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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 04, 2013 09:20AM
Front Parlour

Josephine turned to see that Johan was close behind her, and an adoring smile crossed her lips as she blushed a deep rosy color as he was still stark naked. Brushing her hair away from her face, she offered Genny a sheepish smile “See?”

Genny tilted her head to get a look at Johan, but there was no lust in her eyes. Simple curiousity. Leaning forward, she sniffed at his skin before wrinkling her nose “Were you near a fire..?” Shaking her head, she pulled back and crossed her arms to look at her father. Clearly Johnathon was looking out for this man, and that interested her. As her father called for Levi, she smirked and glanced towards the stairs.
As Josephine felt Johan play with her hair, she tried not to lose her wit. Biting her lip to keep from laughing, she turned to look at him. “My love, I think you should really go upstairs to worry about some clothes.” Feeling his arousal starting to press against her, she let out a squeak and whipped around to look at Genny with a what do I do look.

The Bianchi girl just smiled deviously and stared at Johan’s arousal “I think I will go paint Big Benny tomorrow…yes. What a charming idea.” Tuning around, she then abandoned Josephine to go join her father and Reginald in his office to visit.

Lucky for Josephine, Levi came rushing down the stairs with a pair of trousers in hand “What is the meaning-“ His voice soon cut off when he saw a naked man standing behind the woman he had worried about for days. Seeing her cuts and bruises, he immediately scowled and stormed over to Johan. Thrusting the pants at him, he wrenched Josephine away from him to spit out“What are you doing with this man?! Why is he naked?! WHY ARE YOU SMILING LIKE THAT?!” For indeed Josephine was smiling as she stared dreamily at her naked love, her eyes bright and sparkling with adoration as she waved flirtatiously at Johan “He’s just so darling, isn’t he…”

Levi scowled and turned to face Johan “Yea…what a real gem.”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 05, 2013 03:23AM
Front Parlour

“Big Ben.” Johan said, smiling at Genny as she left Josephine with the aroused Johan standing behind her, and he bent his head forward to her ear and said “Dong!” Just like Big ben would. Madness it seemed was happening all at once, when Levi arrived with pants in hand and spotted Jo with the near naked Johan.

“What is the meaning-“


Then Milly came down the stairs and nearly choked seeing the adorable Johan still fiddling with Josephine’s hair and chiming like a clock. “Oo…you come with me, and lets get you dressed. Goodness.” Johan got yanked away by Milly, who was tutting and fussing as she dragged him upstairs. He waved madly at Josephine as he got taken away, and upstairs, Vivian emerged from her room and gasped to see Johan go past.


“He’s naked….and…oh my…big.” Vivian said, gasping with her hand placed to her chest. Johan smiled and got taken into Johnathon’s room to be dressed properly.


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 07, 2013 09:42AM
Front Parolour

Josephine giggled at Johan as he was acting quite ridiculous. Turning to look at him, she felt her heart skip a beat as how close he was standing to her. Lust and her own arousal was soon blossoming, and her skin was flushing under the intensity of her desire to reach out and touch him. Biting her lip to keep from laughing too much, Jo then turned to look at Levi “Honestly, you ought to be more polite to your guests.”

Outraged, Levi sputtered “My…my GUESTS?! This man is not my guest, my dear Josephine. And stop blushing like a school girl. This is simply outrageous, and I cannot believe father would allow that man to be here…and touching you like that!”
The angelic beauty just rolled her eyes and turned away from him “You are overreacting…” Her voice then trailed off as she saw Milly come down to take her Johan away. Frowning, she suddenly became upset at the thought of Johan wearing clothes. Furrowing her eyebrows, she stepped forward boldly as Johan waved to her. “I am coming with, Milly! I need to speak to him alone!” What her true intentions were, she could not even admit to herself. Picking up her skirts, she then raced up the stairs to follow him into Johnathan’s room. Passing Vivian, she snapped irritably “You would be wise to look away from him…” Possessiveness dripped off her tongue as she shot the woman an ugly look before disappearing into the room.

