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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 27, 2013 07:04PM

Levi carried the now sleeping Phoebe up to the manor silently. In the carriage, he had noticed she showed some angelic qualities and that made him nervous. She had a healing aura around her that seemed to block any of the stress and horrors from the horrific ball to affect her. In fact, she was curled up in his arms like a peacefully sleeping child. Kicking the door open, he saw a maid sleeping and he asked tiredly “Please tell me my father is in his office.”

She shook her head nervously and squeaked “So sir, he left in a rush with his detective friend. Something seemed wrong!”

Rolling his eyes, he muttered “You’re telling me…Thank you, dear.” He was too tired to give her any charm, and that tipped her off that something was wrong. As she curtsied and scurried away, Levi looked up with an unconscious Phoebe’s in his arms to the stairs and shouted “Samantha! I need you!” Setting Phoebe carefully on a chair in the foyer, he crossed his arms and stared upwards, waiting for his favorite girl to come help make things right. 

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 27, 2013 11:02PM
Sam had known Levi was home before he walked through the door. She hadn’t been meaning to wait up for him, but there hadn’t been much to do while he was away and he had such a distinctive scent and smell. She waited to greet him, not wanting to give anything away by showing up too quickly, so instead she waited at the top of the stairs, listening. He wanted his father, but she did not know why. Her eyebrows scrunched together when she heard his tone of voice. He seemed incredibly tired which made her wonder what was wrong. Finally he called her name and she sped downstairs much faster than what was humanly possible and she arrived before he had finished his sentence. It wasn’t very wise of her, but she was eager to know what was wrong. Of course, there was Phoebe in the foyer, sleeping. She gave the girl a distasteful look before shifting her eyes to rest on Levi. “What may I help you with?” she asked, looking at him with a questioning look.


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August 28, 2013 07:48AM

As Sam rushed down the stairs, Levi raised an eyebrow at the speed. Too tired to make sense of it, he just offered the maid a tired smile and pulled her into a hug. It was as though he were leaning on her as he rested his chin on her head, the horrors from the ball wiping away all of his energy. The cuts in his sides were very deep, and with all the adrenaline he hadn’t noticed them until now. Being so close to Sam, he had rubbed them against her small form and winced “Ah, dammit…” Pulling back from Sam, he looked down as the blood had seeped through his shirt quite a bit. Staring at the ceiling, he managed to grunt“Perfect” before looking at a maid. “See to it the young miss makes it to her bedroom. I have to deal with this since it appears father is not even home.”

The maid nodded “Of course, sir…” Giving his wounds a nervous look, she called for a butler to help carry Phoebe to her room.

When they were gone. Levi turned to Sam with a weak smile “Please tell me you know how to bandage a wound? I can’t imagine father will be pleased about the mess I am making out here. Bad for business, and all.” Wincing again, he began to fall against the wall, weakening from blood loss. He was an angel, but wounds still affected him if not attended to.“Looking up at her, his eyes began to cloud. [b]”Whatever you do, don’t call for Josephine. She’s been healing too much…” He didn’t pass out but his breathing became shallow as he tried to stumble up the stairs to his room. “Come come, love, I can’t make it much longer…”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
August 28, 2013 10:13PM


Sam accepted his hug, but had to hide the look of horror on her face as she buried her face in his chest. She smelled the blood on him and it made it very difficult to concentrate. She was very good at controlling herself, but when he was this close it was not easy on her. She was pleased by his greeting, but worried about why it was so intense. Sam wanted to know what was going on, but didn’t want to ask before he was willing to tell. He pulled away from her and he looked down at the blood seeping from his wounds. It was on her now and she had to stop herself from breathing in. One of the maids helped get Phoebe upstairs. She was grateful the girl was gone, but her anxiety covered up her jealousy. Levi directed his next words at her and asked if she knew how to bandage a wound. “I’m no nurse, but I can manage,” she told him, her eyes worried. He stumbled and fell against the wall and she quickly went to him and held him up. She was so strong that picking him up would be effortless, but she wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he told her not to call Josephine. She didn’t know if it would be a good idea to listen to him, but she decided that she would be able to take care of him enough. Depending on what did this to him and if she could keep from inhaling too soon. She helped him up the stairs and they entered his bedroom. She set him on his bed, making note to clean his sheets later, and went to grab a cloth that was a good enough size to cover his wounds and keep them from bleeding. She went back to him and carefully removed his shirt to get to the cuts. There was no time to admire his perfect body so she began to wrap the cloth around his waist as carefully as possibly, but Sam wasn’t exactly known for being gentle. “You must tell me what happened,” she told him, unable to keep her curiosity quiet for any longer.

