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RP – The Curse of the Ring.
June 30, 2013 08:35PM
Role play Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

The Curse of the Ring.

Chapter one.

Devotion into Death.



LilithValeFluer: -Midnight took a deep breath and watched as the ‘couple’ exited from the council room, prancing merrily into the night. “Thank heavens…” She had felt her blood boiling, her anger building and she sensed herself nearing her daughter’s stages. The overpowering feeling of wanting something so bad she’d kill for it. If it wasn’t for Sebastian’s methods she would have seized every moment to do what she wanted, but instead she turned on her heel and kept her composure, distracting herself with the work of an alliance the work of her home and the little work of her Dominion. “Why must this be so hard?” And again she shook her head noticing she was talking to herself. She didn’t let it bug her any further; she simply moved from her place in the center of the council room, banners in hand and headed towards the doors sealing it as she exited.
The sun shone over the horizon just as it began to rise. She figured it was late but didn’t think she’d been up this long, her lips curved into a smile and she parted and yawned. Her feet stamped about the cobblestone floors and it was then did she bring her fingers to her mouth, whistling loudly into the early morning rays. Midnight giggled and shook her hair from its bun. She’d forgotten she ever put her hair up. And just as she placed her hands to her sides Epona came scrambling into the view, pushing past the gates and halting in front of her owner. Midnight smiled wide and placed her hand upon Epona’s soft skin, patting her gently before climbing aboard her back. Epona neighed in delight and turned her head to the right, as if trying to communicate with her owner, making sure everything was alright and she was safely aboard. Midnight nodded and patted Epona’s mane and instantly they were off, racing in the direction of the sun. “Thanks for always being here, girl.” Midnight spoke as they ventured towards her home. “I am still shocked I was up for so long. I know you don’t understand most things I say, but having some company is better than none. You know what I mean?” Epona raced through the forest and past and jumped a number of logs along the way as her owner continued to speak, shaking her head in confusion at the speech.

45 minutes seemed like hours, but at long last Epona raced up the base of the mountain, bounding for its summit. A wide smile formed on Midnight’s elegant features and she couldn’t contain her joy and how happy she was to be home. And then it hit her once more, something about Izu… it was then that the headache took place, the images following soon thereafter. Her premonition hit like a tidal wave. Bits and pieces played out. A band, a microphone, a crowd and of course… Izu. She knew something was missing, something important. She couldn’t exactly tell what it was so she pulled on Epona’s mane and made her way in the other direction headed back towards the streets they’d passed on the way out the forest. It took them awhile but at long last they had made it. And just as Midnight climbed off Epona she smiled and patted her down. “Go back home, girl. I’ll return soon.” Epona neighed and did as instructed racing towards the summit of the mountain they’d once reached before Midnight turned and faced the streets. “Now to find some way to get to Lorewall.” Midnight took in a deep breath before turning her head to the left, then the night, her dress picking up all sorts of debris and dirt from the ground. The morning sun shone brighter and in the far distance Midnight eyed something yellow. It was a Taxi. Midnight blinked wearily and as tired as she was, waved her hands and jumped up and down trying to get its attention.

The drive to Lorewall lasted longer than she had wanted it too, she yawned in between each skipped light and finally drifted to sleep. It wasn’t until the Taxi came to a complete stop did she fly forward, hitting her head on the seat. “Uh, what the…” Midnight woke up and rubbed her head before looking at the driver. Her eyes widened and he spoke. (Bassy) “Forgive me…Miss.” It was Sebastian. Midnight took a deep breath and placed her hand to her chest and then kicked his seat inward. (Midnight) “You bastard, when did you get back!” He didn’t answer her and instead placed the Taxi in park, opened his door and closed it to open his Empresses. (Bassy) “Come Miss, we’ve arrived.” The city of Lorewall was so full of life, her eyes sprung to attention gathering the amount of sleep she was able to get in. She smiled wide and then made her way out of the taxi, turning around and shutting door. Sebastian grinned and looked at her before opening his mouth. “So, where to now Miss?” He stood at attention before Midnight spoke. “I saw images, of a band and music. (Midnight) “I have to find Izu… or at least something of his.” And with that Sebastian slowly made his way into the city of Lorewall.