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October 09, 2013 05:31PM
Guest Room

Johan was ushered into the nearest guestroom with Josephine bringing up the rear. All this attention was making Johan blush, and he walked tipe-toe into the room as he took off the coat and fully exposed himself. Milly gasped and tried to get him behind a screen, but even so, he kept looking back at Josephine, like she was the prettiest thing he had ever seen. The poor thing didn’t know whether he was coming or going.


Milly worked quickly to dress him, even though Josephine wanted to speak to him in private. Pulling up his pants, and then threading on his shirt, she could be heard muttering under her breath how this wasn’t proper but Johan didn’t seem to mind her dressing him, in fact it tickled. Once the clothes were on, and Milly was satisfied, she excused herself from the room, and closed the door behind her to leave the pair alone.

Awkwardly, Johan came out from behind the screen and smiled sheepishly at Josephine. Clearly he had no real memory of her, though the attraction was just as strong.

“You’re very pretty, Miss.” Johan said, getting closer to her and reaching out to touch her hair again.



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October 10, 2013 06:32AM
Guest Room

Josephine tried to remain composed and serious when Milly gasped as Johan was exposed. It was a very difficult thing to do with him glancing back at Jo with his adoring looks. She reached up to play with her hair anxiously, though she was quietly miffed Johan was being dressed. To have him around her naked was…amazing. Amazing and highly inappropriate. The angelic beauty was used to being around stuffy gentlemen, but the way Johan was so open and care-free made her want to kiss him. Perhaps a bit more than just kiss him.

When he was finally dressed, he came out to smile sheepishly at her and Jo could feel her heart melting. A familiar warmth shot up her spine and lit her veins on fire as she tried very hard to remain calm. A flush had crept into her face, staining her cheeks a lovely rosy pink. Stepping closer to him, she spoke in a soft voice while her blue eyes fixed on his face“Johan, we really need to talk about what happened at the cemetery…” But Josephine’s voice trailed off when she saw Johan reach out to touch her hair. Closing her eyes, she moaned quietly at how hard it was to stay in control around him. Realizing she was losing the battle, she opened her eyes to breathed “Thank you.” Not wasting another moment with words, she grabbed him around the back of the neck with both of her hands and pulled him in for a kiss.
As her lips crushed against his, her body instantly shimmied closer to him to feel his chest against hers. It wasn’t a gentle kiss, and it certainly wasn’t chaste. It was desperate, hungry, needed. All the desire and love she had first felt for him when they had danced together surged into their kiss as her fingers dug into the kiss. She needed this, and she needed him. After stealing a passionate kiss, she pulled back to look at him with eyes heavy with lust “You are very handsome, love.”

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October 10, 2013 06:56AM
Guest Room

“Johan, we really need to talk about what happened at the cemetery…”

Johan’s eyes were innocent of what had occurred at the cemetery. For him, that is where his life starts. Nothing before that could he remember, except….her. He was unsure if it was her smell, her voice…the way she moved, he was just drawn to her, like a moth to a flame. Her words became lost as he played with her hair, and the happy go lucky smile. Was he even paying attention? Josephine uttered “thank you”, and he could only let out a light chuckle. Blissfully unaware of anything else that was going on around them. And he would have stayed that lost….happy puppy too, had it not been for the fact that Josephine could not hold back. To kiss Johan before…was a death sentence as he was an incubus. To kiss him now….was something else.

Throwing caution to the wind, she grabbed him, and his reaction was a giggle at first, till their lips met. Josephine was not shy in this kiss, it was one of passion, of fire. As Johan felt it, the kiss started a chain reaction, that set off a flood of fire throughout his entire body. His eyes even began to glow, as the giggles left and were replaced by a more masculine groan. Behind his eyelids, his life was suddenly spiraling backwards, showing him EXACTLY what happened at the cemetery, how Johnathon had practically killed the incubus demon, and leaving him as a human, with nothing, no clothes, no name. Further back, he could see Katherine, laughing, and revealed Josephine, as the bruised and battered angel, that had been deflowered by others. The shock of all this, then going back to dancing with her at the Bizarre circus troupe and seeing exactly what he was had him gasp and break the kiss from her. He stared at her as she said;

“You are very handsome, love.”


