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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 02, 2013 10:44PM
“Don’t flatter yourself,” Jennifer had grumbled when he teased her about her enjoying his company. She refused to believe that what he said was true, but there was clearly some kind of reason that she didn’t just send him home now. When they arrived at the bar, she didn’t waste time talking and got out of the car quickly as if she thought if she stayed to talk they would end up kissing again. Even kissing him now when she wasn’t dating William made her feel guilty. She couldn’t picture William even touching another woman besides her and could only imagine how he must have felt when he found out what she had done with Galtem.
She did not leave him behind this time, but walked with him side by side. It was sort of nice to have someone there for her. She reminded herself that he had come to her house to check on her and see if she was ok, not gloat that William left her. He hadn’t made any inappropriate comments about him leaving her either. The only thing that had irritated her was his little side comments as if he were flirting with her and the smirks and winks. But all of those things were completely in character for Galtem. Even before they dated he was doing stuff like that and it drove her absolutely crazy, knowing he was like this with everyone and never believed for a second that he would love her. Jennifer glanced at him as they walked in. “Um… thanks,” she said, kind of awkwardly. “Ya know, for being here. I, uh, appreciate it.” With that she went immediately to the counter and asked the guy at it if he had seen a little red handbag with a cellphone, wallet, and keys. Thankfully he had and he went to go get it.
Jennifer decided she would be staying for a while. There was no way she was going back to the house that was she and William’s. Not anytime soon anyway. She sat down at the bar to wait for him and leaned on it.https://i1.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md4f8iK8Yp1rvd4zp.gif
She then whipped her head around to look at Galtem. “You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to,” she told him, not being able to imagine why he would stay with her. If he really had simply come to check up on her, he had succeeded and could go. She had kissed him, but he had to know that wasn’t going to happen again. Jennifer had pretty much told him that there was no chance for them. She didn’t know that it was true, but it was what she believed. It really didn’t seem like there was any reason he would want to stay with her now. She was a mess.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 03, 2013 02:03PM
Galtem just grinned when she told him to not get too cocky about her enjoying his company. Such stubborn person she was. That’s someting that had never changed about her, but he couldn’t blame her, the most prolems in their relationship before, was because the both of them were stubbborn and none of them seemed to give in an argument, it goes on and on, till they basically decided to slam their bodies against each other, and show their passion. That’s how their fights were based, having a relationship with Galtem is something…different.
Whenever they reached the clu, Galtem checked his cellphone and still no text from Caleb, ugh, where was that stupid boy? Probably doing stupid things, and getting in trouble. Galtem doesn’t know how to control a teen boy, if Caleb ever does shit, Galtem will mostly like scold him, or curse here and there, then try his best to solve he prolem, because deep inside, he cares, and that’s the good side of him. Jennifer was already out of the car, and he simple perked up an eyebrow before huff out, this woman…
He got out of the car, and this time, they was finally walking side by side, he looked around then took look over her when she began to speak, she was finally admitting that she enjoyed his company, and that only made him smile, this time it wasn’t that flirt grin or smirk, it was just a smile that showed him he was glad/happy she enjoyed his company.
“My pleasure, madam.”
He told her, as the both of them was already inside the club, and she went get her stuff. Now that she was all done, what would happen? He was probably going to leave, right? Right, her words told him that.
Galtem stared down, before start speaking and look up at her.
“I don’t deal with rejection that well. And I’m not going to back away just because you said it wasnt meant to be because I left you. After all, that’s what happen between you and William.”
His words were pure true, first of all, everybody knows he hates rejection from anything, second, this time he wouldn’t back away, he wouldn’t Jennifer go. She would be his, that was his goal, then there was that thing between her and William.
“My goal is to have you. And I will have you.”
When he said his, he stared into her eyes, just letting her know how much he meant his words. He would do anything to have her, even if it meant getting into those werewolves mate killing fights.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 03, 2013 11:20PM
((Lizzy’s bored. She’s going to make a brief appearance.))Jennifer stared at him for a minute and was about to respond to what he had said before someone came out bringing with her handbag that had matched her stunning red dress the night before. But it was not the man who had been at the bar a moment before, but a vampire she knew was called Lizzy. “Thanks,” Jennifer muttered to her as the scantily clad bartender looked over at Galtem. The vampire didn’t acknowledge her thanks but seemed intrigued by their situation. “I was going to ask if you were going to grace us with your presence today, but it seems you’re here on a personal note,” she said, giving him a knowing look. “Can I get you something?” she asked, finally addressing Jennifer. “Surprise me,” she replied a little coldly. It was not a secret that Lizzy got around when it came to men and Jennifer didn’t like the way she spoke to Galtem, but Lizzy either did not notice or did not care about what Jennifer thought about her and went to go fix her something.
It was probably good that she had to take a moment before she could reply to Galtem because in the moment he had said it she had been offended by his words about William. They stung, but after a moment she knew them to be true and she had no room in her emotional capacity to be mad at him.

