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Re: RP – The Curse of the Ring.
July 01, 2013 03:22AM
Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar DynastyThe Curse of the Ring.

Chapter 2

Bewitched by Midnight.



CharlotteCarrendar: – Izu was more than capable of romance, Midnight was right about that, but the truth was for him to truly open his heart to another woman, would take a great deal of love and patience. He did however find himself looking at her in a new light, as she showed a much more gentle side, to the one that attacked him so fiercely in her home. Not that she could be blamed for such, she was probably shocked by his forward approach. “And I can see it… you can be a romantic.” Izu pursed his lips, and approached Midnight, almost cautiously, as he slid his ring back onto his finger. It was after all, his lasting memory of his long lost wife. “You hardly know me. How can you read a man in just two short meetings, especially after the way I treated you.” His eyes now searching hers for answers. <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight was sure she’d sparked something in him, and it wasn’t until now did she see a different side. She looked down at the ground before walking towards her heels, bending over and picking them up again. Lacing a finger through each hole and walking off the stage and towards the bar to sit. She eyed him as he pursed his lips and slid the ring back onto his finger. She was glad she returned it to him. Her head leaned towards the bars tabletop and she forced herself to sit up before turning to face him, his grey eyes now seeming to clear. “I give most people chances, depending on if they deserve it… and well. I felt you deserved a chance. How I can read you… well in all honesty. You’re a lot harder to read than most people, and that’s if I have an object.” She smiled half-heartedly before shaking her hair out and letting a small cough exhale from her system. “What about you? Why the sudden confession?” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Good point. Why the sudden confession? The answer was the ring he had just slipped onto his finger. “I never kept anything from her. Well, she could read me like a book anyways.” He was of course, speaking of his dead wife. Catching the belt loops in his pants with his thumbs, he wandered over to where she was sitting, and instead, leaned with his back to the bar, watching her side on. Midnight was indeed, very attractive, especially in this light, how it gave a soft and natural glow to her complexion. Any man would be on bended knee and professing undying love for a chance with her, even a single night. Izu however was no other man. He still felt bad about his antics, even if she did give him a hiding and gave as good as she got. Mind you, he didn’t do the same in kind. Izu could have done far worse, a lot worse, but he could not hurt a woman that way, especially one like her. When she let her hair out, and spoke casually, it did put him at ease slightly. “So how many chances are you going to give me, Midnight?” <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight couldn’t help but smile at him, her crystal sea foam eyes glimmering in the fluorescence of the light. Her hair cascaded down the side of her body, flowing over the edge of her shoulder and curling at the bottom, it wasn’t just a means of comfort. It was a means of attraction. But as of this late night she was using it as a means of comfort. Her eyes scanned over the place as she took in its detail, no sooner turning to look at Izu crossing over to her side, back leaned casually against the bar. And then he spoke, oh how the way his voice tugged at her heart. But she wasn’t going to let it get to her, she simply smiled at him and cleared her throat before speaking. “As many as I see fit…” At this she found herself giggling and stopping all at once. “If there is ever something you don’t feel like discussing, please know you don’t have to. I like to make sure people I talk with are comfortable when we make conversation.” She yawned and smiled once more before leaning her head on the counter and staring into his eyes awaiting his actions of speech. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – Catching sight of her yawn, he slid his right sleeve up and looked down at his watch. A quick tick of the head and he smacked his lips, making a tutting sound. “Well, its way after your bed time, Midnight, and I fear if you stay out much longer, your coach will turn into a pumpkin and your faithful footman turn into a rat or something.” He then offered his hand to her, to have her rise up from her seat. “Come on, why don’t I take you back to my place, I have a small…well, I call it small apartment in Lorewall, while I am in town on business, or preparing for the flight to Nixagris.” Would she take his offered hand? Was this a chance to get to know her better, in a more secluded environment? “I think there are a few things about me, you…really need to know.” He appeared genuine in his remark, and gave a half smile. “I …uhm..don’t always look like this.” <3>

