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(RP) Illian Empire.
October 15, 2013 04:17PM
Role play Live – Illian




VicanteValkyrion: -As expected, Galeo had passed out in a pool of ale and his own saliva. His head, previously nesstled atop his arms, shoots up to look around sharply. He could only vaguely remember where he was. That is, until his gaze falls upon the woman with gratuitous bosoms.- “Ohhhh that’s right…” -He rubs his eyes and wipes the filth away from his face before staggering to his feet. The sun had yet to rise but the light of the candles was blinding to him, the first stages of the ensuing hangover beginning to take effect. There was only one remedy. He slowly edges his way towards the bar with a hand shielding his eyes from the light, his eyes squinting. Upon arriving at the bar he lifts and shakes his gourd, still empty, and tosses it aside in disappointment. He had no money left for ale but needed it greatly. He turns to the woman behind the bar and waves for her attention.- “Hey, lady. My tab still open?”

Morinehtar: -“But sir, there are only the finest herbs in it. Perhaps you have not tasted all of them before and are tired from your journey? That sounds like a very stressful task.” Just as she finished speaking a wrinkled, snowy haired matron entered with a tray. The tray she carried was laid to rest before Lord Xaphan. Upon is was an array of victuals of the most delicious sort: roast lamb with rosemary and thyme, golden potatoes with sweet honey glaze, and mushrooms with lentils in a savory sauce. A small loaf of bread was also on the tray along with utensils, a fresh cup of milk, and a small bowl of dipping oil for the loaf. The cook walked away. “Would you like anything else, my Lord?” It was then that Galeo stumbled up to the bar. Hiding her amusement, Mari acted with the utmost professionalism in order to avoid unmasking herself to the man surely now indulging in the lamb. Her approach was slow. Her arms crossed over her chest as she stepped to his location, which only further served to emphasize her bosom. “Yes, your tab is still open. Would you like to close it?” Oh, the man really was a sight.-

VicanteValkyrion: -Oh how she loved to tease. By folding her arms she only further complimented her breasts, but once again he would make no comment out of fear of rejection. For all the boisterous behavior he exhibited he was actually rather timid on the inside. Besides, he had not even asked her name yet. Oh shit, he hadn’t even asked her name yet! No wonder she was so reserved. He shakes his head at the thought of what a dick he must have been just hours before. Looking up at her once more he shakes his head a second time.- “Not just yet, in fact I’d like another drink. Blasted hangover’ll be the end of me.” -It must have been quite a shock to her to hear him speak without slurring his words. In fact, this is something that did not happen often at all. Collapsing onto a barstool he finds that he had left his staff on the floor. He could reach for it and… Nah. Fuck it. Leaning his chin into the palm of his right hand, the elbow against the counter, he stares at the serving woman a while. There was something about her that he could not figure out.- “So. I don’t think you ever told me your name. It would make conversation much easier if I knew.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – There are those that do their travels by night, to mask their movements from the likes of highway vagabonds and thieves. The treacherous roads were ripe for the picking of a public purse, and this was not lost on those with any sense of reason and logic. As the very first rays of light was about to christen the horizon, two figures appear on horseback, their black cloaks with full hoods covering their faces from view. They had travelled many miles through the night, and their horses were both in need of a feed and rest, so as luck would have it, the sight of the signage to the Inn was a welcome one. Only another hundred yards, and the smoke stacks could be seen through the gaps in the tall trees. One of the pair, a woman exhaled a sigh of relief, as she urged her horse round the last bend, and the filtered light showed off the timbered walls of the Inn. “We stop here, Jameson.” Charlotte urged, as she brought her horse to a stop, pulling up on the reigns, then dismounting in one fluid movement. Jameson, her man servant followed suit, then took the reigns from Charlotte’s hands, as she removed her leather gloves, one finger at a time, before slapping the pair together, whilst watching Jameson walk the horses into the stable. The spider maiden tucked her gloves into her belt, hidden beneath her cloak, and then when Jameson had finished putting the horses away, he wandered back out and joined his Mistress. Regarding the outside of the building with a critical eye, he mused. “Bit rough, don’t you think?” Charlotte shrugged lightly, and sniffed. “At this hour, I truly don’t care. Come on, might look better on the inside than the out.” Jameson followed Charlotte to the door, where he pulled it open for her, and both entered, with their hoods still up. <3>

xXPerditionXx: Thumps sound from the direction of the rooms, which were located in the back. The female from the previous night shambles from her paid for room, the four long braids writhing at her back with each movement. Before she even reaches the bar, she calls out “Ale, please. On a tab. Pay it later.” The voice was thick with the residues of slumber. Silent now, her gaze pans about to see if her twin had awoken yet. Or if he even stayed.

