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September 11, 2013 11:26AM
Throne Room

Clarice stared at the people in front of her, and her eyes laid on her uncle, since he was speaking about her. Saying girls made from sugar, spice and sticky plaster, and that he dared her to say she would be riding the pony again.
“No, I want it dead.”
She mumbled with a frown, while playing with the edges of her dress, with her little fingers. She knew she wouldn’t get in trouble by saying this, all her mother would do was just roll her eyes, or tell her to stop it. His charm didn’t convinced her, it freaked her out, since he was a stranger for her, and now that she found out its her father siblings, she fears they are the same as him, so of course, she won’t go easy on them.
Then her aunt was getting closer, too closer for Clarice’s liking, so she just dropped her head down, not looking at the woman. She tends to look at people in the eye, to freak them out, or tell them to go away just by glare, but since this was her father’s siblings, she will keep her view down for awhile. She was so used to never look at her father in the eye. When her aunt asked her about her bedroom, Clarice sighed out, and looked away, like she was forcing herself to do this. She stared up at her mother, and gripped on the edge of her mother’s dress, waiting for her to say something, but all Metia did was just a nod, that would tell her to go and show Rashna her bedroom.
Clarice stopped holding Metia’s dress, and just began to walk away, if Rashna wanted, she could follow her. When she stepped outside, she took a last look at the door, and heard her father wanting to speak with her mother, again. This is why she didn’t wanted to leave her mother alone in there.

Clarice’s Bedroom

Reaching her bedroom, she pushed the doors with her palms, trying her best to open it all, but since she wasn’t that strong, she only opened half, enough to make her step inside. Her bedroom was all white, of course, but on the walls, she placed her drawings, which was drawings of her pets, then herself, or her mother, or the castle. Even tho there’s a new draw she wants to make of the castle, but she doesn’t know how to do those bridges, and some other things, so she puts the draw away, till she has the courage enough to ask her mother to help her out. On a corner of her room, there was a box with the design of a treasure, and that’s where she kept her stuff to do pranks to the others, she had lots of red ink in there, that’s how they knew Clarice has been there, by the red ink, she prefers red over white.
“Princess, I have here your turtle.”
A maid stepped inside her bedroom.
Clarice turned her head, and saw a maid with a plastic transparent box, with a little turtle inside it. How? Clarice asked her brother to give her one, but he denied, and told her to ask her mother, but Clarice didn’t had enough time to ask her mother that.
“I heard you saying you wanted one, so here you go.”
The maids always try their best to keep Clarice in a good mood, so she won’t destroy anything anymore. Even tho she had already destroyed few clothes from the maids. Deep inside, Clarice was fangirling over her turtle, because it was little like her, she ran towards the maid, and snatched the box away from her hands. Then she walked up to a chair, closer to the window, and stood up on her knees over the chair, and pressed the plastic box against the window, like she was showing the little turtle her new home.


Metia looked down at Clarice waiting for her to say something, such as hello, but the girl said nothing, then she rose her head up, and stared at the others. Seeing Henry’s brother mess around with Clarice, made Metia smile slightly, but then Clarice just ruined it by saying she wanted to kill the pony. Rolling her eyes, Metia rather ignore this now, then stress herself with more drama, its enough what she’s going through, Clarice’s behavior will have to wait. Whenever Rashna got closer, and asked Clarice about her bedroom, Metia just waited for Clarice to do it, she didn’t wanted Clarice here, and see how tense and horrible the atmosphere between her parents were, so it was better have her away for few minutes. She nodded down at Clarice, telling her to just go and not complain, and Metia was glad, Clarice done what her mother told her to.
Now that, Clarice was gone, Metia could focus herself more on Selene, Lucan and Henry. She was trying her best to not look at him, but her body was working against her will, and she stared at him for a couple of seconds then changed her view quickly. She watched Lucan being all over-protective with his mother, which made her smile, the boy was just adorable, and he didn’t deserved have such troublesome life, right now he was safe in this kingdom, but he doesn’t have a father, and Selene lost a daughter. We can clearly say this is one of the worst family’s out there.
Henry’s voice calling her name, sent a shiver through her spine, it could be considered a pleasing feeling or not. Her eyes laid back on him, and without knowing what to say she just nodded, while her lips departed.
“Huh..Sure. Lets go to the resting room.”
She said, looking down at his hand, she wanted to hold his hand, but she needed to be a strong woman, and not fall back in his feet again. Metia placed her palms in front of herself, and just started to walking out of the Throne Room, heading to the Resting Room.

