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Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 07, 2013 07:22PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of JusticeWhat had come over the King in the matter of a single day, you may well ask? Is it possible that the man that wore the crown was not at all what he seemed to be, and that had played a charade for long enough, of that of the dutiful and loving King. What was starting to emerge, may seem like a very different man to the one the Queen had known all this time. In the confines of a ceremonial chamber, the King had a certain element of power, that went beyond the understanding of most. The King towered over the diminutive Queen, who had given but soft kisses to his cheek and head, almost like mothering him, instead of treating him as he felt he should be. Her eyes, red rimmed and clearly unsettled by his touch. The way he spoke, married with the piercing stare. His questions were not fully answered, and now the slither of the snake of jealousy, was rearing its head out from the shadows, having laid dormant for so many years. Dean waited for the Queen to finish answering him, but all she could do, was nod. A simple…nod. The King’s expression remained unchanged, except…his fingers buried into the bodice of the back of her dress, while his digits pinches at her ripe nipple, that had grown swollen through the coarse fabric of her gown.


“There is severe punishments…that can be bestowed by royal decree, for abandoning protocol, and simply doing as you like, my dear.’ His tone…was heavy, each word dripping with venom. Never before heard. “Never again…will you take to the wilds with a simple guard on horseback. You do….and I will see to it personally, that you are burnt for your folly.” He would be cautious and watch for that look of fear, that should appear any second. He paused, as he started to tear the back of her dress with his fingers, and then turned her so she would be pushed to be splay over the very table that the knights had discussed her actions. The tear in her dress would go down the back, exposing her buttocks to the cool night air.

The King moved in behind her, and with one hand pinning her down, he used the other to free himself from his cloth. “I have decided a lesser punishment. My dear…” He then swatted her backside hard, like that of a horse bite, hoping to make his mark upon her white flesh. Growling he lent forward and whispered. “Does this excite you…my dear? Is this how you want to be treated? Viewed by my men?” Now he was getting enraged, and his lust, was showing through his rising heat, that rubbed against swollen cheeks. “Never…disrespect me again!”

Outside the royal chamber, one would hear the King….taking his wife for all he was worth.


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 08, 2013 02:47PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of JusticeQueen had slightly widened her eyes a bit as her eyebrows slowly furrowed together when she felt her husbands hand that was placed on her lower back tighten as his other hand that was placed on her breast became more aggressive and rough as well. But while he continued doing so he then spoke again, his expression remaining the same which had still frightened her deep down inside.

Hearing the cold words that came from her husbands mouth about punishment for abandoning protocol and never leaving to the wilds with just a horse and a guard came off as more of a threat to Queen Diana than just a response. She felt as queen her king should have talked to her a certain way about how he felt about her being in the wilds by herself with a guard. “Punishment? As a Queen I feel I can choose anyway I want to arrive. Who are you-..” Her sentence was cut short again when her husband then cut her off with his loud speaking. This time the tone in his voice had grown even more louder and harsher with rage. Which Queen Diana didn’t like one bit. She didn’t like this side she was seeing of her husband. It frighten her so much to the point she didn’t know who he was anymore. But hearing the least few words that he hissed out to her was what disappointed her most. She wasn’t expecting any of what he was spatting out to her.

In rage of what he had said she was about to speak back to the harsh statement he made towards her, till she felt and heard the ripping of her dress that he was creating with his own hands. During the process of him ripping her dress, he had pinned her face down on the table. Having her whole back side out now for basically anyone to see if anyone had entered the room.
Tears quickly ran down Diana’s cheeks as her husband was not removing the pressure he had over her off. The loud cries Queen Diana was doing had block out the few words he had spoke down to her before she felt his large hand come hardly across her back side. Diana couldn’t help but let out a death crying scream feeling the stinging sensation that was left after.

As Queen Diana still let out soft cries, she could feel the king presences move in closer to her, and surprisingly to Diana, he did not raise his voice to her this time. He then whispered into her ear, asking if she was excited by what he was doing to her, and if that’s how she wanted to be treated and viewed by men. Well of course Diana didn’t want to be treated this way at all by anyone, especially not her own husband. Rising her head a little off the table, she would turn her head to the side so she could look back at her husband before speaking. “You don’t have to do this..” She mumbled out through her crying. But it was too late. Diana could already feel his manhood beginning to rub against her buttocks, and with that he would rawr loudly at her again, telling her to never disrespect him. And once he was done with what he had to say, that’s when Queen Diana had felt his manhood thrust roughly into her warmth. Again, Queen Diana had let out another cry from the pain and pleasure.