Morinehtar: -Oh, yes, Mari could be quite the tease when it suited her. She was not at all opposed to using her assets, physical for otherwise, to meet her ends. He glanced up at her and ordered, of all things, another drink, not even breakfast. My, he was quite the alcoholic it seemed. At least he had sobered during his snooze, as his words were not in the least slurred. She eyed him skeptically but nodded all the same. She fulfilled his request quickly, knowing he watched her as she did. Delivering the tankard, she noted his having left his staff on the floor. He then presented her with the most polite of all his statements to date when he asked her name. “Oh, it would, I’m sure it would,” she smiled. The Lord was engrossed enough in his dinner to not notice her speaking with Galeo, which freed her tongue. “But why should I give you my name? You did not offer me yours.” She was not deriding him this time, and in fact, her posture suggested she was at least interested in his conversation this time. Two figures then strode through the door, each wrapped in a cloak the quality of which surprised most of the Oak’s patrons. The woman of the pair had a travel weary air. Their horses would be seen to by the stable hand who was more than capable. At their departure the two would find their mounts brushed and fed and altogether rested. Mari would nod to the newcomers and present them with a beaming smile in welcome. If they were to seat themselves near the bar, she would accommodate them they wished. A call for ale then begged Mari’s attention. The woman filled it easily, eyeing the black braided female with curiosity. She had not entered through the door, so it appeared she had stayed the night in the Inn’s rooms. “Good morning,” she offered, then returned her gaze to Galeo.-

VicanteValkyrion: -This whole polite thing was not going the way it had played out in his head. How stupid of him to ask for her name without giving her his. Such was the price he paid for his lifestyle choice. She prepares his drink and brings it over to him without delay, leaving him with a feel of guilt. Under usual circumstances Galeo would have no issue with drinking for free, but he liked this woman. She was different. Not necessarily kind, but interesting and mysterious. Nevertheless he would eventually have to turn tail and leave when it was discovered he had no means of paying his bill, but for now he simply sat and drank his ale. Just as he was about to respond to the woman, two cloaked individuals entered the tavern with hoods to cover their faces. This was not the most suspicious thing about them though, what Galeo found odd was the nature of their clothing. They were almost certainly not from around here. As it was not his place to welcome them he simply watched a while, guessing by the way that the male stood half a step behind the female that she was the authoritive figure. Then, once more, before he could continue his conversation, another entered, this time from the other end of the tavern. She too had just awoken and ordered a drink before breakfast, leaving him feeling a little less weird. Naturally he had to wait while the woman behind the bar tended to these people, but as she returned he quickly blurted it out before she could be distracted once again.- “Galeo.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The warmth of the Inn was not only measured by the heat generated by the fire place, but also in the hospitality of its inn keeper. A woman of rare beauty, who was also displaying some rather well rounded assets, that were close to pushing over the lace of her bodice. This brought a chuckle from Jameson, who stood in behind his Mistress and keenly observed all that were about the room. In time past, it had been prudent to case the layout of these sorts of premises, for you never knew just who could be laying in wait. Charlotte reached up and gripped the edges of her satin hemmed hood, drawing it back to reveal hair the colour of night, jet black. It was tousled, with waves, that came to rest below her cape. She used her fingers to draw out a large plait, that fell down her back, to rest against her lower back. Her colourings was unusual to say the least; a dark skin tone, but not chocolate, more of a silver hue. Her eyes a perfect match, with mercury coloured irises, that did change when threatened, something few would ever live to tell a soul about. The mask of glamour did so disguise the true nature of the female, and rightly so, or she could not dare enter such an establishment. (She would never fit though the door). On hearing the welcome of Good Morning, Jameson piped up first. “Would it be possible to get some sort of breakfast for my Mistress and I? We have travelled far without a meal.” This was true, and Charlotte offered a light smile to the inn keeper. “An ale might be nice to start with.” The spider maiden crossed the floor and took out a crimson purse, and placed it on the timber bar top. <3>