Resting Room

As soon as they stepped inside the Resting Room and the door was closer, Metia quickly spoke.
“We have a problem here. Selene got kicked out of Night Lands. Hers and Joffrey’s marriage isn’t working out. He used her in some way, and she allowed another man to use her. I’m not going to blame her forever. But now she has that child, and Tempest doesn’t considers her as a mother anymore.”
Metia wanted to only speak about Selene problem, and not hers. It would be more easy.

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September 11, 2013 08:08PM
Clarice’s Room

Rashna followed Clarice to her room silently. She was highly observant, and also knew the traits of children well. It was not lost on her that the child was different from most, and in particular, her behavior towards Orion was unusual at best. Most children would be proud to do a show and tell, and also the fact that she wished her pony to die for causing her to be injured raised more suspicions. Clarice even looked different from her parents, and this had her wonder for a moment, as she regarded the child in her own room. Rashna unfurled her wings, and let them flap slowly, as she silently took in the girl’s drawings. Walking along the wall, she observed the many pictures. Usually children drew familiars or things that they like or appreciate.


“Do you have any more drawings?” Rashna asked, after the maid had brought in the turtle, and Clarice was showing the turtle her room.

Resting Room

Henry was lead into the resting room by his wife, who had acknowledged his return almost casually. He didn’t smile or try to rush her when she said;

“We have a problem here. Selene got kicked out of Night Lands. Hers and Joffrey’s marriage isn’t working out. He used her in some way, and she allowed another man to use her. I’m not going to blame her forever. But now she has that child, and Tempest doesn’t considers her as a mother anymore.” 

Henry listened intently, and took it all in. Continuing to stare into his wife’s eyes, he knew that she didn’t wish to speak her feelings about what she thought of his leaving and his return. If this was the game she was going to play, then for the time being he would go along with it.

“Then she is to be made to feel safe and happy here. Clearly it was a bad idea to have ever arranged the marriage in the first place. Blaming her for any of this goes nowhere.”

The King stood back, and folded his arms. He had changed, it was plain to see, but he was not about to fall on bended knee to his wife. Not yet. If she truly wanted him back, then she would have to make that clear.


“Whether you wish to speak of us now or not, is up to you. I shan’t push you. All I can say….is I returned because I realize that running away from my problems gets us no where.” The King moved forward and then placed his lips to her forehead, kissing her softly as his hands brushed her shoulders. He was not going to force himself on her further, but wanted her to know…he loved her.

“Let us go back and tend to our family. United.” He again offered his hand to her, to see if she would take it.

The Throne Room

The room had been more or less cleared leaving Orion with Selene and Lucan. Being that he was an Elder Throne of God, he had a commanding presence in the room. He had never took family nor a mate, since he was one of God’s chosen, a warrior to the heavens. He was impressed with Lucan’s attitude toward protecting his mother, and he made this clear.

“I am sure you will do well in protecting the Queen, far better than the knights of course. By the way, have you been down to the training grounds, to see where they practice the art of sword fighting, I hear they have some of the best in the realms.” He said, making conversation.




