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Re: [RP] Downtown
September 28, 2013 05:11PM


Roger pulled into a parking spot at the diner downtown and turned to look at Amelia with a smile on his face, his black sunglasses looking at her “Ready, Vampira? I’m pretty damn hungry.” Leaning over, he grasped her chin to pull his woman in for a kiss. It was gentle at first, but then he deepened it to something more desiring. Wrapping his arms around her, he then pulled his lips back from her to pull Amelia in for a tight hug. Smiling tenderly, the lieutenant turned his head to brush his lips against her ear “I love you.” After enjoying her closeness for a few moments, Roger then pulled back before he took advantage of her in his car. Climbing out of his seat, he shut the door and hurried to Amelia’s side of the car. Opening her door, he held his hand out with a charming smile “Come on, sweetness.” While waiting for her to take his hand, Roger pulled his sunglasses off and tucked them on the front of his shirt. He was more than ready to enjoy breakfast in public, because they honest-to-God felt so natural it was like they had been together for years. He really liked that.

Re: [RP] Downtown
September 29, 2013 03:30AM

“Ready, Vampira? I’m pretty damn hungry.”

“Am I ever..especially after this morning…I..” But before she could finish, Rodger had her chin in his hand then brought her in for a kiss, that was so at first, and then turned into something far more passionate. Rodger amazed her. Half of her wanted him to just rip off her clothes and have her right there, for breakfast, the other wanted to drive him home for his “omelette” in bed.

His lips moved from hers to that of her ear, and he teased her, by brushing them against her lobe, whispering “I love you.” Amelia closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him, not ever wanting to let go of him. “I’m not one to say this to just anyone. And I only say it when I mean it. Rodger…I love you with all my heart.”

They were then ready to go for breakfast, and Amelia waited obediently for him to come around and open her door, so she may get out, with his offered hand, which she took with her own.


A quick nuzzle, and together they walked hand in hand into the cafe. The buzz of noise, voices, conversations and the delicious smell of coffee and fresh bagels, made her stomach growl in appreciation. This day…had turned into the best in her entire life.



Re: [RP] Downtown
September 30, 2013 11:33AM

Roger had a deep appreciation for how open Amelia was being with him. As he recalled their own history of working together as they walked hand in hand into the cafe, he couldn’t remember a time when she had a boyfriend, or even if she expressed interest and having one. In just a quick blur of events, he had managed to make love to her while simultaneously achieving the honor of having her love. He hoped to God he did not fuck it up. Turning to look at her, the lieutenant smiled tenderly though there was hint of some lust still clouding his eyes. Now that he had a taste of Amelia’s honey…he wanted the whole pot.
However, the doors to the cafe opened and Roger was leading his lover into the bustling chaos of a morning within the food industry. His hand possessively clenched over hers, he then led her up to a table he always sat at that was near the windows while still giving him access to the door. The lieutenant was an avid people watcher and spent many hours drinking tea while watching different types of people from all walks of life pass through the doors. But now he had something better to do.

Pulling a chair out for Amelia, Roger waited for her to sit before placing a kiss on the top of her head. Going to his own seat, he plopped down and held his menu up with a mock serious expression. Perusing his options, he bit his lip before stating “This is far too complex for my mind. I should just start with tea and eat whatever crumbs fall into your lap.” Placing his menu down, Roger looked across the table with an eyebrow raised “What do you say, Reed? How would you like for me to nibble that delicious meal between your legs? Right here and now.” His eyes held naughty suggestions as he then chuckled and leaned closer to her “See anything you want?” They were in public now, and Roger was eager to see how Amelia would react to him now that eyes were upon them.

Re: [RP] Downtown
September 30, 2013 07:53PM

Amelia never usually went anywhere with anyone. Often if she grabbed a bite from a cafe or a take away bar, she would sit in the park and read, leaning against a tree, or simply sitting indian style and admire the passing people. This entering the Cafe with Rodger, with him holding her hand had her blush and she actually bowed her head to hide her smile. Would people be staring? She was always dressed so differently to others, so it was bound to get some strange looks. Rodger walked her over to his usual table and kissed her forehead, making her blush all the more before they took a seat.