She let out a noise of exasperation. “I told you I love you and that’s not enough for you?” she said almost as if she were joking. A small smile danced on her lips, but it was lost in a heavy sigh. How could she already be so tired? Then she remembered how exhausting crying was. Yes, that’s what it was. She was emotionally exhausted. “Go home, Galtem. I can’t mourn William when I’m constantly looking at the reminder of why he’s gone.” She did not mean to blame it on him. She was simply stating the facts. Jennifer knew it was all her fault. Maybe she couldn’t help her feelings, but something made her wonder if she could change them, if she would. Would she wish away Galtem if she could? Maybe her life would be easier, but as much as she tried to just prefer that he wasn’t here, she could not imagine a life without him. William then? No. The pain in her chest was proof she could not do that either. She was simply stuck. Stuck between the two loves of her life. How selfish could one girl be? “I’m sorry, Galtem,” she admitted, softly. “I didn’t mean to put anyone through this,” she said sincerely. It wasn’t what she had intended. No one should be getting hurt because of her. She was the doctor. She was the one who always wanted to fix people. Now she was the one breaking them. She shook her head and faced the bar again. It was too much guilt for her to handle. Her drink had come by then and she took a drink of it, no longer acknowledging Galtem. She couldn’t have him in her mind anymore. Not when the hurt look on William’s face was still etched so clear in her memory as well.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 05, 2013 04:04AM
Galtem knew his words would probably piss her off, if she had the change to speak at the moment, luckily for him Lizzy showed up with Jennifer’s stuff. He took a look at Lizzy and then just smirked with her words.
“Later, Lizzy.”
This comment was towards to her words when she said he would grace them with his presence. He could notice by the look Jennifer had on her face, she wasn’t that pleased with the way Lizzy treated him. He couldn’t understand this woman, she would get upset at this, but then she doesn’t want him, says its his fault that she lost William, then kisses him, then goes back to hate him. How was he suppose to understand her, when she doesn’t even understand herself. He knew she was probably stuck between him and William, but that doesn’t mean she needs to act like a woman on her period to him. When she asked him if saying I love you to him wouldn’t be enough.
“Anybody can do that. I already heard that tons of times. But there’s always empty words.”
For him wasn’t enough, it wasn’t enough to leave him happy. It would only leave him more frustrated, knowing that he loves someody, that person loves him as well, and they can’t be together. He’s trying to show her he loves her by his actions, and words, he’s probably trying it even more now than when the both of them dated, probably because he knew she would stick up to him and wouldn’t go away, but now he doesn’t even know what will happen.
Her next words left him upset, he had to bite the inside of his cheek to not say something that could hurt her. He did tried to put the all blame on himself, but that doesn’t mean she has to rub on his face its his fault why William left. William left because he wanted to, he couldn’t take the pain anymore, so he left. Maybe he will be more happy with another person, the same way Jennifer could be happy if she stopped caring about the others, and cared more about her own happiness.
Galtem waited for her to finish, even after her apology, he still felt upset.
“Oh no, that’s fine. I mean, who wouldn’t blame the annoying, homewrecker, womanizer ex-bf? I’m already used on listening to people saying thins as “If you never showed up, I would be happeier.” So don’t consider this psychopath’s feelings hurt.”
His whole words was full of sarcasm, and so was his expression, it showed a smile, an extremely forced one. Whenever Lizzy was back with the drink, Galtem just picked it up, and took a sip from it, placing it back in front of Jennifer.
“I’m gone, bye girls.”
He said this while turning around, and starting to leave, he had no intentions on staying here anymore, because he would just snap and began to have an argument with Jennifer, something he doesn’t want to. Now he sees how hard is to be that good calm boy that William is, ugh, he couldn’t control his rage that easily.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 05, 2013 11:45AM
Drew had been on the down low for a while since the PArty. He had, sadly, been forced to leave just as his eyes caught glimpse of his ultimate goal, and prize. His entire reason for even going there that specific night. Then the cops showed, sirens blaring, and Drew knew what would come next. They’d shake down the entire place, and start asking their questions. Though he seriously had nothing to do with what happened this time, he had known they’d come to him first. So, he left, without a trace, and before he could claim his goal.Now, however, he returned. The roar of his, quite pricey, car’s engine roared as he pulled up to the Valey lane and exited the car. IT was the same kid as the other night, and Drew smiled cockishly at him. The kid took the keys, and was more than safe in getting the car to a parking spot as Drew entered the building. It hadn’t taken very long before his eyes fell on the two beings he had been seeking, from the time he opened the door and entered. Recognizing him, a waitress hurriedly approached and smiled softly, a sense of sensuality in her eyes as she stared at the more than elgible bachelor. “Your table’s ready upstairs daddy..” the nickname was one all of his girls called him, and they were many. The term “Girls” meaning two things, those that stood his corners or were called upon, or those he kept strictly for his own pleasure, and thanks to his legacy as a Vampire, they WANTED to be nothing more. This one, was no exception. Drew’s eyes fell to hers, and he smiled in return. “Angel, I appreciate the gesture…” his eyes fell to Galtem as he turned to move toward the door. “But it’ll have to wait. I’ve got an old….friend…I guess you could call him, to rejoin. Wait for me there.” The woman blushed red as Drew then planted a gentle kiss upon her delicate cheek, and she obeyed, movig hastily toward the VIP area, and into a clossed off area that had been an add on to the building specifically for him and his….needs.

