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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 16, 2013 12:11PM
Outside the Castle

Dekarta began appearing more solid. Using his shadow form only during the day to hide from those who might come upon him. He began to listen to conversations listening to things people said about things that were going on in the kingdom.


It seemed this was the realm of a witch named Desdemona. and a demon named garret also resided or shared control of this realm it was rumored. Many of the fae spoke to much. As he moved throughout the territory in shadow form unnoticed he was able to listen to many conversations hearing things that others might not want him to listen to. He finally decided He might make an appearance near the entrance to the castle. What they would make of him he wasnt sure. But he meant no harm. He could always disappear again worst case. He decided he would say hello to those in residence and perhaps ask for permission to build a small home on the outskirts of the veil. It wouldnt do to do so without the witches permission, she would know before long if he did so and he could tell the two were quite powerful. So he knocked carefully upon their door as he appeared hoping he might get a good reception.



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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 17, 2013 02:55PM
Desdemona’s Quarters

Their hips met in restless abandon, thrust for thrust, moan for groan. They were in unison, especially for beings who would not profess love, at least not yet on his won part, this was no easy feat. Their compatability fed from their thirst, their desire, for something more than this. for a war, and for power. Both wants aiding each other, hand in hand, as they soon would be. Garret heard her words as he dug deeper, and deeper within her with each thrust. His lips dug into her neck, her chest, where ever they could anxiously, as though this was something he’d been waiting for all his life. For the past almost 200 years, it was. This, and power, and her words only strengthened the desire for both. She pledged herself to him, she gave herself to him willingly, without any other demand but a war. With Garret being an information dealer officially, this would be much easier than even she could realize. She would have her war, and ti would come before she could possibly imagine.

His mind diverted from this after her words were finished, his eyes falling back to her neck, her chest, anything he could catch within them, until he shut his lids as he came closer to his climax. Grunt after grunt, thrust after powerful thrust, the sound of skin slapping quickly and powerfully, repeatedly at the same heightened rate echoed the empty room as their moans and his groans and grunts flowed from their lips, through the door, and into the hall. His pace hastened, his thrusts hardened, and before long, it happened. He growled with pleasure, his entire body tensing as he released his load within her. The pelasure coursed through him like an angry river flowing through winding mountain paths. The deal was sealed, their fates intertwined until the deal was completed. Until both parties were satisfied with their results. Once he was finished, he lazily rolled from on top of her, though he was still hard, and trobbing, reared and ready to go for round two. Though his mind was exhausted, his body tensed beyond measure, exposing every muscle within his well built form. His chest rose and fell with deep, quick breaths from exhaustion, yet there he stood, waiting for another chance at her. Though the rest of him hardlty had the energy to walk. Never had he been so physically pleased by a woman’s smell, her touch, her warmth.

After a short while, he huffed in amusement. “Round two?” the huff was a clear sign that he was kidding, but he would not stop another go around were it offered, as long as he was not doing any work. “You shall have your war, M’Lady. By my life, I swear this to be true.” 

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 18, 2013 06:51AM
Desdemona’s Quarters

What a virile creature Garret was. The sheer power of his thrusting in wild abandon, and having his way with Desdemona. Her words had spun their own magic upon him, and lifted him to a new level of excitement, his fight for conquest won over the witch. The spoils were all the more sweeter, her body offering itself, releasing the dew like honey of her sex, that acted as a lubricant that super heated their loins. The ritualistic movement of their bodies, timed in perfect harmony. Sinful sounds of skin slapping melding with the cries and moans that escaped parted lips, only to be quashed by fevered kisses. The tingling sensation that raced through Desdemona’s blood, as her clawed digits scratched at his skin causing a tattoo like marking that would later heal, but be a long reminder of this night of fulfillment.

And then that final moment, where the crescendo of their love making reached its dizzying heights, Desdemona released a song like cry, that shattered glasses and vases that were littered around her chambers. The aftershocks left her practically numb and unable to move for a few moments, while her chest rose and fell rapidly. Garret was not spent, not completely. His member clearly still erect, and he would be able to go for round two as he joked, but she knew by his tone, that he had enjoyed the fruits of their toil.

