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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 09:43PM
“That happens when you do good.” Sam chuckled, taking the moment to wrap his own hand around Damion’s cock. He began to stroke lightly, matching Damion’s movements upon his own skin. Damion gasped, his hips thrusting of their own volition as Sam stroked him slowly. Damion’s eyes rolled into his head and his breathing was ragged as Sam’s hand caressed him with a firmness his own hand was never able to match.

“Oh god!” Damion moaned just before Sam’s lips covered his own. Another moan was wrenched from him as he felt Sam’s tongue tease across his lips. Tentatively, he slipped his own tongue from his mouth to touch across Sam’s and he wanted to die on the spot. He felt Sam’s hand in his hair, urging him closer, urging him to take what he wanted and Damion obliged, letting his tongue follow Sam’s to do battle inside their mouths. Damion thought his heart was going to leap out of his chest it was pounding so hard. Damion’s hand began to move faster as his arousal flared.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:11PM
Sam’s member grew rigid in Damion’s hand, and he drew his head back and gasped loudly, as Damion picked up speed, brought on by his rapid heart beat. “That’s it…keep it up. Good boy.” Sam said, as he did the same to Damion. The two men were now swept up in the moment, their pants and grunts filling the room, as the tension was building. Sam released Damion’s head and instead reached down to grip his buttocks, starting to push it forward, to get the rhythm building as their bodies were so close together. “Damion…I’m so close.” he said with a hoarse growl, as his fingers curled tighter around Damion’s shaft and he worked it like a piston. Then without warning, he kissed him hungrily, as he started to jizz right in Damion’s hand, spraying his chest. His growls of completion, were done into Damion’s mouth, as he tried to bring Damion to cum with him.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:19PM
“Mmm…Sam!” Damion moaned as Sam reached down to grip his buttocks, pushing him into a recognizable rythmn. Damion panted hard, pressing his sweaty forehead to Sam’s neck as the pleasure became intense.

“Damion…I’m so close. Sam growled into Damion’s ear. Damion looked up and that’s when Sam kissed him fiercely, his tongue working its way into Damion’s mouth. The steel shaft in Damion’s hand went rigid before it pulsed hard, a liquid warmth covering Damion’s hand and chest. Sam had effectivly just marked Damion as his own. Gasping, Damion threw back his head and with a sharp cry, came all over Sam’s stomach and hand in return. His whole body trembled with emotion and he clung to his mate, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:28PM
Nothing was more beautiful than Damion at this moment. The sheer relief and ecxtasy, that exact moment, when he released upon Sam, and then clung to him with tears running down his face. And what did the Alpha do? What he was always meant too. He gently released his grip on Damion’s member, and then placed his arm around him, kissing his tears away, and making a noise that was like the one that Virgo made when he was content with his wife. That same peaceful sound, that reverberated off his chest. A sign of affection, and love. He didn’t just kiss the tears away, he kissed him all over his face, to his forehead and his cheeks, his nose, his lips and chin. Though their chests were sticky, they were warm, and Sam let this moment linger. His lips moved towards Damion’s ear, and he whispered.

“Now, your mine. As I am yours.” He then scooped up Damion’s legs and carried him over to the shower, were he set him down, and turned on the faucet. The hot streams of water would bring welcome relief. Taking up a hand cloth, he drew Damion into the shower and started to wash him off slowly, using soap and water on the cloth. The water sprayed over them both, as Sam gazed down at the trembling Damion. “Feeling better?”


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:44PM
As Damion cried in his mate’s arms, Sam did everything in his power as Alpha to comfort him, cooing and clucking at him and making him feel loved and cherished. Sam pressed kisses all over his face, going a long way to calm his mate down. Damion pressed in close to his mate, feeling safe in his arms, despite the fact they were covered in sticky fluids. Sam bent forward, his cheek brushing across Damion’s.

“Now, your mine. As I am yours.” Sam whispered.