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November 08, 2013 09:53PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justicehttps://i1.wp.com/us.zebigweb.com/pics/bradley-cooper-photo-651968713.gif

Her tear stained face, and the warmth of her splendid inner jewel, was welcoming to an enraged King. His first thrust was one that would forceful, going so deep that their bodies looked fused. Diana’s cry that he didn’t have to do this, was simply brushed aside, as the King got into a hard and fast rhythm, that shook not only Diana’s small frame but that of the table she was pinned too. This was punishment he thought well deserved, and her struggles only made him more excited. She could not have possibly believed that her husband was capable of such an act, but he was not just doing this to injure her pride, he was doing it to reaffirm his position as her Sovereign and her King. Using both hands, he completely tore her bodice from her upper torso, so her breasts would be exposed to the chill of the night air. Another four hard thrusts, and he withdrew from her, standing with his throbbing member, erect and glistening.. Gripping her shoulders, he flung her over, so now she had to look at him. A guttural snarl and he tore her skirts off, with a savagery that would be sure to have her cry out more. He had heard the cry of pleasure and pain, and was now sure SHE wanted this.

“That’s right…look at me. I am the man that you married, and swore allegiance too. You are my WIFE, and will sate my needs as I see fit!”

The Queen was now practically naked, with scratch marks across her lily white skin. Like a doll that had been roughed up, by a naughty child. The King now grinned at her, seeing her fullness of bosom and the dripping of her sex that leaked from between her legs. Dean placed his right hand around his engorged member, and sat it between her glistening lips, and started to rub and tease her, while bending forward, and placing his lips over her right nipple, flicking and teasing the swollen nub. Every few moments, he uttered.

“Beg for it…Beg me to fuck you now.” Was he trying to prove a point, to see if she did enjoy his attentions, or if she was disgusted by his treatment of her? He released her tit, a small line of saliva from his lips to her nipple stretched out as he looked at her, still teasing her lower lips, rubbing her again and again. “BEG!”


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November 09, 2013 01:05PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of JusticeAs her husband Dean continued thrusting roughly inside her, Queen Diana cries would slowly change into soft grunts and moans. As much as she hated the way her husband was treating her this very moment, she was slightly enjoying it as well. Her fragile frame trembling every thrust he had given her. She could hence her husband was enjoying the dominance he had over her because he was becoming more and more rougher with her. Diana bit down softly on her bottom lip, trying hard to stay quiet so the servants and maids that were passing by outside the room couldn’t hear what was happening. But after a few more thrust, that’s when her husband had slid from out her warmth. Thinking her punishment was down, she was wrong. Suddenly she had felt her husband large hand grab for her shoulder, then being quickly flipped around so now she could face him while she laid on the table. Hearing the growl that her husband had release from deep within’ his chest had startled her as she then use her hands to try to scoot away from him. But her husband had already held a tight grip at the bottom of her skirt, ripping it completely of her body. Diana would give out another loud cry of being scared.
So many things ran through her mind as to what her husband was thinking of doing to her next. But he just started speaking again loudly, telling her to look at him. But Queen Diana was too disgusted by the way her husband was even acting to look at him. So instead of giving him the attention he wanted, she would look down at the scars that her own husband had created along her flesh. Tears would reappear again at her lower lash line as she still couldn’t believe her husband had did such a thing, and soon the tears would slowly start falling down her face. But it seemed her husband didn’t care that she was crying because he had brought his manhood back near Queen Diana’s warmth, teasing it gently, he was rubbing itself against her, along with bringing his lips to her right nipple, nibbling and licking it roughy.
Queen Diana couldn’t help but part her lips slightly and give out a soft moan, as she then heard her husband mumble out words for her to say. He was expecting Diana to beg, beg him to please and satisfy her in each and every way, but Queen Diana wasn’t going to beg for it. She felt that what he was doing was still disgusting and she wanted all this to stop now.
Her eyes then followed him as his lips left her breast so he could face her and speak again, telling her to beg once more. But all Queen Diana would do was look into her husband dark and intimidating eyes, and speak back with sternness in her voice. “..No”

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 09, 2013 04:01PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justicehttps://i0.wp.com/31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lptpilWsNs1r16ywno1_500.gif

It was that single word, of defiance that truly brought the rage of the King to a head. “No” The look of brooding dark eyes, married with the sternness in her voice, had him grin darkly, and he started to chuckle, as he slid back from her, but then seized both her thighs firmly, and said “I heard you moan, my dear….I felt the squelch of your juices on me, and I know how much your body wants this. You may say no, but your body says yes.” With that he licked between her clit lips, and then teased the pearl like nub, while his two digits entered her, one finger hooking round, the other penetrating deep up past the knuckle. At first it was slow, meticulous. Her body may tense or she might find the will to stay strong against him falling by the wayside. A third finger is pushed inside, as he sucks her lips, and starts to chew, his hand pumping her harder, building up movement, while his digits press deep into the softness of her thighs. He had a commanding hold of her, and took her with the skill of a lover she would not have ever known. Soon his fingers were replaced by his tongue, and this now was entering her rapidly, while his nose pushed at her soaking lips. What would she do now? Beg him to stop? Beg him to keep going….beg like a whore? How long could she stand it, before she felt the waves of her climax crash over her, like a tsunami like wave.