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August 29, 2013 08:38AM
Levi’s Room

Levi watched with amazement at how Sam seemed to be able to hold onto him with no effort. Her speed and strength were unusual for a girl her size and something was now a bit off about her. He pushed down his incredulous feelings and fell onto his back on the bed, his eyes staring at the ceiling as his breath started to return to normal now that he was off of his feet. As Sam removed his shirt, he had the audacity to wink at her and murmured weakly “Always so eager to get me naked…” Falling back onto the pillow, he winced a bit when she attended to his cuts. She was doing a marvelous job of applying pressure and he knew that once he had regained strength, his angelic healing abilities would kick in. While Samantha not so gently bandaged him, the angel looked at her carefully. He was silent for a moment as he pondered her question, unsure if she could even handle what he had to say. Normally he would tell her anything with no hesitation, but the ball was horrific.

Finally, he let out a deep breath and began to let her in on the Bianchi secret. “You know my father is a renowned doctor. You know that we are angels. That is something we cannot hide even to our staff. However, what you may not know is that my father run a council of angels and I am next in line. We were invited to a ball by someone we thought was just a harmless count, as well as the demonic Roxburg family. Something went terribly wrong.” He winced from talking so much and took a moment to relax. Looking into her eyes, he spoke again “Before we were even invited to the ball, father and the detective discovered that someone of higher standing as been murdering women…and now angelic women. You know Phoebe? She bears a scary resemblance to a saint from long ago. When we were at the ball, all hell broke loose as demons and werewolves began to start a massacre. I even defended Amos for as long as I could before a friend ushered me home. I grabbed Phoebe and brought her home only to discover along the way that she is showing signs of angelic power.” After he got it all out, his cheek fell against his pillow and he reached out to squeezed her hand “As much as I wanted to take you, dear Samantha, I am so glad you did not witness the horrors.”


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August 29, 2013 09:06AM
Phoebe’s Room

Juliette stood outside next to a tree, the darkness of the night clouding her from sight. Her hands were crossed over her as her dark eyes watched the angel bring the woman in. So she wasn’t as she seemed, was she? With a wry smile, she decided just one more victim wouldn’t hurt her chances with Edward. He had accepted her as she was, hadn’t he? He himself told her she wasn’t a monster. Edward was right, wasn’t he? Stepping towards the manor, she eyed the lights in the house to get a bearing of who was where. She watched Samantha help Levi to her room and rolled her eyes. It was clear Levi held some affection for her with the way he was giving her those sappy eyes. Shaking her head, she then turned her attention to look at another room as it filled with light. Juliette saw a large butler carrying the petite woman to the bed before disappearing from sight as she was laid down. Bingo.

With a catlike smirk, Juliette began to climb the tree that would conveniently reach Phoebe’s room. Once at the top, she noticed they had left the window open, and she assumed it was because the girl needed air. Just as all the maids and the butler filed out of her room, she pounced through the opening. Dear Phoebe was laying on the bed fast asleep, a picture of true angelic beauty. It made Juliette want to hurl. Walking over to the door, she slammed it shut and put all the locks in place. The noise was enough to wake Phoebe. Looking around sleepily, she frowned before her eyes fell on Juliette. Recognition covered her face as she realized a murder was now locked in a room with her. Pressing back against the headboard, she gasped “What do you want?”

Juliette rolled her cat-like eyes and stepped up to her bed. Sitting down on it, she looked at her nails and spoke in a bored tone“That’s what they always say, you know. Every damn time. Honestly, I thought you would be a little more original since you’re staying with the oh so witty doctor.”

Phoebe frowned and stared her down “How do you know something like that?”

