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Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
August 28, 2013 09:19PM
High Mountains of Vaas PlainsTemple of Thrones

In the highest Mountains of Vaas plains, there is a golden Temple, that houses the Dominions and Thrones of God. Angels, that are placed upon earth, to ensure that the servants of God are watched over, cared for as they are God’s children. It is where King Henry came from, all those years before, as a young Throne. But he came to love the people so greatly, he would be appointed King, and leave the Temple of Thrones, where his brothers and sisters of the Wing, worried, what this closeness to the flock, would do to him over time. King Henry had then fallen madly in love with Metia, and this would be his undoing.

But now, high in the clouds, the King soared upon open wings of brilliant white, returning to his true home. For many days, he had stood at the balcony, looking not only over the land that he served, but up to the Temple, with its glistening columns standing out against the green of the mountain side. Finally circling around the building’s structure, his shadow was seen by those that tended to the garden’s around the Temple entrance.


“Ira…we have a visitor. Rashna cried, her wings on full display, though folded behind her back. She wore a long white dress, similar to that of a silken roman gown. Her golden locks were tied into long plaits, that draped over her shoulder. Ira, who had been inside the Temple, writing on a large open book, placed down his feather quill, and pushed himself to standing. Orion, also heard Rashna, and exited the Temple to see for himself, who had flown over head. “Few are so bold to come this high.”Orion said, his twin walking out slowly, his piercing blue eyes gazing up at the winged creature. “If I didn’t know better, a Shepard has returned.” Rashna looked at Ira with a curious expression. “No…he couldn’t have just left them.”


Sure enough, the winged Angel swooped down, wearing only the golden pants that were of his kingly clothes. Closing his wings, as he met up with his brother and sister, you could see he had aged, and that was unheard of for one of their kind.

“Henry, my Brother. What brings you to the Temple of Thrones? And…where are your clothes?” Ira asked, who though happy to see him, was startled by his appearance.

Henry walked up to his brother Orion, who had never approved of Henry’s desire to serve the people of Vaas Plains. Orion unfurled his wing and took out his Angel sword, holding towards Henry’s neck. “Don’t think I am just going to let you walk in here, after the way you left us.” Henry held his place, the point of the blade pointed at his neck. He had a dullness in his eyes, and his skin was sickly pale.

“Either finish me…or let me pass, Orion. I am unarmed.” At this, Rashna came between them and she placed her fingers upon Orion’s blade, lowering it. “Can you not see he is sick, Brother? Let me take him.” Orion inhaled sharply, and then spun on his heel, leaving Rashna to care for Henry. With large blue eyes, she took Henry’s hand.

“You will come with me, and I shall tend to you. I have many questions as why you have returned to us. Questions, Brother, you will answer.”

Henry did not put up a fight to his sister, but simply followed her lead into the Temple.


Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
August 31, 2013 09:04AM
Temple of Throneshttps://i0.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md5eocIoVI1qkmgu5o1_500.gif

Rashna led Henry into a secluded part of the temple, where there was a Grecian bath, and fountain. The room was filled with the steam of tepid waters, and the female Throne gestured for Henry to sit upon a marble bench. Sighing, he did as he was asked, though he was leaving a trail of white feathers behind him, his facial expression hard to read beneath the beard and his wild blonde locks. His body was marked with red scratches and welts, but also extremely pale in colour. The blue hue of his eyes was diminished. Clearly, he was sick.

Rashna picked up a jug of water, and brought it over to the table nearest to the bench. Silently, she gathered up instruments and bandages, oils and ointments. Her own white wings were held in behind her, and she walked as though she was gliding along the floor, almost hovering. Rashna cast a critical eye over her brother’s state, and frowned with disappointment.

“I have to admit, I never thought I would see you like this.” Rashna said softly, tutting as she placed a cloth into a basin, and poured the water over it, wetting it through. “Am I that unappealing to you, Sister? You don’t have to waste your pity on me.” Henry still spoke with that same tone he used, when he spoke to Metia, right before he left. Clearly he had a black mark on his heart, and was blind to other’s emotions or concern. This change in his demeanor, coupled with his appearance, only had her more curious. “They never did say that love would be easy, Henry. Nor marriage come to think of it. Does Metia know you are here? Rashna inquired, knowing Metia from the wedding day, the last time she saw her brother. At this, Henry looked away from his Sister, and refused to speak. That was when the penny dropped for Rashna, and she sighed, as she started to cleanse his torso, which stung. All he could do was grit his teeth, while Rashna made clear that she figured out the issue. “You thought running here would solve the pain in your life? Brother, you know better than anyone that running from your problems does nothing to heal them.

