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Re: RP – The Curse of the Ring.
July 06, 2013 05:18PM
Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty. 

The Curse of the Ring. 

Chapter Four. 


Where the wild roses grow, our hearts bloom. 


MidnightDarkPhoenix: She swayed her hips to and fro as she slowly made her way to the dining room, the placemats neatly organized in a way that looked as if a business inspection were commencing. Her hands guided over the fine cutlery as she placed them on the table beside each plate. Fork on the left, knife on the right side with blade facing inward, spoon on the side of said knife and a small wine goblet beside the plate in the upper hand corner. Midnight couldn’t help but smile at her work, but it was all too soon for her to congratulate herself, because not off in the distance she could hear something, Izu… singing? Her body turned from its place beside the table and she stifled her laughter. Oh, he was such an enjoyment. }c{ 
5 minutes and 38 seconds later, it had already been 30 minutes since he’d gotten into the shower. Her curiosity overwhelmed her and she let a small smile play upon her lips. And as if her mind and body acted on their own, they moved, step by step, out of the dining room and up the stairs. Inching closer and closer up the spiral staircase towards the master bedroom. It wasn’t until her feet stepped upon the final step did she feel the sudden change of atmosphere. Calm, collected and comforting. Midnight looked to the right of her and saw the door of the master bedroom, her curiosity growing as she neared the door. Her dress dragged along the cream carpet and immediately entering the giant room she almost fainted, not by the result of over excessive heat coming from the bathroom, but from the design and taste of furniture. Her thoughts pulled at her brain so she’d focus once more, but the exquisite structure in the bedroom took her by surprise. And then she heard his voice… singing yet again. “From the moment I wake….before I put on my make-up….I say a little prayer for you…Just combing my hair now….wondering what dress to wear now…I say a little prayer for you…Forever and ever…you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you…forever …and ever, we never will part and how I love you… …Together, forever that’s how it will be…because it will only mean heartache for meeeeee” Shaking her head she slowly picked up the hems of her dress and walked forward, her feet digging in the lush carpet as she did so. Peering over the corner of the bathroom door and then accidentally hitting it, knocking it wide open. “Fuck” She cursed under her breath. She stopped and smiled, holding her composure and cautiously entered, smiling wider than she had when she initially entered. Her eyes gazing around the immaculate and picturesque bathroom before turning to see him, soaked from head to toe in the soapy lather he’d applied to himself. This man continued to amaze her, and she knew he felt the same about her. Her boldness took over as she placed her head against the wall, simply staring at his body in all its semi-glory. “So, what is this about… you…love me? And about we’re never going to part?” She smirked and raised a brow in his general direction before letting her dress fall to the ground, out of her grasp. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- The lather and foam had been washed away, pretty much. Izu had taken to scrubbing his back, then every other part of him right down to his toes. He sung pretty loudly, and off key, which would have been amusing for Midnight for sure. Cupping water in his hands, he brought it up over his head, and then smoothed back his sodden locks with his fingers, before standing up from the water, with trails of droplets, running down off him in small streams. Izu was athletically built, with a washboard stomach from his constant training, muscular arms and legs. He reached for a towel, when Midnight happened to enter the bathroom, and said to him, in a melodic and playful tone. “So, what is this about… you…love me? And about we’re never going to part?” Course, she was quoting the song, that he had been singing, and a devious expression played upon his masculine features. His eyes lowered, and fell to the floor, along with her dress, which she let fall, revealing her naked form beneath. Izu chuckled under his breath, and then he released a quiet laugh, as he rehung the towel up, now in a bit of a situation. “If you believed the words of the song, you would also think I was a transvestite.” A joke on his part, after all, it was supposed to be sung from a woman’s perspective. “Now, I thought I could make a woman’s briefs fall off by blowing in her ear. Had no idea I could make her loose her skirts, just by…standing up.” With that, Izu lowered back into the bathtub, and then splashed the water towards her, smirking. “Oh…I do believe I made you wet, Love.” <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: Midnight had only ever been intoxicated by a man once, but that was years ago. The man before her simply had her poisoned. Grasped by her heart strings, he tugged ever so playfully. She could only look to him and smirk, his locks caressing the nape of his back made her skin crawl. He was more than enough man for her, and she knew she could take him. Her smile curved into a wicked grin and as he reached for the towel she couldn’t help but stare at his relatively large package. When people spoke about packing, some were light of the situation. But Izu… was anything but light. Midnight giggled at this and shook her head lightly before taking small steps forward towards the bath. His comment emanating through the room as he spoke. “Now, I thought I could make a woman’s briefs fall off by blowing in her ear. Had no idea I could make her loose her