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Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 27, 2013 10:43AM
Forest walk


Katherine walked along with the King, she always stayed behind him, because of respect, and also she was looking at the stuff around her that existed in this forest, she was enjoying her day so far, of course, she was enjoying, she was with the King. If people ever found out a young lady in waiting like her had developed feelings for the King, she will be dead. She needs to control herself, and not ruin anything, the King is just being kind, and even if he was doing this because he wanted to please her, Katherine couldn’t destroy his marriage with the Queen. Even if she had feelings for the King, she still respected the Queen, and didn’t wanted to ruin their family as well.
When she was able to walk by the King, he pointed out at some old oak, it looked so perfect, such perfect place to just sit down under it, and relax. She followed the King, and whenever he placed his coat down on the ground, she looked up at him, and bowed, with a smile, as a way of thanking him. Then she slowly sat down on the ground, having her legs on the opposite side of the King. Right now, Katherine was waiting for him to start reading his poetry, but he done something very surprising, he had pulled her closer to his chest, which made her own heart race, and she was able to hear his heart beat, and it suddenly calmed down. Her pinkish color of the blush, would still creep on her cheeks, but right now, she was ignoring it. She was staring at the book, while listening to the king reading it. It was beautiful, and so was his voice. Having herself this clo0ser to him, and hearing his voice speaking such beautiful words, was just perfect, it looked like a dream, and if this was really a dream, she hopes she won’t wake up.
Katherine looked up at her King, while taking a deep breathe, still calming herself down from being so closer to him. It seems like he was tired, and wanted to take a nap. She just nodded, and slowly moved herself away from him. Still having her back against the tree, Katherine cleared her throat, and stared up at the sky, for awhile, till her eyelids began to slowly close.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 29, 2013 02:19AM
By the Oak Tree


The King had truly forgotten his senses. Here he was laying by a tree, with a sweet lady in waiting beside him, and both slumbered gently till the afternoon. His dream? Well, it was of Lady Katherine herself. The two of them, riding through the forest and coming to stop at a glistening stream. Everything picture perfect. She was of course dressed in her usual clothes, the tight riding pants, and a large shirt tied in with a bodice that defined her tiny waist. He lifted her off the horse, and carried her gently to the stream. Fingering her hair as he brushed it back. Lost in her eyes, as he planted a lover’s kiss upon her full lips. He could smell her natural scent, and feel the ripe curve of her buttocks through the sheerness of her pants. It felt so real, and he stirred in his lower regions as he slept. A haunting smile coming to his lips, as he drew her closer to him sub-consciously.

But the sharp blast of the horns of the castle guards, suddenly brought him round from his wondrous dream, and he realized the position he was in with Lady Katherine in his arms. He shook her shoulder gently, trying to wake her.

“Katherine..please wake up. We need to get going,.for I fear I am needed back in the castle.” How he hated saying this, especially after such a wonderful day. If she woke, he would assist her to stand, and pick up his creased jacket, putting in back on haphazardly.

“Please, we need to hurry.”


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 29, 2013 01:55PM
By the Oak Tree

Katherine slept like a princess, so peacefully, there wasn’t anybody to bother her, and the sleep was just perfect. What she actually needed, lately her nights had been horrible, nightmares haunt her and she doesn’t even know why, it bothers her so much, because she can’t sleep enough for the next busy day. So this afternoon with the king was just going well, and it made her able to sleep well, maybe because she was right besides him. Maybe knowing there was somebody else by her side while she was asleep made her feel more safer while sleeping, her sub-conscious thought that person would protect her from the evils, and she could sleep peacefully. She had an odd dream, it was rather blurry so she couldn’t pretty much figure out who was with her, but it wasn’t one of those simple calm dreams, this one was more heated up, and so loving. However was touching her like, was totally somebody she fancy, because she just allowed herself to get touched like that, and was touching the other person in her dream as well, but she could never see the face, it was all blurry, and the only place she was looking at was the lips and the rest of the body.
By the way King shook her, Katherine woke up too quickly, so she just stared at him confused wondering what was the matter now. It seems he was needed back in the castle, and since she didn’t wanted to be a bother,she would just obey him. Nodding her head quickly, she took his help so she could stand up, and allowed him to take back his jacket.
“Y-Yes, sire.”
Now she noticed how closed she was to the King while she was asleep, and her dreams, the lips she dreamed was alike the King’s. Trying to shake that stupid thoughts away, Katherine just followed the King, trying her best to hurry up, so she wouldn’t stay behind. 

