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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 12:51PM
The Club

Fred leapt over the bar growling audibly. He had watched the by play of he Don with no passion as he submitted to the will of many would be domme’s. What this one wanted was to do however was hurt his property however. He had essentially come in his home sat on his prized sofa and then ripped it up because he felt like it. Sissy was the star attraction and property of the bar, not just some dame out in the street for him to abuse and throw away. She wasnt easily replaced. For the Don to feel he could so abuse one like himself who graciously invited him to his establishment was disgusting. It seemed he had no respect even for himself no dom needed to prove himself over a simple barmaid. She offered no resistance. She complied to his wishes.

” No you get the fuck out of my bar! and if i ever see you touch one of my girls again you and i will have a serious problem. You disrespected me and my place today Vincent. It seems to me I chose the wrong man to talk to in this town you have no sense. You come in this place and beat the hell out of my star like she is a common whore. You think this a 5 cent brothel? Go down the street! This is for those who have class. I don’t invite just anyone to my establishment. I made this place for the best of the best. ” 

His aura darkened as his power was spread outwards, not released but the room itself darkened.
The bouncers around the room all gathered in to surround the spectacle shocked.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 05:47PM
The Club

The hard slap across Sissy’s face shook her to the core, as the Don unleashed his fury at her excitement from his sexual attack. She was after all a succubus, and her reaction was perfectly natural, however he didn’t want that at all. What he wanted was her to protest and struggle, not get off on the public display. Holding her face with her hand, the next thing that was even more shocking was Fred’s reaction. He practically jumped the bar, and got stuck into Vinny with a verbal stoush that could very well endanger not only those that worked at the club, but also Fred and the business itself. Sissy quickly snatched up her robe off the floor, and tried to cover herself, as her eyes became fearful, that Fred was taking on the most dangerous man in New York.


She fell back slightly, thinking this was all her fault. Sissy didn’t want to see Fred or anyone else get hurt and internally wanted to offer her apologies for upsetting the client so. But she also couldn’t go against her Boss, so she stayed in behind him, hoping to God, this was not going to end in disaster.



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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 06:08PM
Fred’s Fresh Meats Shop front

The mob car pulled up outside of Fred’s fresh meats, with two heavies in the front seat and Alfonzo and his sister in back. Leaning forward slightly and glancing out at the shop front, he had a wide grin on his face, and shot a look back at his sister; Magdeline, who still was a bit tired looking. Knowing this place was infamous for its speakiease out the back, as well as excellent food and drink, he knew his sister would enjoy grabbing a bite, and something else tantalizing here.


“Now this place is one of the best joints in town, Mags. We will get you fed and some meat on those bones of yours, heh.”

Getting out of the car, his two burly guards got out and checked the location, both heavily armed brutes, with enough fire power to take down another mob, should they show up. Squizzy was already packing, and confidently stood on the curb in his fine suit. He offered his hand to Mags, and then when the coast was clear, they all entered the Butcher shop, with one of the guards asking for the owner, to show them were the best cuts were kept. All stood waiting, while the sound of sharpening blades was heard in the cold room.



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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 06:36PM

Just as Brigitte was asking Fred if he wanted anything else, she heard the quite audible slap. Within moments, she had turned just as Fred had moved over to Vinny and was chewing him out. Glancing at the mobster, then at Sissy, Brigitte pursed her lips, then poured Sissy a drink and walked over to her. Handing it to the woman, she gave her a slight smile. “Are you okay?” Her eyes flickered towards Vinny as he was leaving, before she looked at Sissy again. No one had been expecting the mobster to react that way – that much was obvious. And it oddly enough left Brigitte angry, knowing that he’d done that to Sissy.