Amelia set down her purse on the side of the table, then reached for a menu, but she couldn’t help but notice the way Rodger flopped down, and then perused the menu with a quirky expression. “This is far too complex for my mind. I should just start with tea and eat whatever crumbs fall into your lap.” 

Wow, such a bold thing to be said out in public, and of a sexual nature. Amelia’s eyes widened and she tried to hide behind her menu to suppress her giggles, which were infectious. “I wouldn’t be able to say no to that, Rodger.” she said, lowering her menu a touch and showing off dancing eyes, filled with affection.

She had perused the menu, and settled for some pancakes and a cup of coffee, but Rodger wasn’t finished with her. Not by a long shot.

“What do you say, Reed? How would you like for me to nibble that delicious meal between your legs? Right here and now.” This had Amelia drop the menu and gasp, but with a comical expression. “What do I tell the other patrons? If the table is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’? She then had a fit of giggles. “This will turn into a scene from When Harry met Sally…I just know it. My first public orgasm.” She reached for his hand and brought his finger up to her lips to kiss.


“I love you so much.”

When she kissed, she whispered. “Pancakes and coffee, please?”


Re: [RP] Downtown
October 01, 2013 09:29AM

Roger very much enjoyed the way Amelia giggled and played with him like they were long-time lovers. To him, it felt like they were. As he watched her fall into a fit of giggles, he himself just chuckled and watched her lift his hand. As she placed her lips on his finger, his eyes flickered with a mixture of lust and adoration. This woman was really something.
Leaning over the table, he smiled and nodded before kissing her lips tenderly. It was then that a waitress had showed up to take their order. Pulling back slightly, Roger held both of Amelia’s hands in his and spoke lazily “The lady will have your finest plate of pancakes and an impeccable cup of coffee.” Turning to look up at the waitress, he added innocently “I’ll have what she’s having.” He was, of course, quoting ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

As the waitress took their orders and then walked away, Roger faced Amelia again and made a face “How can you stand coffee? It’s so bland….and now I have to drink it.” He wrinkled his nose as if this were some sort of punishment before looking around the cafe. The place was boppin’ with its morning business and he was soon lost in people-watching. After a few moments of silence, he then asked while turning to face his lover once more “So what’s the deal with Jennifer Wiles? Do you think either she or Manzenli had anything to do with the murder?” 

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 01, 2013 10:49AM

Rodger was such a gentleman, and constantly surprising Amelia with his playful banter and wit. Amelia nearly peed herself laughing, when Rodger asked for “what she’s having” in reference to when Harry met Sally. It was just so over the top. Amelia even found herself looking around at the other tables, wondering if she was suddenly going to start moaning when she got her pancakes. Amelia bit her bottom lip, to stifle more laughter, since she just couldn’t help herself.

The waitress took the order, but it seemed that Rodger couldn’t stand coffee. This was news. Coffee was like a good morning wake up fuel, or at least that is what Amelia thought.

“How can you stand coffee? It’s so bland….and now I have to drink it.” 

I’m sorry Rodger. Next time, I will just order orange juice.” Amelia offered, since she didn’t really mind what she had, so long as he was happy.

Amelia noted that Rodger became distracted by all the other patrons, going about their morning rituals, enjoying conversations and their meals. If you could listen in to half of the people there, one could only imagine just how much of an insight to their day to day lives it offered. Amelia was not normally one to sit and watch in a place like a cafe, more like the park, where young families and lovers are out enjoying their days. Playing, hugging..just enjoying life.

For a moment, Amelia was lost in her thoughts, and then was snapped back when Rodger asked;

“So what’s the deal with Jennifer Wiles? Do you think either she or Manzenli had anything to do with the murder?”

“Jennifer as you know is a neighbor of mine. She lives with William, who really is a wonderful and sweet guy. Kinda reminds me of Old Yella. Faithful and stuff. That night at the club, I gotta tell you. When I was talking to Galtem, he never mentioned Jennifer, all he was concerned about was the club, his reputation..and this kid that he had dropped in his lap. Caleb. As for Jennifer, the look on her face, when I caught them kissing in the bathroom. Total guilt. What they did after I left the room…I don’t know, but I can’t see a reason for either of them to murder. The only person that might try something violent, would be Jennifer…IF it was to do with my sister Melinda. THEY hate each other. Some random in the carpark? I just can’t see why.”