skirts, just by…standing up.” At the ending of it all she raised a brow and closed her eyes before sighing. “Oh, my dear Izu, I’m sure you can do so much more… and you know it.” Her wicked grin widened as she now stood face to bath. And in the instant she leaned forward he splashed her, indeed getting her wet. But not by means he’d probably thought. And she was going to make him suffer for it… Or maybe not. Her thoughts reeled back into position as she yelped and smacked his arm playfully. “That’s it I’m getting in.” And with those words leaving her lips she stepped in, the water still luke warm against her fair skin, the suds seeping through around her ankles and legs, and her arms slowly descending into the water as she eyed him down with a raised brow and a sly smirk, awaiting his next move. He was good, but she had a feeling she was better. >e< 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Midnight was not at all backward in being forward. Approaching him as he was settling back down into the bath, with her hourglass figure, skin so pure you would think she was a porcelain doll. His playful quip after the small splash of water towards her was met with a reaction that was more like a challenge, than brushing off. . “Oh, my dear Izu, I’m sure you can do so much more… and you know it.” Midnight did however, give his arm a slap, which had him mock a cry, as though he had wounded her, but then snickered, as he watched her get right into the bath with him. “That’s it I’m getting in.” Biting his own tongue, with only a hint of pink sticking out, he decided then and there he was going to enjoy this little aquatic romp, half tempted to place his hands on her head, and dunk her under. That would be a very mean thing to do, but he couldn’t help it cross his mind. The water lapped around her, causing her skin to darken, and without warning, he reached out to turn her around, and sit her down between his legs, with her back to his chest, as he reached for the bar of soap. It smelt strongly of cinnamon and vanilla, and he cupped a hand of water, letting it trickle down her back, then started to lather the soap on her shoulders, just taking her hair with his free hand, to drape over her shoulder. His strong fingers, worked the delicate skin, to make a sea of bubbles, that went right across her shoulders, and trailed down her back. “So much tension…Midnight. Let Izzy take that away.” -he crooned. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: She still couldn’t believe she’d been so bold as to jump in with a man she’d hardly known. A first. Yes, this was a new first for her, but she loved it, and every waking moment she was with him she felt herself falling, more and more. Her eyes gazed unto him and she resisted the urge to pin him against the watery edges of the bathtub, a small moan within her plundered deep into her stomach, her craving for him too much to bare. Her skin grew darker as she descended further, the soapy waters lapped at every inch of her body and then, he placed her between his legs, her butt smoothly against the base of his member. His hands running around for a bar of soap, cinnamon and vanilla sprouting through the air, intoxicatingly warm as his hands worked around her back and shoulders, up to her hair and back down. She leaned back and let his strong fingers kneed into her, a line of bubbles coating her shoulders and down her back as he spoke in a hushed, and crooned tone. “So much tension…Midnight. Let Izzy take that away.” Her eyes brightened as she knew he’d taken the small bait she never knew she placed, and it was then she spoke her response. “You can take much more than that away.” And with that her right arm raised above her head and she wrapped it around his neck, pulling him into a deep, tender and passionate kiss. Hungry like a lioness set for a meal. Her inner goddess was playing before, and now… things were serious. She smiled into the kiss and bent her ass forward letting the crevice of her crack rub against the head of his large member, only to make her blush…hearing a small moan escape his lips was only the beginning. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Midnight’s skin; so supple and soft beneath the press of his hard digits, as he worked in small circles, then started to knead her shoulder blades, all the while feeling her moving herself back so she was spooning into him more or less. How the water gave off the rising heat, with the mist clouding the very mirrors, so there would be no reflection of the pair, now slick with soapy residue. Izu bent his head down to her neck, and tenderly kissed her nape, only to have her draw her arm back so it fell in behind his head, and arched her body, so her head was turned and back, with their faces meeting in line. “You can take much more than that away.” She spoke of her tension, but he knew through his attentions, he had done more than that. The ripeness of her full rounded buttocks, pressing against his swollen member, that had filled with blood, just by the very sight of her, had him released a light grunt of approval, till her lips did seal his. Oh she was a temptress, a goddess among the female sex. Izu brought his free arm around her and his fingers kneaded and pinched at her perky nipples, rubbing the tips with thumb and index finger. Their kisses dissolved into ones that were more of hunger, as water lapped over the edge of the bath from his slight thrusting forward of his lower regions. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: A devil, a demonic being trained in the ways of love and romance. Everything she’d known of sex and love was nothing compared to what was beginning to transpire. The kiss she’d placed would only satiate her thirst for him for so long, and as if reading her, he pressed the issue. Hungry and devious were the kisses that played, the oncoming storm now calmed with the tinges of the full moon enveloped them in a wave of light. The foggy bathroom windows clouding them in a wave of passion as his fingers pressed against her tender nipples, perky and succulent. A moan escaped her lips and she parted their kiss, breathing heavily in the midst of it all, she turned her body round, wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing her hands to his face, only to speak into his lips. “I want you…now.” Her eyes pleaded in a tidal wave of emotions and it was then she felt his member lift into her ass, pushing its way in. And by tip alone her head reeled back, intoxicating and invigorating was his body, his touch, his smell. It was a minute later and the door slammed shut, heeding to her will, her thirst and her power. She was in for the long run, and she wasn’t letting him go. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Midnight had coiled her body around him, arms around the neck and her legs straddling his. There was a fierce glow to her eyes, as the moonlight streamed through the windows, and the door slammed shut, adding to the magical illusions she was creating by the will of her own desires. “I want you…now.” Eyes now pleading as they searched his for a response, a single nod of the head. That was all he would need to do, and she would be his from this night to eternity. His hands reached around to the voluptuous curve of her ass, prizing it apart, while at the same time, arching his own back and then thrusting upwards, so he would breach her rim, and push deep inside her with an audible grunt escaping his parted lips. With her head tilted back, he sought the sweet skin of her neck, plunging forward with dog teeth exposed, and grazed along her wet skin, licking as he dare, whilst his hands forced her down upon his thickening shaft. He would spur her on, till she was delirious with lust. <3> 


MidnightDarkPhoenix: Rippling down their bodies was the ever cascading waters of the bath, growing ferocious evermore as the couple engaged in a sutra for the first time. She was ensnared in his web and she was more than willing to submit to him, her inner goddess roared with pleasure from deep within as his strong hands grasped the base of her ass. It was then her eyes sprung open, he’d passed her rim and dug his way through in a plunging motion, deep into the crevices of her ass. She moaned in utter satisfaction and growled at him as she felt his lips graze her neck, tongue lapping at the nape and the sharpness of his teeth lining just along the vein. She glimpsed down at him and immediately felt his hands forcing her down, the thickness of his member growing more and more as she matched his movements thrust for thrust. Her heart beat picked up and she felt her hands draw along his back, practically elongating and digging into his back, dragging downward as she enjoyed the moment. Midnight had known no other to make her feel the way she felt at this moment and she had a feeling that he was just getting started, for as he pushed into her she could feel the heat mixing with the sudden cold of the waters temperature, and she was going to enjoy every second of it. Fire and Ice, thrust for thrust. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – A darkness swept across the demon’s eyes, rotating spirals of silver flecks. They burnt white hot while he zeroed in on his lust for the vixen maiden. The tepid waters splashed over the sides of the bathtub, as the sweeping motion to bring her down upon his engorged shaft created waves across the top of the water. The subtle growls released by the temptress drove him wild with desire. A pent up fury released, as he cared not if she would feel fire sweep over her rim. The pleasure and pain of the sexual act, would rise to dizzier heights, as he gripped his fingers tight into the softness of her buttocks. Slamming her down, to fill her to entirety. From the nape of her neck, his lips worked their way down, till reaching her mountainous breasts. As they jiggled up and down, he drew his head back, to stare at her, watching the aura of her expression, and without warning, her took up her left breast, and sucked hungrily, his lips covering a greater portion of her areola and sweet nip. Tugging violently, while he powered upward thrusts into her ass. His heart near beat hard out of his chest, his hands never releasing her rounded butt cheeks, only prizing them apart further. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: A heat wave swept over, inviting and oh so appealing to the situation at hand. Each thrust he made only invited the craving she’d felt well inside her, seismic crashes of the watery event left pools around the bathroom. The pleasurable toxins he drove into her made her body scream for joy, her nails digging ever deep into the small of his back. It was then she’d seen his eyes, the demonic lust for her, his energy, his craving and hunger. His thickening shaft made her reach heights she’d never imagined possible. The perkiness of her boobs tingled under his grasp and bounced up and down as the slamming commenced. His fingers caressing the roundness of her ass forced a moan from her tender lips, and she then looked at him and spoke into his lips in a hushed tone. “You know, this is only the beginning to our night… Why don’t we take this to a more comfortable place.” She winked and then felt his moist lips around her left nipple, lapping and sucking hungrily as if a cub crying for milk, she bit her lip and caged her groan for even she knew what would soon come. His power thrusts being placed into the field drove her body to a churning point. His ever working hands plowed around her ass and drove her cheeks further apart, only allowing easier access than he’d already had. Midnight’s hair stuck to the nape of her neck and the waters seemed to grow colder by the second. Neither cared for the moment of happiness they both felt was more than enough to heat the place up. Her inner goddess was just getting started. