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RP – The Curse of the Ring. new
November 18, 2013 10:42PM
Role play Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

The Curse of the Ring.

Chapter Five

Battle of Wills


IzuCarrendar (CharlotteCarrendar)

Midnights eyes slowly lifted from their deep slumber to cringe at the sight of the solar flare in which the sun’s rays had slowly cascaded over the city’s horizon, seeping through the window in which Midnight was facing, Izu’s arm wrapped around here naked body and her back cradled into his chest as she looked upon his face. They fit so perfectly together. But as she slipped from his grip and out of the bed she noticed one of his shirts, a long sleeved white button down. It’s perfect. She couldn’t help think to herself. Midnight ran her hands along the sleeves and before long slipped into it, and with little to no effort, it fit. Perfectly, just as she had thought. The sun was bright this morning, and all she could do was smile to herself. How could one man have all this? Yet another thought. The sight before her was truly magnificent, but what was even more so was him. Her demonic Bebilith, her love, her mate. >e<

IzuCarrendar: The Demon bebilith male slumbered peacefully, though of course the sheet peaked at his lower regions, for he had stirred with the show of morning wood. A light crooked smile adorned his rugged features, and you could just catch the flutter of rapid eye movement beneath his eyelids. His chest rose and fell in a smooth rhythm and he clearly was enjoying whatever it was that had caught his mind’s eye. Midnight’s escape from his bed, had his hand move along the creased silken sheet, causing him to yawn and then blink his eyes open. Silvery hues that had a swirling centre, set in a dark tanned skin. A shock of silvery hair that was tousled from their nightly tryst, though messy, still suited him to a t. Gradually, you could see his legs start to shift and move beneath the sheets, and he smacked his lips, as he raised both arms over his head and stretched out. Dark pecks hardened and he ran his hand down his chest then stomach, before giving his length a light stroke. Glancing out from the bed, though his head was still nestled on the pillow, he caught sight of Midnight placing on his shirt. This brought a chuckle from him, a deep one that resonated up from his throat. “Morning Love. Going to leave me with anything to wear?” <3>

Midnight had never felt so at home, so at peace with someone. Not until now. She was enjoying the warmth of the sun kissing her skin, and it was then that she heard the small amount of movement in the bed. It was Izu, he must have finally woken up. She hoped it wasn’t her that disturbed his sleep. Oh god how she wished he’d have slept more, even though they had a very intense night it didn’t mean he didn’t need his energy. She smiled at his figure and then noticed his hand movements under the sheets. Morning wood. Her smile curved and she shook her naughty thoughts while her inner goddess pounded on the walls, begging for a peek. “No, not if you keep letting everything you own be tossed everywhere.” She smirked and walked over to him as she spoke and then lifted her hand, back showing a clear view of his ring, the very ring he gave to his late wife had now graced her ring finger. “Just like this ring…” She jumped onto the bed and crawled on top of him, messing up the sheets even worse than they had before. “Besides, you look like you’re having fun without your clothes…” It was then her hands ran down his chest, fingers lacing into the small chest hairs that protruded from it and then venturing further down his chest, a smirk ever enchanting as she slowly straddled his knees. “Or am I wrong…?” >e<

IzuCarrendar: Though dainty and petite Midnight may appear, she was a strong willed woman that knew what she wanted. Izu was still lazily stretching beneath the sheets, with no real clear indication that he had intended to get out of bed. The demon bebilith found amusement in Midnight’s declaration that if he tossed his clothes about she was going to claim them, just like the ring, that she proudly showed off on her hand. Ira had almost forgotten about that, and winked at her for her saucy ways. What surprised him was how she clamored back onto the bed. She had obviously caught sight of him lightly handling his morning wood, and it would appear that she wanted to play too. You could see the rise of his cheeks as his smile grew wider, watching her straddle him. Her fingers lightly brushed his skin, teasing, as they travelled down his chest, seeking what lay beneath the satin sheets. “I always have fun in the morning. Don’t you?” Izu said darkly, only arching his back, so she would feel the sudden rise of his hips, pushing into her. “You could always help yourself, Love.” A roguish expression crept over his features, daring her.