Re: [RP] Downtown
October 01, 2013 01:37PM

Roger waved his hand through the air like it didn’t matter when she spoke of orange juice “I would just prefer a cup of tea, honestly. Simple, soothing, healthy. You don’t get as jumpy as you do with coffee…I think.” Shrugging, he then added with a quirky smile“You’re in forensics, you tell me.” Reaching across the table, he grabbed her hand into his and ran his thumb over it.
Soon Amelia was caught up in people-watching and that made Roger smile. They really were so polite. Soon she was snapped out of her daze and turned her head to answer him. Listening intently, Roger leaned back in his chair but still kept a grip on her hand. After hearing her input, it didn’t make sense to the lieutenant why either Jennifer or Galtem would kill anyone when they clearly had a lot of shit on their plates. Tilting his head, he smiled slightly “Right…it seems like they had other things on their minds in that bathroom that didn’t involve corpses.”

Soon the waitress brought their food out and Roger released Amelia’s hands to rub them together like a greedy child“mmmh….grub.” Picking up his fork, he took a bite of his pancakes and chewed dramatically while looking at Amelia. Swallowing hard, he then grabbed another forkful and leaned forward to offer her a bite. A dark smile curved his lips as he imagined feeding her strawberries while lying naked on a bear skin rug in front of a fireplace. Tilting his head, he murmured“How is it?”

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 01, 2013 03:31PM

As Rodger reached across the table, after changing his order from coffee to tea, he cheekily suggested that she should tell him why tea is better than coffee, since she was the forensic scientist. She was actually much more than that, but decided to answer him anyways.


“Well actually both are good for you, because they both are filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants are phytochemicals, chemicals found in plant foods. In our bodies, antioxidants protect healthy tissues from “oxidants,” also called free radicals. Over time, free radicals can damage cells and cause disease. Antioxidants are like microscopic police officers who seize these bad guys that plan to harm our cells.” Amelia was really into chemicals and biological compounds and was a wealth of information on the subject. “Tea leaves come from an evergreen plant called Camellia sinensis. The way the leaves are processed determines if they become black or green tea. All teas contain a group of antioxidants called flavonoids.”

Amelia finally went quiet when she realized she was babbling and her meal was set before her. Rodger looked at his food like a hungry lion and attacked it with much gusto, chewing with vigor, while Amelia lazily poured the maple syrup over the pancake stack.


She couldn’t help but notice Rodger’s wicked grin as he took a mouthful, and really had to wonder just what he was thinking. He asked her how her pancakes were, and so she took a bite, and chewed slowly, her mouth practically having an orgasmic experience, since the pancakes were so fluffy and light, mixed with the sweetness of the butter and syrup.

“To die for. These are amazing.” she said after swallowing.


Re: [RP] Downtown
October 02, 2013 08:43AM

Roger began to stare blankly at Amelia, her talk of antioxidants going completely over his head. There was a reason he didn’t deal with chemistry and biology, though there was of course quite a bit of it in his line of field. Although…there were plenty of others around him most of the time to interpret into English as well. He sucked in his lips and made an awkward face before looking away, unsure of what to say to all that gibberish. Looking back and forth like that, he finally said “Yea…how ’bout them antioxidants?”
The lieutenant then began to laugh at how ridiculous she made him feel, and he didn’t mind it one bit. Normally everyone was so uptight and tense around him, being that he was pretty high up on the police food chain. But he himself was a goof ball at times and loved nothing more than to enjoy life. And what he wanted to enjoy most in his life…was Amelia. As Amelia cascaded syrup all over her pancakes, Roger smiled cheekily “I would very much like to eat that off of your body. Why didn’t we just do breakfast in bed?”

Roger continued to eat his own pancakes after her own comment on her food, and he had to agree. They were pretty delicious pancakes. While he continued to eat, a thought struck his mind “Hey, have you been watching the news lately? You’re pretty boy DA was plastered on it not too long ago. He was slandering that twat..excuse me, internal affairs bitch through the mud. Claimed she was a murderer. Does he do that every time he gets a little insulted? Cause I might just bring him a plate of his own pancakes, then.” Taking another bite of his pancakes, he smiled at Amelia as if they were having a completely normal conversation before looking around the cafe once more.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 03, 2013 06:48PM

Amelia was enjoying her pancakes, when Rodger brought up Shane Williamson, calling him a pretty boy and how his press conference showed him going off the rails about the IA officer Carmen. Amelia had worked several cases that used her findings to help put the criminals away. Shane had never forgotten her dedication to her job and found favour with her, since it meant his quotas were being reached, having a good team to help back him up when he hit the court room.

