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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 23, 2013 09:14AM

It appeared that the redhead woman could hear him. As Vincent turned around to get another eye full of her exotic beauty, he was met with a marvelous display of woman. The black satin and lace contrasted deliciously with the pale of her skin, and the fiery color of her hair. Licking his bottom lip once, he stared in amazement. Normally the don went for blondes, but there was something so openly wanton and alluring about this woman that he just wanted to take a bite. Seeing the way her fingers trailed down her bosom, Vinny could feel his pants tightening as a large lump grew in his throat. This woman could quite possibly carry his demonic seed.
Spinning his head back slowly to face his host, he looked down to see a drink placed before him. Trying to get his bearings once more, Vinny picked it up and took a long swig. Holding the glass in his hand, he felt much better now that alcohol was coursing through his body. Lifting his eyes to meet Ferdinand’s, he smiled like a jungle cat “I like what I see, and I want a bite.” Spinning around suddenly, Vinny placed the drink down on the bar before clapping his hands together. Whistling at Sissy, he called to her “Get ova’ here, you nicely cut piece of ass.”

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 23, 2013 01:23PM

The next day, the two siblings got up from their chambers and each got dressed in their appropriate attire. Brigitte came out of her chambers first, and soon her brother joined her. The two greeted one another with smiles before walking through the club. Already, they could sense that Fred and Sissy were up and about. And soon enough, more people were in the club. Azrael and Brigitte made their way towards where they smelled them all. When they arrived, the two vampires hung back a little. After a brief moment, they figured that if Fred wanted them, he would send for them. Sissy was already in the room with their guest, after all.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 05:03AM
The Club

Sissy heard the whistle and clapping made by the Don. He had shown he was aroused by the temptress in black satin, and now he wanted to try a bite of the latest cut. Knowing how important this was to Fred and the business, she began to strut, with a refined elegance, as she rolled her shoulders, and her black satin robe fell like shimmering water and pooled on the floor in her wake. Now with just her sexy black undergarments on, she was ready to treat the Don to some very special attention. No music was needed, for his own heart would soon be the tempo for this initiation between the demons of New York. Her allure in part was the subtle scent of her perfume, mixed with her own sweet musk, that if inhaled would be more intoxicating than the drink he had just sat down. With a throaty growl, Sissy said with a curl of her plump lips;

“I’m the house special….care to dine on me?”

And right on cue, Sissy began her routine, her face an image of unadulterated lust, as her eyes became slits. Bedroom eyes that only held the Don in their gaze. She picked up a riding crop, that was on a nearby table, and would use this in part as a toy to tease herself, but also for him to take off her, and use himself if he so desired. She dragged the tip of it down between her ample breasts, crossing the fine black bustier, and catching on the threads, pulling each loose slightly, as her hips gyrated, and she did squat drops, before standing upright, and spinning round, to bend over and smack the whip against her own lace covered ass. The strike would leave a welt, being that hard a hit, and her cry out of submissiveness, also designed to tease this most powerful of mobsters in New York. She drew the crop between her buttocks, and then back between her legs, before licking the tip with her long red tongue. Sissy tossed the crop at the Don to catch, and bit her bottom lip playfully, hoping he might use it on her.


Sissy started a slow walk around the Gangster, and came around to where he sat, and turned so her ass would be presented, in all its glory. She gyrated, and came very close to rubbing herself against him, but keeping that slight distance, so it was sill very much a game of tease. Would he seize her and take a bite or take her out back, to use the crop on her properly?



Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 11:49AM

Vincent was having a great time watching the fire-head walk towards him. His tongue snaked out again to hungrily lick at his lips as Sissy prowled towards him. She was a great big tease, and the don had plans for her. As her shoulders fell back to remove her robe that Vinny wanted to tear off himself, his eyes narrowed as he watched her begin to perform. His eyes became black as night as the demon greed leaned back in his seat at the bar. She was talented, and she knew what she was doing. Her scent was intoxicating and he found himself closing his eyes while breathing it in. A rumble of approval came from his chest as he crossed his arms.

Opening back up again, he smiled as dangerously as a shark as his demonic eyes fell on Sissy. She asked him a question, one with a double-meaning, and Vinny found he both wanted to but a knife through her stomach and take her right in front of everyone. Perhaps he would do both. The don always wanted, and he always got what he desired.

The way she looked at him had him sneer, finding her routine both sexy and repulsive. He liked his women innocent, and he liked to make him scream. This woman seemed to be at the top of her game and was treating him like he was an easy prey to capture by the knowing way she worked her body. That just would not do. Vinny’s eyes watched her grab a riding crop, and that piqued his interest. Perhaps this would get interesting.

Soon Sissy was spanking herself, and it had left a large welt that the don wished he put there himself. Looking back up at her eyes, he growled and was about to snap at her, but she soon tossed the crop to him. Catching it in a swift movement, his lips spread in a cruel smile as her submissive cry still resonated in his ears. She was now gyrating on him, and he was ready to attack.