“Galtem! I’ve been looking for you. You’re a very hard man to find, you know. I was starting to think you’d been…avoiding me.” his tone was playful, but Galtem should know better than to believe he as anything but serious. His eyes befell the blonde beauty the man had been speaking with, and a sly, confident, yet respectful grin peeled over his lips. HE reached for his prize as he spoke, hopefully, it’d come when he grasped it in his palm. “And you must be Jennifer. I must say, Galtem has always had impeccable taste.” He approached Jennifer, then, and out stretched his hand. “Andrew Gatsby, a pleasure to finally meet the Blonde Goddess of Derry.”


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 05, 2013 02:00PM
Jennifer didn’t look at him. She couldn’t really believe what he was saying. Empty words? Did he not believe that she was in love with him? He couldn’t honestly think that she would throw away her relationship with William for any other reason could he? No, she would never put herself through that. But a part of her thought maybe it would be easier if he didn’t believe. Make it easier for them both to move on. Eventually.https://i1.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/855d6bd88125e7c008d2e3e666673555/tumblr_inline_mjmglshXiV1qz4rgp.gif
Although she did not expect him to be perfectly ok after she apologized, she did not expect what he said. His voice dripped in sarcasm and she turned to look at him then, with an incredibly confused look on her face. She’d never really heard him talk that way before. His sarcasm just made her realize the genuineness beneath it. The smile he gave just made it worse because she knew it was masking his pain. Yes, he was hurt and it was, once again, her fault. He turned to leave and once again she didn’t want him to. At least not yet. She needed to explain everything. But explaining her feelings never seemed to fix anything. On the contrary, it simply made more problems.
“Galtem,” she said softly in a ”Don’t do this!” kind of tone, but it was drowned out when his name was said by someone else who had come to talk to him. She perked up, incredibly intrigued by this man. She’d never seen him around before and a face like that, she would not forget. It wasn’t the fact that he was incredibly handsome that caught her attention though, it was that he seemed to know Galtem and it made her curious about him. To her surprise, the man turned towards her and addressed her as well. His smile was dazzling and she was a little caught off guard by his words. He seemed to already know who she was as he held out a hand to her. She took it gently, but looked over to Galtem as if for confirmation that it was ok. Galtem and she may not have been on “friends” terms at the moment, but she certainly trusted him a great deal more than this stranger. “Um, thank you,” she said politely when she turned back to him, though her tone was still unsure. The name he called her made her glance at Galtem for another moment. Blonde Goddess of Derry. A name she had not heard in quite some time. Jennifer always knew she was a pretty girl since she often used it to her advantage, but she never so good about herself as around the time she and Galtem dated. He always talked about her as if she was the most amazing thing in the world. If she was not mistaken, she believed she’d heard that name before once or twice, though not from the mouth of this stranger.
“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Gatsby. I’ll just let you two talk, then.” Deciding that was her cue to leave Galtem alone and finally allow him to leave, she removed her hand from Andrew’s and turned back around in her chair to her drink.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 05, 2013 03:09PM
Galtem heard Jennifer calling him out when he was leaving, but he had no intentions on turning around and look at her, because if he did that, he would mostly like be rude and ask her what was it now, he needed to control his anger, and he would do that by drinking, but he wouldn’t drink here, knowing Jennifer was here as well, he would mostly go home, where he could drink alone, without having anybody there to bother him, it would be more relaxing, and he could have any type of a break down.
The moment he was heading to the door, somebody showed up, somebody he didn’t wanted to see, Andrew. What the hell was that guy doing here? He never had a good past with this guy, and he knew his words only meant he was serious. Was he here to bring some problems? Yes, Galtem was a hard guy to get, because he didn’t wanted to be found by unwanted peoplem, just like him.
“Well, I was till you find me.”
Galtem was basically saying that he was voiding Andrew till he found him. Whatever was going to happen, didn’t seemed to be good, and the way he basically directed himself to Jennifer, only left him frustrated. He knew aobut Jennifer because Galtem sometimes told his friends about the girl he was with and loved, but at this moment we can’t really call Andrew a friend, shit happens. He watched the both of them talking, and basically using a nickname he called Jennifer to his friends about her. He frowned and bite down on his lower lip, and the looks Jennifer gave him, only made him shrug, since he didn’t knew what to say or how to react. He got busted.
Galtem watched Jennifer turning around, and he was about to leave till this guy showed up. He folded his arms in front of his chest, and stared at them for awhile.
He said.
“I hardly believe you came here to just be all like “Hey Galtem! Long time no see!”. What’s next, you’re going to invite me for a couple of drinks?”
Galtem asked him, perking up an eyebrow.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 05, 2013 03:31PM
When Jen grasped his hand within hers, Drew lifted it to his lips placed a small, yet incredibly sensual and intimate kiss upon the back of her palm. He closed his eyes as he slowly pulled her hand away and let it drop, then sighed as he opened them. “And just as sweet as he described. A goddess in mortal flesh. A true wonder of the world.” Drew bowed his head as she directed her attention away from him ,and he looked to Galtem as he called Bullshit. Drew laughed softly, the ever confident and in control man he’s always been. “Well you’ve caught me, in truth, I’ve come to speak with your goddess. Though by the looks of things, she no longer belongs to you.”[b] His head was aimed towards Jen, but his eyes held tightly onto Galtem’s. A small grin, devilish and seductive, tugged at the corner of his lips.At Galtem’s calling him out, Drew simply chuckled once more, his full attention turning to him. He placed a hand on his shoulder, and patted it gently. [b]”I’ve actually been here much longer than you may think, so, I could’ve found oyu if I realy tried. This simply happens to be chance.”