Was Rodger getting a little jealous over her friendship with Shane? It was honestly professional in her view, and he never once made moves on her. She was treated more like an emo little sister if anything, which again was odd, since she was a witch, and he was a vampire.

“I saw the news. I think most of the state did. Shane really has a face for the cameras.”

Amelia said, after finishing the last of her pancakes and setting down her cutlery on the plate with a clink. Reaching for her napkin, she patted her lips clean, then took a sip of her coffee, which really helped her to wake up. Leaning over to place her hand on Rodger’s, she said’

“I’d rather you ate those pancakes off me, rather than serving them to Shane. Wouldn’t you agree?” she said with a teasing smile.



Re: [RP] Downtown
October 03, 2013 09:47PM
Grocery Store

Bones had merely raised his eyebrows, curious about what Circe had been about to say, but decided the best thing to do would be to drop the subject. He wasn’t sure what she was on about anyway and it seemed like an awkward conversation to be having with the young girl. Circe pulled out of the driveway and it was actually a smooth ride. Bones was better to ride in the car with than Mills because he was much more calm when giving her instructions. There were only a couple of times when he had to remind her to do something and when he did so he said it in a non-panicked voice and she would do it without questioning him. The two were very different, but at the same time their personalities complimented each other nicely. No one could really get through to Circe when it came to telling her what the right thing was, but he liked to think that she at least took his opinion into consideration.
It was a fairly quiet ride there because Bones was distracted about what she had said about Mills. The whole thing confused him very much and he wanted to ask what she had meant, but didn’t want to talk to her about it either. When they got to the grocery store he decided to risk it. “What brought that up anyway?” he asked her, casually, not bothering to specify what he was talking about. If he knew Circe as well as he thought he did he knew that she would not have forgotten such a subject so quickly. The words that seemed so random to his ears, must have been in she and maybe Seph’s minds for a while now.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 04, 2013 09:08AM

Roger watched Amelia place her silverware down before locking his eyes on hers. He was very jealous, and jealousy was an emotion he did not handle well. When it came to his woman, he did not entertain the idea of sharing, and he was absolutely possessive. Reaching across the table, the lieutenant snatched up Amelia’s hand to place his lips at her wrist. Brushing his lips against her sensitive skin, he kept his eyes locked on hers “Do I need to remind you…that you are mine?” His eyes darkened with lust as he seriously contemplated brushing everything off the table and taking her right there.

But in the next instant, he released her from his grip to lean back in his chair. Folding his arms over his chest, he continued to stare her down. Moments of silence passed before he spoke in a low thick voice “We better get to the station. I need to order something online.” Tearing his eyes off of Amelia, Roger then reached into his wallet and plucked out the appropriate money to cover there check. Placing the money on the table, he stood up slowly and offered his hand to Amelia “Let’s go, Vampira. I have something to take care of.” Taking her hand, he then led her out of the diner. When they were outside, he turned around quickly and pinned Amelia to the side of the building with his hand around her throat. Stooping over her with his face close to hers, he breathed softly “I don’t want to hear you speak of another man…ever. Got it?” Not bothering to actually wait for an answer, he crushed his lips against hers in a possessive kiss. His hands snaked around her waist as his tongue pushed against her lips for entrance to her mouth. Roger wanted to claim her, and he wanted to take her here and now.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 04, 2013 09:31AM

Like a viper, Rodger reached out with his hand to snatch Amelia’s and then brush his lips on her wrist. But it was the darkened look in his eyes, that had he suddenly hold her breathe. What on earth had she done? Was there something on her chin? She held herself perfectly still, and waited for him to speak.

“Do I need to remind you…that you are mine?”

