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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 13, 2013 06:03PM
Sissy accepted the offered glass of red wine, and then kicked off her shoes, allowing herself to relax in the presence of her new employer. By the manner in which he spoke, he was a serious business man, not one of these kind that needs to bed his employees as a stand over tactic.

“I could have many here Sissy, but none have come to my private chambers. you are actually the first I have allowed to see them. My clients I take to one of the adjoining chambers downstairs for any paid excursions. Not many get to see this much of me. “

Taking a seat at the window, Sissy took a sip from the glass, then brought her feet up, knees bent as she rest the base of her glass on her knee and stared out at the dazzling lights of New York city. How many girls had come here in the search of finding that Mister Right with millions in the bank and able to shower them in diamonds and money? It was a town of hopeful youth, and broken dreams. Sissy wasn’t stupid, though in her younger days, she made her fair share of mistakes. Battle weary, scarred but determined to survive in this dog eat dog world.

Regarding Fred, she cocked her head slightly, and was impressed that he had given her access to his chambers, for clearly he was in fact a very private man.


“Then I am truly honored. I don’t plan to take this lightly, or let you think that I am going to try and pull the wool. Cheers.” She raised her glass, in a toast. “May we have a good business dealing.” Sipping her wine again, she chuckled.
“What did you think of the brother sister combo working it downstairs?” Sissy asked.



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Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 15, 2013 08:13PM
Private Apartments

Ferdinand took a sip of his wine as he leaned back in his chair having toasted with Sissy. He thought for a moment before he answered. Setting his glass down he also took off his shoes as well and then leaned back again looking out at the city from his chair. He breathed a bit thinking to himself about how successful they truly were going to be. Sissy was a rare find.

“Well as to the two downstairs I think they will make a fine addition honestly. They seem to both know their jobs quite well. You yourself also seem to have an eye for talent. You knew the favored drink fo the area and that is good. Not everyone is all that familiar with the drinks of the rich. Those are the kinds of things our people need to know. Perhaps tommorow we can send out an invitation to the Amato’s and offer them some free services and a night on the house. 

Fred grinned maliciously as he said this. “Just remember to always remember that they are our clients and not to let emotions get to involved. Especially when dealing with the Amato’s. They can be dangerous if angered. But they do love to spend money, The choicest meats… Remember? ” 


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 15, 2013 09:39PM
Private Apartments

Both Sissy and Ferdinand were relaxed in each other’s company. Neither had designs on the other, and were both level headed when it came to their approach to the business side of the club. Sissy knew what her role was and was more than capable of fulfilling, with the golden rule: “Don’t fall in love, or let your heart rule your mind.” She knew this all too well, and it was the classic mistake of many an unsuspecting star struck teen arriving in the big smoke.

Ferdinand’s take on the pair downstairs earlier was what Sissy had expected. Both knew their ways around a club, with being able to pour a decent drink, and the brother having it where it counted on the dance floor. He sure could work it. Sissy chuckled to herself at the memory, but was snapped back to reality when Fred complimented her on knowing the popular drink that was all the flavor of the club scenes. It pays to know this sort of information, and sets you apart from some dill of a flapper.


Talk then became serious, when Fred mentioned the mob. In particular the Amatos. Everyone who was anyone knew who they were and just how dangerous. They liked their booze, their women and their cigars all top shelf, but they easily discard them without a second thought. No funny business would be allowed, and Sissy showed a wry grin.


“Don’t worry, Boss. If they do come, I will show them a good time…but keep my heart to myself. Love is just a game I don’t play.”


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 18, 2013 06:05PM
Private Apartment’s

Ferdinand looked at her as he finished his glass of wine. Setting it down neatly he said simply in response to her.
Sissy had said to him “Don’t worry, Boss. If they do come, I will show them a good time…but keep my heart to myself. Love is just a game I don’t play.” 
Setting it down neatly he said simply in response to her.
Not that I wouldn’t be interested in a romp my dear but maybe as we get to know each other better. I just want to make sure you understand with the Amato’s they are truly dangerous people. I wouldn’t want to lose my star. You are too precious to lose just having been found. It’s very hard finding good help. let alone anyone Id trust enough to bring into my own chamber’s.” 

With that he winked at her, standing up and heading from the sitting room towards his own bed.

Well Sissy, Im gonna catch a few hours before the morn. You get some rest as well. We have a lot of work to do tommorow. 

turning on his heels, he then headed to bed.


The Club

Coming Down in the morning Fred looked about for the pair of dancers. It was early yet so he decided to make some breakfast for the group making some fresh smoked ham sandwiches on a grill in the front that served as the shop. The Club filled with the smell of the Fresh Meat. As it did he waited patiently for the rest of them to wake and join him for some food as well as word to arrive back as to whether the Amato’s had received his invitation. It was looking to be a busy day already he thought as the meat sizzled….


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 19, 2013 06:27AM
Private Apartment’s

Sissy liked Fred’s style. So business like and upfront with his view of their arrangement. She paid due attention, and nodded at the right intervals, while the back drop of a New York that never sleeps twinkling behind her like jewels upon a sea of black velvet. Fred’s warning of the Amatos was headed, and she knew how dangerous these gangster types could be. Girls were merely to be used and abused, though some were offered the trappings of wealth, only to later find themselves in some dark alley, or worse at the bottom of the Hudson River.


“I wouldn’t want to lose my star. You are too precious to lose just having been found. It’s very hard finding good help. let alone anyone Id trust enough to bring into my own chamber’s.” Fred said with good intent, and this had Sissy smile.

“You can count on me, I won’t let you down, nor get tangled up with the Amatos. Strictly business.”