He was such a naughty man, but underneath it all, he was so much more. His eyes brought her closer, and hypnotized her further. She was already under this man’s spell as he was hers, what more did she need. It was more than anything she could ever ask for. That was unless this man had other plans. And of course, it was true, indeed he did. He had winked at her and she brightened at the way he did it, and sooner or later she had to figure out a way around that, some form of control. How this man made her weak, she would never know. His words parted through his lips and she listened intently as he spoke. “I always have fun in the morning. Don’t you?” was what was said. “But of course…” And as soon as her lips parted way she felt his body lift, his hips rise and a small push go against her. His member had slowly rubbed its way against her inner thigh. Oh he was sneaky, and she had to give him credit for it, but she was more intent on keeping him well energized and well pleased for the upcoming day. So for mere playfulness she moaned and gave in, her body slowly slipping into his erotic fantasy, and then all too soon she rose from his lap. “Come on love, maybe we can have sex in the kitchen this time.” She was having fun with this, and she was going to make sure this lasted. Her feet rubbed against the carpet as she slowly got off the bed once more, her hips swaying in motion as she rose and walked towards the bedroom door. Hands rising towards the curtains to shed some light on his ‘situation’, while all but making the sheets fall to the floor. A small ‘Oops’ escaping her lips as she did so. And he thought he was so innocent, but this witch knew and she wasn’t surprised to find out, he was the devil in disguise. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Such a tease, so sinful and delicious. Course she played on the way his body moved. The light moan that escaped her lips, and then like that, she was off and talking about how they could do it in the kitchen. So, she wanted to christen ever room in the house? He shrugged, and then found it amusing when she made sure the sheet slipped away that covered his modesty. Cat was out of the bag…so to speak. Non fussed, he simply rolled out of bed, and then sauntered off to the bathroom, most likely to relieve himself. He did shut the door after he walked in. His light humming could be heard from within, which changed in tempo and then got thicker and a lot huskier. Oh well, her loss. Not long after he emerged, content within himself and stepped across the floor to dress himself. “Bacon and eggs love…over easy. Toast…and I think a juice too.” He was putting in his order for breakfast, as he tied back his shoulder length hair neatly with a silver ribbon. He was a lot neater out of bed then in it. Soon, he was ready for the day, and headed downstairs towards the dining room, adjacent the kitchen.


As she sauntered down the spiral staircase she couldn’t help but notice something was different. And then it hit her, it was the smell of food, already coming from the immaculate kitchen her love had owned. And little did she know, she was right. Because who better to have outdone himself as usual but the demon known as none other than Sebastian. As soon as her eyes caught his gaze she scrambled halfway back up the stairs and wrapped herself more comfortably in the little clothes she had on. “Sebastian Mikaelis, what in the hell are you doing here?!” A scream as loud even a banshee would cower in filled the room, but even so Sebastian seemed unfazed by it and continued placing items on the dining room table. (Sebastian) “Well, you see your Eminence, last I heard of you was from last night, so I slipped in this morning to come and check on you. It is a magnificent place the young master has here.” She was glaring at him by this time, infuriated with his actions. She took a deep breath and composed herself before making her way back down the stairs, her eyes catching in all sorts of food. Foods ranging from eggs benedict to smoked hickory bacon. Midnight knew Sebastian knew how to cook but this was a meal fit for a king. Izu was surely going to be in for one hell of a surprise. (Midnight) “Next time, try and think before you act. Use your head.” She took a deep breath before walking into the kitchen and veering the corner towards the dining room. (Sebastian) “Yes, of course Miss.” He nodded and stepped away from the dining room table and left her to sit alone as she waited for Izu to finish her business in the bathroom. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Izu was about to head down the stairs, when he heard the banshee like scream of Midnight, but then the delicious smells of delectable delights coming from the kitchen. Now either she was a lot faster at cooking than he could ever have imagined, or someone else had prepared the meal. Sure enough it was Sebastian. Now her carry on might have left him miffed, but soon as he heard Sebby’s voice filter up with that calming way, he knew things were going to be alright and not turn into some grand food fight. Good food should never be wasted. Not far behind Midnight Izu followed and took a seat at the table, and started reaching for large helpings of the tasty treats and delicious morsels. “And here I was expecting toast and water. Well done, love.” Izu said with a chuckle, clearly amused. “This will spoil me though. I might like this every morning.”

