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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:33AM
Damion actually whimpered out loud when Sam released him, helping him take off his shirt in the process.

When Sam sat back on the other end of the couch, Damion was mesmerized.

“Want to taste me, Damion?” Sam’s voice was dark and husky and it rolled over Damion like a wave. “Do what you want to me, I want you to get to know me inside out.”

Damion stared at him, he couldn’t look away, but neither did he move forward. His mouth worked but no sound came forth.

He knew he wanted Sam with every fiber of his being, wanted him the way he saw how his father wanted his mother…but being with Sam…being with a man…was whole new territory for the young submissive.

And then thoughts of his father intruded and Damion, ashamed and afraid, curled in on himself. His father had dreams of Damion taking over as Alpha one day when Virgo was no longer able to…and Damion knew in his heart and soul that he was not Alpha material. He was a Beta. His sister had more of chance of being Alpha to their clan than he did.

He looked at Sam, tears in his eyes. “I want to…but I’m scared.” he admitted, wrapping his arms around himself in shame.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:41AM
Seeing Damion suddenly withdraw, whimpering and curling up in a ball, at first Sam thought he had truly gone too far. This was not the reaction he was expecting, but then again, it wasn’t completely surprising either, being his first time. Sadly, it was kinda deflating too, and Sam frowned, going to put his cotton pants back on, not…fast, but so as not to embarrass Damion either.

When his eyes were tearful, and he said he wanted too, but he was scared, Sam sat back down on the couch, and propped his head with his fist, looking at Damion thoughtfully. There was more to this then met the eye, and it was going to be hard to get the answers to it.

“It’s okay…you don’t have to explain. Why don’t you borrow some of my clothes, get dressed and I will give you a ride home.” Sam said gently. He was not going to pursue the young Marulo further…he clearly wasn’t ready. He failed the test.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:47AM
“It’s okay…you don’t have to explain. Why don’t you borrow some of my clothes, get dressed and I will give you a ride home.”

“I’m sorry.” Damion whispered. “It’s not you. It’s my father. He’s…” he took a deep breath, about to reveal a family secret to someone he assumed was human. “He’s a werwolf…as am I…and Alpha of our pack. He has dreams of me taking over when he’s no longer able to…and I don’t know how to tell him…” he took a deep breath and stared at the floor, misery etched in every line of his body, “…that I’m a submissive.” He grabbed his shirt from the floor and yanked it back on, trying to rebutton it, but his hands were shaking too much. He may have just ruined the best thing that ever happened in his life and he was sick with fear.

He stood and fixed his pants, before moving to the window and staring out into the night. He pressed his feverish face to the cool glass, eyes closed as he struggled to reign in his turbulent emotions.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:56AM
Now, it all started to make perfect sense. All of it. In fact, the truth made it better, just Damion couldn’t see that yet. Sam chewed on his bottom lip, as he watched Damion falter. It was actually heartbreaking to see, this disappointment, coursing through him. Sam actually understood, more than Damion could ever realize. Watching Damion go to the window, Sam finally got up and crossed the floor, standing behind him, not wanting it to end this way. He had to say what needed to be said.

“We can’t always live up to the expectations of our fathers, but I know one thing, all they want is for us to be happy. And happy with who we love. Damion. I am an alpha werewolf, like your father. It’s why you’re drawn to me. You know this, just…your fear suppressed it.”

Sam placed his arms around Damion, and brought him into an embrace, and started to do, exactly what Virgo would do to his own mother. He nuzzled him affectionately, making those same sounds….the ones that are to comfort, and reassure their mates. “I chose you the moment I saw you at the bar, Damion. I want you…only you.” This was not about sex….this was about being a life mate. He started to nip and bite at Damion’s neck, wanting him to submit….again.



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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 11:05AM
Damion stiffened slightly when he felt Sam step up behind him. But he caught the scent of him and his body visibly relaxed. Damion may not have recognized it yet, but his wolf had found his mate and instinctively knew he wouldn’t be harmed. That it was another male made no difference. When wolves mated…it was for life, regardless of sex.