With another roll of her eyes, Juliette turned to face Phoebe. “You don’t think Johnathon has a reputation with his unorthodox procedures? Please, he seems to be the only person the ladies of this town even talk about anymore. He just has such a way with his hands…” Smiling wickedly, she saw Phoebe’s face fall. “What? You thought the angelic doctor was more pure at heart? Oh my dear, how much you need to learn…”

As Juliette seemed to taint the doctor’s name, Phoebe lifted up her chin defiantly. “You don’t know the doctor. He is a good man, and you’re just a monster.”
With a hiss, Juliette’s hand then went around Phoebe’s throat as she bashed her head against the headboard. Leaning in, her fangs elongated and she hissed “Do. Not. Call. Me…that.” Her lips then brushed Phoebe’s cheek as the poor girl began to tremble under the demon’s touch. Juliette smirked and licked her ear before looking at her. “You think you mean something to these people? You are sadly mistaken, my dear. You are just a medical project to them, a scientific phenomenon. Soon they will just use the powers you have just received and then you will be cast aside as just another holy piece of used trash. The doctor will find something better to pass his time, he always does. You? You mean nothing to anyone, you pretty little orphan.” With that, she released Phoebe who began to gasp as fresh air filled her lungs. Watching in horror, she saw Juliette slink back up to the window. Hopping into the open space, Juliette turned and smiled her devilish smile “You and I will be meeting again, Ms. Lynch. And if you tell anyone I was here, I will begin to leave my artwork all over this manor. Starting with the doctor.” With that, she was gone.

As soon as she disappeared, Phoebe rushed to the window and slammed it shut. She could hear the maids then pound on their door as they asked if she was all right in worried tones. Running over, she unlocked the door and opened it, staring at them with fearful tears in her eyes. Saying nothing, she threw her arms around Milly and began to sob.

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August 31, 2013 09:49AM
The Bianchi Family Manor

It was indeed a race to get back to the Family manor, for both Reginald and Johnathon, after they had witnessed the blood bath at the Ballroom. Johnathon’s greatest fear was that something had happened to Levi and his charge Phoebe, and the only way to be sure was to see them with his own eyes. The carriage pulled up outside the Doctor’s residence, and both men alighted in such a hurry that they forgot to pay the driver.

Barreling in the door, Johnathon was calling out in a loud voice. “LEVI….PHOEBE!” while coming in behind him, the Detective darted up the stairs to find Josephine. “JOSEPHINE!”Both men were in a panic, and the Cookie came out from the kitchen where she had been cleaning dishes.

“Doctor…what on earth is the matter?” Stunned to see his blooded appearance. “Oh my god, what happened?’ The Doctor crossed the foyer and took her hands, staring into her eyes.“Tell me that they are here!” He practically begged the Cook, who pointed up the stairs. “They been home a while, Doctor. Please, what on earth is wrong?” A wave of relief swelled in the Doctor as he brought up her hands to kiss them. “Twice you have saved my sanity today, Cookie.” Cookie still didn’t understand the fuss, as the Doctor released her hands and darted up the stairs.




Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
September 01, 2013 02:38PM
Levi’s Room

Levi was enjoying his time with Sam, but it was soon cut short by the sound of Phoebe’s cries. Frowning, he climbed out of bed and winced at the pain in his sides from the wounds. Grabbing at his left side, he hissed and began to hobble to the door. Glancing over his shoulder, he mumbled “Excuse me, Samantha.” Hobbling out into the hallway, he saw Phoebe at the other end clutching the maids and crying. Frowning still, he walked as carefully as he could so he did not upset his wounds and looked down at the girl with concern “Tesoro, what is it?’
Phoebe looked up and her eyes widened when she saw that Levi had bandages and that he was standing shirtless before the staff. Standing up slowly, she wiped her tears away and smiled playfully “No one can ever deny you the opportunity to tear your clothes off, can they?”

Levi knew she was stalling and avoiding his question, and though it troubled him deeply, he knew better than to try and pull information out of sassy women. Smiling boyishly, he crossed his arms over his puffed out chest before wincing “Ow…” His smile turned sheepishly as he tilted his head “Are you going to tell me why you were crying?”

She just shrugged and shook her head “I thought you were dead, is all.”

The angel’s pride got in the way of smart thinking as he beamed down at her “I’m more tough than you think, tesoro.”