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September 12, 2013 02:41AM
Resting Room


Metia turned around and faced her husband, waiting for some replay from him. His replay surprised her, because he said blaming her wouldn’t take them go nowhere, while he was the one who blamed Metia for not be able to control Clarice’s behavior. Did he really changed? Or is just playing around to not suffer more drama during this day?
He started to get closer, and that clearly left her nervous, she gulped, and stared down for a couple of seconds, before look back up at him. He told her that he had changed, and she wished she could believe in that. Hell, she already believes, but she still has that part of her, that is trying its best to not fall all over him, and then suffer in the end. She doesn’t want a broken heart, again.
“Well, we..”
Before she could say anything else, she felt Henry’s warm lips against the skin of her forehead, that left her breathless for a second. How much she had missed his touch. It has been awhile since he had showed her some affection, and this made it clear that he really had changed, and she should give another try for make their marriage work. This time, together. Looking down at his hand, she placed her palm over his, and lanced her fingers around his, while stepping closer to him, and pressing her lips softly against his. It lasted for awhile, but it was soft.
“I love you.”
She mumbled those words against his lips, whenever she broke the kiss. Her free palm would be placed upon his chest, and she sneaked her fingers up to his neck, like she was going to caress him, but all she did was pinch his skin kind of hard, and start walking towards the door, she was just joking with him, since she had her hand open, waiting for him to follow her and take her hand.
“Later, you’ll have your punishment.”
She told him.

Clarice’s Bedroom

Clarice after showing the kingdom to the turtle, and stare at it as well. She heard her aunt’s voice, asking her about her draws, if she had more. Clarice turned her head around, and looked up at her, seeing her wings. White, of course, they were white, she wondered if she was the only one with black wings. But its the difference that makes somebody special, right? That’s why she picked different animals, they were always different from the others, and right now her turtle, seemed to not have the fourth leg.
She replayed to Rashna, and walked up to her small table, in there, she placed her turtle, then went to that box looked like a treasure, she open it, and from there, she removed ten drawings from her. They were about her, or her pets, mother or brother. There was only one that had her father, well, at least it seemed to be him, since she basically drew him facing his back, like he was staring at something or just ignoring.
With that all papers on her hands, she ahead towards her table, and placed the papers over there, so her aunt could see them. Then she went take some inks and a clean paper, to start drawing her new turtle. She used her fingers tips to draw it, knowing very well, her mother always told her to never paint stuff without something else covering her clothes, but she always done the opposite, to annoy them.
Using her free hand, she picked up the turtle from the box, and placed it over her arm, so she could stare at it better. The turtle just began to climb up her arm.


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September 12, 2013 07:09AM
Throne Room

Selene watched her sister claim she wanted the horse dead with a small smile. Though it was a bit drastic, it was still humorous to see Clarice had such an independent spirit. Folding her hands in front of her, her eyes followed Clarice and Rashna out of the room before they flicked back to her mother. Metia seemed a bit unsettled by Henry’s request, but she did as she was asked. The princess gave her mother an encouraging smile before she turned to look at Orion address her son. Still she remained silent as the weight of pain was silently weighing on her shoulders.
Lucan watched Orion warily, making sure he did not step too close to Selene. Though his mother placed a hand reassuringly on his shoulder, the little boy was unsure of what to make of this angel that stood before him. He seemed harmless enough, but that meant he could pose to be an even greater danger to the both of them. Crossing his arms, he lifted his chin smugly and responded “Of course I will be better than any knight. I can do things they cannot do.” He then felt a sharp pinch on his shoulder from his mother, and he looked up to see her shaking her head with a grim look on her face. Clearly Lucan was speaking of his abilities too freely. Lucan looked back at Orion and shrugged “No, I haven’t…” Rushing towards him, he smiled broadly “Have you ever been in a war before? You look like you’re too nice to kill anyone. Have you killed a man before?”
Selene laughed softly and shook her head, looking to Orion with an apologetic smile “I apologize for his boldness…he is like his sister.” Thinking of Tempest, she fell silent again and looked away from them. Lucan looked back towards Selene with a puzzled look, not know he even had a sister. Seeing his mother look upset, he quickly looked towards Orion and whispered “I must try harder to not make her so sad. She’s been very sad lately.”

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September 12, 2013 08:02AM
Clarice’s bedroom

Rashna remained silent after watching Clarice’s interaction with the turtle. The manner in which she held the box up to the window and found herself almost mesmerized with the creature. For one that wished death to a pony for a simple fall, and yet to treat a turtle with such care meant that the child did have the capacity for understanding and care. This child was definitely nothing like her father at all.