Morinehtar: -“Galeo,” he blurted, resulting in her broadening grin. Yes, a game this would be indeed. Now having heard his name for a second time, she countered his admission with a verbal tease: “Don’t trip over your tongue now!” A slight chuckle shook her frame. The male at the entryway then beckoned with his request for a meal. The pair could be forgiven for mistaking Mari for the innkeeper, especially considering she was the only one about to attend to such things. Her status with the tavern was unclear to those who worked there, but no one questioned it. The woman was friendly and pleasant so far as they were aware. More than one man had fallen hard for her while drinking from the Oak’s casks, but that was to be expected given her beauty. Removing the hood of her cloak, the female entrant revealed a glossy mane of raven locks secured in a plait. Her skin was even more exotic in appearance than Marig’s, though it had not the kiss of the sun about it. It rather inspired one to imagine the moon having graced the woman’s skin. Marigold could not yet discern the nature of the woman’s eyes. The fire haired femme announced that it was more than possible: “I shall see to it at once good sir. Please, seat yourselves as you wish.” Mari grinned at Charlotte’s comment before adding, “And two ales as well!” She again returned to the kitchen to relay the orders to the cook. Her light step carried her back into the main hall of the tavern with two tankards of ale for the new guests, realizing that the woman had taken a pace at the bar. Now Mari did note her unique eyes. What secrets could she tell? So many possibilities in one night’s work! “Here you are madam.” Mari watched Galeo out of the corner of her eye and would again speak with him after her business with Charlotte and her servant.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Emptying out five silver coins, Charlotte placed them upon the bar, and then reached for her purse and tied it back beneath her cloak, as Jameson moved to stand in behind his Mistress. It was clear, that he did not like to have her far from his care, and this would not go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Jameson removed his hood with one hand, and it fell back to reveal a man with darker features than Charlotte. Though his hair was the colour of silver, his eyes were black as coals, and set in a face that was weathered, the odd scar across his temple, and a long nose. His ears were slightly pointed, but not as long as say the drow. He reached past Charlotte to take hold of his mug of ale, and didn’t wait to toast the new day, but skulled the ale back, drinking it with loud gulps. He was obviously very thirsty. Charlotte could not help but glance back over her shoulder, as he emptied the mug and let out a loud belch. “Really?” She said, a slight shake of her head, while he showed a sheepish grin. “I was thirsty.” Jameson admitted, slamming down the mug and then wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Jameson was quite happy to stand behind Charlotte, as she murmured something rude as she sipped her ale. Her man servant gathered what it was and happily placed his hands upon her shoulders. “You love it.” <3>

VictorVonDrake: ~Vorst flaps his ebon wings as he emerged from his cavern, the massive dragon humanoid standing about ten foot tall and build with a physique to match it, his black scales and piercing red eyes which dart about the swamp land-scape. His hidden cave, filled with unknown treasures he has accumulated. He flexed those wings as he awoke from his slumber. He bent on his knees as his wings flexed out to the sides and then jumped, taking off into the sky, starting to fly through the air. Into the sky he went, his near fifteen foot wing span giving a flap, through the cool air. His arms out to the side as he peered down below, searching for prey. He was able to see some. The Black Dragon-kin he was, he usually stuck to swamplands by alas his own domain had become barren and he was now looking for more treasures to collect for his own. He had flown for several hours it seemed, dawn now just breaking in the sky which was going to be bad for him being a dragon-anything and being visible in day light sky, he saw a building of a sort. He descended down blow into a heavily forested area. His landed on bent knees and pent over, his tail flailing slightly behind him. His arms touched the ground as his legs bent and pressed onto his knees. It had been a very long time since he traveled out this far from his own little nest. Suddenly his flesh started to shift, his scales receding as the sound of tearing tissue could be heard as he started to shape shift to a human form. Shape shifting between a human and dragon form, was considerably common amongst Dragons, after all that was how Sorcerers and even Vorst himself came into being. He let out a growl as he now was reduced to the height of a six foot with a fair complexion, light facial hair along his jawline and shoulder length hair which draped now to the sides of his head as he remained knelt. After a good thirty seconds he was now completely human, and completely naked. He stood up, looking left to right, his eyes in his human form was blue. He started to walk forward, completely without shame. He smelt something in the distance, smoke coming from a chimey, something, the indecandance of some form of civilization. Vorst, walked until he found that building he had spotted from high above and started to walk towards it. He brought his right hand up towards the door and pushed it open, walking inside, completely naked. He smelt the air, as he looked a bit dirty, though a bit primal, the look in his eyes.~