Phoebe rolled her eyes and turned around when she heard the doctor calling their names. Raising her eyebrows in surprise, she folded her arms over her chest and called down the hallway “We’re up here, doctor. Is everything all right?”

Levi assumed his father had saw what happened at the ball judging by his tone of voice. Still, he said nothing as he waited for his father to find them.


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September 01, 2013 02:45PM
Upstairs Hallway Near the Attic

Josephine had just left Genevieve’s attic gallery and was making her way down the hallway in hopes of going to the kitchen to scrounge up some tea. She still felt a bit weak from her healing, but lucky enough for her, she had enough angel blood flowing through her veins to keep her going. As she walked, she pondered her feelings for the doctor and decided she would just have to brush them off. There were too many outside forces that would keep them apart: the age difference, his friendship to her father, and the fact that he was far too absorbed in his work the way her father was. Josephine knew she deserved a man that would accept her for her own dancing abilities and could give her the time she desired from a man. Reginald was an exceptional father, but she wanted a man that would always be by her side.
It was while she was having these thoughts when she heard her father’s voice calling for her. Looking down the hallway, she smiled and called after him “I’m down here, Papa!” Walking towards the sound of his voice, she did her best to look as healthy as ever. She even pinched her cheeks for good measure, hoping the sick pallor was replaced by a rosy hue. Her blue eyes appeared tired, but she could just blame it on the stress of her audition. As she rounded the corner, she saw her father dart up the stairs. Smiling playfully, she looked at him skeptically “Papa, are you really in that much of a rush to see me?”Josephine then held her arms out to her father as though she were a small child.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
September 01, 2013 11:27PM
Upstairs – hallway

Hearing the sound of Phoebe’s voice was a sheer delight, and Johnathon took to the last few steps with gusto. Coming along the hall, he could see the pair, though Levi looked to be sporting an injury. Looking between the pair, Johnathon let out a sigh of relief. “Yes, everything is alright now. You would both need to forget the state of my attire, Reginald and I have just come back from that blood bath more commonly known as a Ball.” At this, Johnathon embraced his son, just grateful he was alive. Letting him go, he stepped back a bit, and then asked: “There were werewolves…did you see them? You must have. Reginald shot the leader, we think, but it and the others got away, before we managed to get our own hides out of there before the police swooped the place.” Johnathon’s eyes searched that of his Son’s to see if he could tell him, exactly what transpired before they left the ball.


The Detective picked up his daughter, and swung her around, clearly overwhelmed with relief and joy that his darling was safe and well within the Bianchi Manor. He brought her up into his arms, and just held her, clearly relieved she was alive and well. “I owe you so many apologies..what with this day just being so ridiculously hectic. I wish I could wake up tomorrow, and just have a simple day with you. No distractions, no vampire chasing, no were wolf hunting. Just you me and …oh yes, your ballet recital. Please tell me I didn’t miss it?’



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September 02, 2013 07:48AM
[center]Front Door

Barawk made his way from the ball room and flew into the clouds above. He was torn between returning home and helping Amos get to safety, for if they lost him, they lost everything that had held the balance, though those wolves were doing a good job at that already. He decided to follow Amos and his family to make sure they at least got home okay. Without a second thought, his wings flapped once pwoerfully and thunder boomed in the sky as he flew. By the time he reached the Manor, Amos was on the floor with Lillith holding his hand to him.
Barawk wasn’t RIGHT THERE, per say, he used the rain as his sight. As it poured down, hitting every surface below the clouds, Barawk had to ability to use it as a sensory vision, and whatever the rain his and formed around is what he saw. So the ground, the Roxborgs and Lillith and Agares. He stayed and watched, preffering not to get involved just yet. However, his jaw dropped as Lillith plunged her cursed blade into his back, and tugged his horn. Barawk didn’t stay a moment longer as he turned and darted his way to the Bianchi household at almost impossible speeds.

Taking little time to stop, Barawk landed and used his speed to open the door and get in the house quickly. The moment the door was open, he roared, his armor and weapons shimmering away as more royal clothing took place. “AMOS HAS FALLEN! THE ROXBURG HEAD OF COUNCIL HAS FALLEN!”