At this Fred bid her a good night, and retired from the sitting room to his own room. Sissy went back to gazing at the wondrous New York skyline and smiled to herself. Opportunities like this should be seized with both hands, and Sissy made a silent vow that she was not going to mess this up. No way.

Disrobing, she crawled into her bed, and curled up under the covers, turning out the light, her body bathed in the soft glow of the moon’s rays.


Coming down from the private apartments, Sissy was dressed in a silken robe and with her hair tied back loosely, the soft red curls framing her face. She could smell breakfast cooking and of course headed to the direction the delicious scent was permeating from.

Finding Fred cooking his sizzling bacon, Sissy clasped her hands together and inhaled deeply.

“Not smelt anything this good since I lived back home with my Momma.” Sissy enthused, smiling and then glancing about for the brother sister duo.

“Last one’s up is a rotten egg?”

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 21, 2013 10:06AM
Meat Shop

Vinny silently fumed in the back of the car as he mulled over what had happened to his daughter. The Alvise openly rebelled against him by making an attack on his daughter. From what he heard, though, it was a soldier that did so. Darion might not even had ordered the attack himself. Knowing soldiers in the family, they were always doing stupid things to gain favor with the don. Perhaps this had been another one of those stunts.

The car soon pulled up to the meat shop in town that had recently opened up. It was fresh prey for Vinny, and he wanted in on the earnings. Extortion was very important to him, and it certainly kept him living in the lap of luxury. Strolling into the meat shop, he began to whistle as he opened the door. The don never believed in knocking, especially when it came to shops. Breezing up to the counter, he slapped the bell repeatedly for service. After it became annoying, he stopped and looked up with a smile “Sorry, old habits die hard. Where is Ferdinand Prescott?”
He didn’t bother announcing who he was…he never did. Instead, Vinny waited to be serviced with an entitled attitude that would have the smarmiest man’s skin crawling.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 21, 2013 11:14AM
Front Entrance

Ferdinand was watching the cooks prepare choice meats in the front of the business. Making things look as if it was legitimate was something necessary. Not what he wanted, he would have preferred to just be honest about what he enjoyed to do but his lifestyle was frowned on and the speakeasy had to be operated very carefully. He monitored most of the front end operations usually posing as a customer, even leaving periodically to seem as one. He had made it almost an art form so that no-one realized who really operated the place. However he heard someone call his name audibly and as he heard it he looked out and realized this was very important! It was Vinny Amato, it seemed they had answered his invitation. He quietly put down the newspaper he had been reading and went out the door motioning to the attendants to continue about their work.

Meeting Vinny at the door he said,
“Why dont we take this to the back. I’m sure you could use a proper drink some entertainment perhaps and we definitely need a bit of privacy for our discussion. Wouldn’t do for many ears to hear whatever we might want to say. In any case welcome to my shop. I am glad you graciously accepted the invite Vincent. I have heard many good things about your family and wanted to extend my hospitality to them. Right this way. ” 

Ferdinand pointed out carefully the way towards the club as he walked ahead ..

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 21, 2013 12:03PM

The don didn’t have to wait long for the owner to come and retrieve him. He suspected that it had something to do with the bell ringing, but perhaps this man just had good manners. Seeing a good-looking man stepped forward to greet him, Vinny braced his hands on the front table and smiled “Eh, I didn’t realize you were a pretty boy, sonny?” He gave the man a look over before nodding once more. It seemed clear Ferdinand had a proposition for the don, and he was eager to hear it. Striking up a good business conversation with the butcher would be an excellent way to get his mind off of Maria, and money was the best way to do so.

Following Fred’s directions to the club, he smiled wryly and clapped his hands together “Let’s do this.” Walking with Ferdinand right behind him, he soon found himself amongst the world of good looking men and women alike. Raising an eyebrow, he whistled before shouting “This place is hot!” As his eyes looked around, they fell on a red-headed woman. A sinister smile crossed his face as he spotted Sissy. Spinning around slowly to face Ferdinand, he asked “Who’s the fire-headed broad?” If there was anything else Vinny loved other than Maria and money, it was his dick.

Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 22, 2013 04:09PM

Sissy had retreated to the club to wait for breakfast, but it appeared that they would be having unexpected company, and not just anyone, but the don himself, Vinny. Wearing her silken robe over very sexy unmentionables – bustier in black satin and lace, with suspenders and matching panties, she was not dressed to entertain, but the don may find her look to be enticing. Perhaps the meat that don would wish to sample as part of his tour of the club was some sizzling red eye fillet. She could feel his eyes upon her, mentally undressing her with his gaze, and rather than show disdain, she leaned against one of the support beams, and let the corner edge of her robe slip from her shoulders, exposing more skin. It looked like her job had started, and it was not even night.


“This place is hot!” The Don exclaimed, clearly giving it his seal of approval. But did he wish to try the merchandise? Get a free sample? He soon was facing Ferdinand and asked “Who’s the fire-headed broad?” Sissy knew it was not her place to speak, as it would be seen as the height of rudeness. Instead she chewed her bottom lip, and traced her slender digit down the front of her right bosom, teasing herself.


Re: {RP} Fred’s Fresh Meats
October 22, 2013 04:50PM
The Club

Fred grinned at Vinny’s approval. At his question, “Who’s the fire-headed broad?” 

That there is Sissy. She is my lead dancer and one of our choices meats. As we say. We all here offer a selection, for men or women we try to keep the menu open. You never know who you might need serviced and we expect that you also want the finest drink as well. 

With that he poured a complex and well poured Gin Rickey before the Don. Placing it neatly in front of him so he could enjoy a nice drink while he watched Sissy dance.

Do you like what you see so far Vincent? If you like I am sure I can arrange a more private show for you at you leisure of course.