On the request to see more drawings, Clarice offered a one word answer of yes. Rashna nodded and kept her place, not showering her with praise for answering, but keen to be observant to see how the child went about getting more. Clarice brought out her drawings, and many were of her pets, her mother and brother. The one she suspected was of her father, spoke volumes, having his back to the young artist. Something told Rashna that Henry had not been an active figure in the child’s life, and perhaps that contributed to her behavior, though bold for attention.


Watching Clarice start to paint the turtle, and take it out of the tank and place it on her arm to study it, Rashna went to the desk, and took out a clean sheet of paper herself. She came back to the small table and made a space for herself, lowering down and with her fingers, she emulated Rashna, however she started to paint Clarice, with black wings and holding the turtle. She did this wordlessly, knowing well that Clarice would see.

Resting room

For a moment, the King held his breath waiting for his wife Metia to take his hand and go back to the throne room together. His kiss upon her forehead was to show that he did in fact love her, and wanted so very much to save what they once had. Though his face was solemn, his eyes told a different story, when she came back at him and kissed his lips with her own. The charge or spark that went between them from the simplest of kisses, was enough to awaken the love fiercely within the King’s chest.

“I never stopped loving you.”


The King replied back to her mumbled gesture. Almost fumbling in his attempt to stroke her back, before he felt the pinch of his skin at his neck. “Ow.” he said, rubbing it as she stepped away and then teased that he would be punished later. “Really? He found that he could not help but have a smug grin from such an idea and reached for her hand, and walked back with her to the Throne room, to face Selene and her son Lucan. Clearly this family had a lot of mending to do.

Throne Room

Orion was enjoying how Selene’s boy appeared to have such enthusiasm in protecting his mother. His boldness was not of cheek, but more a desire to see her happy. Perhaps she had suffered a great deal of late, to have to return from the Night lands without a husband or father figure for her son. Selene was offering apologies for her son’s behavior, and Orion waved it off like it was nothing. “It’s good to see such spirit in the lad. I’d expect nothing less of my own if they were to be the one’s in charge of caring for my beloved. He will grow into a fine man, I assure you. Besides, looks like he inherited the Casterly’s looks. Ha.” Course he was referring to himself, and flicked his hair back before standing with his chest out proud. Orion was something else. He then politely answered Lucan’s question.

“Have I killed a man? In God’s army…yes yes I have.” It was not something he was proud of but he was not ashamed to admit it either. Lucan found that he could trust in Orion, for he spoke to him in a whisper about how she had been so very sad lately. What was this, contagious? He had already seen Henry sad too. Orion leaned down to the boy and spoke back in a whisper, but loud enough for Selene to hear.

“Then, it is up to us as Casterly men to ensure she is kept happy and healthy here. No more tears. Her happiness is paramount.” He patted the boy’s shoulder warmly then gave Selene a wink.



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September 12, 2013 09:27AM
Clarice’s Bedroom


Clarice stopped drawing and began to rub the turtle, caressing it gently, but since her fingers were dirty with the ink, she was basically painting the turtle with the color dark green. Later on, she would wash the turtle, but the color the turtle had didn’t seemed so catchy, it was more like some grey, so she decided to give it more green, but also because she just wanted to caress the turtle. She could have her mean moments, but she was aware of what care and affection meant, and she did showed those two emotions, only towards her pets, which wasn’t smart enough to see through her, and find out the whole reality about her.
Her eyes spotted Rashna on getting a sheet of paper for herself as well. Was she really going to draw? She always drew alone, so she wasn’t sure on what Rashna would draw. Yet, she felt the need to paint as well, to show the woman, Clarice could be better, or just to bother her. However, when she started to draw, Clarice noticed that her aunt was basically drawing her, with black wings and a turtle. Why was she doing that? Clarice looked up at her with a small frown, before look back down at the draw. Using her little finger, she poked the black ink with it, then just helped out Rashna on drawing the wings, not making them look to big, or too beautiful, because they weren’t like that.