he chuckled and took a seat beside Jennifer, his eyes catching Lizzy, who he’d spoken to on a few occassions, but has yet to…get around with. Don’t doubt that this fact will change, though. He winked at Lizzy once their eyes made contact, and he turned to pat the seat beside him, and looked at Galtem. “So why not celebrate such luck? Hm? After all, you were once my greatest runner, and closest…associate.” His eyes fell to Jen, who seemed rather…distant at this point, and he nudged her gently, his smile becomming reassuring and gentle, full of warmth and understanding. “And toast…to new friends.”https://i1.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maqqicU2zB1qkdght.gif

((Runner: This can be described as a short term for “Drug Runner”. Or someone who delivers and gathers drugs for a gang or other source.))Also, I know I’m using the same gif, was in a bit of a rush. >.>;))

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 05, 2013 04:06PM
https://i0.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/13232fb2a5b460a71048ee207cc6b7f0/tumblr_inline_mu7aw8UjsL1rtx3h9.gifGaltem remained with his amrs folded waiting for some answer from Andrew, but it wasn’t really something he wanted to hear. So William was gone from Jennifer’s life, and it could be Galtem’s chance to get her back, but now this guy decides to show up and have a chat with Jennifer? The hell? Since when did he cared about this? With the all women he can have, he will go right after Jennifer? Galtem won’t say he has been with women more beautiful and with better body than Jennifer, even tho it was true, so why the hell Andrew wanted Jennifer, to piss off Galtem?
“You don’t kow shit about shit.”
It was all Galtem could say at the moment he said Jennifer didn’t belonged to him anymore, even if that was the true it doesn’t mean he wanted to tell that to Andrew, he was a danegerous asshole for her, and he could fool any woman he wanted, just like Galtem, but it seems Galtem can have more humanity than him at times. Galtem was controlling his anger more than ever right now. He began to nibble on the inside of his cheek, before frown whenever Andrew decided to sit down besides Jennifer, and start with that damn chat about Galtem being a runner, a thing Jennifer didn’t knew, was that Galtem was into drug dealing. After leaving the lawyer life, he had to do something to keep getting more and more money, so the drug dealing was the most easy usiness out there. He never consumed, he only selled. Smoking isn’t really his thing, but drinking, oh god, if he could marry a bottle of whiskey, he would.
“Luck? Even watching my house set on fire and only have my car, seems to be more luck than right now.”
What pissed him off was the fact Andrew was trying to get under Jennifer’s skin, and what bothered him even more, was the fact that Jennifer wasn’t saying anything, like she was just letting stuff happen, and from the all words he heard from her today, he is so not in the mood to keep being the love sick fool.
“I have to go pick up a teen boy from the hospital. So I cant waste my time on this silly things called luck, and friendship”.”
There was cleary sarcasm when he said luck and friendship, because we all knew it wasn’t friendship. Now it was his turn to leave before he would get in a fight with Andrew, and having Jennifer protect another guy but not him, so he wasn’t going to stay here.
Tis enjoy word wasn’t about him staying at the bar, was about him get under Jennifer’s skin.
And with this Galtem just left.