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 09, 2013 06:17PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justicehttps://i0.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lx1k8aS6Ic1qg0u4go1_250.gif

Diana expression stayed the same as her own husband laugh at her word. She was serious about not begging as he himself was taking it as a joke. But not in for what her husband had did startled her. Listening to him speak again, her eyes then lingered off to side as she frowned a bit. It was true of all of what he was saying. Even if she tried hard to resist her own husband pleasing her she couldn’t help but give in and want more. After him speaking the truth of the way her body wanted to be pleased, she had suddenly felt his lips on her women-hood as he inserted two of his fingers inside. Instantly her eyes fluttered closed as her back arched slightly. The first few seconds of him going slow Diana would mumbled out words over her soft panting. “Please..Dean..stop..” But her husband would continue with the thrusting of his fingers inside, adding another he would pick up his pace, which made Diana’s skin flush red from arousal as she let out another moan. This one more louder than the others she had given out earlier. The nibbling of his teeth had tickled her yet gave her the great sensation that made her toes curl slightly. Soon her husband then replaced his fingers with his tongue which had made Queen Diana arch her back high as she then placed one of her hand on her husband head, having her fingers grip lightly on his hair. Instead of telling her husband to stop, she gave in, and began to beg. Queen Diana was not just caving in physically, but mentally as well. “Dean..” She moaned out softly. “Please…fuck me.” She added.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 09, 2013 07:26PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justicehttp://shechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/bradley-cooper-21.jpg?w=500&h=281

The King was a skilled lover, and knew just how and where to apply himself. Right now, he was using his tongue, to lap her insides, as he heard her finally cave to his demands. Diana moaned, and arched her back, threading her fingers through his hair, to guide his head to her pleasure points. The King didn’t disappoint. If anything, he turned his head slightly, working his tongue deeper and then more sensually, letting her hands guide him. The more she moaned, the louder it got, the more intense he was till he got that rhythm just right, and the pace was as such she could feel the mounting pressure building, slowly getting her to a point where she would be at the very cliff face of her desires, and without warning, he would push, and she would find herself falling deep into the froth and bubble of the oncoming orgasmic tide. As she released her bounty, he would drink from her as though a dying man; one that had thirsted for many a day. Sating her pleasures, he drew back, his chin and mouth glistening with her sex.

“Good girl…” he would breathe lustfully. “You have pleased your King.” Words said in time to the beating of his heart, as he drew her up from the table, as though she was a rag doll. Their faces but inches apart. His mesmerizing blue eyes stare long and hard, as he makes sure she hangs on every word. “Was that so bad?” The King hungrily kissed her, nipping at her bottom lip, his tongue dancing with hers, as he enveloped her in his arms, hooking up one of her legs, and then standing upright, he walked her to the nearest stone wall, and pressed her back to it, as he readied himself for the final act in this bizarre mating ritual.

“Diana…don’t you realize how much I love you?” Dean pushed himself up inside her, with her back to slide up the cold stone slightly. The King kissed her again, as he took her, stroke for stroke, not pounding, but letting her ride him, as the wall braced her back. She may well be dizzy from this torture, this punishment, but the King now knew, that the Queen would yearn for him from now on. Every time she looked at him, remember how he stood over her, how he made her beg for his sex.

He released her from the kiss, and buried his face between her shoulder and the nape of her neck, his chest rubbing against her pert nipples. Feeling everything…ten fold.


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 10, 2013 04:51AM

Katherine was just doing her duty as a lady-in-waiting, right now, she was running through the hallways, because one of the maids had called her over to take care of some stuff that was in a room. Probably it was for clean it, or just put away the unneeded stuff. However, when she passed by the door of the Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justice, grunts was heard, that made Katherine quickly stop on her stop. Not knowing what was happening, she remained quiet, and when the sounds got louder, she knew that was the Queen Diana, and King Dean in there. She frowned and stared down at the ground shocked, she knew what they was doing, and it bothered her, a lot. Awhile ago, he was kissing Katherine, and seemed to go more for it, till he stopped and left her alone in that small room, now his Queen is back, and there he is. This only made Lady Katherine feel used, because the King only touched Katherine, due the fact his Queen wasn’t around. With this all stupid thoughts in her mind, she tried to control her own emotions, and just keep on walking away from the door. This time she wasn’t going to the room the leader maid told her to, she was heading to the training grounds again, in there, she could let her rage fly away.