Guest_AikaChaosStar: -The foreign creature made her way through the human’s land with an incredible ease. She crossed borders, savored tastes of a thousand dishes, delighted herself with the great structures of many cities, and learnt from the teachers of the greater kingdoms. She had the life of a wanderer, an outcast from every place she visited. The gods despised her presence and she ignored their threats arrogantly, fearing not what they would try against her. She had fought against the children of light and darkness, finding victory even more delighting every time the blood of an opponent was spilled. Arcane had brought death and despair over the Kingdoms that opposed her, eliminating the servants of the gods that dared to challenge her restless advance. She was as well a merchant, bringing the goods she found or stole to the homes of the humans to share the wonders of the world she had experienced so far. The Chaotic maiden hadn’t yet found an end to her curiosity for the living, her desires or knowledge leading her to yet another tavern by the road, to yet a new place to investigate and know. Her dark lips shifted into a pleased smile as the scent of the unnatural reached her nostrils, a good signal for her at least as any human would consider the place dangerous. She swiftly lifted her hand and pushed the door open to enter the room at last. She walked with feline steps toward the counter, offering a polite bow of her head before finding rest in one of the wooden seats.- “Greetings” –Was the only word she spoke as she waited for her presence to be acknowledged.-

Morinehtar: -The coins would more than suffice. Mari took four and returned with a couple of coppers and placed them on the table. She laughed brightly at Jameson’s antics while marveling at his features. Such fascinating specimens! Marigold certainly did note how the servant stayed close to the woman. Of course, she was soon to be exposed to yet another such specimen, though his fascinating quality would be less of feature and more due to a lack of stich nor fiber upon his body. As it was now dawn, the breakfast meal was quick in coming. Mari had requested something a little more special for the new guests, however. The very same woman who had delivered the Lord’s tray now arrived with another filled with food for two. It bore two plates, each with a hearty serving of fried eggs, three plump sausages and serving of crisply toasted potatoes. Also on the tray was bowl plate of cinnamon buns, the extra something special, and two glasses of milk. After dipping her head graciously the woman departed. “Enjoy!” Mari said. The door again opened, flooding the floor with light before a man stepped inside. He was stark naked. The female’s grin looked a little too pleased for anyone who was watching. Sadly, the man could not be allowed to wonder around the tavern in such a state. It was a pity the locals were so intolerant of their flesh. Calling to one of the boys helping in the kitchen, she told him to go and find a suitable set of extra clothing the Oak kept on hand. The boy scampered off and would return to offer the man a cotton shirt and trousers while asking him to kindly cover himself. Marigold lastly turned to Galeo, her smile having taken on a playful twist. She wanted to speak to him again, so finally gave him what he wanted. “My name is Marigold, and now, I bid you good morning.” Without further ado, she departed, her hips swaying all to rhythmically in her tightly fitted skirt. Galeo might well wonder if she had not winked at him before she left.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The delights from the skill of the kitchen cook, could be smelt wafting through the door to the back kitchens, and this had Charlotte raise her head expectantly, as she took another sip of her ale. Jameson was gently massaging Charlotte’s shoulders subconsciously, when the woman emerged from the kitchens carrying a tray with two plates, that were loaded with a breakfast fare to please the most discerning food critic. Eggs sausages, and crispy toasted potatoes, along with a plate of cinnamon buns and two glasses of milk. A feast indeed. Jameson lowered his hands from Charlotte’s shoulders and was about to escort her to a table, where they may dine together, only to see the door to the establishment open, and horror upon horrors, a man was standing as naked as the day he was born. “Good heavens.” He said, clasping his hands right over Charlotte’s eyes so that she didn’t have to see. Charlotte squeaked, and tried to get his hands away from her eyes. “Oi. What the devil?” She cursed, only to have Jameson clamp his hands down harder. “It’s for your own good! A naked man has graced this inn!” His voice raising slightly, as Charlotte DEFINATELY wanted to see. “Let me see!” she implored, while Jameson tried to steer her to the table on which their meals were waiting. “It’s not much really, tis a chilly dawn. You know…shrinkage.” <3>