“No…no I am yours.” Amelia stuttered, nervous but secretly thrilled at his bold move against her. The touch of his lips to her skin, set an electrical current charging through her being. For a minute, she thought he might launch at her from the other side of the table,and do her in front of the morning crowd of diners. Amelia didn’t take her eyes off him, as he withdrew his hand, and sat, watching her, with his arms folded. Amelia bit her bottom lip, and waited for him to move or speak. Almost like a frightened doe with large eyes….and pig tails.

Let’s go, Vampira. I have something to take care of.” This was the moment she waited for, and she rose quickly, grabbing her bag and taking his hand after he paid the bill. Quietly she followed him outside, and then he turned down the alley, which made her wonder if they were going the right way. But before she could question him, he slammed her to a wall, with his hand around her throat. Amelia struggled out of fear, till he spoke.

I don’t want to hear you speak of another man…ever. Got it?” did all this talk about Shane set him off? Clearly it did, and Amelia trembled as he held her in place. Her eyes never left his, and she went to answer him, when suddenly he kissed her fiercely. It was a public place and the adrenalin in Amelia’s body went skyrocketing. Scared in one way of doing it in public, the other was that she would make a lot of noise and bring more attention. As his hands went around her waist, she felt her hips move off the wall, and pressing into him, her skirt raising up slightly at the front She wouldn’t say no to him, not even here. Her mouth welcomed his tongue, and she kissed back with a hunger.When he pulled back, Amelia uttered in answer to him “Got it.” She understood now, she was more than Rodger’s lover, she was his property. That none could ever touch.





Re: [RP] Downtown
October 05, 2013 05:54PM
Outside the Cafe

As Amelia kissed Roger back, he could feel her waist pushing towards him off the wall. Growling quietly against her lips, he reached down with his hands to hoist her up against the walls. Forcing her legs around his waist, the lieutenant pressed her firm against the wall as one of his hands reached down to hoist her skirts up. Grabbing her panties, he forced them down while flicking his tongue over hers as though wrestling for power. As his chest began to pound, he realized they were in clear sight. Not a great reputation for someone working with the police…as it was very illegal. Stooping down, Roger then grabbed her legs to toss her onto his shoulders. Striding down an alleyway, he then lifted her back against the wall in the same position they had previously been in. Looking into her eyes, he smiled darkly and growled in his husky voice heavy with desire “You ready for this, Vampira?”
While waiting for her answer, he reached down with a hand to undo his pants. Yanking them down, he then crushed his lips back to hers while gently teasing her clit with the tip of his erection. He wasn’t going to let her have it so easily, not with how jealous he was feeling. Brushing up and down between her delicate lips below, he growled against the lips his own were pressed against “Who do you belong to? Say it. Say it loud, baby.” Biting down on her bottom lip, he gave it a hard tug and then released it to hear her answer.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 05, 2013 08:20PM

It all seemed so surreal, but Rodger was about to commit an act on Amelia that by all rights was a public offence. But did he care? Not in the slightest. Carrying her down the alley way over his shoulder, he soon propped her up again with her legs wound around his waist, and her back slammed to the wall. His jealous streak was a mile wide, and he was determined to ram home the message that she belonged to him and him alone. Amelia’s chest was rising and falling rapidly, with her heart beating a mile an hour, with this forceful treatment. It was insane, but god it felt so amazing, she was lost to him, the way she looked at him with huge eyes. She was practically dripping with the anticipation, when he said; “You ready for this, Vampira?” in a voice that was heavy with lust.

“God yes!” Amelia squealed, her body shaking uncontrollably as she felt the roughness of the brick wall on her back. A quick fumble with his pants and he released his length, teasing her with it, prodding her clit, while hungry kissing then tugging at her own lips. She found herself starting to wriggle her hips, trying to get more of him. The wait was excruciating.

“Who do you belong to? Say it. Say it loud, baby.” 

“You..just you! I belong to you, Rodger!” She would have said it so loud, it was bound to be heard from the carpark. Overcome, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and buried her face to his shoulder, knowing he was about to show her just how much she was his.