By this time Sebastian had gone from cleaning the kitchen, to the living room, and even the guest bedroom Midnight didn’t know Izu had. She wondered about that. It was quite unusual, but she was never one for sitting down for a meal, usually it was a grab and go routine with her. But this, having breakfast with the man she loved, was perfect. “Well, my love, you are going to have to learn to cook sooner or later, because neither I nor my butler will be here forever, and you would do well to retain that information now.” She smiled and played with the last bit of her potatoes and thought to herself as she did so. I still have yet to create that spell I wanted….Immortality, I wonder what his thoughts on it would be. Should I ask? And just like that she was snapped back to reality, Izu clearly enjoying his food and scarfing down every piece. “Anyway, Sebastian, If you could… A mimosa please.” She looked called out into the open air and just like that he was there, glass in hand and extended towards her. “Thank you Sebastian. You do so much for me and I’ve yet to hear a single complaint. (Sebastian) “Well, if I cannot please my Lady; what kind of butler would I be?” Midnight smiled and nearly choked on her drink before nodding to him and then looking over to Izu. (Midnight) “So, love, what do you have set on the agenda for today?” A small smile set on her lips as she placed the glass down and swiftly felt a blush rise in her cheeks as she waited for him to answer. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Izu was a man that loved his food. Breakfast he considered to be the most important meal of the day, and while he scoffed down fork full after fork full, Midnight started to tell him that he needed to learn how to cook. This brought a belly full of laughter from Izu, and he even dropped his fork. “Oh, I have five sons, trust me, Love, I know how to cook. When the children’s mother died, it was sink or swim. If you think me issuing orders for breakfast was a cop out, cause I can’t cook, errr no. I just wanted to see you in a frilly apron, bent over a hot stove. Me and my wild ideas.” Izu picked up his fork again, then noted that Sebastian was back, tending to Midnight’s every need. Izu was unsure how he felt about this odd relationship they had, but when he mentioned that if he can’t please his Mistress, what good would he be. “Not much at all.” Izu said under his breath, before realizing he was under the spotlight. Midnight asked him about his plans, and he dabbed his lips with his napkin, saying; “Possibly introducing you to my sister…not sure yet.”

It was when Izu had laughed did she blink rapidly and drop her own fork. “Wait, what’s so fun—“and then she laughed. “Oh, well then… in that case, you’re cooking dinner.” Midnight smiled wide, picked up her fork and finished the last of her potatoes before then listening to what he had said about her in a frilly apron bent over a hot stove. “Well, we can arrange something later on.” At this time she couldn’t help but laugh a bit because of his alternate comment on Sebastian. “Izu… please. Try and be nice, just because he works for me, doesn’t mean you have to be rude.” Her plate had then been picked up by Sebastian and she slowly rose from her chair before moving towards Izu. “Seeing as how we have yet to take a shower, why don’t we go do that…?” A kiss to his cheek and she waited, slowly and uneasily for his response, hoping he wouldn’t burst on about Sebastian working for her. “Sister?” She questioned, as if she hadn’t known. “Well alright, that is fine by me, I’d love to meet her. But we will need that shower, so come on mister grumpy panda.”

IzuCarrendar: Now Midnight was taking a tone with the bachelor Bebilith that he was not all too thrilled about. It was one thing to speak to hired help one way, but a whole nother to try it on him. He pushed his chair out and rose to standing, while she went on about how he should try to be nice, and he made an odd grunting sound under his breath. Much taller than Midnight he towered over her diminutive frame, and then he met her half way as she suggested we take a shower. Before she could go further, and yes she called him Grumpy panda, he seized her arm, to pull her towards him. “Now, I know you may well be Empress, or whatever royal title they give you over in your lands, but here….under my roof, you are my woman…AND I shall do as I please. I am not a toy boy, or some simple crush, love. You take me as I am…or not at all.” His silver eyes caught hers and this was when he became serious. “Am I understood?” Now, how would she react?

