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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 26, 2013 01:46PM
Garret spun Desdemona around slowly then pulled her back in as she spoke, and the distance between them could not have been any more closed. “You truly are the devil in the shadows. What would I do without you, Garret?” she said, and this made him laugh. He’s met devils, and thus he knew for sure, he was far from one, but he was happy to indulge her amusement. “Devil’s, in my opinion, are ugly with horns and spikes jutting out all over their bodies. Repulsive creatures. Is that how you see me, dove?” he chuckled as he lowered her by allowing her to fall at her back, one hand sliding down her length to her thigh and pulling it up to his hip, the bottoms of her dress sliding to hers. “Yet, perhaps without me, despite this recent development, you’d be lost. After all, what is a goddess, without knowledge?” He lifted her up again, and they continued as she pulled herself closer to him.

Then she began to whisper, though Garret’s vastly enhanced hearing picked it up merely as though she were speaking at a normal level as he concentrated on her words. His previous evaluation of what it was she truly wanted, what it was she desired most, was beyond fact. War, and though Garret was versatile and held a great expertise in the subject of combat, war was not his style…without the correct motivator…at least. After all, Witchers were meant to be a mercenary organization, meant to kill for the highest bidder only, and they normally stayed out of politics. However, for the past 200 years, to the best of Garret’s knowledge, he is merely an ambitious Warlock, much like the witch he danced with. Then came an offer, one Garret found beyond interesting. Her fingers and arms gripping him tightly as she spoke. “I know what you want, Garret. Power. Total control. And of course…if you help me, we could get rid of the Warlock King.”

“Get rid of the Warlock King.” were the words that Garret found most interesting. They spoke of something he could not want more, after all. It appears his hate for the man and his choice to rule in the background and not take his people to the mortal realm to rule them, was far from secret. Though it was not like Garret cared who knew. It would one day become a reality. as she continued, and brushed her lips against his, which left Garret practically weak at his knees in anticipation and sexual desire, two things that completely melted through his flesh, it seemed that day would come sooner than he’d expected. She spoke of knowing his need, his overwhelming lust for power that had corrupted his very being long ago. This was enough to cause Garret to stop their dance completely. To simply stare into her eyes with lustful desire as all he wanted was to take her, then and there. Power turned him on, after all, at least, when it was spoken by her…in the manner she was speaking of it. Or was it something more, did her words carry a hint of magic behind them? No, this was real, Garret could only hope, at least.

Then came her offer of…herself. “Reign over them all. All I want…is the end of the Wolves. You get everything else. Even me.” How could anyone say no to such an offer. To rule over his kind, to deliver them to the Mortal realm to conquer and destroy to their..and his…heart’s desire. Then at his side, would be the loveliest of them all. the most desired woman in all the Veil as his queen, no, EMPRESS. Together they’d rule, together they’d conquer not only the Mortal Realm, but all others beyond it. A vast Empire where magic was once again deemed the super power. Peace, order, wealth, prosperity, and power. all would be his, and all he had to do….was help her destroy a measly race that has lived far beyond it’s expiration date. Nothing would be easier for the “undercover” Witcher. “Sound tasty?”

Garret was quiet, those his lips were active. They had found her neck in the words, as he became lost within the promise of something he desired, often times, even more than her body. Though now, they were one in the same. To her, he had never oozed so much sexual desire, so much need for her than in this moment. The proof was in the way he held her, the way his lips traveled her neck ferociously. After he’d left his mark, his eyes lifted to hers, and the red glow, the slitted pupils of his witcher heritage returned. Something he figured was nothing but an enhanced magical state, when in reality, it was so much more, and for a Witch as experienced as Desdemona, it would be trivial to understand what it was. His voice was soft, yet his breath seemed short. “Delicious….” His lips then found hers in ferocious passion and endless lustful desire.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 26, 2013 04:05PM
Yes, what is a goddess without knowledge? She is merely a puppet, a fool for some fancy. Desdemona was nobodies fool, and while Garret teased her with his lustful words, she knew exactly what he wanted. There was no mistaking the double meanings of his words, towards the King. Hell, the tension was such, you could carve it with a knife. Like two prize cocks about to have at it in the fighting pit, only their respectability kept them from getting down and dirty and actually fighting. Now that talk turned to the evil designs that Desdemona had for the King, she knew that Garret’s attention was harnessed. Oh he treated her to some lustful attentions, and all of which she allowed. Normally, she treated the males of the Castle like cattle, her slaves. But this one, oh she let him use his hands to wander, his lips to tease.

