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Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 25, 2013 08:24PM
The Throne Room

Once the royal couple were alone in the expansive Throne Room, the King stood close to the balcony, a favored spot of his, where he could think, as he stared over the vast lands that were under his control. He knew that Metia was in attendance, but didn’t even look at her. He stood with a dignified air, and acted precisely as a Monarch should. With next to no emotion. His voice was almost haunting, as what he had come to conclude would probably steal the very breath from Metia.

“As you know, seven years ago, I asked you to bare me a child, in the thoughts that it would bring us together as a family and a couple. You know, my Queen, that those days and those dreams are long since dead. We went to war over the childish and despicable acts of our daughter and that bastard son of Brandon, Joffrey. A war that cost many lives, and changed the very face of the nations. Good men died, and over what? Love?”

Slowly his head turned, and the golden gleam in his eyes was all that remained of his angelic self. This was now going to be the part that may well send Metia into a rage, but the King had made up his mind.

“Our daughter, Clarice is a spoilt brat, that cannot be controlled or made to understand reason. I have had numerous complaints from both staff and the court of her wicked ways, and though I have left her in your care for many years, hoping that YOU could ensure she would grow to be a loving child, and one that understands station and respect, you have failed. It is with this in mind, that I am requesting from the Order of Saint Margret’s nunnery, that she be taken and placed within their care, where she will learn charity, chastity, and above all how to live and love by the name of our God. At the age of sixteen, she will be released and be deemed fit to marry WHOM I say is suitable, and she will do so in the name of the House of Casterly.”


At this point, he stopped and then inhaled sharply through his nostrils, and looked down at his wife. “I once thought that if you showered the one you love with all manner of affections and tributes, they would love you back. I was wrong. Perhaps that is what our daughter should learn. Then maybe, she may be saved from years of heartache.”


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 25, 2013 08:26PM
Derek stiffened when his father approached. Bowing his head he nodded slightly, his free hand went to rest upon the hilt of Dawnbreaker “As well as it could have gone without the Host” he said dryly, not in the least bit sympathetic or happy to see his father. Derek loved him it was true, Henry had always been and idol of the boys and yet lately, Derek found himself becoming less and less interested in his fathers ramblings of religion and duty. His father simply nodded however before turning back to his mother, Derek bristled but instead lashing out like he wished, he gripped the handle of his sword so tightly his knuckles turned white.
As his mother left with her husband she entrusted the care of his sister to Derek himself. Sighing the prince took the girls hand and watched his parents slope of together. Glancing to his sister Derek smirked “You have 2 dogs, a Kitten and a nasty black goldfish Sir Lyn caught for you last week…no turtles” he told her before glancing of down the hall with a smirk “Or you could ask mother for one when she returns.” Derek squeezed his sisters hand gently before chuckling and leading her of down the hall “Instead of a turtle, why don’t we go riding?” he suggest, trying to get her mind of the reptile and their father. “Sir Lyn has your pony in the stable, hmm.?” Derek stopped her in front of the great steel doors that lead to the courtyard. He knelt and took her gently by the hands “Clarice…” he began, frowning slightly before running a hand through his auburn hair. “Don’t listen to anything father says…you don’t have to be scared of him” he added, giving his little sister a reassuring smile. 

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 26, 2013 05:53AM
The Throne Room

Metia knew talking private with her husband wouldn’t be anything that good, but she was still trying to see if Henry would change and go back to that angelic figure, it was always better than this one. Its like they changed spots, Metia’s wickedness was slowly disappearing, but her husband was getting more strict and mean to everybody, if it wasn’t to everybody, he was at least to his family.
As he spoke, she relaxed her shoulders, rose her chin a bit, as she took a deep breathe. The tone of her husbands voice, freaked her out now. The way he was blaming the others because of the war, made her want to flip something, but she controlled her anger, by gripping on her own fingers. But that wasn’t the worst, what he said next was the most awful thing he could ever say, as an Angelic King, and as a father. She totally felt heartbreaking, and she couldn’t believe that he just said such thing.
Metia looked up, and licked her lips, as she spoke.
“So you’re basically blaming me for our daughter’s behavior?”
She was trying her best to sound calm, but she had enough of this. He wasn’t the only one who didn’t liked Clarice’s behavior, but unlike him, Metia was trying to change her, in a way like a decent mother would.
“Do you even know how hard is to take care of a child alone? Yes, alone, because you was never there. You only started to take care of her when she turned one year old, but once she was three, you started to get distant again. Do you think that’s healthy for a girl with her age?”
Metia felt like wanting to throw fists, and allow herself to cry. This was hurtful, hearing such thing from him.
“How can you even give up on your own daughter?! You don’t quit when things get hard. And she’s a living being! We can’t treat her like a thing, and send it away just because you don’t like it.”
Metia spoke, while using her hands to express some stuff as well.
“I’m not going to leave my daughter in place she has no parental support and love.”
She wasn’t going to accept this in any kind of way. She wasn’t going to leave her daughter in that place, and only release her when she turned sixteen, about the marriage thing, it wasn’t something that bothered Metia, since that’s a princess duty, but sending her daughter away, its not what real parents should do.
When he began to speak about love, she felt like she was about to lost it, she bite the inside of her cheek, and her eyes were getting slightly red from the tears wanting to come, but she didn’t allowed.
“Its funny that you blame me. But you know, sometimes a mothers love is not enough. Maybe you should look at your own actions. You have never showed her enough love, did you ever thought, that maybe, the way you act can influence her behavior as well?”
Right now, Metia was remembering when Clarice told her, that her father didn’t liked her, so he wouldn’t care about her. Metia always forced herself to think that wasn’t the truth, but here’s the proof.