Throne Room


Metia clenched her left fist and threw it in the air, while moving it for awhile. Like she was celebrating something, clearly having a sarcastic expression on, just for the fun. She was celebrating the fact that Henry had never stopped loving her, she didn’t wanted to act all lovey dovey, so she just messed around with him. It wasn’t that bad compared to this all years she went through.
If she wasn’t feeling so well, if she was under so much pressure, and drama, she will just act a little different, and more laid back, while deep inside, she just feels like raging, and throwing stuff around. Feeling her King’s fingers around hers, she just smiled and looked at him, from the corner of her eye, still remaining a polite and Queen figure, like a lady should. The both of them left the Resting Room, and was on their ways towards the Throne Room, they saw Selene, Lucan and Henry’s brother. Thankful, Clarice really did obey and was now with her aunt.
“Sooo..Still protecting your mother, Lucan?”
Clarice asked with a small smile, while she just walked closer to her family, tugging Henry along. There was tons of things Selene had to explain to her and to her father, such has what really had happen between her and that warlock, and about Joffrey, also how Tempest is already a 15teenager, and that boy just born today, and he’s like a ten years old.

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September 12, 2013 10:46AM
The Throne Room

Lucan smiled brightly when Orion spoke of his spirit and good looks. He tilted his head with a smirk and shrugged “You’re a nice looking man, I’ll give you that. But I have my mother’s hair and her pretty green eyes. Her eyes are so lovely, don’t you think?”Turning around, he gave Selene a loving smile before whipping around to face Orion. Eyes wide, he rushed towards him and spoke eagerly “Who is this ‘God’ you speak of? I want to fight in his army too! I’m strong and brave, I swear!” Seeing Orion crouch down and speak in a soft tone, he leaned in conspiratorially as he waited to hear a good secret. After listening carefully to the angel, Lucan straightened up and nodded firmly as he spoke in a whisper once more. “Yes, no more tears. I shan’t be happy until she is.” Crossing his arms, he spun around and smiled at his mother once more.
The princess appreciated that Orion found Lucan to be ‘spirited’ instead of bothersome. Though he was really only a day old, the boy seemed to have a firm understanding of how the world works. He was curious and brave, as well as witty and sharp-tongued. The fact that he was a great mix of both Selene and Desmond both saddened and gladdened her. Selene only shook her head with a small smile as Orion spoke of the Casterly looks, finding Orion to indeed be dashing. Though he was handsome and amiable enough, the princess did not want to be charmed by men. Her own husband was charming and compassionate when she first met him, and look where that got her. She smiled gently at the two boys as they spoke of making her happy. Selene knew she was to act as if she did not hear them, but she still managed to blush a little when Orion winked at her again. Reaching up to brush her hair aside, she called to Lucan “Come darling, let us not bother the nice man any longer.”
Lucan frowned as though he was going to start whining until he saw that his grandparents returned. Rushing over to stand in front of Selene again, he nodded his head fervently with a smile “Of course, Grandmamma. I shall never leave her side.”Reaching up, he grabbed the princess’s hand while giving Orion a thumbs-up.

Selene laughed softly and turned to look at her mother and father. Her gaze lingered on her father briefly, wondering if he was all right after his journey. She was definitely curious as to what her parents talked about, but she knew better than to mention it. Turning her attention to Metia, she knew her mother wanted more of an explanation. Metia did take her in without much question, but annulling the marriage was a serious ordeal. Sighing, she bent down and kissed Lucan’s forehead. “Go stand by Orion, darling. I must speak to your grandparents.” Lucan only nodded and walked over to stand by Orion. He was a well-behaved little boy and just wanted to make his mother happy.