But something changed, and his mind must have been racing, when she included herself in the bargain. All she wanted was the end of the Wolves, and he got the Crown, and everything else. Within seconds he took her neck, and marked it, before whipping her up and kissing her hungrily. Oh if this stirred his passions, then she was onto a winner. To go from a shadow, to controlling all creatures, and have Desdemona at his feet, would truly be a triumph.

Mona allowed her dress to fall free from her body, as her fingers dragged through his hair. The power of her being surging to the fore as she started to give back as badly as he. Pulling back from the kiss, but a moment, she looked into his dark eyes, and said.

“Too much power does corrupt. Just as much as the insatiable need to fuck. *she smirked* Face it, Garret, I’m all kinds of bad for you.” She teased, and then she turned on him, biting at his neck, and rubbing her pert nipples against his chest. “Question is…how bad do you want me?” She smelt now of her rising sex, and licked her lips on tasting his skin.



Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 06, 2013 08:17AM
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Desdemona’s Castle – Desdemona’s Quarters

Too much power indeed corrupts. History has shown this to be a fact of every being’s nature, whether it be human, Warlock, Wolf, Vampire, or something else, everyone is succeptible to it’s selfish grasp. Power is a promise that means more than political or physical prowess. It means wealth, vast wealth. It means women, respect, to be feared by those around, and who doesn’t LOVE to be feared in this forsaken Veil? For Garret, to be feared, meant you were respected. To be respected, meant people bowed before YOU, and you kneeled to no man. You offered no service, but demanded it. Power meant everything in this cold world, and the next. Thus, power was something Garret desired more than even Desdemona in his bed.

When she pushed into the kiss, intensifying it with her own lips, Garret removed his hands of her body and moved them to his coat and slid it off anxiously, throwing it across the room. They then took to his shirt and the tie around his neck, tearing them from his form and allowing them to drop to the ground at the time she allowed her dress to fall from her body. Garret’s arms wrapped around her once more, the feeling of her silk smooth skin enticing him. AS she pulled away, and spoke, Garret placed his lips over her neck once more, but listened intently to her words.

“Too much power does corrupt. Just as much as the insatiable need to fuck.”