Training Grounds


There she was, already with her bow and arrow on her hands and aiming at the target that was placed few meters away from her. It was already night, so there wasn’t much people around in the training grounds, just like she wanted, she wanted to be alone, and put her rage within the bow and arrow. Her first shots, were perfect, she was always hitting in the middle or closer to it, but when her breath started to get heavy and her hands shaky, she started to lose her perfect aim. Her thoughts and emotions was taunting her again, and she couldn’t focus on what she was doing, it was totally bothersome, and when she tried again with another arrow, that one didn’t even hit the target. She had to calm herself down, and she knew that, she took few deep breathes while lowering the bow slowly down.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 10, 2013 05:02AM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of JusticeWhen Queen Diana finally came to her climax, her grip on her husband hair grew tighter as her small frame had tense up from her waist down. Whenever her orgasm had ended, her body then quickly loosened while she panted out heavily. Seeing her husband raise over her again Diana would listen to his comment of her being a good girl and how she had pleased her king. A weak smile come upon her lips as her cheeks flushed scarlet in glad of doing so. Diana could see that her husband was slowly changing back to his normal self when he had picked her up from the table, holding her closely in his arms. Their faces only mere inches apart her eyes would look back into his as she listened to his words about her punishment not being so bad. But before Diana could respond back to her husbands question, out of surprise he had leaned forward and kissed her roughly and passionately on the lips.


Instantly both of her hands were placed gently on both sides of his face as she was basically embracing and cherishing this very moment. Whenever he picked her up from off the table Diana smirked as they continued kissing roughly, knowing that they weren’t finished with what was planned. Once Diana’s back finally met with the stone wall, that’s when he had broke away from the kiss, questioning her about if she had realized how much he had loved her. Well after this “punishment” Diana wouldn’t second guess his love for her for now on. All this time Diana was thinking he was trying to torture her through sex, and kill her pride. But all he had done was please her with his touches and tender kisses.
Continuing what he had yet to finish, he then slid his member back inside of Diana’s warmth, making her gasp out a groan. His lips returning back to hers, her arms would wrap tighter around his neck, having their bodies closer than ever. After the simple kiss he then broke away again placing his head between Diana’s neck and shoulder. Already having her climax, she thought after all of what her husband had did for her, she figured it was his turn to release his seeds. Parting her lips, she would pant out words for him to hear.“Go on my love..” She whispered out softly. “Don’t hold back on what is yours..” She added.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 10, 2013 05:43AM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justicehttps://i0.wp.com/images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25300000/Forwood-3x01-3-tyler-and-caroline-25369035-245-253.gif

And like the passing of the ferocious storm, King Dean returned to relative normal. Though he still had his wife pushed up against the wall, the great rage and over protectiveness started to subside, as his Queen obeyed his wishes. No longer fighting him, or crying against the punishment he bestowed, now she had been fulfilled, her own needs sated by his expert tongue. Dean’s hands now ravaged her body, feeling all of her, as he rolled his hips, thrusting himself up deep inside her womb, that was receptive, and ready to accept his seed. Diana panted out that she wanted him to use her now, to take her and enjoy what was his. He had earnt it, though his methods were completely unorthodox.

“Don’t hold back on what is yours..” Diana panted, and the King raised his head, and you could see the need in his eyes, the craving he had for her. He withdrew her from the wall, and carried her still upon him to the throne, which he sat down on, and straddled her legs over the arm rests. Gripping her waist, he then forcefully started to bounce her, slowly at first, and then harder, as he grunted, watching her breasts jiggle up and down. Their bodies smacking together, their heat intensifying. The King’s strength was surprising, and he took one breast in his mouth, feeding upon it all the while driving her body down upon him till he felt himself go rigid, and then snarling he threw his head back, and roared her name. “Diana!” his seed jettisoning up inside her, as he pulled her down hard upon him. His delicious growls as he flinched and spasmed meant he had experienced her fully, and now his hopes to impregnate her were a strong possibility.


Totally spent, he cradled her in his arms, his face resting on her chest, where she could feel the heat of his breath. Quiet descended over the chambers. He murmured into her flesh. “My sweet angel.”