“Josephine.” His voice had that same dark tone that he held before the change. He knew her name, he knew his name, and he knew that he had lived for this moment. He seized her up in his arms, and the kiss that he gave her this time, was one that she would never have experienced before. All the love, hate, emotion…his very soul poured from him as he kissed her though his life depended upon it. His hands found their way to the sides of her head, and fingered through her hair, as he backed her into a wall, and pushed himself forcefully against her. His tongue searched her mouth, and then he held his breath in on contact, his hands running down her sides, touching her like he was exploring every inch of her body. His eyes held tears that started to fall, when he opened them and stared at her. Like this was the first time he had seen her ever. In a way it was. He pulled back, and then held her face, like he was terrified of losing her. His eyes searching hers. She had just brought him back to life.


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 10, 2013 07:15AM
Guest Room

Hearing Johan moan made Josephine’s legs tremble, her hands clinging to his shoulders to keep herself from falling. She had no idea what was going on his mind, only that he wasn’t pushing her away. When he opened his eyes to stare at her, she felt rooted to the spot as butterflies began to flutter in her stomach. His gaze made hope stir within her, and she felt a familiar sense of recognition passing between them. Soon he spoke her name, and it was then that Josephine realized what she had done.

She managed to gasp “Johan!” in surprise and relief before he seized her into his arms. A yelp escaped her lips as he held her firmly, her bruises and cuts still tender. She didn’t pull back, however, and continued to stare up at him in wonder as his voice sent shivers of awareness through her body. That dark, velvety tone brought memories of them dancing, of them almost kissing back to her mind and she couldn’t help but smile triumphantly. Josephine had Johan at last.
Josephine didn’t fight as Johan backed her against the wall, but instead kissed him back with a ferocious desire that made all her movements seem desperate and needing. Her arms fingers hastily clawed at his buttons as she began to take his shirt off and her hips shimmied against him teasingly. All manner and propriety had left the window when he spoke her name, and now she had to have him. She wanted all memories of the past men who had used her washed away by her love’s touch, and to feel his tears against her cheeks lit a fire within her. Yanking his shirt off, she nibbled on his lower lip before she began to feel him pulling away.

She whimpered her disappointment but soon opened her eyes to see the tears in Johan’s. Feeling her skip at beat at the intensity of his stare, she reached up to brush a tear away “Don’t cry, my love. I’m here with you. You’re mine, and you’re safe.” Leaning into him, she placed tender kisses along his jaw as Josephine realized her man needed to be loved. Her movements were now gentle as though she were worshiping his presence with her fingers and lips. Trailing her fingertips down his bare back, she brushed her lips against lips while murmuring “Let me heal you, Johan.” She didn’t mean with her angelic abilities. What Josephine wanted was to fix all the pain and hate he had felt with her love, and she wanted him to not see her as damaged goods.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 10, 2013 07:33AM
Guest Room

Men don’t cry, isn’t that what they say? Were these tears of joy. of love? They were fear, his fears of losing her again. Having played back his memory, each time he had tried to kiss her, someone or something had stolen her away. Now, he held her, and he feared that would happen again. It tore at his insides. He was finally whole in his being, and had her right there. The look between them, passed this message across without a word needing to be said. He wanted to kiss her again, but feared that she would simply vanish. But then she brushed away his tear and spoke to him, reassuringly that this was not the case. Her tender kisses melted away the lingering doubts, and he had to adjust his footing as he felt that his own knees would give way. His shirt having been torn off in her wild moment, left him bare chested, and so the touch of her finger tips electrified him all the more. The brush of her lips on his had him close his eyes, savoring the taste, as she whispered;

“Let me heal you, Johan.”