Seeing her son obey, Selene then walked up to Henry and Metia and spoke softly “It pains me to say this, mother and father, but I allowed dark magic and selfish desires to cloud my judgement. I wanted another child so bad I think it made me forget how to see the world clearly. Desmond was a trusted friend, someone I thought very highly of. He must have taken advantage of this position and changed into the form of my husband. I lay with him under the assumption that he was my husband and he impregnated me. I can only assume because he is a warlock that his power has been transferred to Lucan, thus explaining his wildly growing body.” Letting out a soft sigh, she then continued “I realize now I was a fool to allow a man to trick me into thinking he was my husband. I ought to know who my true husband is.” Her eyes then met Metia’s boldly as she spoke a little louder “Joffrey learned of Lucan’s birth and unleashed his demonic rage on me yet again. He attempted to hurt Lucan and banished us from the Night Lands without hearing an explanation from me. I know I could have forced him to listen, but seeing him react like that only made me realize I could never love or forgive a man who would do that to my child.” Looking at the ground, tears formed behind her eyes but she would not allow them to fall. “Because of his rage and my foolishness, I have lost my daughter and can never see her again. That is my only regret in leaving Joffrey. Though, I would certainly leave him again after the way he treated me. I will never forgive him for the way he used and abused me.” Looking up, her eyes were now dull and her mouth was set in a bitter line. “Mother, you were right about men.” Feeling the weight from her loss and grief over her family finally set in and she could only look at the ground to keep from crying. She would not break down in front of her family, she had to be strong.

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September 13, 2013 03:37AM
The Throne Room

Orion was somewhat perplexed with Lucan asked who God was. It actually made him narrow his eyes and then glance at his mother, Selene. “You don’t know who God is? But surely if you are a Casterly, you must know.” Orion strolled over to Selene and then asked. “What am I missing here?’ It was a good question indeed. Nothing against the boy, for he seemed to have good heart, and deeply caring of his mother. Something was off. The Boy continued with how he was strong and brave, and could be part of God’s army. Orion showed concern towards Lucan. There was more to this lad then met the eye.


The Return of the King

It was hard to make sense of Metia’s sarcastic and somewhat comical reaction to the King’s declaration of love. A fist pump? Even for her that was a bit much. The King became amused by this side of her. Perhaps the old Metia was making an emergence, and if so, he would deal with that as part of their reuniting as a couple. It was obviously going to be a long hard road before they shared a true sense of trust and commitment to each other after all the years they had been at opposites, mostly due to the inaction of the King to commit and show love to his wife. Hopefully all that had changed in his trip to the Temple of Thrones, where he more or less got a smack on the back of the head, for running away from his problems, and manning up. With Orion and Rashna now in residence, and watching over the family, he was going to have to do his utmost to show he could do better. Being tugged along by Metia, the King showed a quirky smile, letting her explore this more casual side. Course, the reasons for Selene’s return to the family was about to be revealed, and Henry showed united front with Metia, when Selene explained her current circumstance. Orion was also interested in this tale, in particular how it came to affect the boy.


As Selene explained herself, the King placed his arm around Metia’s waist, glancing at her side on, just to show he was willing to publicly show affection, but not in the old ways, where he smothered her. Listening to Selene, the King didn’t really like what he was hearing, at all. The part that really hit home was when Selene said “Mother, you were right about men.” At this both Orion and Henry looked at Metia, and Orion was more bold than his brother and piped up; “Right about men? In what way?”Clearly, Orion took offence. Henry wanted to facepalm, but held his composure.

Orion then looked at Lucan and put two and two together. “So the boy is half angel, bred with that of a Warlock?’ He huffed and folded his arms. “That explains why he knows nothing of God, and if he really is only a day old….he’ll be ninety by the end of the week.” At this Henry shook his head. “I still can’t get my head around the fact you didn’t even know that you were laying with another man, and not your husband.” This was a clear showing that the Brother’s Casterly were having a hard time grasping Selene’s story. Orion drew his fingers back through his hair and sighed. “They say love is blind.” The King released his hold on Metia, and walked towards his daughter, thinking carefully before speaking. “So you have annulled your marriage, lost your husband and daughter, and cut all ties with the Brax? Are you sure that is what you want?’ He grew serious. “Sounds to me, like your husband struck out in a fit of rage, which is to be expected from a demon. You did run off to marry him after all, and know him better than any of us” It was at this moment, that Henry felt he needed to not only come clean on his own behaviour, but also to make his daughter understand that everyone makes mistakes. Selene….I have a confession.”