In the other room, Aedan was warming up when he heard the commotion. Looking towards the room, he frowned, but didn’t move. They could handle themselves, he was sure. Though he worried about Brigitte, it wasn’t like she was a little kid.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 06:48PM
Shop Front

Mags stepped out of the car with her brother and looked about. He had said this was a really nice place and she knew her brothers tastes, he chose only the best. She was hungry for something good a rare steak sound good right now. Bloody and off the bone lightly seared. She hadnt had anything properly cooked since she had arrived. The scuffle she had had on her way to her brothers had left her hungry and she was ready to enjoy herself. The other mobsters had already surrounded the place. They were always so protective of them, not realizing that despite her size she was quite formidable. She was no easy meat. She liked to toy with her prey, hurt them and cause them the agony that they wanted to cause others. It amused her to no end to hurt a bully or one who thought themselves particularly strong. there was something about the way they squirmed that fascinated her, she couldnt quite put her finger on it. Maybe it was the way the blood dripped out of their body, their screams, the way they pleaded…

All these thoughts danced in her head as she made it through the front door and heard some shouting from the back room.
Realizing there might be trouble she grabbed her gun, not that she needed it she was herself a weapon. But the rest of the group seemed to follow suit as they came into the front foyer watching for signs of trouble.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 01:34PM
The Club

Vincent looked at Sissy cruelly and was about to mock her when Fred leapt over the bar. He said nothing as he continue to stare at the redhead, seeming to not listen to one word the man had said. Watching the way Sissy reacted to his slap completely awakened the creature within him. Watching her cower before him like a wounded animal made him want to take her to his room immediately. Stepping towards Sissy like Fred wasn’t even there, he reached out to touch the cheek he had slapped only moments ago. His voice was low and dripped with honey “That hurt, didn’t it? Did you feel it more than the pleasure you felt between your legs?” Leaning in close, he breathed heavily in her ear “I always get what I want, sweetness. Do you know who I am?” His own dark aura seemed to surround Sissy as the Demon of Greed, one of the Seven, rumbled low in his throat “You are at the top of my list.”
Pulling back, Vinny finally looked at Fred as if just realizing he was there. Smiling broadly, he reached out to clap him on the shoulder “Thank you kindly for your services. Your meat…has greatly been appreciated.” Tipping his fedora to the man, he then spun on his heel and chuckled at the bouncers “I can find my own way out, gentlemen.” Brushing past them as his own aura shattered all the lights within the place as a warning, the don then headed back up to the store front.

Walking towards the entrance, he spotted Squizzy with others. His smile darkened but his eyes flashed pleasantly “Well look who it is…I imagine you are all in for a treat.” With that, the don of NYC and one of the most dangerous demons in the city disintegrated into a pile of ash without even bothering to use the front door. What would happen to Sissy if she were left unprotected?

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 06:28PM
The Club

Sissy didn’t know where to look, but it was clear that the Mobster now had a clear fascination with her terror, and to make matters worse, Fred was reading Vinny the riot act.

” No you get the fuck out of my bar! and if i ever see you touch one of my girls again you and i will have a serious problem. You disrespected me and my place today Vincent. It seems to me I chose the wrong man to talk to in this town you have no sense. You come in this place and beat the hell out of my star like she is a common whore. You think this a 5 cent brothel? Go down the street! This is for those who have class. I don’t invite just anyone to my establishment. I made this place for the best of the best. “

Sissy was frozen in her place, her blood had run from her face, her cheek showed a massive welt that was going to probably turn into a bad bruise. With red rimmed eyes, she tremored as the Don suddenly reached out and touched her cheek, causing her to flinch in terror. Why was he acting like this? Her eyes shot back at Fred, and she didn’t know what to do. Her head was screaming at her to run, but her heart said stay still, or this madman might hurt someone else.

“That hurt, didn’t it? Did you feel it more than the pleasure you felt between your legs?”

Sissy bowed her head, ashamed and tears could be seen falling upon her robe. She had never felt so powerless in all her days, and he kept at her…in words that terrified her. “I always get what I want, sweetness. Do you know who I am?” Shaking she shot a look at the door, as she could hear others coming. She tried to swallow, but then he dealt the crushing blow. “You are at the top of my list.”


Sissy didn’t want to be on his list..or anywhere near the top. As he left, she fell back and landed in a lounge chair for patrons, curling up in a ball and rocking back and forth. She didn’t know where to look, and fear was very real for her.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 07:19PM
Shop Front

Vincent had done so much disrespect to his shop, Ferdinand was furious. To begin with he thought to abuse publicly his star which was fine in a small way, he was of course as he put it the most important man in New York City. However he became to him the lowest man, with the lowest class the moment he smacked her. she had enjoyed him as a proper whore should. Done her job properly as all had seen since he had made sure all were to see it. Then following this public display since she enjoyed his passions decided to abuse her face. Her moneymaker, it was as if he had come into his home and took a shit on his couch. He was not about making money, he had no sense at all and certainly didnt belong leading anyone.