Clarice pouted and frowned when her brother denied on giving her a turtle. She wanted one, she could careless about the other dogs, the kitten and the black fish. But she still felt offended when he insulted her fish.
“He’s not ugly! He’s different.”
Just because he was different from the others, it did not mean he was ugly, he was special on his own way. One of the reasons why Clarice picks different animals, its because of that, she doesn’t want one that looks 100% perfect and beautiful, she wants one that she can compare herself with. But then he gave her the idea on asking her mother for one when she returns. Now, she wasn’t so sure about that, well, maybe her mother would give one, who knew, but she had to ask when her father wasn’t present. Then her brother gave her another idea, go riding, that Sir Lyn had her pony in the stable, so they could go riding, that would make herself get distracted.
Nodding, Clarice wrapped her fingers a bit tightly around her brother’s hand as they walked, then all off sudden he stopped and knelt, taking her hands.
Whenever her brother told her to not listen to anything that their father said, and there was no need to be scared of him, she just stared at him for awhile, then moved her head away, when she saw his smile.
“I’m more scared of what he can make mom do.”
Clarice wasn’t dumb, she knew her father wanted her to behave, and he it seemed like he would go to the extremes for change her. So she was more afraid if he would do some kind of brain wash on her mother, and then Clarice would be totally left alone. Of course she still had her brother, but still. She had never seen her sister, Selene, then her husband, and their daughter, but she does know she’s aunt, its weird being the aunt of a child that is almost your age.
“Dad is like the others, he doesn’t like ugly things.”
With this said, she let go off her brothers hands, and just ran through the doors, that lead to the courtyard. She didn’t wanted to talk about this, for a small person like her, she had lots of pride to not show much of her emotional side. Maybe that ride on the pony will make her stop thinking about this.
“Let’s go, lazy ass. We have a fat pony to ride.”
Clarice spoke out to her brother, as she just ran to the stables. Well, the pony was indeed fat, but only because he was still small. But she wouldn’t stop speaking out her mind because of that. 

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 26, 2013 06:35AM
Throne Room

The King stood tall before his wife, and let her have a barrage of what he considered the future for their daughter Clarice. His patience with the child and the situation had long since dried up. He almost grit his teeth as he spoke to his wife, his hands hidden from view, for if Metia had seen them, she would have noted that they were in fact trembling. When a creature, any creature is mortally wounded, it recoils, and shuns the light…keeping to the shadows. This is what the King had been doing for over seven years now. Tis why his hair was so long, and his face had the beard and mustache, it was a way of hiding his true self.

The night that he professed his undying love for Metia, was when he saw in her facial expression and her own words, that she despised him. From that moment on, he refused to let anything touch him, nor enter his heart. Not cause he didn’t love them, but for fear of rejection of their love. What Metia failed to see, was that he had become a monster of her creation. By chance that he picked up on her evil ways, and this seeped into him, like a poison that robbed him of logic and reason. His natural way of tending to others, healing and showing love. He just couldn’t do it.

So naturally, rather than tackle the issues of their daughter through his own efforts at showing affection and giving her time, he opted instead to leave it to Metia and the servants of the house. This only made it all the more difficult for Metia to manage, as parenting should be shared between the two; the Mother and the Father.

It was not all Metia’s fault at all, but the King was blinded to this. So in her replies to his long winded speech of his plans for their daughter, she naturally retaliated and with good reason.

“So you’re basically blaming me for our daughter’s behavior?”

“I don’t see you doing anything constructive to stop it.”

“Do you even know how hard is to take care of a child alone? Yes, alone, because you was never there. You only started to take care of her when she turned one year old, but once she was three, you started to get distant again. Do you think that’s healthy for a girl with her age?”

“You had all the help that was on offer, and I might add, as King and with a War, yes a war, I couldn’t spend my days tending to a crying child, now could I? Someone has to run the damn country.”

“How can you even give up on your own daughter?! You don’t quit when things get hard. And she’s a living being! We can’t treat her like a thing, and send it away just because you don’t like it.”