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – The whispers of her words, calling to him to take her to a more comfortable place in which to continue with their watery romp, was met with another grunt, as he drew his lips away, her nipple still caught in his teeth. Izu released it, then brought her down upon him hard one last time, holding her down, as he panted heavily, almost snorting through his nostrils. Words did not need to be said, for the expression on his face said it all. He changed his grip upon her to her waist, and drew her off him slowly, so she could feel ever inch of his shaft as she slid up and off. “Stand..” He said, wanting to watch her rise out of the waters, when he would do the same. Being much taller than her, he gazed down at her, and then helped her from the bath, onto the fluffy grey mat. He himself stepped out, and brought a towel around her, starting to dry her body, slowly sweeping the towelling across her dripping skin, all the while, drinking in her beauty. For a moment, it was gentle, from the hard core bath time fun. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: His grunt was soft and fierce, his teeth still grasping among her nipple made her groan. As she recovered from the release of his feral grasp she then felt him slam into her deeply a final time, the base of his balls slapping against her ass as he’d done so. And not seconds later his grip upon her wrapped around her waist, his thickening shaft sliding out of her inch by inch, her ass practically throbbing in an attempt to suck it back into her, not wanting the glorious feeling to end. His words played out and she smiled before doing as told, sweeping her leg over his and climbing out of the bath tub with his help. The feeling of the mat beneath her feet, left a tingling feeling under her soles. His own form spilling out of the tub and wrapping a towel around her, caressing her porcelain skin in the dryness of it all. Midnight gazed at his glorious body and could only let one thought come to her. “He’s all mine.” }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- Indeed he was. Izu rubbed her down, even going as far, as kneeling, and using the towel to dry both legs, right down her calves to her feet, only stopping to plant a kiss upon her mound, before breathing his hot breath upon the skin to dry it further. He stood slowly, and then grabbed a fresh towel, and began to dry and rub himself, as she would watch on, almost teasing her for she would have to wait till he was done, before touching him again. Izu dropped the towel the moment he was done…..and then bent to sweep her up into his arms, and carry her back into the bedroom, where a master king-size bed, that had black cotton quilt with white sheets beneath waiting. The entire city skyline was a sweeping backdrop of dazzling lights, that glittered like stars. A beautiful sight, only made the more beautiful by the dazzling eyes of his temptress. Izu laid her down upon the bed, and stared down at her svelte form, licking his lips, as he crawled across, and started to nip and lick the insides of her inner right thigh. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: He’d run his firm hands along the contours of her belly and down each leg, not missing a beat while continuing to venture further down to her calves and feet, planting a soft kiss here and there. His breathe smoothed over her skin and she tingled. He was a tease, and she knew it from the way he’d grabbed his own towel and began drying himself, rubbing down his body from the upper left shoulder and across his chest, slow motions til the towel grazed his member, he placed the towel directly under and flopped it upward before dropping the towel and sweeping her into his arms. The bedroom in clear sight was more dazzling than before, and she’d never known how delicate the sheets were until he placed her back upon it. Midnight’s body curled for moments, enjoying the soft texture before he crawled across her body, nipping and licking the inside of her thigh, sending her inner goddess spiraling into a frenzy. Her hand ran around his back and up to his head before she gripped his neck, knowing all too well to keep from touching his tender hair, pulling him upward with waiting, throbbing anticipation. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- With only the lights of the city far below, and the dim glow of lights from down the spiral staircase, their combined silouhette caused shadows upon the walls. A couple, very much in love, and now again set to reignite the burning fires of their coupling. Midinight’s hands wandered from his back up to his neck, and drew him forward, and he crawled over and to be on top of her, on all fours. Hovering over her..tempting as he did so. The light smack of his member just above her mound. The pulling of her hands on his neck, brought his face right down, and then he gave into his inhibitions, and started to kiss her hungrily, while rubbing the length of his shaft between her legs, trying to find the sweet spot. The delectable lips were he could press himself to go deep inside her. His tongue fought to gain entrance to her mouth, and she would find he was going to take and drive her hard into the soft covers of the bed, sending her to new heights of bliss and ecstasy. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: The looming passing of the moon, the dimmed glow of the lights below and the ongoing lights beneath the city illuminated the room they resided in. A couple venturing further into their wild natures, in lust, in heat and in love. They’d had their fun in the bath, but Midnight had a feeling things were about to intensify . His body crawled upon hers, all fours leaning forward like a jungle cat ready for its prey, the thickness of his member still enlarged to perfection smacked against her inner thigh, slapping against her tenderness, making her close her eyes and swallow hard as his shaft rubbed between. He kissed her hard and deep, pushing his tongue for entrance into her mouth, she opened willingly and wrapped her arms around his neck, passionately kissing him as she prepared herself for the oncoming slaughter he was going to place upon her. She was ready for anything, but little did he know, she was going to push him to his limits, whether he wanted to or not. This was no game, and she intended to prove that to him. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hardened desires, the quickened pace of their combined heartbeats, and the thrill of capturing the bewitching Midnight; spurred Izu into a frenzy, unable to hold back, as he tore away at any walls of doubt, or inhibitions. As his tongue danced and coiled within her mouth, he released a loud grunt of satisfaction. Pure bliss as he drove his throbbing member deep inside her . Pushing her apart inside, so she moulded to fit him to perfection. From there, the beast was released from the cage, and he found the slick jewel of her innards addictive. From the first powered thrust, he pulled out and then found joy in repeating, the sensation, the way she milked him with her tightness, had his eyes roll back. Braced on his hands to support, he drove into her, again and again. Faster pace, grunting and snorting through his nostrils, beads of sweat trickling down his cheek, and he licked her lips in hunger, as he watched her with those devil eyes. Every time he filled her to the brim, she became more and more his. “Mine….” he croaked. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: And intensify they did, for no later had he sprawled across her he ploughed himself into her core, easing his way in with much applied pressure until he tore at her inner walls. A small moan was met with each thrust and she gripped the satin sheets that lie beneath her, his mouth enveloping her own with a continuous dance, coiling and intertwining with her. His body beat against her roughly and it was then she noticed, her entirety fit his like a perfect puzzle piece. She felt her inner goddess prepare herself for the attack and she met his inner beast, thrust for thrust. Her walls tightening around his hard long shaft, sucking him in for more, relishing each move that was made. Midnight bit against his lip and tugged hard, growling into his mouth as her hands clawed his back, his thighs and she pressed herself into him. Beady eyes gazed unto him and a sudden moan was met, every second he was with her only made the reality of the situation that much clearer, he was truly hers, and she was his. Her lips parted and her head bent to his ear, only to whisper with hot heated breath. “Je suis et serai toujours, pour toujours vôtre Izu.” (Translation: I am and will always be, forever yours Izu.) Midnights eyes closed and she could just picture the things they’d do. Considering the one thing she hadn’t done in a while, they were doing at this very moment. He slowly removed himself from her and instantly slammed his 12’ inches back into her, and it was then she felt the connection, hitting deeper and deeper into the core of her body. He’d found her spot, and it was all his. Every part of her belonged to him, every moment of every second that passed only reassured that fact. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – For so long since the passing of his late wife, had he held in the passion and let the inner rage almost consume his ability to show love again. He put up walls, emotional ones so that those that tried to climb his battlements were met with a firm hand waving them off and pushing them back. However, with Midnight, she had succeeded where so many others had failed. His eyes focused upon hers, as he felt the tightening of his balls, the constant craving, the need to be released, after the play in the bath, was too strong an urge to hold back. Faster and faster he moved, hips slamming, the constant repetitive slap of skin on skin. He drew his head back, and then roared out her name, in triumph of his conquest, as he could no longer hold back the need to fill her womb with his seed. The last few thrusts, were hard, and a driving force, till he went rigid, and deep inside, he released jet after jet of his milky seed, coating her inner walls, and he then made three more forceful movements, her lips hard up against the base of his shaft. Had she come in time with him? He looked down at her, then sealed her mouth over with his own. Lost in her arms, spent with his love. <3> 

MidnightDarkPhoenix: She’d known it was difficult, for him to speak, open up and even show how he felt. She’d seen it in his eyes, the way he moved and had kept his distance before. But now those walls tore down, he was clearer in speaking on his feelings and even flirted. The roundness of his balls drew forth and slapped against her skin as he continued his venture. Faster and faster he travelled at high speed, slapping and slamming into her over and over again. She’d almost forgotten their time in the tub, this moment intoxicating her so, and it was then her inner goddess roared in victory, her own body quiver and shaking beneath him as he released his seed deep within her. Stream by stream filled her core and at the last few moments of him coming she screamed in utter satisfaction, releasing her own orgasm in perfect sync with his. Her body finally coming too, her arms wrapping around him as he kissed her mouth, sealing himself with her. She known no man like him and she was glad, for this was just the beginning of forever. }e{