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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 05, 2013 05:44PM
Jennifer instantly could tell that Galtem did not like this man. For some reason that made her feel a bit uneasy around him as well. That seemed silly since Galtem didn’t come across as the safest person ever either, but she knew him well enough that he would never hurt her. Not on purpose anyway. When she looked at him for confirmation, he merely shrugged which told her absolutely nothing. Maybe Andrew was an alright guy, Galtem just didn’t like him. It wouldn’t be the first time Galtem didn’t get along with a perfect gentleman. However, there was something in his “perfect gentleman” comments that made her believe that maybe there was something more to this man than his pretty face. She tried to let the boys talk, but it wasn’t exactly friendly chit-chat and she was incredibly curious about what was going on. When Andrew said that he was here to speak to her, she couldn’t help but whip her head to look at the two of them. Now his smile was definitely making her uncomfortable. Not because she found it creepy or unusual, but because he was implying that she had ever belonged to Galtem and that he may have a shot with her. She was going through a bad time right now and had even opened up to Galtem earlier. Opening up to a random stranger was not on her to-do-list.
Andrew said something about being his greatest runner. It took her a moment before her mind went to drugs. She gave Galtem a questioning look, but he was not looking at her. What had Galtem gotten himself into while he was gone? It had been a long time and though he seemed to be the same person, there was definitely something different about him. She had just thought it was a change for the good. Something Andrew said set him off and he left. Jennifer didn’t dare call out to him again. It was best for the both of them to not be around the other at the moment even if she was subconsciously desiring to just curl up in his arms at the moment.https://i1.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md4g7ayPi11rvd4zp.gif
Galtem leaving made everything more real for her. William walking out the door. Galtem walking out the door. Jennifer hurting both of them and not knowing how to stop it. She motioned for Lizzy to bring her another drink and she did, though she seemed incredibly interested in Andrew next to her. ”Can I get you anything, hot stuff?” she asked him casually, leaning over the counter a little and smiling flirtatiously. Jennifer couldn’t care less what the vampire said to the other customers. It was only when it was Galtem that it made her uncomfortable. Lizzy brought her a shot and she took it. Emotions flooded her and memories from Galtem leaving the first and second time came back to her. Only then, William had been there to keep her from going too far. Yes, being at the bar was an awful idea. But what was the point of being “good Jennifer” if there was no one to be “good Jennifer” for? “Good Jennifer” was weak and helpless. And she did not want to feel like that.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 07, 2013 12:12PM
Drew watched as Galtem threw his little tantrum. His words brought a soft chuckle from Drew’s lips. A smile all the same ,as charming as ever, curled ove rhis lips as he replied while Galtem walked off. “Teenage boys? Is THAT where you’ve been all this time? Next time I need to find you I’ll be sure to check the alley ways near the highschool.” he chuckled again, and knew Galtem was just riveting over this moment. Something had happened between him and Jennifer earlier, obviously, and Drew only made it worse. Good. An unsettled enemy is the best enemy of all. Besides a weak one.He returned his sight to Jennifer, and could see tha pain in her eyes, could feel it as it coursed her body. Something had happened in deed. PErhaps, she took her compiled losses much harder than Drew previously thought. After all, he didn’t believe in love. Then came that seductress of a Bartender, Lizzy. Drew had to play it cool, as he had plans for Jen. Plans that needed to make him seem, not so lustful. Which meant he had to hide the intense desire that rose within him every time he looked at Lizzy. It was not a simple feat. His eyes fell to her, and his smile held. “Well, beautiful, how about the usual? Hm? A glass of Rum, and a bottle of whatever the Goddess at my side is drinking.” his eyes moved to Jennifer. “Would that suffice…? Yes, I think it should.”he winked to Lizzy, and then returned his sight to Jennifer. “I’m sorry for…well….such a strange meeting. It is not how I had planned this at all.”

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October 07, 2013 12:53PM
Lizzy grinned as he addressed her as beautiful, but it faltered-just a little-when he called Jennifer “the goddess.” It seemed he was here for the blonde werewolf and the blonde werewolf alone. Well, she knew that Jennifer was a mess and whatever happened, if anything, would not last long and Lizzy planned on being there when he was finished.“Coming right up, then,” she told him, flashing a flirtatious smile anyway and went to go get their drinks.
Jennifer may not have taken an interest in the stranger quite yet, but she didn’t dare refuse his offer of a drink. “Thanks,” she muttered as she finished the last of what she had already had. Being a werewolf sucked sometimes. It took forever to get drunk. But it had been a long time since she’d allowed herself to get drunk so she was hoping she would be a lightweight by now. She listened to what he said, but was distracted by all the other things on her mind. Something he said, however, caught her attention and she looked up at him. “Planned it?” she asked curiously. “You really aren’t here to see Galtem are you.” It was less of a question than it was a statement, but the confused tone in her voice was obvious. What the hell did he want with her? Just to flirt? “I’ll have you know I just got out of a reeeeally long term relationship,” she said, no longer looking at him, but straight ahead. Yes, one hundred two years was much longer than most people could even wrap their heads around. “So, I don’t know what you want from me, but I’d look for it somewhere else.”
At that point, Lizzy came back with their drinks and Jennifer nodded her thanks, though the vampire didn’t acknowledge her at all and simply went back to the back leaving the two at the bar alone.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 07, 2013 07:54PM
Drew tried his best to hold up his charade of gentlemanly action, and did so pretty well, at least until Lizzy left, leaving them alone. Jennifer was much more inteligent, and cautious, than he had hoped. Despite being the beauty Galtem himself had described her to be. She caught on to his feign, and was not going to allow it to break the line. What was the point in hidding anymore? After all, he practically owned the town. He took up his glass, and sipped from it, taking it in his left hand and turning in his seat to face her, holding the glass on the bar top. He cleared his throat, and spoke. “Alright, look. Yeah, I came to you, for sensual matters…but that’s only part of it.” Smiled, charmingly, his eyes moving to the rather empty scene f the place as he continued. “I know about your relationship…dillemas. I’ve had eyes on you for quite some time…Jen.” His eyes locked with hers once more, and smiled softly. Trueness of their empty cold pupils revealing themselves. However, what could also be seen, was a bad side, full of mystery, full of prowess, in battle, power, and the sheets. They showed a wild side that not many could have, and live a happy life with no regrets, as he could. He leaned into her ear, and spoke softly. “What if…I told you I could make it all go away. Your pain, your suffering, for a limited time, and of no cost, everything…will dissappear.” He pulled away, his eyes matching hers once more, and his voice sounded once more, though this time, his lips didn’t move. It was as though they were in a deep underground and cavernous cave, his voice echoed, bouncing of each wall in her mind. “For a limited time, all you’d feel is joy, pleasure, peace. Regret will be a word you’ve never heard, a feeling you did not know. Pain would be irrelevant. I could give you this. All of it, all you need to d is say yes, and I’ll work my…magic, Goddess.” The Vampire Warlock Hybrid held a look of mesmerizing sexual attraction in his eyes, as his aura began to seep from his body, hinting at the same things, and enveloped her. Without her knowing, he had already begun his plan. Initiated his revenge.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
October 07, 2013 10:12PM
When Lizzy left a new bartender came out to take care of them, which pleased Jennifer since she did not want to wait on refills. She wanted to get drunk. And fast. She didn’t even look at him when she confirmed what she already knew. Jennifer simply rolled her eyes with a light laugh as she finished off her drink and held the glass to the bartender for another. When he said it was only part of it she humored him and turned to look at him for a moment, eyebrows raised. She was not about to take his bullshit but she realized how much she did not want to be alone right now. Without him talking she would be forced to listen to her own tragic thoughts.
She scoffed when he spoke of her relationship “dilemmas.” He did not know the half of it. But it did intrigue her that he’d been watching her for a while now and when he spoke her nickname it almost sent shivers down her spine. It wasn’t surprising that she had not noticed him noticing her before now. While she’d been dating Galtem, she had been clueless to William’s feelings for her. It only made sense that while she was dating William she did the same with any of the other boys. The thing was, most of them knew that they never had a chance. This one seemed incredibly persistent.
Drew leaned over to her ear and she didn’t bother to push him away as he spoke to her. Jennifer was not stupid. She knew that anything he could do for her would only be temporary, but after a few more drinks she was beginning to forget about what was smart and what was dumb. All she wanted was to live in the moment. Galtem and William were merely in the past. She could not be with either of them. Joy, pleasure, and peace was all she wanted.https://i1.wp.com/i1288.photobucket.com/albums/b483/LivTheGreat/Blake%20Lively%20gifs/blakelively46_zpse1cada67.gif
“You think very highly of yourself then,” she said in an amused voice, not letting him know that his words were getting to him. “You’ll have to get a few more drinks in me before I’m willing for you to ‘take away my pain.’” It was mostly just supposed to be a sassy comment, but there was too much truth in it. Jennifer could already feel herself starting to care less. As attractive as Drew was, she had no love for him, but in her state she didn’t much care. Love hurt too much anyway. What was the point? She wanted something easy. Something that wouldn’t make her feel regret. There was nothing to feel guilty about. William left her and she was completely alone. What was the harm in it?

