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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 08:33AM
Damion nodded, completely understanding where Sam was coming from. Damion, himself was good at what he did for his father’s company and could see the pride in Virgo’s eyes whenever he caught him looking.

Sam passed him a plate with the newly made sandwich and some crisps before walking around the counter. “Excuse me while I go put on something comfortable, these clothes feel so rigid.”

Before Damion could answer, Sam was already walking toward an area Damion just noticed. It was wide open and he could clearly see the bed taking up the space in the center. Damion’s mouth dropped open in shock as Sam undressed before his very eyes and Damion got a good long look at the spectacular body before him. The muscles of his back were well-defined and he watched on as they flexed and twisted with Sam’s movements. Damion’s eyes followed the lines of the body as Sam dropped trou and saliva pooled in the corner of Damion’s mouth as he caught his first glimpse of Sam’s naked arse. It was a work of art and he had the sudden urge to run his hands over those perfectly rounded globes.

Sam pulled on a loose pair of pants and Damion quickly turned away, focusing on his sandwich before Sam caught wind that he’d been staring.

He returned to the kitchen and took up his own plate before moving toward the couch. Damion joined him a moment later, trying very hard not to stare at Sam’s naked chest, and the light trail of hair leading beneath the waistband of his pants.

He looked so comfortable, and so tantalizing that Damion had trouble concentrating on his own dinner. Sam took a bite of his sandwich and chewed thoughtfully. “Not as good as Joe’s…but it’ll do. Hope you like yours.”

Damion yanked his gaze away from Sam’s chest and took a bite of his own sandwich. The explosion of flavor across his tongue had him inadvertently moaning in delight.

“This is delicious!”

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 08:43AM
Hearing the moan of delight as Damion enjoyed his tower sandwich, Sam chuckled. “Well that’s the best compliment ever.” He meant that since it sounded like Damion was experiencing a taste orgasm, and if that is what Damion sounded like over a sandwich, he could only imagine what he would sound like bent over a table. Course, Sam was not about to try anything on Damion, unless Damion was ready. He knew by the rise in colour of his cheeks, that he had been watching him change into his cotton pants. Sam was not totally stupid. But at the same time, he knew the dangers of rushing into something that the other was not ready for. Last thing he needed was a scandal.

Yes, he found Damion most attractive, and had virtually been going through in his mind what he would love to do to him, but he had to bury that way down inside himself, and allow Damion to get to know him, as a person first. So far, he felt he was doing a damn good job. One thing that made Sam smile, was there was a small trail of mayo on Damion’s chin, and Sam leaned over and used his finger to capture it, before sticking his finger in his mouth and sucking the mayo off.


“Heh, sorry, didn’t want to embarrass you.” Sam said, going back to finishing his sandwich.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 08:48AM
Damion froze in place, his rapidly dwindling sandwich half-way to his mouth when Sam bent close to him. He noticed Sam was staring at his lips and his pulse began to pound. Sam reached out and touched the side of his mouth with a finger and Damion felt that touch all the way down to the tips of his toes. There was a smidge of mayo on Sam’s finger.

He was uncomfortably aware that he now had a raging hard on and he strategically placed his plate in his lap, trying not to make it obvious of what he was doing.

But he was mesmerized when Sam pulled his own finger into his mouth and sucked the mayo off.

“Heh, sorry, didn’t want to embarrass you.”

Damion gulped, trying to form words around a suddenly dry throat.

“No problem.” he croaked. “Thank you for noticing.” He turned away, his cheeks flushed with arousal as he returned to his own sandwich.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 09:01AM
“Here…let me take that plate and I will go wash up, before I take you home.” Sam said, reaching for Damion’s plate, and then feeling the thickness of Damion’s cock pushing up against the fabric of his pants. At this, Sam stopped, and stared into Damion’s eyes, after seeing the blush upon his cheeks.

“Damion….it’s okay.” Sam started, moving the plate to the table, and then bringing his hand back, only this time, he started to slowly massage Damion’s hardness through his pants. Sam edged closer, and you could see the look on his face, that he was infatuated with him.

“Tell me to stop….if this is too much.” Sam whispered, his lips close to Damion’s ear, as his fingers undid Damion’s pants, and his hand delved inside, and he started to stroke him harder, from the base to the tip. His breath was hot and ragged upon Damion’s neck. The two men upon the couch, now being intimate as the lights of New York shined upon them.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 09:20AM
As Sam reached for the now empty plate, his hand brushed across Damion’s hardness and Damion’s breath hitched in his throat. Sam paused and stared at Damion, carefully setting both plates down on the table.

“Damion…it’s okay.” Sam whispered, returning his hand to Damion’s lap. Damion gulped harder, struggling to breath as desire crashed through his body, swift and hard. “Tell me to stop…if this is too much.” Sam’s breath ghosted across his ear and Damion’s eyes slid closed, his cock jumping in his pants. He didn’t dare move as Sam undid his pants, but he let out an unmanly “Eeek!” when a hand not his own touched his bare cock. Sam pressed his forehead to Damion’s cheek, his hot breath ragged across the skin of his neck as he was stroked.