It was now ten til twelve and they’d been around the city twice. “Sebastian I order you to find this place, immediately.” When the words left her lips he took off in a single blinding motion, his image blurring as he took off. It took Sebastian a total of 10 minutes before he returned. (Bassy) “Miss, if you’ll follow me.” Midnight raised a brow and they slowly walked down the streets of Lorewall once more. (Midnight) “Oh by the way. Izu wanted me to say ‘thanks for the sob story. I almost believed it.’ “Sebastian smiled and let a small. ‘Hmm’ escape his lips before they both veered a corner and stood face to face with the palace. Sebastian hurriedly pushed the doors open and instantly felt the whispers of the wind. (Bassy) “It seems no one is here Miss…” Midnight followed in line behind him and peeked under his waist coat and shook her head. (Midnight) “There has to be someone…” He looked at her with a disturbed look upon his face. (Bassy) “What if it isn’t someone, but something…Miss.” Midnight shook her head at him and scowled as she always did with him. (Midnight) “I think I’d have seen it. But this is exactly the place.” Sebastian blinked and wandered to the center of the room before pointing in the direction of the stage. In the instance it happened she slouched and walked over in the direction he pointed, and then she saw it, glimmering as the sun continued to shine its rays. Spinning round and round, she had to wonder, how long it had been doing that. And it wasn’t until her hands pressed against its silvery circlet did it stop and fall to the floor. (Bassy) “Seems you’ve found it.” The minute he spoke she yelled. (Midnight) “Sebastian, be quiet!” She picked it up and then handed it to him to examine. (Bassy) “It’s so dirty…” She raised a brow at him and sighed before snatching it out of his hand and rubbing it counterclockwise in an attempt to make it shine like new. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- On Izu’s return to Lorewall, he managed to drop off Danni at the local blue oyster bar on Main street and left him be with an outrageous group of tango dancing policemen in tight leather. He should be right at home in that environment with the cops with handle bar mustaches, and hips that don’t quit. Truth was, Izu was far from being into men, well, not that far. Years ago, he had but one love his wife Dezi, who had died tragically after the laying of her son’s eggs. Now, he was the sole parent of five boys, all of which he kept at his island fortress, far from the issues and humans in Lorewall. Strutting down main street, he realized something on his person was missing. Checking his left hand, he saw the tan mark of where his signet ring should have been. “Furk…must have dropped it at the alliance meeting. God dammnit.” He exclaimed. Exhaling hard outwardly, he reached the corner of the street, when suddenly he felt a pulling on his very soul. “Oh…no..” someone had the ring, and was using it. “Don’t…Don’t….AAARRRRRGGGHHH!” soon he was bathed in a fine black mist and simply popped from the site he stood, and into a room with a stage and sure enough…there was the holder of the ring. “Empress…Midnight. I should have known you would be rubbing something this late at night.”- Izu said, patting down his suit. He stared at Sebastian, then pointed, “You got anything to do with this…Bassy? Is it?”<3>