Sam’s words, when he spoke them, caused Damion to startle in surprise.

“We can’t always live up to the expectations of our fathers, but I know one thing, all they want is for us to be happy. And happy with who we love. Damion. I am an alpha werewolf, like your father. It’s why you’re drawn to me. You know this, just…your fear suppressed it.”

Damion caught Sam’s reflection in the window glass, standing behind him and slightly to his left. He couldn’t tear his eyes away as Sam wrapped him in his arms and pulled him close, nuzzling his neck and making comforting sounds, much like Virgo did with Elvira when she needed reassurance.

Damion closed his eyes as Sam whispered in his ear. “I chose you the moment I saw you at the bar, Damion. I want you…only you.”

He began to nip and bite at Damion’s neck and Damion found himself relaxing once more. He felt at home in his mate’s arms.

“Our mate.” his wolf whispered in his mind.

“Yes.” Damion agreed, verbally expressing his want to be with Sam. He turned in Sam’s arms, his eyes bright with need. “Please…help me…” Damion mumured, not knowing what to do. This was all so new to him and he didn’t want to mess this up.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 07:46PM
Sam whispered softly, as now Damion had turned in his arms, and looked up at him with need, though so new to this, Sam knew he must be gentle. The Alpha slowly started to unbutton Damion’s shirt, but as he did so, he would kiss him fleetingly, almost brushing his lips over Damion’s and pulling back, so Damion could see with his own eyes, what was happening. Once all the buttons were undone, Sam reached for both edges of Damion’s shirt and slowly slid it off his body, once again he could see his bare chest, devoid of hair. Sam’s eyes were warm and affectionate, and he made a growl of approval, husky and deep. It was designed to give confidence to Damion, that Sam approved of him. Next he undid his pants, and when bending lower, to push the pants down, he licked at Damion’s right nipple, teasing the nub, his hot breathe tracing down, till he felt Damion’s pant slip to the floor. Sam stood upright, and undid the tie of his pants, the silk simply floating to the floor, and now both males were naked before the other, in the dark of night.


Sam brought his hand up and over Damion’s head, and then gently brought him in to kiss Sam, and again, this was done meticulously, slowly. Letting his scent be smelt, and savored. The warmth of Sam’s body was inescapable, and the Alpha brought Damion in, feeling skin on skin, as he licked at the inside of Damion’s mouth. If Damion had ever imagined that loving a man could be so gentle, this would have been a complete eyeopener. The Alpha treated Damion with respect, and patience.

Sam broke the kiss, and whispered. “Your pleasure is important to me. So, don’t be afraid, I’ll never hurt you.”


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 08:32PM
Damion was breathing hard, as if he’d run a marathon as Sam slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He wanted to grab Sam’s hands and ask him to wait, that he wasn’t ready, but his body was telling a whole different story.

“Let him love you. Let him love us.” the wolf whispered in his mind. Damion took a deep breath and moaned lightly when Sam brushed his lips across his own. Damion watched Sam carefully, every movement his soon-to-be lover made was designed to make Damion feel comfortable and loved. Buttons undone, Sam slowly peeled the shirt from Damion’s body and dropped it to the floor. Damion flushed with heat when Sam growled in appreciation of his physique.

Sam, ever careful of Damion’s turbulent emotions slowly reached for his pants, carefully not to touch his rigid hardness until the pleated enclosure was pulled away. Sam slid the pants down Damion’s thighs, licking at his nipple as he pushed his pants to the floor. Damion wobbled for a moment, steadying his hands on Sam’s shoulder’s as his knees threatened to buckle at the erotic touch. Returning to a standing position, Sam kept his eyes on Damion’s as he undid his silk sleep pants, the material sliding to the floor in a whisper of sound. Damion’s gaze was riveted on the turgid shaft pointing up from a nest of dark curls at the juncture of Sam’s thighs. He gulped hard as he stared. It twitched under his regard and his eyes flew to Sam’s face, who was looking at him in slight amusement.