“Sam…” Damion moaned. He never felt anything like this before and it was rather startling to him. But it felt so right.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 09:37AM
Sam heard and felt when Damion made the “eek” sound. Clearly no one had ever touched him there before, especially not a man. Knowing this, Sam eased up, and pulled back slightly, though his hand stroking continued…slow and sensual. “I’ll stop if you want, Damion.” Sam offered, staring at him, as he heard Damion moan his name. Damion’s cock was so smooth, and he could feel the thickening, as Damion was becoming more and more aroused. Sam’s fingers curled around the shaft at the base, then slowly pulled up, watching Damion’s facial expression.

He drew his hand away for a moment, and undid the tie of his cotton pants, so now Damion could see Sam’s throbbing member, which had grown in size and was plainly visible. He gave it a light stroke, then went back to handling Damion’s as he licked his lips.


“I can’t keep myself from touching you, Damion. Feel free to run now…or I am going to take you here, on this couch.”The alpha warned, his face glowing with desire. He then leaned over and kissed Damion hungrily, his hand now pulling on Damion’s cock, as his own tapped his thigh.



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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 09:51AM
Sam backed off slightly, though he continued stroking Damion’s hard flesh and caught his gaze.

“I’ll stop if you want, Damion.” Sam repeated, his hand still in motion. Damion couldn’t even find the words to express what he was feeling. He shook his head, not knowing what to say.

He made a disappointed sound as Sam released him from his hot grip and couldn’t look away when the man he was quickly becoming infatuated with removed his own pants. Damion inhaled sharply as he got his very first look at another man’s cock. It was no different than his own as far as where it was. But the size of it had him drooling. Sam touched himself under Damion’s hot gaze before his touch returned to Damion’s own hardness.

“I can’t keep myself from touching you, Damion. Feel free to run now…or I am going to take you here, on this couch.” was the only warning Damion received before Sam’s mouth was covering his own, passions ignited. Damion couldn’t protest even if he wanted to. Sam’s mouth was hot and sensual, his tongue sliding against his own and the hand on his cock a silken sheath.

Damion didn’t know who moved first, but he suddenly found himself pinned to the couch on his back, his hardness trapped between their bodies and Sam’s rubbing hard into his still-clothed thigh.

“Oh fuck!” Damion gasped, releasing Sam’s mouth as he tossed his head back with a needy sound. This was better than even what his own dreams had conjured up and he didn’t know if he wanted it to stop.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:02AM
Sam knew this was Damion’s first time, and the cry of “Oh fuck” as he tipped his head back, had Sam decide he was going to make this memorable for Damion, if it was the last thing he did. He had never seen anything more beautiful, than the look of sheer ecxtasy on Damion’s face, as he was being stroked, and he knew that he could go one better. Keeping him pressed down, Sam slid down Damion’s taut body, having taken his hand away from his now engorged member, that was so silky smooth to touch with his coarse fingers.

“This will feel so good, Damion.” Sam said with a husky tone, as he got between his legs, and then started to lick from the base of Damion’s cock, right up to the tip, making sure Damion could both see and feel it. Sam closed his eyes, as his tongue darted and flicked the head, and then without warning, he parted his lips, and took him inside his mouth, all the while running his hands up and down Damion’s sides. At first the sucking was strong, but slow, with his tongue lapping under the shaft. His head started to bob up and down, and hopefully Damion enjoyed Sam’s attentions.



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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:10AM
Damion didn’t know what else Sam had in store for him but he was sure it was going to be something he would never forget.

Sam moved over him and Damion’s eyes snapped open when he felt a hot breath ghost over his twitching member. Sam was staring at him over the purple head and Damion felt all the blood he had left in his brain move south. He knew what Sam was about to do before he did it, but it was still a pleasant shock to the young man when a hot, wet mouth surrounded his cock.

“Sam!” Damion cried out, arching his back. His shirt was clinging to his body, slick with sweat and he couldn’t even draw the energy to remove the offending item from his body. His pants were hanging off of one ankle but he took no notice of this fact as heat licked his body like a raging inferno.

“Oh god!” he moaned as Sam’s head bobbed up and down in his lap, the feeling of a hot, slick tongue sliding over his skin overriding his senses. There was no thought in his head but of the man currently lavishing his attention on Damion alone. Of his own volition, Damion’s hands slid through Sam’s hair, trying to anchor himself in the raging sea of desire that claimed his body.

Damion’s wolf whimpered with need, sensing the Alpha within Sam and wanting to submit eagerly. But was Damion ready to be that submissive?

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 09, 2013 10:24AM
Sam felt Damion’s fingers wind their way into his hair, as he was now submitting to this new experience. His loud moans echoed out through the apartment, and then this followed by the wolf like whimpering, as he fell prey to Sam’s attentions. Sam’s own member was now raging hard, his body alive with the fires of lust that ripped through him like a storm. He pulled back from Damion, and started to undo Damion’s buttons of his shirt, so he could free himself of his clothing. Damion’s body was a dream, with well defined features and six pack. Sam pulled off his pants fully, and sat back rubbing his length now, watching Damion closely.

“Want to taste me, Damion?” Sam said, easing back on the couch now, fully exposed. He was daring him to see if he would take to the alpha….if he was ready for such a bold move. “Do what you want to me, I want you to get to know me inside out.” he said with a growl to his voice.