He looked back at Metia, and then sucked in his breath and his pride before looking back at his daughter. “Many years ago, I did what you are doing now. I made a mistake, an error of judgement, that cost me not only my piece of mind, the love of my wife, and the joy of spending time with my youngest daughter, who to this day can’t even look at me. I grew resentful, hateful, spiteful. I refused to let God’s light shine into my life. My own heart turned black. Then….I decided to run away, rather than face my wife….who I do love. I went home, to Orion and Rashna. It was there, they kicked me in the ass and brought me back. I learnt the hard way, that running away from my problems solves nothing. Though this is hard to understand, it is better to face them, and deal with it, then lose….everything.” At the word everything, he looked back at Metia. He was not ashamed to admit…he had been wrong.

Clarice’s room

Rashna glanced up at Clarice. Her actions spoke volumes, and while her maids or her family may have chided her for painting on her turtle, Rashna refused to show a reaction. She just went on painting silently. When Clarice started to help her draw the wings with the paint on the tip of her finger, she allowed it. No words needed, for Rashna was very in tune with the reactions and facial expressions that Clarice was expressing. Rashna cleaned her finger, then started to paint the turtle with the same paint that Clarice had used to paint her real turtle. The Throne angel tilted her head and worked with care, capturing the likeness of the turtle, as Clarice continued to do the wings.



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September 13, 2013 05:14AM
Throne Room

Metia rose her chin slowly, while listening to her daughter explaining herself, she wanted to know more of her situation, since she didn’t asked enough questions when Selene showed up. It was on that moment Metia felt some arm being wrapped around her waist, she took a look at Henry from the corner of her eye, still remaining with a serious expression, but inside, she was smiling and happy he done that, even tho it would take them awhile to fix their marriage. Now Metia was understanding everything, still hard for her to believe how Selene didn’t noticed it wasn’t Joffrey who was having an intercourse with her, but sometimes the wish on wanting something, does leaves you blind. Metia was about to say something, till Selene said that Metia were right about men. She shrugged innocently and looked at Henry. She said that to Selene, years ago, before she had ran away with Joffrey. Metia warned her about not fall in a man’s charm that easily, or else she could get hurt. Metia suffered back then, broken heart, and its definitely the worst pains out there, then she had deal with another broken heart, from Henry, and it wasn’t easy to deal with it as well. So of course, she says some men are such bastards. Then Orion spoke.
“Its not like that, I just told her to not fall in some bastard’s charm…”
She bite the inside of her cheek, and tried to hold a chuckle from her own words. Trying to explain herself, which didn’t worked.
“I’m an asshole.”
She mumbled, shaking her head. Metia was definitely acting different now, she was more playful, not because she was 100% happy, but enough to bring back some “life” into her.
Now Metia allowed her husband to speak towards her daughter, Metia had already shared her opinion about this matter, she wasn’t satisfied with what Selene done, and was clearly upset to the fact Selene backed away so easily, and didn’t stand up for herself. If it was Metia’s case, she would do anything to make the other person hear her.
Metia took a deep breathe, when Henry said he had a confession and looked at her. What was going in his mind? All would have an answer when he started speaking, she wanted to facepalm herself on that moment, because she was in a struggle to not tell her daughter her marriage problems, so she didn’t had to worry, but Henry just rambled about it. Well, not really rambling, because the more he spoke, the more it touch Metia’s heart, she could see that he really had changed and he admitted his mistakes, like she made her daughter do before. Admit your mistakes, see what you done wrong, and fix it.
As soon as Henry was done and looked at her, Metia just showed a small smile.
“Tempest is still your daughter. You don’t have to have any kind of tie with Joffrey, but he is Tempest’s father, she’s on his side, because she doesn’t know yours, even tho from the letter I received from her, it will be hard for her to believe you.”
Metia told her daughter, honesty. If this was what Selene really wanted, Metia would quickly put Joffrey away from her thoughts, since she was thinking about have a second meeting with that demon, their last meeting didn’t worked that duel, since that thing ate a bit of her flesh due the crows, and she burnt herself with anger towards him. She wasn’t thinking about getting angry again, she was going to be “civil” and “polite”.