“Please…” One word…a simple request. Johan started to ease off Josephine’s dress, undoing the buttons and ties, as she kissed his jawline and neck. Fingers working through to shift the fabric to fall from her sculptured body. His own pants, he untied and wriggled out of, letting them fall to the floor and he kicked them away. They stood together, as nature intended, but both were badly damaged, and only through the other could they truly be healed. His large hands ran across her slowly, as his member grew significantly, brushing her inner thigh, then tapping her lower stomach. Johan nuzzled her hair, as he inhaled her scent, hands gliding down her back, to her buttocks which he kneaded slowly. All the while he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Other men may have ripped apart her flower, but he intended to treat it as though it had never been touched. He sunk to his knees, and rest his head to her stomach, arms wrapped around her. Desperately in love.



Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 10, 2013 07:49AM
Guest Room

Josephine listened to Johan’s plea with a soft smile, her fingers threading into his hair. When she was relieved of her dress, she brushed her bare chest against his and ran her fingers down from his hair to sweep across his shoulders. To feel his skin beneath hers was all the paradise she ever wanted to experience. She was made for Johan and she wanted him to know he completed her. Feeling his large hands explore her body, she leaned into him more to cling to his waist. Her face buried into his shoulder as she savored every little touch. She was no longer rushing or hasty. Josephine wanted this moment to last forever. Soon she felt his excitement press against her, and it sent her core aflame as warmth spread through her lower belly. Johan nuzzled into his hair and she could feel him inhaling her scent. Turning to nuzzle his neck, she whispered softly “I’m yours.” It was a simple statement, but it held so much meaning between them. Licking up his throat, she purred quietly as his hands found her buttocks.
Josephine still didn’t kiss him again as she continued to explore his body with her lips. She wanted to taste every square inch of him, and she wanted him to do the same to her. His lips and fingers would erase every other touch from any man who had touched her. This moment was one of sacred healing for the both of them. As Johan sank to his knees, she looked down at him with a tender affection. Her fingers threaded into his hair once more and she stared into his eyes with so much love she thought her heart would burst from the intensity of it. Never before had she felt this way about a man, and she knew she was nothing without Johan. Caressing his blonde locks, she murmured softly “I love you, Johan.”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 10, 2013 08:10AM
Guest Room

Her words meant everything. Johan was home, finally. He knelt on the floor, worshiping this one woman, whom he had been to hell and back for, and know they stood together, about to take the next step. The kiss was the awakening, the coupling to be the completion of their love story. Johan turned his face in, and kisses her naked belly, while his arms were wound around her, and as he kissed higher, he slowly rose off the floor. This was not about lust, or hungry desire, this was as much a discovery for him. He was in no hurry, his hot breath searing her cool flesh, as he trembled slightly. She smelt so damn good, and he even closed his eyes, his own mind creating the images of her, from all the stolen glances, the times he had seen her experiencing joy. Soon he was at full height, and he brushed his own chest against hers, their sex coming to meet. Johan’s voice had that same husky tone as when they first danced, and this was what he did. He held her in the dancing position, and started to dance with her around the room, as though the very room would melt away and become the dance hall.

“One..last dance is all I want.”

The more they danced, the more their bodies touched each others, and his heart beat was excelorating. Soon they reached the bed, and he stopped the dance suddenly. Johan couldn’t hold back any longer. He had dreamed of this…wanted Josephine, but also wanted her to want him back.


Gently he laid her down on the bed, smoothing the sheets around her. She was the angel of his dreams. His very reason to breath. “The last dance..” He said, slowly moving on top of her, but holding himself up. His thickened member brushing her wet folds, as he bent his head down, and kissed her…right as he pushed the head of his member inside of her. This was the last dance. Their bodies could move together as one. Perfect….Harmony. Their silhouette on the wall showed the shadow of the lovers, in their embrace. Rising and falling in tempo, the rhythm of their own hearts. It was not fast and furious, not slow and gentle, it was perfection.