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 03, 2013 02:04AM
Castle Courtyard

They had made good time, to reach the castle gates as fast as they had, but when just going in past the first turn, the King did something totally unexpected, as though he had wanted to do this before, but figured this was his only chance. Seizing Katherine’s arm, he pulled her into a small gate house, that was just big enough for about four people, closing the door. From the window, you could see the rolling hills they had just come from, and the King muttered something under his breath, tossing up if he should do what he dreamed or not. Finally he turned to her, and before he could stop himself, he drew her into his arms, kissing her with a fiery passion that one would expect from the raunchiest of devils. Was it possible, the King had a dark side to him? He moaned into her mouth, reaching to feel her buttocks and draw her hips to mash against his. The horns were again blasting, but he seemed to use this as a way to cloak his words.

“Forgive me…” he said, pulling back, then biting down on her neck, sucking in her flesh to his mouth, before finally realizing he had gone too far. The King let her go, and then he exhaled loudly, as though he was glad he did it.


Shaking his head, he opened the door, and then exited the gate house, leaving Lady Katherine standing there…

Reaching the castle proper, the King strode in and hollered



Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 03, 2013 03:22AM
Castle Courtyard

Katherine tried her best to keep up with the King, since he seemed pretty much rushed about wherever he was going, she was still clueless about the matter. When they arrived the castle, Katherine thought he was simple going to meet up with the guards or see his family, but the very moment he took her by the arm and dragged her into a small gate house, she could only yelp, by the sudden move. Katherine stayed quiet on her spot, just watching her king, wondering what was wrong with him, he muttered something but she wasn’t able to hear him.
“My lord, are you feeling alright?..”
She asked him, and watched him slowly turning around to face her. She only looked up at him with a confused expression, till that expression changed into a shocked and surprised one. He took her into his arms, and kissed her on the lips, with such fiery passion. At first, Katherine was shocked by this action, but her eyes began to slowly close, as she allowed herself to enjoy this. For some odd reason, this was what she wanted, or else her body wouldn’t be willing to open up so easily to the King. Katherine moaned against the King’s lips once he smashed her hips against his, she was already feeling the all heat build up so quick, and not even the sound of the horns was bringing her back to the reality.
Opening her eyes again she looked up at the King and heard him apologize, she was still confused about this all, but before she could say it was okay, he was already biting down on her neck, and sucking on it. She gasped, and allowed a low moan escape from her lips, how sensitive her neck was. She could be a tomboy, but her body was still as fragile as a normal woman. However, this all was way too good to be true, he stopped touching her body, and just shook his head, before leave her in the gate house.
She was confused, and hurt. She watched him leave with a slight frown while taking a deep breath, her eyes was already getting watery about this. What did she expect? Of course it was too good to happen, he was the King, a royal figure, and supernatural one, she’s a simple human and lady-in-waiting. Her job is just to serve the royals ones, and that’s what she should do. She really needs to put away her feelings towards the king.
Katherine simple started to fix herself, and headed inside the castle, just to start doing her maid duties, clean here and there, so that could make her distracted, well she hoped.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 04, 2013 05:29AM
The Castle

A guard answered the King’s calling, and bowed before him. Sternly, King Dean waited for the guard to speak, and he looked about to see if his wife had heard his call. It would seem that she hadn’t. “Sire…there has been a mass of plague victims moving on the north ridge, trying to cross the delta and settle in amongst the town of Deger. They are duly infected and they will likely cause for further spread. The horn was to notify call to arms, to set up a cordon and keep them out, possibly move them to a new land, so as not to endanger more lives.”


It certainly was not the news that King had ever hoped to hear, and he nodded. “See to it that they are halted in their current movements. We can’t afford another outbreak. I won’t have it, not again. Increase the units if you have too.”The King ordered, as the guard saluted and went to the barracks, to prepare for the troops to head for Deger.

Now left to his devices, he still could not see the Queen anywhere. Could it be she had left the court and gone off on her own little crusade? Some days, the King would wait days for her to show herself, and this often led to his moods being as they were. In the back of his mind, all he could think about was Lady Katherine. He reached up to press his fingers to his lips, still feeling that tingle, from when he had kissed her so passionately in the gate house. One thing was for certain, if the Queen did not come out from where she was and tended to his needs…..he was definitely going to be inviting Katherine to his bed chamber…and finish what he had started.


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 06, 2013 03:31AM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justice

~The Power of One King~


The night was drawing on, and still no sign of the Queen. Standing by an opened window, the King had his hands behind his back, tapping the stone floor with his steel boot. This was not uncommon of the Queen, to go off and enjoy herself, but this night, oh this night, a change was sweeping through the air, as the burning fires of the rising dead plague victims soared. Clouds of misery and decay, that filled the King’s nostrils and had his face darken to match that of the ash that blanketed out the very moon. ENOUGH. He had waited, and spun on his heel, marching down towards the Royal Chamber of the Knights of the Realm of Justice. Already, they had assembled. Hand chosen by the King himself, to lead the grand armies across the lands, and instill their form of Justice in the name of God the Almighty. Torches adorned the walls, that led the King to his most sacred of institutions. His footfalls creating a din, that when mixed with the lengthening shadow of his statuesque frame, would create an aura of something other than Holy. The finely crafted oak doors were slightly ajar, as the rise of voices heralded that they had all come at his summons. He was their Leader, their Sovereign, their King.