Midnight had taken no more than two steps towards the kitchen towards the staircase, and it was then Sebastian moved in. Inching towards her to try and help with the situation. But Midnight put her hand out and spoke calmly and collectively. “No, it’s alright Sebastian, stay. I’ve got this.” Midnight hadn’t known any man to place a hand on her, much less grab her arm the way he did. It was true Izu’s form did tower over her, but just as before she showed no fear and spoke to him. “That other land you speak of, is my home, my dynasty. And I was given the title of an Empress, but I am very much a human and can handle my own. And as for the rules under this roof, well, far be it for me to tell you what to do. But the way I spoke was in no means meant to be disrespectful nor demanding, it as you who chose to take it that way, was it not? And furthermore, “by this time she had removed her hand from his grasp and placed it upon his cheek. “Just because it seems I am being nice doesn’t mean I always am, and no babe, that is not a challenge for you to continue acting the way you are now. I am simply letting you know, not to lay a hand on me again… I do hope I’ve made myself clear.” By this time she was standing tall and firm in her spot, her arm nestled against her waist and her other hand rubbing her arm to soothe its pain. “Now, I am going to go upstairs and I’m going to take a shower, whether you care to join me or not is up to you. But I expect you in a better mood if you do… And no… that is not me giving you an order. It is after all… YOUR home and not mine.” And with those words she turned her back on him and removed his shirt, stalking up the stairs naked and alone, but not before turning and saying another thing to him. “And for the record… I’m not your woman. I am your girlfriend, there is a big difference.” She had nothing further to say so she continued her venture up the stairs and opened the front door so as to let Sebastian know to leave. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Clearly there was a battle of wills going on, and this was a test of the first hurdle of their relationship. Izu shot daggers at Sebastian, whose closeness to Midnight was not entirely appreciated. What did bother Izu, was how she spoke down to him. A condescending, or belittling tone. So, she was a monarch in her land, which meant diddly here. He soon folded his arms, and let her continue on, since really to interject was only going to cause more strife. She clearly preferred being the dominant, and that was something he was not going to tolerate. “I am simply letting you know not to place a hand on me again.” Oh really? Izu thought, she thinks that was serious? But the part that really drove it home, was how she said she was not his woman, but a mere girlfriend, that just so happened to be wearing his dead wife’s ring. A ring that held more importance than a simple trinket. He watched her shed his shirt and then go up the stairs naked. His eyes followed her as the front door opened, clearly for Sebastian. “I take it that is for you.” Izu said, glancing at Sebastian. “Unless you want to go up and scrub her back.”

It was nearly 11 in the morning and she didn’t honestly want to be arguing with her love. It was pointless, and honestly she didn’t even know why they were arguing. Well, okay that was a lie. She knew very well it was the way she spoke to him at the dining room table, but she didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way. Sighing heavily she looked up and let the shower fall over her body, her arm stinging in the process of it all. In this moment of pain she closed her eyes and let small the tears fall down her face, a sign she was coping, she was adjusting and a sign she was healing. Focusing her will power she let the pain subside and instantly re-opened her eyes. Sometimes there were perks to being an all-powerful witch, but at other times, it was a pain. The suds gathered around her feet and dripped down her body as she slowly began to rinse the newly colored dye from her head. Wine color, it would suit her for the day, or however long she decided to keep it. A deep breath and a small sigh was all it took for her to finally let herself calm. She wasn’t mad, she was simply… disappointed. She knew too well forgiveness wasn’t going to come easily for either of them, but this was their relationship, and she wasn’t going to lay that down on the line for a petty argument. But she knew she was wrong when she’d spoken to him about being his girlfriend. Although true, she did belong to him, in every way shape and form aside from marriage. All she could hope for at this point was that he’d forgive her soon, but apologize if anything. >c<