LilithValeFluer: Sebastian shook his head and took the line in beside Midnight. (Bassy) “See miss, it doesn’t seem to…” And with that a smog of white and black mist emerged from out of nowhere, immediately before the Empress and himself. Midnight shook her head in disappointment and sighed heavily. (Midnight) “You were saying?” She shook her head and stepped forward, kicking off her heels and looking into Izu’s grey eyes once more. “I’m sorry… I’ve been a mess, and I won’t bother to worry you with a sob story. So I guess that’s it. You said you wanted someone to be more like Danni, but I can’t give that to you… If you were joking that’s fine. But know since I laid eyes on you, I felt the same connection you did. A pull unfathomably remarkable on so many levels I thought impossible.” Sebastian shook his head and walked passed Izu, staring him down all the while before heading towards the Taxi. (Bassy) “I will leave you be Miss. You need only call if you need me.” And with that he left, she waved and continued speaking. (Middy) ” I honestly don’t know what to say sometimes, I become so choked up and I lose the will to speak. I just wanted to see you again… a somewhat mental image for me.” She smiled and walked forward and stood but two feet from him and leaned up to kiss his cheek if he so allowed the movements. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- Izu’s eyes crossed from Sebastian and then back to Midnight again, before he folded his arms indignantly. The emotion on his face was indifference, and that was due to being pulled from where he stood, to that of being presented before the pair, after the awkward affair from earlier that evening. Midnight was first on, to start with apologies, and then turned it on how she could not be like Danni, the deaf butt boy. “Wait, you think I am actually into guys? Eh, no…I did that for the lulz, since you pissed me the hell off with your…”smack, attack and then how about a cuddle routine.” You’re harder to read than stereo instructions. And as complicated as ikea furniture.” Izu frowned, and then looked at Sebastian who was heading out to catch a taxi. “Yeah….nice talking to you to, bud.” He waved him off, only to see Midnight approach, and then ramp up the sad tale of how she had been, and the fact she wanted to see him again. ” I honestly don’t know what to say sometimes, I become so choked up and I lose the will to speak. I just wanted to see you again… a somewhat mental image for me.” Slowly Izu lowered his arms to his sides, and as she got up on tip toes, to kiss his cheek, he cocked his head to the side, and then asked her “Is this the part where you knee me in the chest again?” Sure he was standoffish, but he wasn’t sure he could trust her. “We all have our stories, Midnight. I could write a freaking series. Doubt anyone would read it though.” His steely gaze softened some, seeing she was trying to be heartfelt. “Shall we sit?” <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight smiled before lowering herself to the ground, her eyes met Izu’s and instantly she felt herself grow weak. This man had an effect on her that no other did, but she knew better than to give in to easily. She simply raised her hand, ran it through her hair and listened to him as he spoke, and then he stopped for but a second and continued once more. “No, I won’t knee you in the chest again.” She smiled towards him and nodded as he softened his gaze. “I actually… um. I should probably get home to change, I practically ruined my dress on the way here.” She motioned to the tattered edges of her dress and the debris caught in its ends. “I mean, if you’d like to come with me, that’s fine. I’d love the company. Whichever you prefer though is fine with me.” She smiled widely and closed her eyes for a moment and then looked at him, trying to remember a few things, and then it hit her. She reached over to her index finger and pulled the ring off, only to extend her arm and hand it to him. “Here. This belongs to you… I’m sure you want it back.” }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- The ring. Izu stared down at it as she held it out to him with her thumb and index finger. “Here. This belongs to you… I’m sure you want it back.” For a moment, he scratched his temple, and then took in a breath. That ring was worth more to him then she realized, or could even imagine. “It actually belonged to my wife.” Now, the mention that he had a wife, might be a bit of a shock to the system. He took the ring from Midnight’s fingers, and then turned it over, so the gem in the centre captured the light. “First time I have lost it since her death.” Realizing this might not make sense, Izu then explained. “It’s a ring I gifted her…on our wedding day. It allowed her to summon me, in case of an emergency. No matter what part of the country or plane I was on, all she had to do was rub it. The last time….was when she…” the look on his face, was like he was seeing his wife in her death bed…the eggs of their children hanging around the room in white sacs. Her final act of devotion before succumbing to the fatal virus. There was silence as he seemed to no longer be attentive to Midnight…he was lost for words. <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight blinked and stared as he took the ring from her, she smiled and nodded, glad he accepted it back. But as soon as he’d done so something in him changed, not only the way he spoke but the way he looked. It wasn’t until the mention of his wife did Midnight’s face lighten up. Indeed a shock it was, but at least he was honest, and for that she had to give him credit. She tilted her head and listened to the words that came from his mouth. Her mouth ran dry as he continued his story. It was a sad one at that and it shed more light on the situation before them, Whatever it was. Her hands quivered for but a few moments and instantly she knew she was succumbing to this man before her. Her hand moved from her waist to his face, brushing it softly given he’d allowed her to do so. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to rub it. Forgive me I know it sounds wrong. But you don’t have to worry about me using it again. It holds sentimental value to you, and that is all that needs to be said.” She couldn’t help but let a small tear trickle down her face before her right arm wrapped around his neck. Midnight was bold, but at this moment she was at a crossroad, risk kissing him, or simply let him continue venting. Her normal decision would be the alternate and kiss the man, but for some reason, she couldn’t, something stirred within her and she could no longer push something onto him if he didn’t ask. She merely removed her hand from his neck and placed it into his hands, closing the one with the ring and letting her fingers slip into his soon thereafter. “Shh, it’s alright. You don’t have to explain….” All she could do now was hope she could calm him and bring him out of his distressful state. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar:- In Izu’s mind, all he could see, was his beloved wife, her skin so pale, and her hair limp and just trailing down on the pillow and onto the sheets. She gazed at him with blackened aura’s around her eyes, and her lips cracked and pale. Her trembling hand, reaching out to touch her beloved, as she took the final breaths, her face suddenly radiating as she stared past Izu and then there was the stillness. Her hand falling from the air and landing with no further movement, the ring falling from between her fingers. She had rubbed it with the last of her strength, just so she could see him that one final time, before death consumed her. Izu’s face in this reality was marred with pain and loss; tears rimming his steel coloured eyes, and he clenched the ring tight into his hand, fingers locking around it so you could see the white of his knuckled pierce his skin. Midnight’s words seemed hollow to him, like speaking through a wind tunnel to reconnect him to the present. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to rub it. Forgive me I know it sounds wrong. But you don’t have to worry about me using it again. It holds sentimental value to you, and that is all that needs to be said.” Snapping out of the daze, the nightmare of his loss, he then came to realize she was standing there, and had approached him in a romantic fashion, then held his hands. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he said softly. “Men are not supposed to cry…” He sniffed hard and then wiped the tear away angrily. But she continued to shush him “Shh, it’s alright. You don’t have to explain….” He rounded on her, and then threw his head back, looking to the ceiling. “I have kept this bottled up for years…my own sons do not know…what she did for them…” his voice cracking. <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight couldn’t possibly imagine the amount of pain he had been through, the willpower it took to hold everything in, let explain everything to her. She could feel everything he felt and it tugged at her heart. Her eyes moved from his face to his hand and then back to his eyes. The glimmering rim of tears swelled in his eyes and she could hear the broken-heartedness in his tone. It wasn’t until he snapped from his daze, she took a step back and let him breath, and just as she did so he rounded her and let his words seep in. “Men are not supposed to cry…” A small smile crept upon her features and she turned to face him. “Very true… but it doesn’t mean they can’t.” She watched as he moved about and threw his head back, and it was then she could see the glimmering in his eyes, his voice breaking in between breaths as he continued speaking. “You know, you don’t have to go through this alone. If you need me at all, let me know. Please… I’ll stand by your side and help you through this. Just know you are not alone.” She stepped lightly and moved around so as her body wouldn’t shut down, waiting patiently as he slowly let himself go. }e{