LilithValeFluer: If it wasn’t one thing giving something away, it was her another, and clearly her actions did so this time. He had given her a look and smacked his lips before speaking. She could barely make out the words until his hand formed in front of her, she blinked slightly lost and took it as she then realized he was helping her rise. “Come on why don’t I take you back to my place.” The words seemed so enchanting and she closed her eyes briefly before re-opening them, trying to perfect a normal form of wakefulness. He was being sweet, and this is what she saw in him. Her ears sprang to attention not long after he began to speak again. “What kinds of things?” And then he intrigued her. “Oh… what do you mean?” It was a dangerous question but she was willing to take the risk. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – She wasn’t stupid. When he mentioned that there were a few things about him that she really needed to know, you could see the way her body jerked to be sitting bolt upright, as though pinched by the ears, and pulled up by invisible strings. She did take the offered hand and but then, feeling nervous about what he had to say, Izu lowered it, using it instead to prop himself off the bar. He started to walk, in like a small circle around a table, dragging his finger around, and making a low whistle sound. “Remember….I uhm…said –coughs- I was a demon….uhm…well, that part is true.” He then shot her a look, and hoped he was watching as he came to a stop, and cleared his throat. “How do you feel about…spiders?” It was a loaded question, and he wasn’t sure how she would take it.. <3>

LilithValeFluer: She took a deep breath and raised a brow as he dropped his hand, propping himself up off the bar and walked in a circle. “Um…” She could only muster before he made a soft noise that reverbrated through the room as low as it was. “I remember well that you told me about your demonic nature.” And now it was her turn to stand, she stared into his eyes as he shot her a look, her body filling with a sudden coldness as he cleared his throat and spoke. “Spiders are beneficial predators that help control insect populations, and produce silk and medically useful venom. Because most spiders are beneficial and not harmful, most do not need to be controlled. Some people, however, have allergic responses and severe reactions to venomous spider bites.” She took a small breathe and continued the minor explanation. “Love ’em or not spiders serve a greater purpose than creeping everyone out. Spiders are the ultimate insect exterminators and work to keep the insect population in check by feeding on just about anything with six legs. Aside from that, that’s all I know, so i’d say my feeling on the subject of spiders in general is decent. I have no issues with them.” She quirked a brow. “Why do you ask?” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – Midnight had been paying attention, when he had mentioned before about his demonic side, but he didn’t go into detail with exactly what kind he was. Course, she spoke a great deal of how she viewed spiders to be, and how they were beneficial predators. To each line of factual information, he started to walk and nodded in agreement, but it was the way he was now approaching her, much like a predator himself, his aura definitely changing once more. “feeding on just about anything with six legs” At this point, you could hear his neck cracking and he said in a hushed voice. “Not just six legged, but go on.” Getting closer, till he was almost overshadowing her completely, the last words were “Why do you ask?” If she looked up into his eyes, she would see him blink, but not the way a human does, the eyelids actually closing sideways. His breathing appeared to have gotten heavier…the truth about to be revealed. He drew back his collar, and upon his neck, the tainted mark…the symbol of Zhu, just like the one that Charlotte had on her upper shoulder. “It’s what I am.” <3>