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October 08, 2013 01:04PM
“You think very highly of yourself then.”Truthfuly, Drew thought he was the reason the world spun, but was very good at hiding it. It didn’t show in his personality, and he could hide it in his words in ways none would pick it up, however, this one was more clever than anticipated, and truthfully, it turned Drew on even further. To be matched in wit, as it didn’t happen often. To find someone who could rhyme on his que. Though love was out of the question, as Drew didn’t believe in such petty things anymore, crazy, unimaginabley amazing sex…was not…at least for him. Thus, to her words, his reply was riddled with such sarcasm as to make a Government Agent protecting the President himself….roll his eyes. “Confident? Dearest woman, you hardly know a thing about me if you think I’m CONFIDENT in my abilities. Everyone who knows me understands, I think I’m the core to theearth when it comes to sexual prowess.” he winked slyly, and took a sip from his glass as she continued.

Her next words mad ehim smile. Oh yes, how the faithfull could be swayed. She may not admit it, but due to these words, Drew found it more than obvious he’d gotten to her. No one goes from turning one of his offers down, to giving him a way to convince them that quick unless they got a nudge from somewhere to do so. Perhaps it was her crotch, or perhaps it was the pain and the yearning to be rid of it. He nodded to the bottle of booze on the bar that he had Lizzy grab her. “What do you think the bottle is there for, beautiful?” he sipped from his glass, and lightly tapped it on the bar, causing the woman behind it to come and grab it up. “Scotch” he said. “And keep ’em commin'”

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October 08, 2013 10:03PM
Jennifer rolled her eyes at his comment about being confident. She thought he was full of shit, but the corner of her mouth twitched and she laughed a little when he winked and downed the glass of scotch that was in front of her before the bartender set more, seemingly intrigued that she was going through them so fast. Being a werewolf and wanting to get drunk was fairly expensive as well, but when you were a doctor and had been saving up for a hundred years it wasn’t exactly an obstacle.
She did not stop at scotch. Whatever they brought her she would drink because she could. As she drank more she could finally feel herself letting go. William and Galtem were still in her mind, but it was less of a pain and more of a numbness. The part of her that had felt like it was being stabbed repeatedly, now felt as if it had an anesthetic and the stabbing felt like a mere poke. It seemed Drew was getting exactly what he wanted as she started to laugh and talk with him at ease.https://i0.wp.com/i1288.photobucket.com/albums/b483/LivTheGreat/Blake%20Lively%20gifs/blakelively97_zps8c129648.gif
Old Jennifer was back and William was not there to save her from herself. But she didn’t care. She didn’t want to be saved and she did not want to be fixed.
“Love is stupid,” she decided out loud. It was not a drunken whiny statement. It was simply a stated fact. Her voice was even light-hearted. “It brings people nothing but pain and we still bother trying to find it. Everyone should just forget about it and simply have fun.” She was not making much sense at this point, but she spoke to Drew with such confidence that it didn’t even matter. Even in her drunken state she held herself with such poise that she remained a fierce werewolf woman. If she was broken, she would be broken beautifully.
Quite a bit of time had passed since she had first walked in and more people gathered. More people were at the bar, but there were some people over at the dance floor. She watched them for a moment and decided she wanted to dance. It had been an incredibly long time since she had danced with anyone other than William. “Come on,” she ordered, grabbing onto Drew’s hand and pulling him to the dance floor with her.

