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[RP] Roger Marx
October 23, 2013 11:22AM

Re: [RP] Roger Marx
October 23, 2013 11:30AM
Front EntrywayRoger pulled up to his house silently, not saying much on the drive there. He was at a complete loss of words because the woman he had acted like a monster in front of still loved him, and even told him so. Wondering if maybe he was scaring her into obedience, he sat thoughtful and silent during their car ride. But soon they arrived to his brick house, and the lieutenant knew they had to talk. Hoping to stall, he turned to look at Amelia with a weak smile “Let’s go inside. I have take-out menus on the fridge.” Turning the car off, he then climbed out and walked over to her side of the car. Helping her out gently, he kept his grip on her loose. He didn’t want to frighten her anymore than he had before with any sudden or forceful movements.

Turning away from her, he walked up the pathway to his house to see a package on his front doorstep. Bending down to pick it up, he smiled at the return address. Glancing over his shoulder, he spoke to his lover“Come on, Vampira.” Turning back to his house, he took his keys out and unlocked the door.
Walking inside, Roger knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. Turning around quickly, he reached out to grab Amelia’s hand. Pulling her into a hug, he wrapped his arms tight around her waist and buried his face into her neck. Sighing softly, he spoke in a breathy voice “I’m so sorry.” After standing like that for a few moments, he pulled back to hold the box up in front of her. Using his keys, he it open to reveal a black collar within. Flicking his hazel eyes up to Amelia’s, he asked anxiously “Do you like it? I bought it when I was back in the office and had it express shipped…”

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October 24, 2013 03:51AM
Front EntrywayAmelia was hopeful that Rodger would talk to her in the car, but it was a silent trip home, and so many things went over in her own mind of how he was going to be when they finally arrived. The witch kept stealing glances at him, but he appeared grim, till they came to a stop, and he then turned to her with a small smile.


“Let’s go inside. I have take-out menus on the fridge.” Rodger was passive in his actions and helped her out of the car, before walking off ahead of her. Amelia, who was dressed casually and with her hair down to her shoulder, followed in behind like a stray puppy, looking at him with large eyes, wondering when he would start to go off about Shane and Jarvis. Everything.

“Come on, Vampira.” He urged, and Amelia quickened her step, so she was just in behind him when he took out his keys and opened the door. Watching him go inside, she looked down a moment, so when she crossed the threshold, she didn’t trip, only to gaze up and feel him grip her hand and pull her inside. Here it comes…..

But it was nothing what she would have expected. Rodger buried his face between her shoulder and neck, saying he was so sorry…for everything. The feeling that ran through her, as he pulled her close. She truly felt home. She hiccuped a small cry, her face radiating her love for him. Forgiveness was something she was more than capable of.

“So am I. Rodger, I should have been more careful. I won’t make the same mistakes again. I promise.” Amelia blurted, fighting to hold back the tears that were welling in her eyes. Rodger then presented her with a small box. Opening it, she found a beautiful lace and metal studded collar. It was so sweet…and so her.

“Oh Rodger…you shouldn’t have.” Awe struck by the pretty collar. But it was not just the collar that had her so happy, it was what the collar symbolized. Once she put it on…she truly belonged to him. “I love it.” She enthused, undoing the clasp and then handing it back to Rodger. “Can you put it on me, please?’

Amelia turned around and lifted her hair out of the way, so he could once and for all…claim his girl.


Re: [RP] Roger Marx
October 24, 2013 09:26AM
Front EntrywayRoger couldn’t help but laugh softly at her small hiccup. She was so incredibly adorable and sweet that he wanted to gobble her up right on the spot. But he wanted to keep his movements slow and cautious, now more afraid than ever of hurting her…again. Listening to her apologize, the lieutenant just shook his head slowly “You have nothing to be sorry for. I was the one who lost my temper and took it out on you. Now your work is ruined and I shouldn’t even have my rank anymore…” But his voice trailed off when he saw the look on her face when she opened the box. She loved it.

He couldn’t stop the smile that spread on his face as he watched her undo the clasp. Soon she spun around and lifted her hair while asking in her irresistible voice to put it on her. Oh, he had every intention of putting it on her again, and no one would ever take it off.

Stepping forward, he took the collar from her wordlessly and clasped it around her bare neck. His green eyes focused on her soft pale skin and he felt himself hardening. Leaning down, he snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her flush against his hard on. While gyrating himself slowly into her so she could feel just how much he needed her, he leaned down to hoarsely growl in her ear “You are mine now, Amelia Reed. You belong to me, and I’ll never let you go again.” Without another word, he bit down on her neck sharply before he began to trail delicate kisses across the back of her neck. His left hand grasped her hip to keep her against him while the other hand reached up to knead her breast mercilessly.