At this…the King stared up at his sister, the hurt welling in his eyes. “She doesn’t love me, Rashna. I have a daughter that can’t even look at me, another off married to a demon, who…has not let me see my own grandchild…and a Son, that I am more than certain is set to take the crown the minute I die. Henry let it all out in a blurt, and this actually had Rashna surprised. “The greatest gift you will ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return.” It was Rashna’s philosophy, but this only brought more sadness from the King. “Then that gift eludes me.” Rashna shrugged, and combed her fingers through his golden locks, seeing the need for him to have his hair cut back. “Sounds to me, like you have fallen into the well of depression, that even if they did love you back, you wouldn’t know.”

She was probably right.


Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 03, 2013 05:08AM
Training groundsWith many of the younger knights going back to their practice, this gave Sir Wayne a chance to take a break, much to the delight of Estelle, who had prepared a spot for him by the fire pit just outside his tent. She had been cooking a stew in the large earthen ware pot that was buried in the coals, and was crouching down tending to it, as the Knight walked back to the tent and then took a seat under the annex to the right of the tent. Godfrey and Thomas were both still joking and laughing at how well Sir Wayne fought Sir Arthur, with Sir Reginald walking in behind the pair, the silver haired angel smirking at their banter. The smell of Estelle’s stew reached their noses, and all three were licking their lips in anticipation.

“Large helping for me, Estelle.” Godfrey chortled, grabbing a wooden bowl and thrusting it in her direction. She wrinkled up her nose and said. “His lordship before you, you greedy Godfrey.” She smacked his hand with her ladle, and Thomas laughed. “Never argue with the one holding the Ladle of power.” Reginald took a seat beside Sir Wayne, who was packing his pipe with tobacco. Reginald had some news, and thought it be best to share it with Sir Wayne. “Remember that white haired lass…the one at the tournament. Giving you the eye and all that.” Reginald said, taking an offered bowl of stew from Estelle. Sir Wayne raised a brow and then as he puffed his pipe, he nodded in acknowledgement. “Aye…what of her?” Reginald was blowing the steam of his stew, when he said. “They say she is wasting away in the dungeons. Unfaithful…treacherous…hard to believe someone that looked so pure, could be evil.” This was stated matter of factly, and Wayne found it hard to believe. She had never wronged him, aside from making him wait for her to go on that journey, which was years ago now. “Does she take visitors? Family?” Wayne asked, now curious of this woman’s fate. Reginald shrugged, taking a mouthful of stew. Chewing twice he said. “Rumor is…she speaks to no one, just…stares at the wall. Pity, why leave someone to rot in a hole…away from the light. I thought we were angels…not barbarians.” Reginald had a point, and this had Wayne stand. “Where you going, Sir?” Reginald asked, wondering if he had said something out of turn.


“To bring light to a fallen…” And with that, he started a walk back up to the main castle, and to visit…Calypso.


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Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 03, 2013 11:20PM
Training groundsSir Wayne was right in his presumptions. Calypso was close to death if she was not released from that hellhole of a jail. The moment he eased her onto the horse gently, she fell forward to hug the horse’s neck. Taking the reigns, he walked the horse slowly, knowing that it was only just so as not to bounce her along. It was a better idea than carrying her all the way, and his intent once he reached his tents would come to the fore.


Many of those on the training field just continued their practise, the smell in the air of good food cooking, the laughter from the children of the squires, and the clash of steel from anvils where the blacksmiths plied their trade would be a welcome to anyone that had been locked away for so long. The sunlight filtered gently down through the canopy, and as Sir Wayne came up to his tent area, his squire Godfrey came out and looked perplexed.

“Where’d ya find her?” He asked wiping his hands, and moving forward to assist Sir Wayne in getting her off the horse. Estelle came out from washing around the back and also looked surprised. The woman was in terrible shape. “Take her in the tent, I will get clean water and have her comfortable. Is she hungry?” Estelle was filled with compassion, and even the other hand maidens were peeking from the tents, to see the newest arrival. Sir Wayne instead carried her himself, into the tent, and laid her down gently upon the fur cushions, trying to get her comfortable. “Rest…and our care is what she needs. Anything she asks for…she gets, understood?” All were in agreeance, looking down at her with concern.


Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 03, 2013 11:30PM
Training Grouds – Sir Wayne’s TentCalypso remained in her sleep like state the entire time, her eyes not opening once, even when familiar, comforting noises were brought to her ears. She listened as they spoke of her as if she was not even there – and as far as she was concerned, she wasn’t. She wasn’t anywhere anymore. And she didn’t want to be. She wanted to be with her husband and son. With her days of plotting and planning the destruction of the houses gone (and the planning and plotting fruitless), she really had no reason to be away from them anymore. The only thing keeping her from joining them by her own hand was her time in that cell. Of course, she’d be under watchful eyes now. Not so much more freedom. Wayne’s words touched her, and she almost opened her eyes and thanked him quietly, but she did not. She’d finally gotten the pity she wanted, but for some reason, now she did not want it anymore. Not when it came from someone who had no reason to pity her. She was curious as to why this was happening, but she didn’t want to go back to the cell, so she just remained silent and seemingly unaware.

Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 04, 2013 03:06AM
Training Grounds – Sir Wayne’s TentUnaware that Calypso was awake, but resting her eyes, those that cared for her went about their tasks trying to make as little fuss as possible. Estelle brought in a jug of clean water from the nearby brook, as well as setting out clean cloths so as to help bathe the white Angel when she roused from her slumber. Though Estelle was not that keen to see Sir Wayne bring this woman back with him, it was her duty to serve him without question. Estelle fussed and brought a small stitched blanket to place over Calypso, and then when she thought the angel looked comfortable, she went back outside to tend to the evening meal.

Sir Reginald had seen Sir Wayne return with the prisoner, and he had to admit he was shocked. Approaching the Knight, he nodded politely, then gestured with his head. “When I spoke of the woman, I never would have guessed you would…bring her back. Surely the King will have words on releasing such a woman into the arms of an unsuspecting public.” Sir Wayne considered this, and replied “It is here, or in a hole in the ground. She was but days from death. I could not simply let anyone die in such an undignified manner. No matter what this woman has done, I believe her penance has been paid.” Sir Reginald frowned somewhat, not sure if that was in Sir Wayne’s jurisdiction, to make such an important move, to have her taken from her cell, to be treated.“Then I hope that this respite does what you hope it will, Sir Wayne.”

“So do I, my good friend. So do I.”



Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 04, 2013 11:53AM
Training Ground’s – Sir Wayne’s TenetCalypso opened her eyes just a touch to see what was going on. The blanket was warm, a state she had not experienced in the longest time. She almost wanted to actually sleep, but she did not want to be in a more vulnerable state then she already was. She was still quite confused as to why Sir Wayne was doing this – surely he knew that it was only a matter of time before the king came to have her locked away again? With what the king had become, maybe he would even just come and slay her on sight. Only one of which was favorable to her, and it was not being locked away. She slowly sat up, ignoring the handmaiden that rushed over to her, trying to get her to lay down again. Wayne had told them to cater to whatever she asked for, but she was going to ask for nothing. If and when the king locked her away again, she would prefer it to be while she was still weakened. It would be torture to spend so long wasting away again, longer than she would have if Sir Wayne had never come.

But if there was much more of this fussing over her, she might not get a choice in the matter.

Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 04, 2013 10:48PM
Training Grounds – Sir Wayne’s TentBy now, news had started to filter down from the Castle, via the servants and staff, that the King, had gone. Not died, or taken ill, as far as anyone knew, but had simply vanished. A trip perhaps? No one was none the wiser. All that he left behind was his crown, his clothes and some feathers. This was how it was told to Sir Wayne, who had trouble believing the King would simply walk away from his family, and his people. He knew of depression, for he had suffered that himself, when he lost his wife. Perhaps there was something going on in the royal household that no one spoke of. Perhaps Calypso might know. It was anyone’s guess really.

Estelle approached Sir Wayne and whispered.

“The maiden is sitting up, M’lord, and she will not rest. Do come.” Estelle asked, and the Knight followed her into the tent. Crouching down beside her, the Knight asked. “You really should be resting, its how your body will recover.” He looked her over then stared into her eyes. “Are you hungry? Or would you like us to have Estelle bathe you.” He was doing his best to be accommodating.



Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 04, 2013 11:27PM
Training Grounds – Sir Wayne’s TentShe looked at him slowly, and was really looking at him for the first time. He hadn’t changed much from her memory. Then again, HE hadn’t been locked in a hole for almost six years. She looked away for a moment, then met his eyes again as he finished speaking. “My body may recover, but it is nothing without my soul, and that is long gone.” Her voice was a bit stronger now, and almost as hard as it was those years ago. “I would be lying if I said I was not hungry. But I am not worth the wasted food. And, if I so desire, I can bathe myself.” She was being somewhat more defiant than she had planned, but she couldn’t help it. As her wits were coming about her again, she was getting slightly angry. This stranger came to visit her in her final days, only to trick the guards into allowing her free to lengthen her time away from her family?

Maybe her real wits weren’t quite about her yet.

Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
September 07, 2013 04:36AM
Training Grounds – Sir Wayne’s TentSir Wayne listened to Calypso speak. Her voice was one of anger and disdain. She claimed that her body may recover from her ordeal of being imprisoned, but her soul was gone. The Knight found himself shaking his head, for he could not find a way to agree with her on such a statement.

“Without the soul we are but nothing, we cannot exist. I think you are meaning that you are without heart. I know myself what that is like, having gone many years without one. But, time and faith does heal a broken heart.” He said optimistically. Perhaps those wasted years, she had lost more than just her purpose, and their had to be more to this. She considered herself unworthy, and that if she wished to bathe, she simply would. Such a hard shell she had built up. Fiercely independent and yet she just could not see, that others were willing to offer their time selflessly.

Sir Wayne sat down beside her, and decided to probe deeper into her mind, to see if he could unlock her secrets. “If there was one thing, on this earth that I could bring you, that you would wish for, what would that be?’ He wanted to know, what it was that would mend her heart.