VictorVonDrake: ~Vorst looked about, not paying attention to any of the people within. Inside, he moved to a table, grabbing a shiny metal plate that had some breakfast food on it, remainders from a earlier visitor. He pulled the plate, letting the food spill out onto the table and started to look at the plate, holding it in his hands and spinning it around before ripping it in half as if it was a wet tissue paper. Vorst was however, displeased with the quality of it, it was a cheap tin. He tossed it back on the table, his eyes darting side to side before looking at the table which had the food on it which fell from his plate. He reached down, grabbing a roasted potato, bringing it to his nose, sniffing it slightly. His brow quirking before taking a nibble from it, feeling the soft texture, salt and seasons. His facial expressions started to tense up he absolutely distained it, spitting it out before letting out a low growl. He then heard the voice of a young man behind him and turned around, baring teeth as the man looked at him holding out a suit of clothing.~ The Help: “Uhmm.. s-sir, I was told to bring you this, clothing.. extra..”~He said, his voice starting to trail off, feeling really akward with the naked man just staring at him with a scowl. Vorst could understand what the man was saying but did not speak back, grabbing the clothing from the boy’s arms and looking at it, folding it open and seeing a shirt with a pair of burlap pants. He looked at the young man, seeing him wearing pants too and put one and one together. He roughly tossed the shirt onto the table before sliding in one leg then another before pulling it up to his waist. He then gave it a tie before looking at the shirt. However, this was more complicated, this wrap had four holes instead of two. He figured one was for the head and two for the arms but he had to ackwardly fit it over his torso. He started looking at the boy to how he had his shirt on. He then turned it up and down before fitting the large opening over his face, fitting his arms inside, trying to comprehend with common sense, which would look very strange to anybody watching as he had no idea how to put it on. He finally got it right, the linen shirt. He then walked forward, dismissivingly pressing his right hand into the boy’s chest and shoving him away as he walked to another table, the boy giving a “Uhmmph!. He saw a kettle on it that had golden trim along the handle and started to tinker with it. However, slowly got disappointed in it and attempted to stratch out the gold on the handle with his bar finger nails rather efficiently, the gold collecting in his free palm as he leaned over the table and carefully did so.~

Guest_AikaChaosStar: -Arcane gladly noticed that a visitor who seemed to have arrived before her had stolen everyone’s attention. The drake man had stepped in completely naked without censor or remorse. A diverted smile spread wide in her lips as she thought how usual was to see someone naked back in the Chaos. Her long lost Kingdom usually hosted slaves that weren’t allowed to wear any clothing, not for perverse purposes but just for their status, she herself used nothing but a few armour parts in her original form. She still refused to wear them in her relased form if there wasn’t need to, she could perfectly dissappear any naughty bits with the simplest of magics. Taking her focus from the naked man she gazed over to the woman behind the bar offering a fanged smile that could be easily confused with a threatening snarl.- “What a spectacle. Hmm?” -The Chaotic maiden inquired letting out a soft chuckle.- “May I have a bottle of wine please? And some stew while you are on it.” -Her voice was melodious and strangely metallic, her expression too void of emotion to be a human’s, there was nothing her disguise could do to hide the marks of immortality from her person.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Charlotte struggled free from the vice like hold of her man servant, only to have missed out at a peak at the strange naked man’s privates. It would appear that the kitchen hand had brought out clothing, and offered it to the drake, only to have him attempt to dress in an unorthodox fashion. “Shows over.” Jameson chuckled, much to Charlotte’s annoyance. She was half hoping to catch a glimpse, but instead Jameson gestured for her to take a seat at a booth, so as not to let her morning meal go cold. Scooting across the seat, she took up a napkin and folded it across her lap, while Jameson tucked into the sausages with gusto. Dipping a slice of potato in the yellow of her egg, Charlotte held the fork still a moment, as another had entered the Inn. Hearing her speak to the bar maid in a request for a bottle of wine, Charlotte realized that drinking alcoholic beverages this early was all the rage. Jameson noted Charlotte was not paying full attention, and reached for her mug of ale, stealing a sip, only to have her turn back and catch him. “You have milk.” He said, pointing at her glass, before chuckling and drinking the last of her ale. The spider maiden went on eating her breakfast, wondering just what would happen next. <3>

