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Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 08, 2013 03:47PM
Throne Room


Metia now headed to the throne room hand in hand with her husband, Henry. The both of them didn’t said anything to each other, they was still recovering from the shock that had just happen couple of seconds again, this was so disturbing, everything was just falling apart again. Her family was good minutes ago, she was finally able to unite her husband with her daughter, but now such horrible thing happens, and they get in a war. It means her husband will probably go on to the field to fight as well, which means, he might not come back, alive. This was extremely stressful for her, but she didn’t showed nothing more than a calm yet a bit emotionless expression, since she was still in shock.
Reaching the throne room, they sat on their thrones, that stayed right besides each other. Her eyes laid on her husband, who was taking her hand, and was telling her united they would go through everything. That thought only made her smile, and she nodded, giving him a small squeeze on his hand, she believes they will go through everything, and will be the winners in the end.
Her daughter finally arrived with Lucan. Selene seemed pretty much shocked as well, and her eyes would be clear that she was crying. Metia wanted to go hug her daughter, and just calm her down, but they was talking about something serious now, and she couldn’t simple get all emotional. They needed to clear this subject, and see what they are going to do to this war.
Hearing Selene’s words about how faithful she would remained to her family and would fight. Metia just nodded and gave her some small smile. But now she remembered about Tempest, where was her granddaughter? Metia didn’t said anything, she would let her husband be the one who speaks.

Selene’s Chambers


After placing her little turtle over the box, Clarice picked up the box and placed it between her and Madga, while staring down at her turtle and moving her left leg like she was waiting for something. But she was only bored, Selene told her to watch over Madga, and Clarice would do it, but since Madga was asleep, there wasn’t much Clarice could do, and her turtle didn’t wanted to pop its head out again, so probably another one that is going to fall asleep. She looked outside from the big window from Selene’s room, and saw how the clean sky was getting dark, it seemed like it was going to rain, and a lot. While Clarice was watching the sky, she heard a scream, right besides her, that made her jump slightly on the bed, and open her eyes wide. Wondering what the hell was that, she turned around and saw Madga shocked, crying but finally awake. This people had a problem for sure, everybody was crying, and Clarice didn’t knew why. Her sister was crying, now Madga is crying? Well it would make sense, since Lucan said something horrible happen, and she was curious about whatever had happen, yet she tried her best to push away her curiosity.
“Yes. My name is Clarice.”
The little girl answered the handmaiden. She was just pretending like she wasn’t even crying, which was weird. Clarice remembered she had some napkin in her pockets of her white dress. Clarice searched in her pocket the napkin and handled it to Madga, so she could clean her face. 

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 09, 2013 07:10AM
Outside the Gates of Haven Castle

The half-demon, half-angel hybrid, Tempest of Brax landed heavily before the gates of Haven Castle, trying to catch her breath. It had been a harrowing flight from the mountains and twice she had to avoid roving bands of trolls and Orcs, hiding by day and flying only at night. She’d noticed that Ryo was following her below and she helped him avoid detection from those same bands.

Everywhere she looked, there were signs that a war was coming, and she felt guilty that she was the cause. She got the sense that her father…had not taken her rejection of him well. She wanted to break down into tears every time she thought about it.

“HALT! WHO APPROACHES THE HOLY LANDS OF THE HOUSE OF CASTERLY?”demanded a gate guard. She looked upong the battlements over her head and saw dozens of arrows pointed in her direction.

“I am Tempest of Brax, daughter to Selene of Casterly, granddaughter of your sovereign King Henry and Queen Metia come to seek audience with my family. I bring my companion as well, and will vouch for his character.” she announced, giving Ryo a quick glance.

“You will remain here and I will see if the King and Queen are willing to see you. Try anything funny and we will not hesitate to kill you.” the guard ordered. Tempest nodded her head and crossed her hands over one another.

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November 09, 2013 07:25AM
Outside the Gates of Haven Castle

The clouds erupted as lightning flashed and the heaven’s cried, with droplets of rain starting to fall. A beam of white pure light settled in behind Tempest and then a being walked from its brilliance, a being that looked exactly like Orion. Only thing was it was not Orion, but Ira his twin. Wings fully unfurled, and wearing a spectacular robe of pure white, hemmed with a silver trim, he walked with strapped sandled feet to the gate and saw that Tempest had returned to her mother’s Kingdom, seeking sanctuary. Of course, he knew more than Tempest would at this stage. Already having taken his brother’s soul to the gates of Heaven, now he must comfort those that Orion had left behind. The guards all froze at the holy sight of the elder Throne, who raised his hand and gestured for the gates to be open.


“I am Ira Casterly, brother of the King, and the fallen Orion. Throne of God. Let us pass, so we may pay respects.’ he said with a noble air, a boom to his voice that would rock the foundations.