Stepping closer, Sam brought his arm around Damion’s neck then gently pulled him into a kiss. Damion whimpered with need as his skin brushed against Sam’s. He felt the warmth of the body before him and couldn’t help but place his palms flat against the hard planes of Sam’s chest. Sam was so gentle with him, knowing this would be his first time. He was patient and respectful of Damion’s boundaries, and Damion found himself falling a little more.

Sam broke the kiss and stared at Damion. “Your pleasure is important to me. So don’t be afraid, I’ll never hurt you.”

Damion could hear the sincerity in Sam’s words and believed them to be true.

“Sam…please…tell me what to do.” Damion murmured. He’d never been with anyone, male or female and he didn’t have a clue what he was doing. “I…I’ve never done this…ever…with anyone…” he admitted, his face flushing red with both desire and embarrassment. It seemed to be a night of admitting truths with this man, his Alpha.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 08:53PM
It was a wonderful moment, when Damion admitted he was a complete virgin, to loving a man or a woman. His crimson stained cheeks were a testimony to this, and Sam continued to be affectionate and understanding. Wordlessly, he walked him over towards the bed, that was on the far side of the room, but still with the big open windows, that showed off a spectacular New York skyline. Sam urged Damion to kneel on the bed as Sam stood, and they would be facing each other. His eyes drifted over Damion’s face, as he let his hands explore Damion’s back, and then cup his ass, as he said softly.

“First thing we can learn about our mates, is through touch, smell, and taste. So, first we go with touch.” Sam’s skilled hands roamed up and down Damion’s back, but in front, Damion would feel the bump of their hardened members against the others. Sam reached for Damion’s hand, and then brought it down, so he could place it around Sam’s length.

“Now, I know you would have this down pact. Stroke me…get a feel for me.” He pushed his hips forward just a little, a nudge, as his other hand stoked his back. He didn’t kiss Damion again, he watched though how Damion reacted to this.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 09:15PM
Damion’s nerves were stretched tight as Sam lead them to his bed. Instead of pushing him down and taking what he wanted, like Damion expected him to, Sam urged him to kneel on the bed with Sam standing on the floor before him, the view of New York at Sam’s back. Sam’s eyes roamed over Damion’s face as his hands traveled the muscles of his back. When he felt those hands cup his ass, Damion’s breath hitched in his throat, but he did not move away.

“First thing we can learn about our mates, is through touch, smell, and taste. So, first we go with touch.” Sam’s hands continued to roam, while their erections bumped together. Damion inhaled sharply at the sensation. Sam took his mate’s hand and pressed it against his own hardness.

“…Stroke me…get a feel for me.” Sam urged, pressing his hips forward a little, his hard length sliding between Damion’s fingers. Damion was mesmerized by the feel of Sam’s skin. It was no different then his own, but it was silky smooth. Encouraged, Damion’s gaze remained fixated on his hand wrapped around Sam’s length, getting the feel for his mate. He slid his hand slowly up and down, pressing against the base as his hand brushed his pelvis and then back upward to the purplish head. His heart was pounding in his chest, for a whole different reason other then fear. He continued to stroke the hard flesh of his mate’s erection, his tongue caught in the corner of his mouth.

“Oh!” Damion exclaimed as a small droplet of pre slipped out, aiding in his endevaors.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 09:33PM
The Alpha grunted slightly, from the first drops of pre to emerge from the head of his cock, and smiled at Damion’s surprise. “That happens when you do good.” Sam said, now taking the moment, to place his own hand around Damion’s hardened member, and he slowly started to stroke, to match Damion’s efforts. He exhaled out of his mouth, and moaned at the touch of his hand now on Damion. Tipping his head down, he kissed Damion slowly, all the while stroking, and pushing his own hips forward, to get Damion to keep going. This was to share in the experience, have him slowly build up his arousal, as he got comfortable in touching his new mate. Their knuckles may brush against the other, but the joint feeling would be sharing this experience, and how good it felt.

Sam could push Damion down on the bed, and take him hard, but he felt this way, that this was breaking Damion in slowly. He may be submissive, but he needed to feel the pleasure as well. Sam’s free hand raked through Damion’s hair, as the heat between them intensified.