xXPerditionXx: With a little shake of her head, Niamh divests herself of the last dredges of slumberous thoughts. Not a sight of her twin. Of course the lazy lout would be sleeping in. Figures. As the barkeep delivers her order of ale, she meanders over to the fire and sinks down into the chair that Aleus had occupied the night before. Her free hand, one being occupied by a tankard of ale, selects one of the books that had been left in a pile near the chair. Wordless, she allows the tome to capture her attention, paying not even a moment’s attention to the man who had entered earlier without a stitch of clothing on.

VictorVonDrake: ~Vorst continued to chip the gold off of the ordinate kettle without care and hinderance. It was all collected in his hand In a small miniature hill of dust and then squeezed. He then squeezed that hand, a smile crossing his face as he compressed the gold into a solid shape, the malleable material squeezed into the shape of a small golden marble at this point. He pondered for a moment, on where he was going to store this little object till he was done. He looked at the kettle and then brought his hands to the side of it, his fingers literally clenching into the metal as he ripped it open at the top, tearing off the top part of the kettle, leaving the handle to which it was carried about opening the top. He poured out its contains onto the table before setting the gold marble inside and began to look around for any more treasures he could find inside of the large tavern. What he noticed about people, is usually the women had carried more treasures on them then the males, however attached to their flesh as if encrusting their selves like an object. He saw a wooden tankard on the bar as he approached it, a couple of females were positioned there. He grabbed the handle, lifting it up and bringing the beverage to his mouth and gave a sniff. It seemed so very difference than any other type of beverage he had smelled before. He then started to drink it, his brows raising in delight at this. It was a alcoholic drink, fire water, which was appealing to Vorst. He then started to gulp it all down, not even taking a breath, unsure of it was exactly, it could have been someone elses who was just about be served it. He set the tankard back down and looked to the women nearby.~ “Svabol ui nomeno pab?”~His voice, deep with a guttural growling, very reptile in sound, he quickly changed up though.~ “Ah.. What is this water? Drink?”~He said before sniffing it once more. He had not had any~

Fictionalist: Aleus had indeed drifted off last night amidst the conversation and interaction with his sister. Albeit he remembered very little despite only having had two drinks, and being one to hold his liquor quite well he hadn’t even scratched the surface, yet here he was, on his back in his bed without a clue as to how he got there. He shrugged. Whatever had happened was probably best left forgotten, knowing his habits while truly inebriated. He checked his affects and personal belongings and discovered he hadn’t lost any weight in coin though, so that meant his room had been covered. Yet he didn’t wake up next to a woman nor could he truly discern if one had shared his bed. More things he’d rather not know. He chuckled at his own apparent lack of constitution and clothed himself before stepping out into the main area of the bar, not making a scene or attracting attention as he was ever loathe to do. He spied his usual seat and a smug look spread across his features as he noticed his twin sister snooping through his reading material. The one she’d picked up had been his favorite of the bunch, he’d read it twice because of that. He made his way over to her, catching a glimpse of an odd man scratching at the gold off of a kettle pot’s handle. This place always attracted the unusual sorts. Working his way through the odds and ends and various debris caused by this morning’s rather rabble-rousing crowd, he arrived at his usual seat by the fire, commenting on Niamh’s choice of literature, and beverage. “So, is home a place to imbibe or is it just that you don’t drink in front of me, sister dear? By the way, I loved that one, a real engaging read. How far along are you?” He was in his usual tact, jumping subjects mid-thought and stringing both ideas together in a lengthy breathless rush of words. He plopped down on the couch beside her, eyeing her with a smug grin.