Within the Throne room, both Rashna and Henry, heard the voice of their brother, Ira. Soon all would be reunited, and then answers would be sought from those that had ventured to the night lands. Why the angels were to fight the demons? Why it all fell apart?

As the gates opened, Ira looked down at young Tempest, and then bowed politely.

“Your Highness, I believe you are expected.”


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November 09, 2013 11:28AM

-As Ryo runs through the mountains underneath Tempest, running around the trolls and orcs, while being masked from sight by Tempest, though he did not know it and stayed to the shadows. He continues running through the days, pulling his hood on to stay out of the light of the day. He follows her as best he could all the way to the gates of a castle, and pulls up to a stop as she lands, and walks to stand next to her-

“I am Tempest of Brax, daughter to Selene of Casterly, granddaughter of your sovereign King Henry and Queen Metia come to seek audience with my family. I bring my companion as well, and will vouch for his character.”

-As he stands, he looks down, not sure if he could trust them. He was unsure if they would recognize him and capture him, hoping that her words would keep him from the dungeons. He would then looks through the top of his hood as the other man approaches, and feels anxious.-

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 11, 2013 07:23AM
Throne Room

Selene stood before her parents, completely vulnerable and open to their chastising. She chose to stay with Joffrey, she chose to have a family with him. Through thick and thin, she was by his side. But now he was unleashing an unholy war on her own flesh and blood, and she felt as though it were her own fault. Her mother said nothing, merely offering a small smile. Her father had yet to address her, but the princess understood. There were perhaps no words to be said in such a grievous time as this. Turning to look at her son, she offered a faint smile as he stood by Rashna and walked to her own throne she had given up years ago to sit beside the demon prince. Sitting down elegantly, she folded her hands in her lap and waited for her father to address the problem at hand.

Selene’s Room

Magda felt mortified that she was found so weak and tearful in front of the small child. But Orion’s face kept flashing in her mind, and she felt as though she would crumble right then and there. Letting out a soft sigh, she took the napkin and offered a weak smile to the young princess “Thank you, your highness.” Even at her weakest point, the handmaiden would not forget her rank in this world. Dabbing at her face, she was surprised to see that the tears kept coming. This was so not like her, and she felt utterly ridiculous. Looking at Clarice, she began to sob “I just…I feel so broken. I have served the princess for years and have seen so…so many horrors at Blackfog Castle. But this…I fear as though all hope is lost.”
The mermaid began to sniffle as she calmed down after speaking her mind. It felt good to get it out there, and she finally addressed how she felt. Hopeless. Orion was a strong angel, one of the best, and now he was dead. She felt as though she had failed Selene somehow. Taking a deep breath, Magda finally stopped crying and smiled more genuinely now “Forgive me, your grace. I am much better.” Setting the napkin aside, she asked “Have you any idea what is going on?”


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Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 11, 2013 07:39AM
Castle Gates

Tempest was prepared to march into the throne room, head held high and announce to all and sundry that it was her fault for everything that happened.

A sudden storm came forth as thunder and lightning sprinkled the dark skies over Haven Castle. A beam of pure light erupted behind her and she turned in time to see a winged man emerge from its brilliance. He looked like her uncle, Orion…but she sensed there was something…different about him.

The answer came to her when he opened his mouth and spoke.

“I am Ira Casterly, brother of the King, and the fallen Orion. Throne of God. Let us pass, so we may pay respects.”

Tempest was about to speak once more when she caught the words “fallen Orion”.

“Orion is dead?” she gaped. She had not heard this news and it shook her to her very core.

The gates opened before them and Ira looked down at her and bowed.

“Your Highness, I believe you are expected.” 

Still stunned of the news that her uncle was dead, Tempest slowly moved through the gates into the castle proper. A knight awaited them to lead the party to the throne room.

The Throne Room

The page who awaited at the doors of the throne room and nodded to the knight escort. He pressed open the doors and strode in, banging his staff on the floor.

“Announcing Her Royal Highness, Tempest of Brax and companion in the presence of Lord Ira of Casterly, Throne of God. Long may He reign!”

Tempest, nervous, scared, sad and sick stepped into the room and stopped a few feet shy of the thrones. She curtsied to the royal family and stepped back respectfully.

“Hello, Grandmother, Grandfather. Mother.” she greeted in a low tone. He clamped her hands together to quell her nervousness. She was still shocked over the news that her uncle was dead.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 11, 2013 03:08PM
Throne Room

It appeared that all were assembled, but not quite. The King realized this and asked for the Lord Chamberlain to send for Clarice. She may be young, but this was her family too, and she had been neglected long enough. The Lord Chamberlain bowed, and walked out of the Throne room, to fetch Clarice and the ones that cared for her currently. This was indeed a very grave time for the Casterly, and though Metia may not agree that the child be present, the King would not take no for an answer.