“A rematch, perhaps when fully rested.” Desdemona said almost breathlessly. “Plus, the plans I have for war shall not be left idle. There is much to do.” Clearly she still saw the need for war to compete with her desire to copulate. Garret had pleased her, there was no mistaking it, but they were like minded creatures, and he would surely appreciate that of her. Rolling out of bed, she strolled over and took up a red robe, threading her arms through it, and flicking back her hair, so it flowed in a torrent down her back.

“Wait…I hear something.” Desdemona stopped in her tracks, and she furrowed her brows, as she felt a presence moving within the veil. This was her world, and though she could not easily leave it, she knew when creatures arrived and departed.

The witch then spun at an alarming speed, vanishing from sight, and the door opening and then slamming again, while a vapour moved through out the castle, only to take form in behind the man that knocked. Appearing as she had been in her chambers, the swell of her bosom visible through the fine silk, and the heat of sex still lingering, she smiled and folded her arms behind the visitor.

“I do hope you are not one of those, door to door types.” The witch said, a wry grin upon her lips as she observed this most handsome creature.


“Is it raining men today?”

She then stood defensively if he was not the friendly kind of demon. “Well?”

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 18, 2013 09:00PM
Castle Foyer

Dekarta moved into the room like a shadow. His body was dark almost of chitin obsidian. Well muscled he didnt lack for beauty, but his form was almost elusive as he came into the room. He became more solid as he came forwarded uttering a greeting.
“Olathuir Vendui.”


Looking to the Lady Desdemona and the Lord Garrett. he tried not to appear in any way disrespectful.
“I am sorry to disturb you both. I have been in the realm for a time. I arrived in the realm rather unexpectedly awhile ago and had inquired among the other fae as to whom ruled here. I had been told The lady Desdemona had a Castle here and ruled the realm. Being a refugee I decided I should come and introduce myself. I didnt want to be seen as a sneak. Being one of my kind Im usually seen as such. We shadowmages tend to get such a bad repuation, you know? I was looking to make a residence somewhere within the realm as it seems im stuck here if that would be acceptable.”

His form darted about the room looking about in shadow at various objects in the room, his shadow darkening the room as he looked at all the finery.

” Her majesty does indeed have excellent taste.” he said bowing to her.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 22, 2013 08:10AM
Desdemona’s Quarters

Garret lay on his back in the bed, eyes shut with slight exhaustion as he simply relaxed. He paid no mind to Desdemona’s sudden parting, as his own was necessary as well. He had to plant the seeds, gather information. The days ahead would be long and busy, but the reward would be greater still. Garret stood from the bed, slowly moving to gather his clothes and replace them on his body. His dress shirt was torn at the buttons, but it did not matter. He threw it on anyways, and placed his jacket over it. As he dressed, his mind flew. Desdemona, the desire of all within the Veil, had just pledged herself, wholly to him. She had just promised him power, and asked for something so simple as starting a war in return. The day could NOT get better.

Fully dressed, Garret fled the room at a calm and steady pace as he could hear Desdemona speaking with the stranger at the door. Even after he’d pleased her, she found the time to flirt. Chuckling softly to himself, he decided he’d be having more fun with her than he’d originally assumed. Making it to the door, he opened it to see the stranger and Desdemona outside, speaking. The stranger had a look about him that showed confusion. Garret rose a brow at this. How does one enter the veil, without knowing? They are summoned by the only man who could open the portal to it. Yet, Garret could not think of a specific reason why Cypher would do such a thing. He shrugged it off to the corner of his mind, storing it for a later time, when it became relevant. So, he simply nodded his head to the man.“Greetings.”

Making his way past the man, he went to Desdemona, and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close, his hand gripping her arse tightly as he planted his lips against her in rough passion. Desire pouring through him to her once more, before releasing her lips of his own a few moments later. “I must away. Planning to do, Seeds to sew, Wolves to anger. The usual. I shall return at Sunrise, to ensure you do not go….unpleasured.” releasing her of his grip, he bowed his head to the stranger, and turned. As he walked, he spoke the name three times that would open his exit from this place. “Cypher, Cypher, Cypher.” With that, the portal opened before him, and he stepped through, disappearing within as it shut behind him.