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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:44PM
Carlos would come roaring down the gravel road towards his trailer before cranking the wheel to the right to throw his mustang GT-500 into a drift only to come to a stop with a squeal of tires and the sounds of gravel bouncing off the siding of the trailers. Once he was perfectly lined up with his parking pad he would back the mustang onto the parking pad before killing the engine and stepping out of the car slowly. Once he was out of the car he would pop the hood before taking his shirt off and tossing it onto a tool bench before bending over and starting to tinker once again with the engine of his mustang. After a few moments of tinkering he would straighten up and step into the car before turning the switcher before a throaty roar filled the air. Once that was done carlos would turn the car off again and set about installing a turbocharger and air intake for an even greater boost in horse power. This would take him until dusk before he finally slammed the hood back down before grabbing his shirt and wiping the grease from his hands with it not caring about that shirt in the slightest bit. Carlos would then walk into his trailer and turn on the TV before putting on the hispanic music channel and walking into the kitchen to grab some chow which happened to be KFC even though he fit as a fiddle and had the strength of a bull so to speak. Then with muscles rippling he would sit down in his lounger before starting to pick at the KFC without much thought as his thoughts where on both the Driver Della Sachs and the Pit groupie Fleur.


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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 09:58PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

After spending much of the day either tanning, or swearing on her neighbours, Fleur kept checking her watch, for that crazed on again off again lover Bubba Boy Brady, to show his face and do his usual round of begging for forgiveness, complete with vouchers for Walmart as a peace offering. But turns out, Bubba Boy Brady was in the burns unit, gotten most of his butt hair burnt and melted the skin off his scrotum. Looks like poor Bubba Boy Brady was not coming back to Pine Acres anytime soon. Fleur knew she was going to have to come up with a short fall in the rent amount, and tapped her bottom lip, as she tried to figure out a good way to make extra money in a short amount of time.

She’d been reluctant to do be the Turtle wax girl for the upcoming race, since Turtle man himself was vying to come and do the honors with the checkered flag. He had a bit of a crush on old Fleur, since one trip down to New Orleans, and someone spiked her Margarita and she ended up waking up beside the bad breathed Turtle man. Ever since then, he keeps sending her turtle shells, why she had about fifteen in her front garden.


Sighing, she went inside to make the call, that she would do the gig….and pay the price.



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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 10:08PM
After maybe five minutes of slouching on the chair in his living room which was facing the window Carlos’s left eyebrow would perk before he spotted Fluer making her way inside her home causing him to slowly stand and stretch with a soft yawn. Then he would slowly walk to his room and put on some cologne before pulling a shirt over his chest and heading out the door to Fluers trailer. Once he was at her trailer he would knock on her door politely and move away enough to lean against one of the porch posts and wait for her to answer the door as he raked his hands through his hair and made sure everything was in order. Carlos cared little for pit groupies but fluer she was the only exception to that. Why was that Carlos had a bit of a liking for her southern ways though he admired her from afar. He was a timid one but had was not easily intimidated however. As Carlos waited he would close his eyes slightly to hooded slits as he began to sing in a rich voice a song from his childhood. Though his mother and father where deceased he still sang this song to calm his nerves when he needed them to be calm.

Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:05PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

You could hear the slamming of internal doors, and then the pad pad pad of Fleur’s feet as she went from one end of the trailer to the other, and then pushed the fly door open to her trailer. And who should be standing on the porch? Why none other than Carlos, who was singing as though it was for his supper.

“Carlos…Della reject you again?” She said with her southern drawl, placing her hand on her hip and giving him the not impressed expression. She knew that he had his eyes set on the Hot chocolate beauty. ((http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-m9uG50mSw))

With the smell of burnt grass permeating the area, mixed in with fried chicken giblets from the next trailer, it was just one of those crazy days in the trailer park. Fleur waited for Carlos to answer her question, not being keen on the title of sloppy seconds over someone like Della.

“Time’s a-wasting, and I have a date with the TV, Carlos.”


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:22PM
Carlos raised a brow slowly and chuckled lightly. “What gave you the idea had my eyes set on Della Fluer? Perhaps i have my eyes set on you.” He shrugged slowly and looked directly into Fluer’s eyes before blinking and reaching into his pants pocket and drawing out a wad of cash before handing it to her. “Look Fluer i want you and no other alright? There’s enough cash to cover the next three months of your rent and then some extra for you to use on what ever you want. Though i also wanted to ask you if you wanted to join my crew and become an official member of the Penzoil family Fluer.” With that being said Carlos would stop leaning upon the post before starting to walk down the steps from Fluer’s trailer after casting a longing eye over her southern body. Then he would walk slowly down the road and back to his trailer before stepping into his Mustang and turning the key to create the throaty purr that he loved. He would then stomp down on the gas pedal causing the tires to spin in place creating a squeal of tires burning against the concrete before he dropped the clutch and tore out of the trailer park in a squeal of tires and spraying of pebbles after waiting to see if Fleur would join him for this night drive.

Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 09, 2013 11:24PM
#9 – Della

The roar of the Shelby was loud as Della returned home. The interview with TV Guide had gone surprisingly well and she was assured it would be out in time for the new Sunday edition.