CharlotteCarrendar: – Her small smile did so illuminate the warmth of her features, as she spoke with understanding, even though he had not rightly explained himself, or the loss of his wife in detail. He had hardened himself from the anguish of ever having to experience such tragedy again. What she saw of his bold moves of play at her realm was merely a façade. He did it on purpose, to see just how virtuous she was in the face of the company of his adored sisters and uncle, Baldrick. Creasing his brow, when she said that she would be at his side, to help ease the burdens of his life, he said “I have a confession. The whole, Casanova act in your home. I did that for a reason. Sure, I am a demon at heart, but I wanted to see what kind of woman you were. If you would be suited to the alliance hopes of my younger sister, Charlotte. All too often, Empresses are ready to jump on the nearest dick that passes their tasteful fancy.” It was a bold admission, and at least he was being honest. “You…passed with flying colours, so I must congratulate you on that note. I imagine you think I am a cad, but I will do all I can to protect the interests of Charlotte, and my family.” This may have stung her pride, but least he was now upfront. The true Izu, was not the romantic rogue he portrayed in her foyer. Far from it. He was a devoted father and widower, and commander of his air fleet. <3>

LilithValeFluer: Midnight could only muster up a smile as she shook her head. His words pushing out into the room, the crease of his brow and the sudden confession. “And I have a confession for you my dear Izu.” She smiled wide and took note of his movements before she stood before him. “I knew what was happening, why do you think I acted the way I did?” Her eyes glimmered in the sunlight and she wrapped her arms behind her, tying her hair in a bun. Listening and awaiting anything more, and then he spoke. “You… passed with flying colours.” Midnight couldn’t help but brighten at the thought, but this was serious. She continued on and spoke in turn. “You did what you had to do in order to play the part, I know how to do this very well. Protecting ones family is also something I do very well.” She looked towards the ceiling and sighed, letting herself take in a deep breath. “ You know, I didn’t think it suited you at first… the whole romantic play. But now… It’s different. You can easily put up the act of not being said person. But doesn’t mean you CANT. You can do anything you set your mind too, you just have to believe it.” Midnight giggled at her words and turned to look at him. “And I can see it… you can be a romantic.” She honestly didn’t know what came over her, what pushed her to want this man so much but she didn’t care, she could have done worse. But she chose not to, listening to her heart was all she could do at this point, if he left she wouldn’t beg him to stay, if he stayed it would mean that much more, showing his true colors must have been hard enough. But Midnight gathered there was more to this man than meets the eye and she had a feeling this was only the beginning. }e{