As the doors swung open at the press of the King’s outstretched hands, the Knights all stopped their chatter and rose to their feet slowly. Each dressed resplendently in their metal armor and chain mail. All bearing the crest of the House of Justice. Noble, resolute…dedicated. As the King walked around the table slowly, the scrape of each man’s sword was heard to be drawn from their sheaths, and then each held them vertical, tip pointed, till the King stood before his throne. King Dean’s eyes darted to each of them in turn, and one by one, they lay their gilded swords upon the table, forming a complete circle. It was a magnificent sight of unity, strength and resolve.

“Be seated, Knights of Justice.”


All bowed their heads in reverence, and took their seats, looking up expectantly at their King. He held himself well, with his head held high a look of calm sweeping his features, as though this very room gave him a sense of peace. As was customary before each meeting, the servants were to enter and pour the favored wine into the goblets of each of the Knights, and of course the King himself. This was traditional, so that once the meeting was underway, that no others could enter and disrupt the King’s counsel. Six maidens were on hand to perform this task, while another…a young girl was in charge of delivering a tray that consisted of sour dough, local cheeses and salted meats, to go as appetizers with the wine. The girls were simple house staff, and often went unnoticed by the King. They were servants, nothing more. As the last goblet was filled, and the six excused themselves, the last maiden seemed to be stalling. This had the King look at her oddly, and he asked;

“You know the rules of this chamber, if you wish to speak, I suggest you make it quick.”

The girl looked at all the Knights apprehensively, some of which were rather large and intimidating. Gulping, she finally spoke.

“If it p..please…your Majesty, I have…a message from the Queen.” This being said, all the Knights looked at the girl, for surely this was not the sort of thing discussed before them. The King however, was curious about this message, and rolled his right wrist, with a slight nod of his head.


“She said…she said…to tell you she was visiting another Kingdom…and..and would be back tonight.” The girl said with a bob. The King furrowed his brow, and then lent forward. “If..this is the case, then why didn’t she take the Royal carriage and my men to escort her?

The girl now became frightful, since she had no answer for the King.

“I..I..do not know, Your Majesty.” A rumble of the voices from the other knights had the King look sharply at each.

“Silence!” Now the King was beginning to get annoyed.

“You mean to tell me….she went off to another Kingdom…on a horse, and was unaccompanied? You could see the veins in his neck starting to stand out and they had a purplish tinge. His hands were slowly curling into fists, and his lips thinned, as he rose to his feet slowly.


That was the question as the King roared his question at all present. Two of the Knights looked at each other, as from outside the hall, a guard entered the room, hearing the King’s anger.

“Sire…she rode out on horse with but one guard.”

The entire room fell silent, as all looked back at the King. So…this was her game. Breaching royal protocol and safety, not using the Royal carriage and without a garrison in case she was attacked on enemy lands. It was clear, the King did not find favour with this. Slowly he seated himself once more, and reached for his goblet of wine. He uttered a few words, before taking a sip, then placed it down on the ornate table of the Realm of Justice.

“Guard…Servant, you are both dismissed. Leave us.”

As the maid and the Guard left the room, all eyes fell back on the King, and as the doors to the Chamber closed, the King was heard to say…

“What is the penalty for adultery, Sir Chisolm?”

“Death by fire..M’lord.”

“I see…”


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 06, 2013 02:24PM
Justice Kingdom Gates

It wouldn’t take long for Queen Diana and the guard to arrive at the gates of the kingdom. Whenever Queen Diana had arrived at the door she had finally gotten off her horse on to her feet, by the help of the other nights that were guarding the gates. A weak smile would appear upon her lips as she bowed her head slightly in thanks. Finally having the big doors open by the guards, Queen Diana would walk in, seeing not one servant or maid walking the halls. She found it quite strange of why, but she wouldn’t question it anymore. Before walking she had closed the door behind her. Peeking her head down each hall she had passed, hoping to see her lovely husband.

Till finally she had came along a room where her husband and a guard stayed. A smile instantly came over her lips as she slowly swayed her way behind her husband. Whenever Diana appeared behind him, she gently placed one of her dainty sized hand on his shoulder giving him a kiss on his cheek. Once that, Queen Diana propped up her leg on the arm of the chair that her beloved husband sat on and spoke.“How is the love of my life doing? I hope you had a excellent day.” She said softly giving him another kiss on his head. 