He couldn’t control himself any longer, and he had to claim what was his with his body.

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October 24, 2013 06:32PM
“You are mine now, Amelia Reed. You belong to me, and I’ll never let you go again.” The words she had been dying to hear, right as he fastened the collar around her neck. It felt so good, and so right, that her eyes shone and her smile was one that illuminated her face. “It’s all I ever wanted to be.” Amelia whispered, her voice having a slight purr to it. Tender and gentle. She knew how he wanted her, and how she was to react. It came naturally, and then the cry of submission came when he bit down upon her neck, the intensity so great, she actually felt her knees start to buckle. His kisses cooled her burning flesh, leaving a trail across the back of her neck. Amelia’s head tilted back slightly, showing off the new collar…a testimony of their undying love.

The hard grasping of his hand upon her hip pushed her tight up against his rock hard member, that she craved so desperately to fill her aching need. Her panties were already wet, and the pressure of his forced grip of her breast had her begging…pleading..

“Please…god please Rodger…take me…take me now. Claim me.” She begged, her hands trembling as she touched and pawed at him tenderly. He could be hard as he liked on her, and she would always be that welcoming lover…bringing him home.




Re: [RP] Roger Marx
October 28, 2013 01:37PM
Living RoomRoger smiled down at Amelia when she said it was all she ever wanted. Reaching up, he brushed his fingertips down the side of her temple “I am all you’ll ever have, too. I promise.” He loved how soft her voice was, how submissive she was to bend to his every will. It was as if nothing had happened between them, as if she held no ill will towards him. Hearing her cry out, he growled quietly and allowed the vibration to send her nerves into a tizzy.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he then hoisted her up to carry her into the living room. They would christen every room of his house, he didn’t care if he was up all night. Bringing his woman to the couch, Roger set Amelia down on her feet and didn’t push her back onto the couch. Not yet. Falling to his knees, he lifted her shirt up slowly while looking into her eyes. His were soft and loving, but his hands were quick and needy. Placing a kiss to her hip, he then moved to tug her bottoms down.
With her bottoms and panties off, the lieutenant snuck her a sneaky look. Smiling like a predator, he leaned in to bite her hipbone. He wanted her pleasure to be mixed in with pain, and he had to hear his name on her lips. She was begging him and it was just what he needed to hear. Standing up straight, Roger tugged his shirt off and tossed it over the couch. Looking down at his woman, Roger became dominating as he was meant to be. “Take my pants off. Then you will taste me.” Placing a hand on her shoulder, he then forced her on his knees before him. His knees quivered in anticipation but he was careful not to rush Amelia.

Re: [RP] Roger Marx
October 28, 2013 11:48PM
Living RoomA new beginning for the couple. It was as though they were given a second chance at love, and Amelia was not about to displease or let Rodger ever think that she was not entirely devoted to him. As his teeth sunk into her hip bone, she cried out his name, her thighs quivering and the tremor he would have felt, though it was a mix of pain and pleasure. Amelia’s breathing accelerated to short sharp pants, as Rodger rose up and to standing, and tugged off his shirt, tossing it at the couch haphazardly. Amelia didn’t take her eyes off him, for she knew he was about to order her to do his bidding, and grew wet from the anticipation. A single hand was placed upon her shoulder, and he then spoke;

“Take my pants off. Then you will taste me.” 

The force of his hand guiding her down, had her sink to her knees, all the while gazing up at him, before looking to his pants, where she reached up and undid the clasp, then slid the zipper down slowly. Both hands reached for either side of his pants and she pulled them down slowly, shaking her head as her hair fell off her shoulders. His pants down, she followed the same with his boxers, lowering them carefully, and exposing his cock, the tip already moist with pre, and pulsating with blood.

Wishing to be truly submissive, she placed both hands behind her back, interlocking her fingers. This would draw her shoulders back tight, and with her kneeling with her legs partly spread, and a curve to her spine, Amelia looked more than ready to accept her duty, to taste her Master. She wet her lips with her own tongue, and tipped her head forward, at first giving kitten like licks to the head, before her tongue slowly started to curl around and under the hood, so to reach his most sensitive spot, where she applied light flicks of her tongue. Eyes closed she was going by taste and touch. To watch her, she demonstrated skill, obedience and tenderness. Treating his member with care, to enhance the experience.