Sebastian took a deep breath and eyed down Izu before shaking his head in disgust and exiting from the suite. His eyes then turned to the ground just as he exited and he pointed up the stairs and spoke. “You don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty.” And with those words he turned and left down the hall and out of sight, not to be heard from nor called upon until the Empress did so. But gathering the situation that occurred, it may be a long while before he was called for his services once more. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Izu let the man servant take his leave, knowing full well he did not approve of the situation at hand. The door closed and Izu stood a moment, before raking his fingers through his silvery locks, then decided he was not going to let a simple argument destroy what they had. He took to the stairs, two steps at a time, and without knocking, he opened the bathroom door, and entered to see her in the shower. He wordlessly removed his clothes, letting them fall simply to the floor. His dark tan glistening in the steam filled room. Izu opened the cubicle door and stepped in, letting the spray of water cover him, running in trigotries down his body, and yet he did not touch her. He merely stared at her, with those silvery orbs of his, as his chest rise and fell, showing off his muscled pecks. He was a fine specimen of what a man should be, and as his hair was now drenched, and she would be no longer getting the spray of water upon her he asked her one simple thing. “Do you love me?”

Midnight felt the last of her tears cease as she hadn’t remembered continuing to bawl and instantly she watched as the dye stained Izu’s shower. Great, just another thing for him to be mad at her for. She’d never catch a break today. The spirits of nature were obviously working against her this day. And then it happened, she heard the door slam shut and footsteps coming up the stairs. “Oh god, please…” And before she could continue he entered the bathroom. Stepping in without a care in the world, removing his clothes wordlessly and then entering the shower with her. What could he have wanted now? Yet again another thought of hers racing around. His body now covered the way of the showers water and instantly she gazed into his hypnotic eyes, and she fell for him. She fell for him all over again, but not before he had asked her the daring question she hadn’t heard in years. “Do you love me?” It was something no one had ever really asked her seriously. Most meant it as a joke, but this man, the one person she loved more than her own life had asked her, all with a serious expression on her face. And she smiled and sniffled before raising a hand against his cheek slowly. “How could I not, you are who you are for a reason. And I wouldn’t ask you to change that, for anyone. But honestly, I’d have to say… Yes, I do. I love you Izu Carrendar, with every fiber in my being.” >e<

IzuCarrendar: The stain of tears had made their way down her cheeks, clearly she had been upset by the argument earlier in the dining room. They were two very different individuals, still learning about each other, and for them to co-exist was going to mean a great deal of effort on both parts. Agreeing to disagree, and compromise where possible. Izu stood stoically as Midnight reached for his cheek, and confessed the truth of her feelings. A simple yes would have sufficed, but she needed to be clear in her words. Izu didn’t need to speak in return, for his actions would do say what his mind was thinking, and she would pick up on this very fast indeed. He reached for the side of her face, and pushed back wet locks of hair, so he may see her better. Reaching for the soap, he then lathered his hands with it, before setting the bar back in its holder, and started to wash her shoulders, and moved lower to her breasts. Kneading and rubbing as he did so, so her backside would be pressed hard up against the glass. The bubbly foam was now running down her belly, into her navel, and his right hand descended till it cupped her mound, and the glistening foam seeped between her legs, while the spray of water continued to rain down upon him. Izu didn’t kiss her, not yet, all he did was hold her gaze as he washed her thoroughly. Enough to make her want more than just a wash. “Turn around” He said firmly, so she would have her back to him, and he may cleanse it.

Midnight had confessed, she had spoken truth and shed light. And by this time she knew something would change, and indeed it did. For Izu didn’t speak, he only moved. Moved about the shower so as to grasp the soap bar, lather it up and spread it across her shoulders. As he did this her entire body settled into his, it was relaxing, and she enjoyed it. The lathery suds slowly dripped down her body as he kneaded her breasts and rubbing them softly. But her position changed, and she was against the glass, back closed against it and her frontal regions exposed. The bubbly foam continued to fold over her body, down her chest, running its course over her naval and lower region. His hands firm and moist now cupped her mound and she clenched her eyes and gasped a moan. Her hand now guiding against his arm before wrapping into his open hand. But it was all too soon, because no sooner had those feats been formed he had asked her to turn around. Strange as it was, he apologized with his love and had yet to kiss her, which made her wonder what he had in store. But now all she could do was smile and do as she was told, submitting to him as she held her inner goddess chained. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Again with the bar of soap in his hand, he lathered her back, rubbing the soap in swirling patterns, and then set it aside, as he treated her to another massage and scrub all in one. Skilled he was at this and of course it had purpose. His body was now thoroughly soaked through, and at the end of lathering her, he set down the soap, then moved himself so he sandwiched her between the glass wall of the shower and his wet body. Now with her all soapy, she became incredibly slick, and he moved against her slowly, as he drew back her hair from the back of her neck, and bent his head down, to nip at the back of her neck, then round to the side. Izu’s hands trailed up and down her till reaching her hips, where he took a firm hold. He tugged at her earlobe whispering. “Is this how you want to be loved?’