“A nunnery is an ideal place. There is no distractions of the royal household, and no one to make her think she can get away with murder. She will learn her place, and how to find peace in prayer.”

All of his arguments, were more or less in defense of his reasoning. He spoke more like a head master than a Husband, and this must have really set off Metia. But if she was too watch his face closely, you could see the hurt in his eyes, the very pain in his heart. It was not in what he was saying, but how he was saying it. This was the most they had spoken to each other in years. When she would think back, of how he couldn’t imagine not being near her, how he doted on her, night and day, sang to her, and practically worshiped the ground she walked on. Somewhere inside the harsh exterior of the King, was a man that still loved his wife, but it was like he was locked away. Imprisoned within his own heart.

The King started to pace back and forth in front of his wife, as she started to show anger at his suggestions. But when she came to say the next line…the King came to a screeching halt.

“Its funny that you blame me. But you know, sometimes a mothers love is not enough. Maybe you should look at your own actions. You have never showed her enough love, did you ever thought, that maybe, the way you act can influence her behavior as well?”

He actually seized her shoulders, his fingers digging into her flesh, eyes piercing hers.

“Why can’t you look at yours, Metia? What if a husband’s love is not enough? HMM? You say look at my actions. I never used to be like this. YOU KNOW THIS BE TRUE, WOMAN. I loved you …greater than any man dared….and it wasn’t enough. Now you want me to do the same to our daughter? AND HAVE HER REJECT ME?”


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 26, 2013 07:05AM
Throne Room

Metia was hating the fact, that every time she said something, he had an answer for it, but only playing for his own side, a stupid blind side that wasn’t making any sense. Her wold was breaking apart, but this was the consequences for her actions, she was wicked, she acted a lot during her life, now karma turned right around and bite her, hard. Making her husband change, and make her feel this all rejection. She did noticed the pain her husbands eyes, but for some odd reason, that was only making her hate herself even more. Because she was basically the one who turned him like that. But the others didn’t had to suffer just because he was having problems with Metia. He could always only change towards her, but still show some love for his own children. That would be enough, painful, but enough. She didn’t wanted her daughter to go through the same painful thing Metia did, not being loved, and having somebody throwing you away because you stopped being what that person wanted. Its not fair for her.
Metia tried to remain calm when her husband was getting closer, she felt his fingers dig into her flesh from her shoulders, she didn’t allowed any kind of fear escape, she remained quiet and confident in her spot, but of course, pain was still written over her face, not because of the physically way he was hurting her, but psychologically, to her and their daughter. She stared into his eyes, hearing his words. Still wanting to blame her, but the subject turned around, it was now about her and his love not being enough. They wasn’t here for talk about their past, they was here for talk about her daughter’s future.
“I don’t know if that’s true. If your love is so strong as you thought, then why it would disappear? Why you would allow yourself change into something you aren’t? I learned with my mistakes, and right now, karma turned around and bite me. We changed spots, I’m the one who loves you, and you’re that cold bastard.”
Now her expression showed anger as well, mixed with sadness. She would allow her mind speak out, but she didn’t wanted this conversation be about them. It was clear their case was hopeless, and nothing could be done, if Henry didn’t moved a single inch to change.
“She’s just a child. She’s seven years old, she needs a father love, she needs a male figure in her life, so she can look up, and say “that’s my hero, that’s the one who will support me and protect me”. But no, instead she has a father that rather send her away, and not even want her closer, just because she has a bad behavior. Because its always more easy run away from your problems, and thinking stupid nunnery will change her.” 

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 26, 2013 07:42AM
Throne Room

The King was at his wits end. This wasn’t just the future of his daughter that was on the line, this was their own marriage. They should be united, both for the country and their family, but had been fractured for years. Now, it was all coming to a head, due to the wicked antics of their daughter, Clarice. The King thought with his head, not his heart, when it came to the ideas he had for the nunnery. It wasn’t totally unheard of, but it did mean that the King was running away from his problems, rather than facing them head on. In his rash moment, he seized his wife, and then brought up the past, for that was the catalyst for where they stood now. Fault was on both sides. Not enough love, or not being there.