Her tongue then found its way to his shaft, and slowly she tasted, licked him right to his stomach, before drawing back and repeating this. Rodger had only said to taste him, and she knew that when he wanted her to truly take him in…he was going to do so by force. She opened her mouth further and sucked the tip of his cock, with slight popping sounds as she released. It wouldn’t be long before he would feel the need to take her head, and guide her onto him fully, and the real taste test would start.



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October 31, 2013 06:34AM
Living RoomRoger could only smile darkly when Amelia cried out his name. He had gone too long without hearing that, even if not a lot of time even passed between them. To be honest, the lieutenant felt like he had been gone centuries when Gemma took him away after hurting Amelia. But now he was reunited with his woman, and he was about to let her know just how much he wanted and needed her.

As Amelia sank to her knees, Roger ran his fingers through her hair encouragingly. He was beckoning her to do as he commanded sweetly, but soon she would feel just how pain was when mixed with pleasure. With hooded eyes, he watched the way her hands locked behind her back. Nodding once, he growled hoarsely “Atta girl…don’t touch me.” And she didn’t, only with her lips. Amelia took Roger into her mouth like a skilled lover, starting out teasingly slow before taking him completely in her sweet little mouth. The sensation was enough to send him rocking back on his heels as his fingers tightened in her hair. Loosening his grip long enough to form pony-tail with her hair in one hand, he yanked on it gently at first. After a few gentle tugs, her jerked her head back hard, unable to take anymore of her ministrations without finishing right then and there.

It had been too long in his mind since he last had his woman, and he had to have her now. Pulling her up to a standing position by her hair, he leaned in to nip at her ear. Roger then stooped down to wrap his arms under her ass and whispered in his gravelly voice “You’re coming with me.” Lifting her up in one swift movement, he tossed her over his shoulder and carried her upstairs to his room.
Once inside, Roger quickly slammed the door to his bedroom and held her against the nearest wall. His lips crushed against Amelia’s hungrily as his hands pinned her hips to the wall. After a few moments of licking and nipping at her mouth, he pulled back to ask in a breathy voice “Here, or the bed? Make a fast decision or you don’t get any of me.” His eyes flashed darkly as he taunted her. Roger would have Amelia even if he had to take her on a dumpster outside.

Re: [RP] Roger Marx
November 01, 2013 02:35AM
BedroomRodger’s husky voice brought muffled cries from Amelia for she had wanted to be his girl again. Now he was feasting on her lips, licking and teasing, as he had her up against the wall of his bedroom. She felt the tightening of the collar around her neck, a stark reminder that she was his property, to enjoy, taste and savor as how he wished. Her heart was now racing, as he treated her firmly. From the way he pulled her hair and swung her up onto his shoulder. Amelia went willingly and moved to his direction. She couldn’t resist him even if she had tried. Her love for him was now greater than ever, and she would do anything he asked. Rodger’s pleasure was her goal.

Watching his face with anticipation of what he would ask her to do for him, she fell silent, to hear his voice, and see the look of lust in his eyes.

“Here, or the bed? Make a fast decision or you don’t get any of me.”


“Here…Sir, Here.” Amelia called him Sir. Why? Cause she believed he owned her, and that was what he should be called. Would he accept this? One could only wait to find out. She was very quick to make her response, for she desperately wanted him…more than anything.Amelia drew her hands back, not to touch him, till he wanted her too. The wait was excruciating. Already her panties were wet, and she knew that they would soon be off on the floor discarded…very soon.



Re: [RP] Roger Marx
November 01, 2013 07:56AM
BedroomRoger smiled to hear Amelia call him ‘Sir.” So submissive, so willing to give him whatever he desired. But all the lieutenant wanted was to have her wholly and completely. He wanted her to take away his fears of her ever being with another man. He wanted her to calm his anger that flared up over the littlest things. He wanted her. Hooking a hand under her leg, he picked it up and wrapped it around his waist. His pants were still down from when she had previously pleasured him, so all he had to do now was get rid of those blasted panties.

Pressing Amelia into the wall, Roger reached over to rip her panties clean off. It was a nasty habit he was developing, but he was all to eager to just buy her whatever she wanted. With her panties out of the way, Roger smiled down at her darkly “Judging by how moist those were, you are more than ready for me.” Amelia wanted him right there against the wall, and her raw desire to be taken there instead of a bed had him still raging hard. Reaching up, he unhooked her bra and tossed that aside with a free hand as the other kept her against the wall.

Bare against bare, Roger pressed his chest to hers so he could feel her breasts against his chest. Leaning down, he brushed his lips tenderly across her shoulder as he slowly guided himself to her opening. Suddenly, he simultaneously slammed into her womanhood while biting down on her shoulder hard. Soon he fell into a rhythm that had him slamming into her hard enough to make her head bob.