Guest_AikaChaosStar: -The bartender was quick to fetch her drink and food, she left it on the counter just waiting for the demoness to pay her and then returned to her previous labor. Arcane gazed around once more before she took the glass to her lips, zipping the red liquid eagerly without even flinching like some did to the taste of alcohol. Once she had satisfied her thirst she went ahead and started to eat her meal. The Chaotic creature had no real need for water or food, or anything but the energy of the living, but it was the taste of the mundane what impulsed her to consume such things. She savoured the stew’s spice, the fruits and vegetables used and the tender pork that melted in her mouth. She swallowed one well chewed chunk and offered.- “My congratulations to the chef.” -Her yes then went back to the draco man that had the fortune of finding someone kind enough to dress him.- (sucky post, I am a bit distracted)

CharlotteCarrendar: – Jameson made short work of the sumptuous breakfast meal, using a cinnamon bun to clean the residual remains of the egg and sausage grease. Taking up the glass of milk, he downed it in a trice, and set the glass down beside his emptied plate. Easing back in his chair, the man servant patted his stomach, then reached inside his coat for his tobacco box, a metal tin with the letter J embossed on the top. Charlotte, was not as fast to finish her meal, due to all the activity that was now going on. More people emerging from the back rooms, where there were cots for those who wished to spend the night. More of an inn than a simply a humble country tavern. At last Charlotte ate the last morsel on her plate, and placed down her cutlery with a clatter. Picking up her napkin, she dabbed her lips and then set it across the plate neatly. The strange man who was now dressed in clothes given to him by inn staff, had taken a shining to a gold trimmed kettle. Charlotte was fascinated by the man’s antics, for he appeared to be acting in a manner that was not like that of simple mortals. An appreciation for shiny objects? Hmm. She had to wonder, especially as he turned up naked at the door. A shifter perhaps? Jameson caught sight of Charlotte’s lingering looks, and he leaned over, to reach for her plait, giving it a light tug. “Remember me?” he said with a throaty growl. Course she hadn’t forgotten him, since it was pretty hard to do when he was everywhere she went, and usually right behind her. “Course, I’m just taking in the sights.” Her excuse made Jameson’s eyebrows rise, and he wondered what was so fascinating about the man. <3>

VictorVonDrake: ~His attention to the drink was snatched away by the sight of a golden goblet behind the counter, sitting up on a wooden table and looked side to side. Perhaps no one was paying attention to him and he tried to the best of his abilities to saunter to the side of the bar counter. He reached with his right hand towards it and snatched it from its perch, bringing it up, able to see his reflection in it as he sat it in the kettle. He could not believe his fortune at this point, able to find such treasures just laying amongst the people and simply took them, his instincts driving him more. Finding such fascination in such things, no one seemed to care at the moment, he would not care if he did. He looked about and saw a woman looking towards him, turning his head to see the dark haired woman peering at him. He tilted his head to the side and grabbed tankard which was now empty. He walked towards her as she sat with a man, if the others did not tell him what the fire water was, perhaps she would. He walked towards her and abruptly held out the empty tankard towards her. He opened his mouth, to speak in Draconic by corrected himself to speak in common tongue. Which was a challenge itself, different accent use and was much softer than speaking in the latter.~ “What is this? Water, drink?”~He said, being rather weird about it, it being empty. His eyes glancing to the man beside her, gesturing it towards him as well, generalizing his question. At this distance, he could clearly smell both of them, the woman smelled very weird to him, clear she was not human, not all. Vorst looked and gave off the presence of a human completely, his actions clearly betraying this façade which was of no real concern.~

xXPerditionXx: Two things happened when her evil twin decided to sneak up on her in the midst of her reading. The first, the tankard of ale learned to fly. Straight up. It arcs through the air, the liquid inside sloshing out as it soars off behind her chair to land with a rattle and thud. The second, however, was far more entertaining. It was a combination of two things, actually. The book in her hand is thrown right at where his face should be given the origins of his voice to her sensitive ear…And she rockets up from the chair, whirling on the spot and hunting for the source of potential attack. All in all, the actions took less than twenty seconds and her mind was a bit slow on the catch up. “Aleus. What is /wrong/ with you? You know better than to sneak up on me! Didn’t you learn last time? We were thrown out and banned from the most popular tavern in Nova Lumia.” She grumbles out, arms folding as she decided to pretend she /so/ did not lose her cool quicker than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Nope, nope, nope. She did not just do that | NPC Action: As the tankard hits the floor, one of the serving wench rushes forward and scrambles to pick it up, while another mops up the mess. Both of which are unnoticed by Niamh as she rails at her twin for his sneakiness.