Jennifer began to spin around at the center of a group of people and after she caught their attention, moved to the center of the dance floor, once again grabbing Drew to come with her. Of course she was laughing the entire time. She pulled him close to her as she danced and moved her body against his. Placing a hand on his chest she smiled a drunk smile at him that still managed to be sexy. He was a few inches taller than both Galtem and William so she was able to look up at him, since she was in flat sandals instead of heels. “How’s this for your sensual matters?” she teased, her face extremely close to his. With a light laugh she turned around again, but did not remove her body from his, putting her hand on the back of his neck as she moved.


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October 10, 2013 03:09PM
Drew spared no expense this day on her, or himself as they continued to drink the day into the night. What he was doing, was much more important than anyone would realize until he revealed why. They joked, they laughed, they spoke seriously at points even as JEnnifer slowly became drunk, and he did as well. Time passed, and the bar bgan to fill, as did the dance floor. “Love is stupid” she practically hollered. Drew couldn’t help but burst out in laughter, near dropping his current drink. When he finally managed to calm himself, and Jennifer had finished the second part of her sentence, he lifted his drink and sat straight, pretending to be all regal and royal. “HERE HERE!” he exclaimed before finishing off his glass once more. Though this time, no others came. His entire focus was now on Jennifer.“You know, it’s because people are stupid. We are ALL stupid. Love is for fools with shallow pockets and deep hearts. LUCKY!”[/v] he rose a finger into the air, and slowly twirled it to his chest. [b]”I have deep pockets and a shallow heart.” he began laughing again. Though he became more of a goof when he was drunk, no one could deny that he kept all his grace and balance, thanks to his vampire half. “Some science says Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Well you know what I say to them?!” He lifted his middle finger to the air. “Fuck you science!” he hollered.
He laughed gently and lowered his arm, and not long after he did, it was pulled. “Come on.” she spoke. With that he was from his seat, and being pulled to the dance floor. She twirled her body through the crowd laughing the entire way. MEan while, Drew was following closely behind her, his eyes glued to her body. His plan was comming together nicely. Telepathically, he signalled his men to get ready, and they returned his words in kind. He had set up a litle show for this woman, and as she moved her body against his, his hands searching it wildly, they were getting ready. Her words mad ehim laugh, softly, as the closeness of them managed to overpower his sense of humor with lustful desire. “I can think of ways to get closer…” when she turned on him, his hands found her waist line, laced his thumbs through her belt loops, and laid just above her crotch. He pulled her closer to him using this leverage, as close as possible as her hand laid on his neck. His head rested in her neck as he met her movements in tandem. Perfect unison. Their bodies snaked against each others to the beat of the music. After a little, Drew placed his lips against her neck sensually, softly, and slowly. That’s when the announcer came on stage, one of his men to be precise. He had a mike, and began to speak as the music cut off. “Well, all you ladies out there. Looks like you’re gunna be getting a treat tonight!” he was dressed in a slick suit, and fit it perfectly. “Our Boss, Andrew Gatsby, has set up a little show for a special someone out there.” within a second of this being said, Drew whispered in her ear as their bodies continued to move, dancing to their own imaginary tune. “Don’t go anywhere….” he was gone. Then the music kicked up again and the rest of the four men of his came on stage, and he was close behind, already dressed and ready. All the men tore off their coats to reveal finely toned torso’s, with Drew in the front.
The lights began to flash and Drew go into the mood. His body mooved in such a sexual manner on the floor with power and precision that the screaming women, and even a few screaming men, would think he was making intense love to someone directly before them. However, the entire time, they might as well have been right. His eyes could see no other but Jennifer as he moved, holding onto hers powerfully, intesely as he moved.
Coming together again, the men moved in tandem, the four behind Drew copying his every move perfectly, though hardly with as much sexual ‘Umpf’ as he. Their dance became more hip hop as they continued it. Bobbing and bouncing and weaving with the flow of the music. All the other men behind him involved the entirety of the crowd, but Drew was keeping it to one woman at this moment. His eyes glued on Jennifer, and held there. Despite all the hollars he as getting from the other women. His attention was placed on her and her alone.
Drew ended the show with a move that made all the women begin to react. Of course, most of their reaction was his magic. His influence over sexual desire, compulsion, if you wanted to get literal. It was a common Vapire ability, and could be captured through magic also, so it was all the more powerful with him. The light held on him, his oiled, toned body shining in it as he stood trimphant. His men all bowed at the end of the showing, but he did noting other than hop off stage, and slowly make his way to Jennifer, pushing trough the sex deprived and crazed women as they left their men for him, practically falling to their knees before him. His eyes held onto Jennifers before making it to her again, and pulling her close t him, his shirt still gone. He began to dance with her again as the music continued, and the spotlight shone upon them. He leaned into her ear, and spoke softly. “Hows that for your sensual matters?” he teased as he began grinding against hers, holding her as close to him as possible. Their lips inches away as he stared into her eyes.