Clarice’s Bedroom


Clarice keep on painting with the tip of her finger, quietly, not saying a thing, since Rashna wasn’t speaking either. Now Clarice began to wonder what was going in her mind, did she wanted to say something but she didn’t wanted to upset Clarice? Or she was just feeling uncomfortable around the child? They were basically strangers to each other, but that didn’t meant Clarice was getting curious about her aunt, at least she is wasting her time to paint with Clarice, not everybody does that. Her father never done that, its only telling her that maybe his siblings are different.
While she was drawing her own wings, Rashna began to draw her turtle, and she stretched out her arm more closer to Rashna so she could see how the turtle was, she knew Rashna wouldn’t hurt her turtle, due the way she was working with the draw, careful.
“Why are you here?”
Clarice finally spoke, and tilted her head to the side, still curious about this, even tho her expression didn’t showed much. She looked up at her aunt with her dark eyes, waiting for an answer.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
September 13, 2013 08:16AM
Throne Room

Selene turned slowly to face Orion, slight exasperation on her face at his question. “M’lord, he is but a day old. I just had to rescue him from a raging demon and I myself have been overcoming the loss of my family. The subject of God hasn’t come up yet during this busy day. You will have to forgive me for not further explaining.” She trued to ignore his comment about Lucan being ninety by the end of the week. If he kept growing like he was, he would be dead soon and she would lose him as well. Turning to look towards the thrones, she listened to what her father and mother had to say. They did seem sympathetic, but she knew they were still skeptical of her story. It seemed no one believed she was deceived, and it deeply troubled her. Feeling as though she had no true allies, she walked away from them to stand before one of the stained glass windows with her arms crossed. While she stood alone, she pondered her father’s words. The princess did not want to lose her daughter, that much she knew. But while she thought of Joffrey, she truly felt unsure of whether or not she could go back to him. His rage shook her to the core in her time of darkness when she just gave birth. He hadn’t bothered to listen and just cast her and the child aside like they were scum. However, he had come back to her before when he had unleashed his demonic rage. Perhaps it was her turn to put her foot down.

Lucan watched all this unfold silently. Though they were speaking in hushed tones, he could hear everything perfectly. Stepping towards Orion, he sighed softly and looked up at him with big green eyes. “I feel the magic pushing me forwards, sir. But I know it has a stopping point. I can feel it. I sense it.” Then, he began to grow before there eyes, a white mist around him as he changed from a boy into a young man, looking to be a teenager. When it was complete, he smiled slightly “It is now finished. The growth spell has taken it’s course and I shall age as I should.” Looking between them, he was sure they would want to know how he knew such things. Shrugging, he smiled towards Orion “Perhaps God has bigger plans for me.”
He then walked over to his mother who was oblivious to his growth as she was lost in her thoughts. Standing next to her, he pulled her chin to look up at him at he was now much taller than her “Mother, you are a strong woman. You saved me from a man you love. Yes, I know you still love him. You had enough bravery to leave him behind to save me. I know you ran away, but you also gave me a chance to live.” Pulling her into a hug, he murmured softly into her ear “I will take you home to your husband. You know that is where you belong.”
Selene looked up at her son in wonder. Who was this child she had been given? He was truly a gift from Heaven, and was full of wisdom she knew had to be from God himself. Looking to Orion, she silently wondered if the angel had a hand in this. Taking Lucan’s hand, she walked over to her parents once more and spoke softly “Father, Mother, I understand I must not run. This is bigger than me. I have a family that I must unify.” Looking towards her father, she smiled softy “I do not wish to lose my daughter because of my mistakes. As for my husband, I will make him listen to me. Then, it is in God’s hands. I must do what is right for my family.” It seemed that returning to her father’s presence and upon meeting Orion, her faith had been restored. Turning to Orion, she smiled slightly “I do hope you will be joining me for the sake of Lucan…”

Lucan perked up at this and walked over, a large smile on his boylishly handsome face. “I know I would certainly appreciate the company.” He then turned to smile at his grandparents, clearly thrilled by the idea of travelling.