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 07, 2013 01:35AM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justice

The meeting of the Knights of the Realm of Justice continued uninterrupted for several hours; well past midnight. The King asked all for the reports on the lands to which each had a parcel, Lord’s in their own rights. The question of how to deal with the rising toll of dead from the plagues, had set many to hold stern and troubled looks. God it seemed had forsaken many of the sons of Adam to fall victim to the Black menace’s clutches. At the back of the King’s mind, as he strummed his jeweled fingers upon the lion head armrests of his throne, was the lingering doubt of his wife and Queen, who had still yet to show herself. He had asked the question once of his knights for the penalty for adultery, and it was answered without argument. Many a candle’s wax had dribbled from the candlesticks, and a few knights were weary and needed rest before the dawn of the new day. The King rose to his feet, and bid his Knights a good evening. Each took up their swords and sheathed them, before bowing before their liege and exiting the Royal Chamber. At last there was but one guard left, and he was simply standing holding a large spear, more of a ceremonial statement than actual protection. The King eased back in his gilded throne, and brought his hands together, tips placed under his chin, as he considered the night’s events. He would be interrupted of course, by the arrival at last, of the Queen.


King Dean raised his head slightly, his hands falling to his lap and with piercing blue eyes, they followed her movement as she graced the room with her presence. Obviously unaware of the issues that had been raised in the chamber about her misadventures. Sweeping in behind the throne, she placed a dainty hand upon his shoulder and pecked his cheek as a sign of welcome and good tidings. The King held himself still, but his eyes followed her movements closely. It was only when she raised a leg up onto the armrest of his throne, that he actually turned his head towards her. She looked set to speak…and naturally, he let her.

“How is the love of my life doing? I hope you had a excellent day.”

He used one hand to remove her leg from the arm of the chair, and then pushed it back as he rose to stand, his robes flowing onto the ground. The King then coughed loudly, and the Guard took this as a moment to leave the couple, closing the doors behind them. Now, it was just the King….and his wife. He took a deep breath in through his nostrils, and using his right hand, he curled his index finger and placed it under his wife’s chin, so he could raise it just enough, that she could not escape his gaze.

“I …was going to ask you, the very same thing.” His voice was deep and husky, as he stared her down, his aura unmistakable. His hand moved out from under her chin, and then he moved back a stray lock of hair, so it would be tucked behind her ear, and she would not be able to escape the intensity to which he was now treating her. “My day was most enjoyable. Lady Katherine showed off her skill at archery, in front of a receptive crowd, and will stand for the Realm in the coming tournaments.” He said, speaking of his day with Lady Katherine down at the training arena. But from pleasantries, he cut to the chase, and went straight for the jugular. “Are you aware my dear, of the hour at which you have returned from your….trip to the Barlow Kingdom?”

Now, his hand moved down from her ear, and traced along the nape of her neck, slowly making it down towards her right breast, which he started to toy with absently, his eyes never leaving hers. The tension in the room was such, you could carve it with a knife. The King’s left hand now moved to go around her slender waist, and rest upon the small of her back for now. His lips parted, and you could see him run his tongue along his top row of teeth as he awaited her answer. He may well be an Angel….but not all are good.

“A King…does not like to be kept waiting, for what is his.” The tone of his voice, was dominant, and he waited to see how the Queen would respond.


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
November 07, 2013 01:57PM
Royal Chamber of Knights of the Realm of Justice

Queen Diana eyebrows furrowed slightly into a line when her husband had removed her leg from the arm of the chair as he then stood up in front of her. Placing one of his fingers under her chin, he had lifted her head up a bit so they could see eye to eye. The look on his face had hence that something was bothering him, but before she could ask what was wrong he had spoken. While he was speaking, he had moved a lock of her hair behind her ear which made her skin flush a bit red when she gave him a weak smile. “Well, I’m glad your day was great sweetie.” She said softly as she still remained a smile upon her lips. But that smile soon went away when her husband then asked her about how long she had been out at the Barlow Kingdom.

“Yes…and I apologize for being out for so long. I didn’t expect it to be-..” Her sentence went short when she felt her husbands hand trickled down from her ear, to her neck, the her right breast. Queen Diana found it quite distracting as she now couldn’t finish her response to his question. As of now tension in the room was increasing greatly, when she felt his other hand move around her waist a bit before placing it gently on the lower part of her back. Queen Diana was confused of what her husband was trying to do. Usually if they were ever to have an intimate moment it was never to be outside of their bedroom chamber. Having her eyes still locked within’ his she could still see something different of him that she didn’t notice that morning.
Her eyes quickly fell to his lips as they parted slightly when he licked the top row of his teeth. The things that her husband were doing was found to be somewhat of a arousal for her. But her attention flashed back into her husbands eyes once more when he spoke again. The tone and words came of very stern in a way that Queen Diana could say nothing but nod her head slightly in agreement of what he had said.