Re: [RP] Downtown
October 07, 2013 09:50AM

Roger just chuckled when she squealed, his hands clawing at her thighs as he lifted her against the brick wall. Feeling her hips wriggle against his member, he smirked and pulled back to look at her “Say please. Beg.” Reaching up with one of his hands, he gripped one of her pigtails to give it a good yank. Moving his hand up the back of her neck, the lieutenant then grabbed the back of her head to tilt it back. Licking up her neck, he nibbled at the vein in her neck while his hips rocked teasingly against her.
He had initially planned on teasing her for as long as possible, but hearing his name on her lips had him nearly exploding already. Growling again, Roger pulled back his hips and looked back at her “Say it again.” Slamming himself inside of her, he smiled broadly and began to pump into her rapidly. Settling into a rhythm, he braced Amelia against the wall and began to pound into her as though trying to reach inside her whole being with his cock. With her head nestled into his neck, he turned to nip at her ear as he chuckled darkly against the sensitive skin.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 07, 2013 10:35PM
Grocery Store

Bones turned to Circe, fairly annoyed at how vague her answer was. That didn’t help him one bit. He sighed heavily in a way that kind of sounded more like a growl and got out of the car, slamming the door shut behind him and gave Circe a look that told her he was not satisfied by her answer. “Sure, donuts,” he said, not surprised when she said Mills had been freaking out. Of course she had. Jace was back. It was enough to make anyone go crazy. It wasn’t that he was used to seeing Mills like this, but hehad been the one with her through her recovery. Had been the one helping her do so. He knew what this guy did and how it affected her. Bones did not enjoying seeing Mills in pain or suffering so he was going to do all he could to prevent it. This was just a known fact, so he was not stressing over it at the moment. What he was stressing over was the fact that Circe had brought up a subject he knew nothing about and when he tried to pursue it, she shut him down. They walked into the store together. “We can grab some bread and eggs too, just to have on hand. Now what were we talking about? Oh, right, where the hell did that come from?” He was not being rough with her, but he never bothered to sensor himself in front of the girls. At least not when Mills wasn’t around. Bones was a good influence, but they heard everything enough at school and he knew they used that kind of language too. There was no point in treating them like children. They were not. He continued to walk to get the food, but he did not take his eyes off of her and gave her a very serious expression to let her know that he was not backing down until he got a serious answer.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 09, 2013 06:06PM

Amelia felt the hard pull on her ponytail, with Rodger urging her to beg if he was going to take her fully. The anticipation and the urgency she felt for him to complete her was growing, but also the fact this was such a public place had her torn. She felt dirty, and loved it.

“Please…please Rodger.” She begged, though her voice was muffled. Her face buried in his neck, she felt the sensation of his lips on her ear and then as she begged for him, he took her forcefully. Rutting her hard up against the wall and showing no mercy at all. Her cries grew louder, loud enough to be heard. Rodger pulled back and then demanded;

“Say it again.”

“Rodger…please. Again!” She begged louder this time, and felt him drill her with more effort, his dark chuckling in her ear. getting off on owning her body and taking her at will. Amelia surrendered herself, locking her legs around him, and tightening over his slick shaft, that was now like a piston, working her hard as he could. Amelia closed her eyes, feeling like she was about to explode herself, moaning louder, till she then felt the urge to cum. “Rodger…Mmmaaahh!” She could hardly hold back, and her tightening muscles would have had him realize how close she was. Course, she couldn’t unless he let her.



Re: [RP] Downtown
October 10, 2013 08:13AM

Amelia finally begged, and it was exactly what Roger wanted to hear. She was yelling loud, and he was sure people were staring down the alleyway but that didn’t stop her from continuously pounding her into the wall. She belonged to him, and she and the rest of Derry would know it soon enough. With her legs locked around his hip, he heard her beg again and jerked for forcefully into her because of it. The force of his fucking had her bouncing up and down on his cock, a sensation that made his knees weak as he pinned her to the wall. As she tightened around him, he couldn’t stop himself from releasing his seed within her. Letting out a gasp, he threw his head back and then moaned her name as she milked him to completion “Amelia…”
As they both rode their climatic waves, his fingers wrapped tight around her waist. Pressing his head into her shoulder, Roger’s breath was ragged as he fought to control it. His heart beat rapidly against Amelia’s chest as his body slowly relaxed from the whirlwind of pleasure she had thrust him into. Letting her down gently on the ground, he pulled back to stare into her eyes adoringly. She had gave him what he wanted where he wanted it, and he was going to treasure her. With her feet firmly on the ground, Roger bent down to pull her panties and skirt back up into place. Looking down at his hands as he worked, the lieutenant then adjust her shirt before looking back up into her eyes.

