hair moved in front of her eyes to conceal the brightness they seem to hold in the growing darkness but on her hips was a Wakizashi, its entire length nineteen inches long and its casing was beautifully decorated with painted traditional Chinese dragons of green, blue, red and white. Thought there was Japanese calligraphy in the center but to those who can read the language, the characters that were carved into the sheath was her name, Gabriel Silverfang. On the side of her hip was a mid-ranged weapon called Kusarigama and Gabriel was smart about covering the blades since she was trying to prevent her robes from being torn by the weapon’s sharpness though she had tied the hilts of the weapons together with thin rope. There was a metal Yami on her back though it was lightweight so it would be good for Gabriel to maneuver around on her travels as she contained a rather large quiver of metal arrows that was made for her and her bow.

As soon as Gabriel turned down a street, she saw a child who look just about twelve years old disappear into an alleyway then turned to see a a being who had looked to have some evil intent hidden in its facial features. A soft growl had escaped from her lips as her body crouched slightly, swinging her hand back to grip the cloth covered hilt of her katana, her fingers tightening around it as she slipped into the shadows to conceal her presence, tracking the evil one who, in her opinion looked like it was going to do something rather wretched to the poor little girl who was all alone and homeless.

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October 24, 2013 05:43PM
-as much as Arren disappeared he wasn’t gone for long the instant Charlotte called his name a flash of lighting came form within the house itself in the zen garden creating a flash. If you blink you would miss the movement of the Arren moving to the stone as he had three wooden cups they were steaming with something in them perhaps tea. However one of the liquids in the cup to his left was filled with a crimson red styled tea. He sipped his cup that was planted firmly in his paw as he spoke.- “This is no game. I simply need somethings before we discussed. As well I offer two solutions to you.” -Arren swiftly pointed to the seat across from him as he was only to stay seating. If Charlotte was to sit down she would notice a box that is on the right side of Arrren only to have him wait for her as he said in his last comment.- “please take a seat before you have tea I will ask you a very important question. The choice is yours Charlotte Carrendar. In my own knowledge I know as much about you as my son in law does. I need not explain how or whether you understand.” -his face completely emotionless in all reality. The expression that he was giving was that of one who meant business as if he was getting ready to give a person another path to walk down.-

-Sarah who was now still staying covered in the card broad box he could something crawling her way as she started to tremble in fear. Knowing she had no where to go. The creature came out form the shadow’s of the ally way as it said in a low tone.- “It seems we have found you. It’s time we stop this game of chasing you.” -Sarah heard the voice as she thought to herself about what he was talking about. Suddenly her trembling stopped only to push the card board off her. She looked to a tall man standing in her way. His hair was silver, his eyes were that of pure white as if he might be blind. He was wearing a black trench coat while everything else seemed to be to dark to see. She looked at him with an expression would not expect any less from the strongest being ever wield under her creator. She spoke.- “so your going to take me? YOU AND WHAT ARMY!” -Sarah brought her left hand up in the air as she released her aura only to reveal a bright blighting light form her being. She inhaled only to show in her left hand had started to spark little y little as she started to create friction by moving the particles in the air and started to ionize the air to create the correct temperature. The man laughed as he could only say.- “Your attack will not reach me young one.” -Sarah grinned as an electrical current began to surge through her left hand only to say while she trusts her the electrical current towards him only to release a lightning blast in his direction.- “OH YEA IM SARAH DAYBREAKER YOUR NOT TAKING ME WITHOUT A FIGHT!” -at the moment the lightning blasted towards the man something came in between the man and Sarah a giant sword that extend from the roof top. The lightning instant became discharged and was ground from the sword. As a small young voice that sound about the age of eight years old.- “Well I don’t think that was very nice. As Mister Yen says its best to behave other wise its a Ladies job to put you in your place.”-Sarah looked up only to see a little girl that was half her size. With ready hair that seemed to be able to wield a giant sword. The girl had blue eyes with orange hair that seemed to be tight into a small pony take. Her dress was a bright pink with a skull broach on the center of her dresses. She had a devilish smile on her face. Sarah could only help to think and say.- “Who the hell are you two” -The man placed his hand on the cross he was on his jacket as he said- “We are the Knight’s of salvation. I am Relic Norman 5th Knight. Knight of blood stained moon.” -he bowed his head only to grin. As the little girl giggled as she said.- “I am Coraline Daimen 6th knight. Knight of of silence chants.” -they bow looked at her with devilish grins. Sarah was at a disadvantage if she couldn’t possibly use her powers against them she was defenseless. Was there anyone who could possibly assist her?

Relic Norman


Coraline Daimen


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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 05:54PM
Charlotte spun around as from within the house there was a blue flash of light like lightning. The intensity so great she had to shield her eyes from its glare. What manner of creature can turn to blue electricity, the bebilith thought to herself, her black locks whipping around her till settling upon her back as she came to a sudden stop. There he was…right near the rock. Damn had she blinked and missed that moment in time that he shifted planes….or had he?

“I can do that trick to you know?’ Charlotte said with something of a sneer. Why was she being so testy? Perhaps it was the mention of her family that had her riled. The last thing she hated was games and puzzles. Riddles were for children in her mind, not adults. She wanted cold hard facts, not to be led dancing and singing around some rock like a looney. Arms folded she narrowed her gaze and stood defensively. All this calm…Feng shui shit was getting on her nerves.

He had with him three steaming cups, one of which he drank from and urged her to sit, for he had and was ready to explain..in part.

“This is no game. I simply need somethings before we discussed. As well I offer two solutions to you.”

“Solutions? Wait..what are you talking about? You refer to my family like you know me that well. What did you do? Mind link to Conan and eaves drop?” Charlotte sat indignantly and continued to look fierce. The box beside her caught her attention, but she figured that was not of importance.

In my own knowledge I know as much about you as my son in law does. I need not explain how or whether you understand.”

Charlotte looked at the steaming cup of tea and made a face.

“I rather coffee…cream with sugar…THEN you can lay it all out on me…okay?’



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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 07:08PM
– Upon returning to the table Imay had handed him a small pouch, telling him….

“Oh Jalal you might find some usefull tools in there. Can’t tell you how much draconic material i’ve saved in that but it should be enough.” 

Jalal thought to himself that this material would make an excellent pyramid device. He could use this to create a draconic calling device. They had not been able to find material in many years that had been unsullied left of the dragons. The splugorth had taken all of it or spoiled it with their touch. He could do much with this. If he could but call a true dragon to the realm he might be able to be granted a wish or a similiar ability. He had heard tale of how the dragons taught the first Atlanteans the power of crafting the tattoos. He did not know if he would be able to be granted such a boon, but he was in both shock and awe at Imay’s gift. He had given it to him as if it were refuse. To him this was beyond treasure!

Thank you Imay! I will do much with this!

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October 24, 2013 07:45PM
-Imay looked up from his work for a moment seeing Jalal’s mind race with possibilities Imay couldn’t be sure of. “Oh and before I forget careful with any crimson skin, or scales in their it has a touch of demonic energy. Though that is because the dragon they come from had demonic blood running through his viens.” Imay then set down his tools and reached into his normally sealed pouch to draw out a small crystal orb. Imay placed the orb in between them and focused on the image of his god-daughter Nesuki. In the center of the crystal a young looking woman of average complexion, very long golden bloned hair, and a pure white and gold trimmed dress with a golden scaled tail wraping slightly towards her bare toes. “The rest like this crystal come from her, my god-daughter. She is a very potent psychic and her power still resonates with the bits she has donated.”