Fictionalist: He had expected a reaction from his sister but this took the icing on the proverbial cake. The rest of the bar seemed to be quite enthralled with itself and its own and Aleus was much the same. He’d paid no more mind to the gold-hoarding man and hadn’t even noticed the woman who’d been staring at the former either. Neither had truly brought enough attention to themselves to warrant his own. Not yet at any rate. When Niamh practically jumped out of her own skin Aleus immediately deteriorated into cacophonic laughter, doubling over at precisely the right moment to avoid the flying book. He did his best to contain his laughter and fell down into a seat on the couch before composing himself and watching her with a grin. Now taking a moment to comment on their banishment from one of the taverns in Lumis, he shook his head. “You hated it there anyways, I was trying to liven you up a little….Or a lot. Besides, why do you suddenly care about going to Taverns and enjoying their wares so much? You were so wholeheartedly against the idea last night. I’m beginning to think that you’re just being a contrarian as a means to provoke me into debating with you. I guess you enjoy /that/ more than you like to admit as well, sister dear.” He taunted her as the usual lengthy diatribe tumbled from his mouth a mile a minute, not hardly taking a single breath to pause between words or pieces of subject matter.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Their meals finished, it would soon be time to depart, and set off once again in search of the mysterious trader, whom Charlotte sought for a highly prized weapon. Word had spread to her nation of the strength of the metal used in these particular blades, and she dearly wanted one of her own. But little did Charlotte realize, as she was about to gather herself up and make a move, that the man she had been keeping tabs on, was now approaching her from behind. Lifting her head, then turning, she watched him get closer. His mouth opened as though to speak, and then changed his mind, closing…then speaking in English. He enquired of the drink that had been in the tankards. Answering him, Charlotte said. “Ale..an alcoholic beverage made from hops and barley.” Jameson was growing uncomfortable with the fact that the man had moved in so close to Charlotte, and he balled his fists under the table, readying himself in case he tried to touch the spider maiden. Both looked up expectantly at the man, wondering if he would order an ale to try. <3>

VictorVonDrake: “Ale..”~He spoke to himself, peering at the tankard, wrinkling his nose before his eyes drew upon the man Jameson tensed up. Set the tankard on their table and started to wonder off again and went to the bar. He started to rummage through it, looking for the source of this “Ale”, looking throught he counters till he found this keg on a stand. He was able to smell the strong stench of it and brought his right forward, grasping the nozzle and turning it to let some pour out. His right hand moving underneath and catching the ale as it poured out. His hand cupped some of the liquid and then brought it up and drank it from his palm before closing the nozzle quickly. He poked his head up, looking left to right before bringing his right arm underneath the one adjacent to it that was full and snatching the keg up and bringing it onto his shoulder before beginning a shameless stride towards the door. He was taking for himself, that large keg of ale as if it weighed nothing. He opened the door and started to stroll outside. He would head to the nearest forested area to be able to hide himself from people seeing. He set the keg down with the make-shift container he crafted from a kettle that held bits of gold he had took from the tavern. He then started to change again, his body starting to tense up as he let out a loud growl, his wings seeming to mutate from his back and spread to that huge wingspan, spikes poking from the bottom and stretched his scalely wings open. His body mass increasing as he grew just past ten foot in height, his face changing. His face elongating as his scales started to show, covering over his body. His feet changing, talons and claws growing from his hands and feet. His eyes changing to a hue of red and his pupil changing to an elongated slit, much like a reptile. He then would reach down, taking the barrel into one arm and grabbing his little bit of treasure with the other before bending on his knees and with super natural strength takes off with a hard jump, clearing the tree line before flapping his wings and taking off into the sky, back to his swamp lair, his own cave with his new treat, sure to be visiting once more when he finished off that keg for another. His wings flapping right over the tavern as he flew across the sky at a high speed, making that journey back to his home to enjoy his spoils.~