A small smile quirked his lips as his chest was still heaving a bit from their ministrations. Soon his own pants were back up and he undid his tie so he could fix it. Reaching down to take up her hand, he placed it against the fabric of his tie to whisper huskily“Would you?” Letting his hand fall back down to her waist, he pulled her in for a long hug and rested his lips against her neck. Nibbling at her gently, he allowed his hands to explore over her backside before pulling back to give her room to fix his tie.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 10, 2013 08:29AM

The cry of her name and Amelia knew that Rodger truly loved her. They both experienced the knee trembling experience of public sex, that had her acting out a fantasy she never imagined would become real. Barely able to stand on her own, Rodger set her down, and then started to redress her like she was a doll. Amelia was struggling to regain her own breath, and was using the wall as a brace to help her from sliding down in a heap. The look on her face, was one of admiration, love, respect and awe. How could she ever imagined that Rodger could be so forceful and dominate, taking her when he wanted and giving her the thrill of her life. She was besotted and lost in his eyes when he spoke. He had his pants back up, but needed his tie to be done.

As he held her waist, she silently tied his tie back up, all the while feeling his hands moving to her backside, and kneading her ass cheeks, while she tried to concentrate on the tie. It was quite the challenge, and she even narrowed her eyes, while fighting off the desire to rub herself against him again. She knew though, he was the man in this relationship. If he wanted her, he was going to just take her. Chewing on her bottom lip, she finished the task and patted his tie down to show she was done.

Amelia lowered her hands slightly, and whispered softly:

“Thank you.” She felt like she was on an emotional roller coaster, and wondered just what Rodger had in store for her next. Whatever he did want….she would give..and give again. She now belonged to him wholly.



Re: [RP] Downtown
October 10, 2013 08:39AM

Roger chuckled low when he saw Amelia’s eyes narrow in concentration as she tied his tie. The lieutenant knew he was pushing her to her limits, and he loved it. Keeping his grasp on her hips tight, he chuckled still as he asked “Having some difficulty their, Vampira?”Her silence had him worried as he began to wonder if perhaps he had been too rough with her. And he did take her in public, after all. Not every woman could handle that sort of coupling. But soon his fears were melted away when she looked up at him with adoration and love. Smiling gently, he reached up to brush his fingertips down her temple. She was thanking him, and it pleased him greatly to know he enjoyed their love-making as much as he did. “You’re welcome.”
The lieutenant pulled back from her now that they were both dressed and more suitable for public eyes and grabbed her hand“Come on, Vampira. We are now very late.” Turning, Roger led her down the alleyway and out into the rest of the world. Glancing to his right, he saw a homeless man staring at them with a twisted smile. Growling, Roger leaned toward him “Walk away.” Seeing the ferocity in the man’s eyes, the bum nodded hastily and rushed down the same alleyway he had watched Roger fuck a woman in. Leading Amelia back to his car, he turned to wink at her “Today is going to be interesting…”Opening her car door, he helped her inside before heading over to his own seat. Once situated inside of the car, he started it and pulled his sunglasses back on. Soon classic rock filled the car as he sped off towards work.

Re: [RP] Downtown
October 10, 2013 08:06PM

“Today is going to be interesting…” Rodger said, holding Amelia’s hand and leading her out of the alley way. Amelia already thought that the day was more than interesting. Why he had taken her to breakfast, then made hot love to her in the alley in broad daylight. How could the rest of the day possibly top this?

Seeing the bum rush away haphazardly when Rodger more or less barked the order to ‘walk away’, Amelia couldn’t help but smile, squeezing his hand tighter, feeling so incredibly close to him. He was amazing. Protective and knew exactly what he wanted. Amelia was proud to be his at last.

Reaching the door of the car, he opened it for her, allowing her to get inside, and put on her seat belt. Amelia wiggled in comfortably and then closed the car door, watching Rodger get in the other side. The car filled with some classic rock as he took out his trademark sunglasses, and set off towards work.

This was going to be the real test. Amelia was going to have to keep things professional in the work place. Question was….how would Rodger handle this?