He was at it again, the soap bar, this time reapplying it to her back, lathering her up left and right. A small massage and a scrub in one, he was definitely skilled. By this time he had placed himself in between her and the glass wall. His own body now wet and dripping with lather filled her core with juices she wasn’t ready to unleash. Her body quivered and before she knew it he had moved against her. Slowly he moved, and he drew her hair, his breathing marred her neck and she felt the nip at the base of it. Hands traveled fast and slow up and down her hips and in mere seconds he held her firmly, a small gasp escaped her lips then and she turned slightly as he tugged at her earlobe. His question seemingly simple but filled with riddles. “Is this how you want to be loved?” She closed her eyes and thought about it for but a few moments and smiled. “I want a love that consumes me, passion and even adventure.” Her words slipped out and she couldn’t help but feel proud of her response, for it was true, although riddled with words of her own she was correct in responding the way she did, and she’d hoped what she’d said was nothing he couldn’t handle. >e<

IzuCarrendar: Izu turned her back around, so now she was facing him, as the soap started to wash free from her body as the spray reached her, warming her skin. “Then you need more, than just physical pleasures.” He then stepped out of the shower, leaving her wanting and this was done to show he was not just about to use her. She meant more to him than that. This was a chance to give her a moment to breathe and to think as he took a towel and left the room. Midnight wanted adventure and to be consumed by love. Could he give that to her under the circumstances? Would his love be enough?
Midnight had smiled at him and then frowned as he turned her around and spoke. “Then you need more, than just physical pleasures.” The words stung slightly, and instantly he stepped out of the shower. He was right. She would need more than just the sex, and the kissing. Something that surpassed even the physical boundaries. He had meant so much to her, and she knew he felt the same about her. Possibly the reasoning for what he said when he did. But when he spoke, she felt a spark, and it was then she knew. She laughed to herself and then opened the door, turning the knobs to the shower off and scurrying out of the shower. A towel hung and she grabbed it quickly, dried herself and placed on her silk white mini dress, simple flats and then blow dried her hair. All while doing so she thought, what was it that she needed more than physical boundaries? Was his love enough? The questions nagged at her and it was then she’d had it. She pulled the plug and ran out of the room and into the master bedroom. Her eyes now a lit with hope, faith and love. A pure love that was undeniable and clear to show. She stepped forward and watched as the fireplace suddenly lit aglow. She’d known she’d done it. Possibly nervousness but she wasn’t sorry for any of it. And it was her turn, her turn to speak. And so she did. “Fine, then I’m not sorry either, I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything, and that even now you’re the one that makes me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve probably made the worst choices, and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Izu.” She wasn’t finished and she closed her eyes and stepped forward, her hand rising to his face as she gazed into his eyes and spoke the last of her words. “Marry me…” >e<

IzuCarrendar: Izu had dressed himself in the time he left the shower, to when Midnight emerged, looking resplendent in white with her hair blown dry and wearing dainty white slips. She appeared in a hurry though as what she wanted to say, simply couldn’t wait. Izu turned to watch her approach, and she didn’t hold back. Not at all sorry for her behavior, as he wasn’t for his. But for all sakes and purposes, she discovered that it was Izu that made her feel most alive and most loved, even if he didn’t actually say it. His standoffish attitude, and not touching her as she did say he was not to lay a hand on her, made it all the more difficult for him to express himself physically. She had imposed walls, that if he broke them he would feel her wrath. But her boldness captivated him, and a slight amused smirk appeared when she finally said she was not sorry she loved him, as he wasn’t either with her. The question “Marry me” got one answer. He swept her into his arms and kissed her with such passion, growling in her mouth the word “yes.”