Home once more, she now had to concentrate all her energies on the upcoming Pole trials. She wanted to get a great time so she could be in position #1 when The Turtlewax 3000 race came the following weekend.

There was a message on her answering machine when she stepped into her trailer. It was from Rusty, her pit crew captain, reminding her that she needed to take Goldie out for a run before the trials so that they could make any adjustments beforehand.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she yanked it out to see Tommy’s face on the screen. Disgusted, she ignored the call, sending it to voicemail once again.

Heading into the kitchen, she happened to glance out the window and spotted Carlos loitering around outside of Fleur’s place.

“Floozey’s at it again.” she smirked, wondering how one woman like Fleur can cause so much trouble. At least Carlos’s attentions were off of Della herself. Which she was thankful for. She had no intentions of getting involved with another racer ever again.

“Egotistical assholes.” she muttered, pouring herself a glass of juice before she made herself comfortable on the couch. She flipped through the TV and saw that one of her favorite movies, “Cannonball Run” was on. She settled back to enjoy.


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 10, 2013 11:58PM
#13 – Fleur De Prix


That Carlos was one scum sucking no good maggot infested weasel, thinking he could buy off Fleur with his big fancy wad of notes, and claims that he only had eyes for her. Then he must have eyes in the back of his head, his fingers, and his dick, cause they always looking at other women. Fleur chewed her gum lazily as he said his peace, and then strolled off to his fancy car, that near tore up the bitumen, as he headed for the local. No way was she going to be his next victim, no siree bob. One thing about Fleur, she was mighty independent, and liked it that way. Sure, she had her sights on one day being Mrs Nascar, but for now, she had bigger problems…the rent. And just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

“FLOWER!!…Randy done throw me and the kids out on the street, and shacked up with some funky squinty eyed ching chong, that does them fancy nails. Can me, and the kids come stay, I promise you won’t be hearing a peep.”

Shock a dollar, it was Joelene and her rag tag bunch of kids; seven in all to six different fathers. Last one, she was holding in her arms was as dark as chocolate drops, and Randy from memory was …..so not. Joelene had pulled up in her beaten up station wagon, with all the kids hanging out, either picking their noses or pulling each other’s hair.

Fleur wanted the ground to just swallow her up, as the screams and hoots from the kids had her putting her hands up to her ears.

“I can have ya here till Sunday…after that you gotta get things right with Randy.” Fleur said with her hands on her hips, as Joelene passed her the newest baby and kissed her cheek. The baby smelt so funky, that Fleur’s face turned green.

“You got any beers?” Joelene said, wiping her hand under her nose and sniffing loudly.


“Not for long…”


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 12:17AM
Billy Bob’s

Billy bob had been watching a lot of the comings and goings in the park. Drinking being one of his favorite past times he decided that it was time to party. Inviting a few of his friends over the back of his yard soon became rather raucous. Billy Bob was on his 6th or 7th beer by the time he began howling like a dog. There was a stripper bouncing around nearly topless on the trampoline out back. His mechanic buddy was doing a keg stand while the rest of them all began dancing around a pit fire. They even had their own homemade hot tub. The music was bumping and soon even the neighbors might show up.


One could only guess?

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Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 01:04AM
#13 – Fleur De Prix

Fleur’s trailer had become a mad house, with the kids having more or less taken over much of the living areas. Fleur tried to rain the little buggers in, but needless to say that after Joelene had made the kids some special herb muffins, using Fleur’s secret stash….the kids were tripping.


Unable to stand it anymore, she could see the flicker of flame coming from up Billy Bob’s end of the trailer park. There was hollaring and hooting, and people clearly having a better time, than Fleur was at that moment. As one kiddy toddled past with a cereal box on his head, and slamming into the walls, Fleur announced.

“Going out…don’t you burning down my trailer while I’m gone. AND if I find any you in my bedroom, I swear I’m gonna make sure none of you can sit for a year. COMPRENDE?” Joelene swaggered out of the kitchen, with young Randy jnr on her hip. “I got this Flower…you go have yourself some fun.” Fleur was not entirely trusting of Joelene being alone in her trailer, even with all those kids. Slamming the fly door, she headed down the small dirt road up to Billy Bob’s, where they had set up a rather interesting new hot tub…over an open fire pit. She could hear Billy Bob hollaring like some old yella, and she put her hands on her hips and said.


“How many you done have to drink, Billy Bob? No full moon tonight, unless you decide to drop your pants.” One of the other girls at the party handed Fleur a beer, and she cracked it open with her right breast. “Let’s get this party started…woooohooooo!”


Re: (RP) Pine Acres Trailer Park
November 15, 2013 01:33AM
Billy Bob’s

Fleur arrived just after Billy Bob had finished his second howl. She said..

“How many you done have to drink, Billy Bob? No full moon tonight, unless you decide to drop your pants.” 

Billy Bob laughed drinking his beer.

“Maybe after a game of strip poker. I’m down. Ya scured? “

Taking a deck of cards he layed them out on the picnic table daring Fleur, Larry and the other blonde who had just cracked the beer open with her titties to play.