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October 10, 2013 09:44PM
Jennifer’s eyebrows raised as if to say “Oh really?” when he said he could think of ways to get closer. Her body grinded against him as he pulled her closer to him. She arched her neck as he buried his face in it and they moved to the music as if to give him more to work with, subconsciously closing her eyes. She had to admit. She was having a lot of fun. It had been a long time since she had gone to a club to just dance. The only person she’d been sexually attracted to in a hundred years had been William-other than Galtem, of course-and this guy was not bad at all.
It caught her off guard when an announcer came on the stage and announced that Andrew would be putting on a show for a special someone. She looked around before realizing that must have been her. Jennifer was too drunk by now to question why he would have already set something up for her when even she hadn’t been sure she’d still be here at this point. Of course she was not going anywhere so she continued to dance to the music, but looked up at the stage.
Incredibly fit men with very few clothes on came onstage and she realized what was going on. She screamed and hollered with the other girls, but couldn’t help but laugh. The men could move and Drew was leading it all. He watched her the entire time and she made sure to give him something to look at as she smiled and laughed as she watched the performance. Jennifer may have been a strong werewolf, but she was not immune to the influence of Drew. If she had been with William she would have been able to fight it, but as drunk and heart-broken as she was, she could not. And didn’t want to. He was making her want him and it was working. “The man can move!” she hollered over the music when he came back to her, laughing and clapping. He teased her as he leaned into her ear and she smiled slyly back at him.https://i0.wp.com/i44.tinypic.com/vxogvl.jpg
“I can do you one better,” she almost whispered as she leaned in and forced her lips against his, running her fingers through his hair as she did so. They were now dancing and making out on the dance floor all at once, their hands searching all over each other’s bodies. The vampire’s abilities were too much for Jennifer. She was the first to break away and she pulled his hand away from the dance floor.

They almost went unnoticed as they slipped away from the large crowd. There was really no privacy in the club so she took him out to her car, stopping halfway in the parking lot just to put her hands on his face and aggressively kiss him once more. She let out a noise from her throat that was desire and pulled him the rest of the way. It was an awful idea for her to be driving and she knew this so she handed the keys off to Drew before getting in the passenger seat of her own car, too drunk to care where he would take her.

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October 12, 2013 01:58AM
The Disco barEarlier……

David was enjoying the atmosphere of the disco, owned by Galtem, when he had made the call to Shane about this new situation with Carmen. Oh, that Hollywood bastard D.A had gone to great lengths to try and kill Carmen, and then all of a sudden, the situation changed. She is out and her name cleared, and for what his network had told him, she was living under his roof, at that expansive mansion of his. If it was one thing he didn’t like, it was being played for a fool. Carmen herself had it in for Shane, going as far to hire him to get the dirt of Shane Williamson. Both of them were in cahoots now, that much was clear, and David chuckled to himself as he pocketed his cellphone, and knew he had just gotten under Shane’s skin.

Taking up his cigarette packet and lucky zippo lighter, he rose to standing and closely followed another couple out of the disco. Some blonde and a guy that looked like he was ready to bone her in the car park. This club was a haven for those who sought to score easy, and no doubt, that guy was bound to get lucky. He walked past them as the blonde was kissing the guy fiercely, though she seemed to have trouble standing. God, how many drinks had she had?

David pushed his hands down deep into his coat pockets, as he walked towards his motorcycle, when the distant roar of many bikes was heard, about four all up and all came into the car park, one of the bikes was being ridden by Matt. They parked up along side David’s, and each took off their helmets. All were jovial, except for Matt who seemed to be the odd guy out of the group. THIS was David’s own crew. Vampires the lot of them. There was one with curly blonde hair, Nick, and he grinned as he saw the blonde get into the passenger side of the car in the lot, with the random bloke she had been snogging. He looked at David and said.


“Yo man….been teaching Matty a few tricks of the trade. Anything decent here? He said, leaning on his bike, and giving Matt a sly look, as Matt took off his helmet.

“Usual bitches…..though that one over there smells like a huskie.” He had been able to smell the wolf on her, due to his extraordinary sense of smell. Nick nearly choked on his own spit. “No way…she’s a were?” This got the attention of all the others in the group, and Matt shook his head. “You don’t know that for sure, David.”

David strode over to Matt and gripped the back of his neck, not to hurt, but to show dominance. “If I say she smelt like a bitch…then…she is a BITCH!” The other vampires all laughed and were now interested in the car.