“When Clarice is brought in, I want her seated on your lap, my love.” The King said solemnly, as Tempest was announced, along with Ira. Ira’s presence brought Rashna to stand tall, and she made her way to her brother’s side, taking his hand, and looking up at him with sorrowful eyes.

“How could this have happened?” Rashna implored, deeply grief stricken by the loss of Orion. Ira knew not the words to say, for he was yet to hear for himself, what had taken place. All he knew was that Orion had done the will of God, and now stood at his side. Ira placed an arm around his sister, and let her weep openly into his chest, while looking up at his brother, Henry expectantly.

Henry’s eyes went from his brother and sister, to that of Tempest, and Selene. His lips flattened as he knew this was not going to be easy to have to say.


“For many years I have had my doubts over the union of Selene to the Demon Prince of Brax. I know Metia shares this with me, however being parents, we can only advise you, Selene of the choices that you make in life. Your union spawned a beautiful daughter, and this gave us hope. Hope that the Houses could coexist in unity.”

The King spoke with a tone of sadness, his face etched in sorrow. “My own brother, tried to keep the bridge between the Houses, by acting as counsel, and ambassador in my name. His death…is an attack on this house, and all it stands for. I know my brother…I know he would have died with honor. I still believe this.”

Henry then asked the most important question of all.

“Why….is he dead? Can someone answer this? What…drove the Prince of Brax, to kill my brother and declare an unholy war against all that is good?”


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 11, 2013 03:33PM


-He stood beside Tempest, looking to the man underneath his hood as he announced who he was, taking a silent note. He guessed that this Orion was someone who had been of great importance to him, and to her as well, judging from her reaction of learning that he was now dead. He was not sure how to feel about it, felt a twinge of sympathy for the woman. As Tempest walks inside the castle, he follows closely behind her.


“Announcing Her Royal Highness, Tempest of Brax and companion in the presence of Lord Ira of Casterly, Throne of God. Long may He reign!” 

-Ryo walks beside Tempest, feeling a little nervous of all the new faces as he did not know what would come of his being here. Had he spent so long on the run, only to be led into harm’s way by the same race that pursued him now? He looks to the walls of the throne room, searching for a quick escape should flight be necessary. He knew that he might not make it, but fighting so many and some of royal blood by himself would be suicide, better to chance escape. For now, however, he would wait and figure out what was to come as he stopped next to her in front of the thrones, bowing from the hip to them, as they were in a much higher state of living than he was, but left his hood on, for now hiding his face-

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 11, 2013 08:11PM
Henry looked upon his family, his shoulders low as if the weight of the world were upon them. He opened his mouth to speak and the words seemed to hit Tempest especially hard. Tears formed in her eyes and streamed down her face in silent anguish.

“For many years I have had my doubts over the union of Selene to the Demon Prince of Brax. I know Metia shares this with me, however being parents, we can only advise you, Selene of the choices that you make in life. Your union spawned a beautiful daughter, and this gave us hope. Hope that the Houses could coexist in unity.”

Tempest bowed her head, the words of her grandfather beating at her from all sides. The guilt was beginning to eat away at her and she wanted to die.

“My own brother, tried to keep the bridge between the Houses, by acting as counsel, and ambassador in my name. His death…is an attack on this house, and all it stands for. I know my brother…I know he would have died with honor. I still believe this.”

She still could not believe her uncle was dead…apparently at the hands of her own father. And it was all her fault.

“Why….is he dead? Can someone answer this? What…drove the Prince of Brax, to kill my brother and declare an unholy war against all that is good?”

And that was the final nail in her coffin. Proof that her father had done the deed. She sank to her knees before her grandparents and her mother and stared at them with tearful eyes.

“It’s my fault, Your Majesty! All of it is my fault!” she sobbed. “I rejected Brandon of Brax and his claim that I wed to secure an ally to my father’s kingdom. I was ordered to the dungeons until my mind was changed and I was hurt and angry that my parents did not defend my choices. I escaped and ran away. Mother and Father found me…hurt…and I don’t know what happened before I woke up. Father and I argued and I rejected him.” Tempest was so upset over everything that happened she was nearly babbling her words, but they were still understandable. “Something happened…I don’t know what it is. I can feel him still…but he is different. It is like he’s still my father…but he is not my father.”

She bowed her head, face flush with tears. “It is my fault Orion is dead. I will abide by whatever punishment you deem fit for my behavior is an act of treason upon two great families. And I would deserve it.”