LilithValeFluer: She’d done her homework, filing down the basics and what have you on everything from grimoires to spiders. Her eyes rose in excitement as she watched him walk, his movements towards her made her smile until she let a small gasp escape her lips. “That’s about as much as I could muster up from the top of my head.” She was slightly at odds with the way things were going but continued to smile anyway, moving slowly in a pacing manner before he towered over her completely. And then it hit, his breathing had grown heavier and he himself became the very thing she spoke of. “I honestly…. I’m shocked.” She took a step back and almost fell but caught the edge of the chair before eyeing his beady eyes and the mark upon his neck. “I wasn’t expecting this. I can honestly say you look both ferocious and amazing, the intricate detaills of every aspect of you has me awestruck…” And it was then she swallowed, allowing herself to fear him, With the most minimal amount of fear she could give. “Most would cower in fear, but I am… well I’m also different.” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Like a small fly trapped in his web that was struggling within a sticky mass that glistened like the silvery strands he himself used to keep his prey, he was almost intoxicated by it. The slight gasp that left her lips, it was like he had to stop himself before getting too close to her. Her eyes said it all, shock. . “I honestly…. I’m shocked.” She caught the back of a chair as she took a step back, fearful perhaps, but ever confident as she appeared to take it in her stride by her words. Izu snorted through his nose…..a dull growl coming up through his throat, as if fighting this inner urge to allow the beast arachnid loose. “I swore…on her death bed…there would never be another.” Almost like he completely missed her saying that she was different from others. Not cowering in fear, but awestruck. Izu lowered his head, so their faces were but inches apart. “I could trap you…in my web right now. I could…feed..*he gazes down at her neck, and then his eyes came back up to hers, with his hypnotic stare. Almost swirling irises that many would drown into, if they let it. “…I am your worst nightmare, or your dream. You decide.” <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight could taste the desire pulling through her. The glistening of his mighty body sent shivers down her spine, her body reeling forward in small steps, halting before taking him in. She swallowed what seemed like the last bit of air and could feel his breath upon her, listening to the sounds coming from him made the hairs rise on her skin. “An–” She stopped herself and ran her hand upwards leaning closer to him just as he bent forward. And it was then she grazed his skin, the feeling sending a shock through her made her gasp with utter excitement and she knew she was caught in Izu’s web. Her eyes followed his as he spoke about feeding, and she’d held her desire for too long. At long last her eyes looked unto him and she spoke the words she’d known held true. “You can be my sweet dream, and my beautiful nightmare. For without one, I just wouldn’t feel complete.” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – The tension in the room was so heavy, it was like the rest of the world was gone, and there were only two beings left in the world. Izu’s hand raised, just slightly, like he feared what he might do. Waiting those agonizing seconds when she would answer him. Nightmare or dream? Then without warning, he gripped the back of her hair, and drew her head to the side, just enough to bury his face in her neck, his long tongue lapping at her skin, till finding a place, just near the jugular. His right arm wrapped around her petite waist, and pulled her into him, as he sucked and grazed his dog teeth along her fair skin. He whispered, as his hot breath graced her skin. “I..shouldn’t….Sweet angel, tell me no…push me away.” Yet his lips made their way up to under her ear, and you could feel the tremor in his chest, the way his fingers clawed at her hair, tugging her tighter. Forceful, yet reserved from a full on assault. <3>

LilithValeFluer: The passion that spewed forth was small yet lingered for miles, the universe seemingly halting on its axis as the two conversated with not only words, but movement. She felt his hand on her head, forcefully drawing her near, tilting her head as his face buried into her neck. Small breathes escaped her lips as her body closed against his, Arm around her waist while he sucked her fair skin. Whispers in the wind gracing her everglowing being as he spoke. “I..shouldn’t….Sweet angel, tell me no…push me away.” But she couldn’t, the longing for him was too strong to ignore, and she pushed herself further into him before whispering out. “I won’t let you go…” She was prepared for the oncoming assault whichever that may be, and closed her eyes halting her breathe so as to take in every aspect and intoxicating smell. “Please…I want this.” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Midnight submitted, bending like that of a reed to the fierce winds, bowing to his will, as her expelled a breathe of relief. His fingers released her hair, only to smooth it back, and withdrawing his head from her neck he instead placed his forehead to hers, breathing heavily. His right hand lowered to the roundness of her buttocks, and clawed his fingers in, while he struggled internally, to stop the morphing process. Her words were simply music to him. “Please…I want this.” Before she could utter another word, he kissed her roughly, his tongue pressing through her lips, and parting them, till mixing with her own. Izu didn’t need to say another word, for his body said more than enough. The mark on his neck glowed fiercely, the colour of larva against his skin, bright and red hot. He wasn’t about to release her anytime soon, nothing could stop him now. Between hungered kisses, he said with a growl. “No other shall have you….ever again.” <3>