She teased him with her ass, barely touching him. It both angered and excited him. Reaching out with his free hand, he wrapped his hand around her waist and sent her sprawling over his lap. His black eyes fixed on her ass as he used his empty hand to deliver a hard smack to her ass. Seeing his hand print, he chuckled darkly and gave her three more smacks, the last one harder than the other.
Vinny knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he saw bruises and blood, however. He was always greedy for more. Picking up the crop in his hand, he brushed it between her ass cheeks before swatting her hard on her lower back. Tossing the crop aside, Vinny picked her up so he could stand. Spinning around, he placed her on the stool. Before he made her bleed, he wanted the taste he had been promised. Spreading her legs apart, Vinny smirked again while ripping her panties to the side. Without warning, he lunged forward to plunge his tongue between her moist folds. His tongue darting in and rapidly as he dug his fingers hard into her thighs. He would have his fill of her in front of anyone and everyone in the club.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 03:36PM
The Club

Ferdinand had been glad that Sissy had captured Vincent’s attentions. She was good at that, much as he was with the ladies. They were both wanted to use their bodies to the maximum profit. Which is why she was such a valuable worker here at the market. Seeing she was doing well he then turned his attention to where Azrael and Brigitte had wandered off to. Didnt they realize it was time for work? You never knew who else might show up. He needed his dancers he thought to himself and besides he hadnt gotten to talk much to this Brigette the night before. He always like to hear people’s stories, especially those who worked for him. He asked another of the dancers to go look for them as he idly sat behind the bar polishing glasses and sipping on a whiskey. He was glad the club was picking up and that the Don was pleased.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 06:22PM
The Club

When Fred had said keep it strictly business, that had been Sissy’s intent. Her exotic moves to entice the mob boss, were done so in a typical fashion, to titillate and tease. The stripper however aimed to please the Don, and throwing him the crop, meant he would have a more hands on experience. What she didn’t count on, was his way around women, seizing her and with little effort, tossing her over his lap, like a disobedient child. Her green eyes widened as she felt at first the three strikes with his bare hand to her quivering buttocks. Welts of red hand prints forming, marking her to hopefully form a bruise. The Don clearly loved to make others feel pain, to watch them bled and cry his name in a submissive way. The succubus was turned on in fact by this behavior, and cried out in a terrified voice, till the moment he sat her upon the bar stool where he had been, and decided that he was going to make a meal of her, in front of Fred, Bridget and Azrael.

Vinny gripped her legs with his clawed digits and then buried his face between her legs, his tongue flicking up and inside her, as he ate her hungrily. Shocked, Sissy arched back against the bar, her inner thighs trembling. The Don was rough, and forceful, violating her in a manner that is normally reserved for the bedroom. Sissy stretched right out, her arms held up over her head, while her hips rolled in a motion, that intensified her own growing need. He was incredible. Her legs were now bleeding from the sharp press of his claws into her skin, and fire raged through her veins as she was gasping for breathe. Dare she touch herself, massage her own breasts while he went down on her? No…instead she rode the orgasmic wave that had her jerking and twitching, as she fed him her juices. He may punish her for that…but she couldn’t help herself.



Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 07:05PM

Moments after leaving, the two siblings returned as they were hailed by Fred. The walked in side by side, both glancing towards Sissy and Vinny, but neither of them paid them mind. Instead, they walked towards Fred. The siblings offered him a smile, though Brigitte was the one who spoke. “Sorry, We thought you wished for us to come back when we were needed. It’s been a little while since we’ve done this kind of work.” The vampire glanced towards Vinny and Sissy, though said nothing. Instead, she merely turned her attention fully on Fred, a smile playing across her lips. Slightly behind her, Azrael stood, his gaze flicking between watching Sissy and Vinny with a sort of morbid fascination, and looking solely at Fred.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 24, 2013 08:54PM
The Club

Ferdinand saw the two siblings enter. He was glad to see them return. Keeping a quiet eye on Sissy so as to ensure she wasnt damaged he tried not to be obvious but he sipped his drink idly trying to seem more like he was watching the bar. As Brigitte came up to the bar she said…
“Sorry, We thought you wished for us to come back when we were needed. It’s been a little while since we’ve done this kind of work.” 

Responding back to her he smiled and said…
Well glad to have both of you back. Not sure what’s going to happen today but we best be prepared for it. As you can see The Don is quite inspired, who knows who else might be visiting us next. Business is booming as they say. 

He winked at the pair, and passed them each a drink. Well let’s have a quick one and then you two can begin your shift.

I am sure Vinny may need his cup refilled Brigitte and you Azrael can work with the other dancers after you finish yours. I think Todays gonna be interesting. 


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 27, 2013 08:09PM

“Sounds good to us. We’ll be here all day, of course.” Brigitte grinned and then shrugged. “It seems he is. I’ll be here for anyone else who decides to pay a visit. Thank you.” She downed her drink, just as Azrael did his. The siblings then grinned at Fred and went their separate ways. Moving behind the bar, Brigitte quickly picked up Vinny’s glass. Without a single glance at him, she refilled it and then put the bottle away. Meanwhile, Azrael walked over to where the other dancers were, greeting them each with a grin as he they prepared for the day. “Would you like anything else, Fred?”

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 28, 2013 12:14PM
The Club

Vincent’s nails clawed sharper into Sissy, a growl escaping his lips as he felt her thighs trembling around her. As he felt her body react to his ministrations sexually, he began to see red. He did not want her to enjoy this, to be so open and so pleasured in front of other people. What the don wanted was to feed off of her mortification, to feel her protesting underneath him. Instead, he was met with her enjoying every little flick of his tongue probing her in front of others’ eyes. Pulling back, he stared up at her with eyes as black as death itself. Licking his lips slowly, he stood up so he could look down at her. His chest panted with the exertion he was using to try and not lose his shit right then and there. This was supposed to be a new place of business to add a notch to his belt, but instead, he felt furious. Reaching up with a hand, he then backhanded the red head. Hard.
What Vinny wanted was to snap her pretty little neck and make an example of her to the other women around him. No one was allowed to enjoy him. Not unless they were sweet innocent doves he was seducing. He wanted the chase, the game, the thrill of the conquest. This woman insulted him with her boldness. Turning to look at Fred, he snarled “Get me something strong. You and I have some things we need to clarify.” Wiping his mouth off, he didn’t give Sissy another look as he stormed away.