Metia was right. The child should not suffer from the parent’s mistakes, and the more she said, the slower the King’s breath became. He loosened his grip on her, and then let his hands fall away. They had changed places, and he hated it. If this was what her life was like, when he was the Angelic King, he can’t even begin to imagine the torture she went through daily to keep up the facade. The King let Metia have her say. That the child had a right to be given a father’s love, a strong male figure in her life. Defeated, the King backed away from Metia, and returned to his place on the Balcony, simply staring out, no longer speaking.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 26, 2013 08:00AM
Castle Chapel

Vevina bowed her head as she knelt before the statues, her eyes cast to the floor as a white heavenly aura surrounded her. Her hands were folded in front of her as blonde hair fell around her like a curtain. A small smile was on her lips as she murmured fervent prayers to the gods of old. The chapel was filled with the sound of the choir singing softly, creating a peaceful environment for the more devout believers. Candles flickered as her prayers continued, the angel drawing power from the gods as her shoulders began to heave up and down. She looked like some sort of holy child as she was no longer visible through the glow of the white light. Her white dress shimmered with small diamonds, her back back exposed from the dip in the back. Her arms were covered in runes, and with the power of her prayers, new runes began to carve themselves into her back. Tilting her head back, she let out a soft whimper and opened her arms to embrace the gods. Her lips parted and the glow soon subsided. Standing up weakly, she began to shake from her power jolt, her hands trembling. Turning around slowly, a small smile curved her lips up into a sinister smile.

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August 26, 2013 09:05AM
Throne Room

Metia was trying her best to not cry, as she was staring into her husbands eyes, waiting for him to let go off her shoulders, because it was already leaving a red mark, and it was hurting her. He seemed speechless about her words, maybe she finally reached out for him, or he simple gave up on showing her his point, and he would do what he said anyway. That wouldn’t really surprise Metia, but there was no way he would allow him to do that, even if it meant staying away from him, she wasn’t going to lost her daughter, having Selene away from her is already painful enough.
When he finally let go off her, she tilted her head down, and placed a hand over her shoulder, rubbing it, where the marks from his fingers digging into her flesh would be. She didn’t dared herself walk at him, she had the view of his feet, which she noticed he just walked away, that left her a bit more relieved, but this wasn’t enough, she was tired of this.
“This is definitely not working out. I will tell the maids to move my clothes and belongings to another chamber.”
Metia wasn’t going to sleep in the same room as her husband anymore, which was the only place where they was so close, yet the two of them remained away from each other in the bed. It was frustrating and painful. She didn’t wanted to keep on trying, when he wasn’t trying anything. With this said, she just turned around, and walked out from the room, she didn’t wanted to be in there anymore. She wanted to go in a place, where she could break down without nobody seeing her.
After leaving the room, she rushed into the hallways, finally finding an empty room, she stepped in it, and closed the door behind her, she pressed her back against the door, and allowed herself to start crying, sobbing, and pressing her palm over her mouth, so she wouldn’t make any sound. Tears stream down on her face, and she never thought she would cry so much because of Henry, it has been years like this, and she is hating it. She didn’t wanted to go with her daughter now, because she wasn’t on the right state to go, she hoped her brother would be able to take care of the little child. It wasn’t easy for Metia, she had no support. Derek was always busy with his prince stuff, and Metia didn’t wanted to bother her son, then her husband was always distant, so he was always the last one if she ever needed help. Then there was the maids, none closer to her, and its not family love. Selene is away, and she doesn’t see her daughter in long time.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 26, 2013 03:14PM
Throne Room

And the seven year nightmare, came to an end. The simple phrase from Metia, that the marriage was not working out, was enough to move the King, who clenched his jaw and a single tear rolled down his cheek, disappearing into his beard. The Queen announced that the maids will have her belongings moved from their chamber, and she would seek quarters away from him. She had obviously tried to make it work, and sadly the King was unapproachable, on so many levels. The Queen turned and simply left without another word, and left the King to his thoughts. As she took off down the hall way, her skirts rippling behind her, Lady Tanner emerged out from behind a column, and watched the scene with her arms folded. It didn’t take much for the Lady in waiting to hear the angered argument that had come from the Throne room. The King had finally reached breaking point.

So many questions now flooded Lady Tanner’s mind. What would become of Clarice? Would the King seek a divorce? Or would the King simply step down from his duties, and retire to the country, leaving his son and Heir Derek in charge?

Lady Tanner moved towards the Throne room door, and peeked inside, only to see the King had moved away from the balcony, where he usually could be seen standing, and was seated at his throne. He appeared stiff like a statue, as though he had just died upon the throne.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 28, 2013 05:11AM
Throne Room

A man who is King. A King, who is an angel. A father that could no longer hold love in his heart. To have all, and at the same time to have nothing. The King stared at the expansive throne room, and he couldn’t take it anymore. He had forgotten who he was, and even his purpose. He had failed. Not just his wife, and his children, but those that he served. Slowly he reached up for the glistening crown that rested upon his head. With shaking hands he removed it, and then rose from the throne. Turning, he sat the crown on the throne, and reached to his clip on his robe, undoing the catch. The robe fell away, and lay upon the floor. Piece by piece, he removed his clothing, till all he had left on were just his pants.

Taking long strides, without looking back, he approached that balcony that he favored so to gaze out across the lands. In order to find himself, he knew what he must do. His mind made up, he unfurled his wings in majesty, and then took flight from that window, soaring up into the sky. His path….unknown.