Threatening her just proved that. He watched him darken and break the lights making a mess of the place to avoid the real gangsters who had just walked in.. THE ALVISE!

Looking up he saw Alfonzo and a few of his men come in, seems they heard the whole thing from the front. He looked back to Sissy, Dont sweat it. Take as long as you need to, Why dont you wash up? 

He handed her a towel and tried his best to comfort her as Alfonso and the rest walked in.

Sorry for the mess gentleman. We had a rather rude patron with little manners. can I get you something to drink or maybe eat? he said as he began to clean up the glass..


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 07:56PM
The Club

Sissy at this point was too scared to even move, and at first, Fred’s words didn’t seem to be sinking in. Fred was acting casual, and it was like, he was reining in his own inner demon, to not go out the front shop and give Vinny a taste of his own. She knew she should move, but she felt pain and a numbness in her legs. A shaking hand traveled to her welted cheek, and though her lips moved, no words were coming forth.


She tried to grip the chair arm rests and push herself, as Fred went to see who was out in the shop front, and when she heard the voices, the horror had just increased ten fold. ~Alfonzo Alvise.~ “Oh god no..” she whispered, thinking this was about to get a whole lot worse, from the stories she had heard about this man. Clearly…what she heard, and what he would present were two different things.

The Shop front.


“Well look who it is…I imagine you are all in for a treat.” Vinny said, in a throw away comment, as he turned to a pile of ash, rather than be a man and use the door. Squizzy watched with a curious expression, and then whistled for a butcher. “Might wanna get the pan and shovel here. Last customer just infected the place. Hate to see your meat go off.” The two guards, Snowy and Angus both chuckled, one even opened the door, and said in a caveman like voice. “DIS..IS A DOOR.”Squizzy then saw the owner come through and he had heard the popping of his lights out back going out. The gangster from the rival mob, Squizzy knew right away by the look on Fred’s face…that shit had just gone down.

“You can show us through, and we can have a chat about your other guest. Name’s Squizzy, otherwise known as Alfonzo Alvise. And don’t worry, we aren’t here to damage the joint. I was after a good beef sandwich.” He then gestured to Mags, who looked set to take the butcher’s on with her guns drawn. “Mags, Sis. We don’t need to be killin’ nothing. Let’s play nice, eh?”

Walking through to the back, the first thing he saw aside from the twins, was a terrified and bruised Sissy, who looked like a possum that had been hit by spotlights. Squizzy didn’t move on her, or try any bullshit. He simply took off his hat, and gestured for the others to take a seat at the table. Angus waved at Sissy, and Squiz shook his head. “Keep it in your pants, Angus. We are here to eat and greet.” Angus pouted, then took a seat with the others. For gangsters…they sure were behaving.


“So…Fred, is it? You seem to have a little problem with Vin. I can cut you a deal, that he doesn’t set foot in here..or go near your Red…ever again. Or my name’s not Squizzy.” He then beamed a winner’s smile, as he eased back in his chair. “Now..about that sandwich.”


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 29, 2013 08:28PM
Shop Front

Mags always followed her brothers lead and now was no exception. He motioned for her to wait as they listened to the exchange in the club. Seemed the Don Amato Vinny was in there and making a real ass of himself. Mags kind of snickered to herself when the Don came in. Putting on her poker face she was all business. Her brother did all the talking her countenance was the usual grim one, she was always ready to hurt someone if given half a chance. Then the Don known as Vinny disappeared in a pile of ash. They all grinned her brother then calling out to the owner…

“Might wanna get the pan and shovel here. Last customer just infected the place. Hate to see your meat go off.” 

She laughed in spite of herself at his antics as they made their way into the back looking for the owner.


Looking to the gangsters he asked them all to come into the club so they could have a table.
Turning To Squizzy he said…
“Why dont you all come in the back here and have a seat? Ill have one of my servers make you a proper rib-eye while we talk. What would you like to drink? I can make you an excellent rickey or perhaps a whiskey sour is something you would prefer? he asked the last with no disrespect.

He then motioned to Birgitte to take orders from the other gangsters and fetch them some drinks and food as the cook made them their sandwiches.