Her words trickled to a stop and she remained where she was, silent, submissive and waiting.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 12, 2013 02:16PM
Throne Room


Metia kept playing with her own fingertips, while waiting for her husband’s words. He seemed to not say anything to Selene, and went whisper something to a lord, Metia was able to catch some words, and it seems like he wanted Clarice to be here? Metia frowned and open her mouth in protest, she didn’t wanted her younger daughter in here, this wasn’t really a subject to be spoken in front of a little girl, and when Clarice had just turned finally good and more calm, this was only going to mess around with her, and probably seeing her entire family like this wouldn’t be a good thing, it was just so much drama for a little girl. However, Metia didn’t said anything, her husband just told her he wanted Clarice on her lap once she got here.
Metia done her best to not say anything, and just look down at her own lap, she didn’t liked this, but it wasn’t really her choice. In the other hand, it would be good having Clarice in here, at least, she would be updated about what was going to happen, sooner or later, Metia would’ve to tell her about her uncle and the war. Trying to push those thoughts away, she saw her granddaughter, Tempest walking in with two men, one of them looked like Orion, which made her gasp in surprise, yet she controlled her expression and laid her eyes back on her granddaughter, so that’s how she looked like. The first time she sees her granddaughter isn’t the best time at all. Metia nodded her head at them since they bowed at her presence. When her husband started to speak about his brother, Metia simple looked down and kept with her expression, uneasy one, she was feeling extremely uneasy and disturbed by this situation, it wasn’t only because of Orion’s death, it wasn’t only because of the war. When Tempest simple snapped, and began to say it was all her fault. Metia open her eyes wide in shock, and stared at the young princess. It seems the King Brandon was behind this as well, of course he was. Hearing his name had already made Metia just clench her fist. Whatever had happen to Tempest, and whatever they done to her, was enough to make her believe she was the cause of making this all happen. Metia wanted to take that entire blame off the girls shoulder, but she figured that would be the King’s job to do, he was Orion’s brother after all.
Clarice had finally arrived, the girl as quiet as always, and once she was closer enough, Metia simple picked her up and placed her over her lap, just like her husband had requested.

Selene’s Chambers

Clarice looked up at Madga who basically was letting her feelings come out and show them in front of a child. But Clarice understood her, well a bit, she didn’t knew what was going on, but she knew for Madga be in such state, something horrible happen. The princess just nodded once the maid thanked her about the napkin, and just keep on listening the maid talking. It would only get her more confused, but she was being nice enough to just listen the maid and allow her to say everything she wants, so that will make her feel more calm, even if it was only a child, it was still good enough, have somebody besides you that will at least hear you.
Once the maid asked the princess if she knew what was going on, she only shook her head, and was about to open her mouth so she could answer her with her own words. However, on that moment a lord knocked on the door.
“Come in”
Clarice said, since this all servants knew she never liked when people stepped in the rooms she was in, without her permission.
“Princess it seems your father, the King, wishes you to be down in the Throne Room, the entire family is over there. Its an important matter. The woman besides can come as well, I believe, if she feels better, tho.”
This lord told to the princess, then bowed, before leave the room and go back to his duty. Clarice just shrugged and pushed herself out from the bed. She left the box of the turtle in there, but she took the turtle in her hands.
“Guess, we will see what is going on now.”
Clarice mumbled out loud, and just walked out, if Madga wanted to come, she could.

Throne Room

When the princess Clarice arrived the Throne Room, she didn’t stepped in, first, she stayed behind the huge doors, and peeked in, just for see who was there and who wasn’t. There was even more people than she thought, and there was two faces she didn’t recognize, which was Tempest and the guy behind her. Then there was another angel, it looked her uncle, Orion, but his presence, it wasn’t the same, this was somebody different. Clarice just keep watching everything unfold, and it seems her uncle, Orion got killed, she was shocked by this news, even tho she didn’t liked the way the man tried to be nice to herself, she still felt bad about her father, she could see by his expression, he was being strong. Clarice just pouted a bit, while listening to her father speaking, still glad, he didn’t snapped, and he seemed to control the situation pretty well. Her mother just stayed there quiet, she seemed disturbed about something, but its still a mystery.
Clarice was about to step in, but then it seemed Tempest began to sob, and just blame herself from her uncle’s death. What? This all happening so fast for a young mind, was confusing, yet Clarice was able to get some information from there. The most important part, is that the conclusion was that, it wasn’t really Tempest fault, she always heard her mother saying when a man kills another man, he has his own reasons and desires, even if somebody tells him to, there’s always another reason behind it, its either protect somebody, or just protect yourself, or own pride, or maybe you just really are evil. But talking about evil and devil wasn’t something her mother enjoyed to talk about, Clarice never knew why, but its better that way.
Whenever Tempest was done speaking. Clarice finally took a deep breath and decided to walk in. Before that, she slid her turtle into the pocket of her white dress, and finally stepped in the room. She didn’t made any noise, since she was small and walked careful. She didn’t knew where to go, but to her mother’s side, and that’s what she done, her mother just decided to sneak her hands under the princess’s arms, and lift her up, so she could be placed upon Metia’s lap. Clarice allowed her mother to do that, and just remained quiet, watching everything. Trying her best to understand what was going to happen next.