He was surprised when Sam swept him up into his arms, bridal style and took them both into the shower. He set Damion on his feet and turned on the faucet. The warm water washed over their naked forms as Sam took a hand cloth and started to wash his mate’s body. Damion sniffled every once in a while, but for the most part, his emotions were settling into some semblence of calm.

“Feeling better?” Sam asked him, his tone gentle. Damion nodded, unsure of what to say. He was overwhelmed for the most part, having never expected to find his mate…and so quickly. His sister was going to be jealous. He chuckled a bit, looking at Sam.

“My sister is going to be jealous that she didn’t find her mate before I did.” he said. He turned to face Sam, reaching up to touch his cheek. “Thank you.” Those two words held a whole wealth of meaning to the younger werewolf and he only hoped his Alpha knew what he was thanking him for. Damion knew there was more to come in regards to their burgeoning sexual discoveries and trusted Sam to ease him through with love and care.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 10, 2013 03:18AM
“I did promise you, I would never hurt you, Damion.” Sam said as he felt the touch of Damion’s hand to his cheek, and uttered the words “Thank you”. Watching Damion start to relax and compose himself, Sam knew he had done the right thing by him, and treated him with the utmost care and love in this their first ever sexual encounter. As for Damion’s sister, Sam was sure a pretty girl like her would find a mate easily in a big city like New York, she just might run into a lot of toads in the meantime. Having a twin, would make the relationship with Damion and Dominique a strong one, and then thoughts came to mind of how Damion’s parents would react, when they find out that Damion was in fact gay, and had taken a mate. Not just any mate, but a young and powerful Alpha.


Stepping out of the shower cubicle, he reached for a towel and handed it to Damion, winking. “Why don’t you dry off, and get dressed. Then, I am happy to give you a ride home.” It was getting late, and Sam had an appointment in the morning, plus other business dealings he had to take care of. “I’m sure your father will want you up bright and early for work.” Sam got his own towel and started to dry himself down, before finding a shirt and pants to wear, something simple, to take Damion home. It was not that he didn’t want Damion to stay longer, he just knew that this was to be the first night of many.

Sam had so much to teach him, and he was sure that in the coming weeks, months, that their relationship would blossom, into something truly beautiful. The only downside….was keeping it hidden. It may have been the roaring twenties, but homosexuality was still illegal.

Dressed, he got the keys to his car, and then waited for Damion to get dressed, so he could drive him home.


“Ready to go?”


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 10, 2013 05:54AM
“I did promise you, I would never hurt you, Damion.” Sam promised. The water was turned off and Sam stepped from the shower, handing Damion a towel with a wink. “Why don’t you dry off, and get dressed. Then, I am happy to give you a ride home…I’m sure your father will want you up bright and early for work.”

Damion nodded, shyly stepping out of the cubicle and drying off. He couldn’t help but take peeks at Sam’s nude form, thinking of how that gorgeous body was pressed against his own. He blushed as he thought about it and knew he would have something to fuel his most erotic dreams for weeks to come.

Once he was dressed, he waited for Sam to gather up his keys.

“Ready to go?”

“I left my car at Fred’s. Could you take me there, please?” he asked.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 10, 2013 06:05AM
“Oh right, you left your car at Fred’s. How could I have forgotten that.” Sam chortled, smacking his forehead and then shaking his head. Clearly he had been so wrapped up in Damion, he completely forgot what they had been doing hours before.

“Right this way, Damion.” Sam said with a sweeping gesture, and the two would leave the apartment, for the elevator, and then down to the foyer, before out to Sam’s car. Now that they were in public, Sam had to keep his wits about him, and let Damion get his own car door, while Sam jumped in the driver’s seat. Starting the engine, Sam looked across at Damion adoringly.

“Don’t ever change.” He said with a slight growl to his voice, as the car sped off towards Fred’s, so that Sam could drop him off. When would they see each other again? Hopefully, it would be soon.