This caused Garret to pull away for a moment, his eyes taking in hers before she managed to bite at his neck, her bare nipples and breasts pushing against his chest, and he felt the already considerable bulge in his pants harden, throbbing to be within her. Though when she pulled away, and asked her question, licking her lips after words, Garret pushed her onto the bed they’d managed to stand before from their dance. His blood red slitted eyes, his witcher trademark which gave him the nickname “Red Eyed Fury”, held her hungrily as his hands moved to his belt buckle, and slowly he began to remove it as he spoke. “All I have ever dreamt, is of power. Ultimate power to control all things in this realm, and the pathetic mortal one. To have you in my sheets at any time I wished, to ravish you and please you to no end. You offer the two things I have desired as long as I can remember.” his pants were gone from his by now, and he was revealed in all his nude glory, his cock long and hard as it throbbed for her heat, her warmth to surround it. He slowly began to approach her as he spoke. “And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low? Only a cat of a different coat, that’s all the truth I know. In a coat of gold or a coat of red, a lion still has claws, and mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours. The words spoken by an unamed man, to he who ruled before Cypher. A witcher, who respected no authority and dreamt of his own dealings, of his own ultimate power. He was taken, and beaten, and then after a month of starvation, was let free when they could neither kill nor completely harm him. That witcher is the man responsible for killing him, before vanishing from the veil.” he was holding himself over her now, the smell of her sex rising from her, as his cock was placed in between her legs, and he moved it to slide it across her heat, repeatedly teasing her. “True power, is in fear, as fear brings respect. What you offer is a powerful woman at the side of a powerful man, to become king. Fear is all others will know when our names are spoken, and thus, words such as those of the “Red Eyed Fury” shall never be spoken.” he leaned in closer to her ear as he slowly slid himself along her heat, her juices covering him. He spoke in a whisper.“You ask how badly I want you, the things you offer that shall come with having you….your answer is, M’Lady, in the hunger I shall show as I fuck you.” With that, he slid himself slowly into her, and began thrusting his cock deep into her, in and out, his lips taking to her breast hungrily as his hands dug into the sheets and his waist pounded his member into her heat reapeatedly with Vigorous abandon and insatiable hunger.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 10, 2013 03:42AM
Desdemona’s Castle – Desdemona’s Quarters

The darkness of her chambers, illuminated by the blood red candles, their naked flame giving off an orange hue. Their bodies coated in the slickness of oil, sweat and sex moving as one upon the bed, while Garrett spoke of his desires. Power. Absolute Power came from give and take. Their union would be one to ….seal the deal between them.

True power, is in fear, as fear brings respect. What you offer is a powerful woman at the side of a powerful man, to become king. Fear is all others will know when our names are spoken, and thus, words such as those of the “Red Eyed Fury” shall never be spoken.”

Ah, but music to her ears. To bring fear is to gain power and above all respect. It is what he craved. He needed. Desdemona had to admire him for that. As well as the fact that he knew very well the arts on how to pleasure a woman. Her body responded, by the subtle release of her rich scent, that mingled with the fragrance of the scented oils in which she had bathed. Writhing beneath him, taking each thrust with her own hips meeting and then pushing back up, so the pair became entwined in a ritualistic like dance upon the sheets. Desdemona’s back arched and she tiled her head right back, exposing her neck in full. Lips parted with bedroom eyes staring up, their dark pupils dilating as she reached a new height of sexual satisfaction. Her strength in her aura, began to pulsate as she panted heavily. But he was not the only one with prowess under the sheets, though she could see in his hungry eyes, that he wanted to take her forcefully, show that he was every bit the powerful one he professed.

The slickness of her folds only aided in creating the delicious friction that grew faster from his repeated thrusts. He was indeed every bit the man she desired to have at her side.

Her head tipped forward and then he would see in her eyes, that same hunger, as her legs locked around him, and she dragged her clawed fingers down his sides, up to his head. Reaching to pull him in for a kiss that would let him know he had won the battle for her. Already she was giving freely, letting him take what he now would see to be his own. Her tongue wildly dancing with his as her moans were lost in the frenzied kiss. Pulling back she would say to him but this.

“You have shown me all I need to see. I feel that need in you.” She smiled, but it was not from happiness….a different kind of fulfillment, as he continued to move within her. “You win. I will give you everything.”


The witch had pledged to aid him in his quest for power, no matter the cost.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
October 11, 2013 05:07PM
Outside the Castle


Dekarta had been dreaming in a strange place. The former castle he had been in was cold and he was not sure what purpose they had for him. when he awoke from the cold stone floor he found himself in a strange place. There were so many strange occurences that kept occuring in dreams. He would become a shadow of himself. A power he knew he possessed but this traveling was not something he understood entirely yet. Sadly he didnt need sleep so he knew these bouts of unconciousness were something altogether different. Part of his awareness but a struggle for stasis maybe. When he opened his eyes he was in the new place. There was an altogether different castle in the distance and he saw forest and trees in the surrounds.

He wished for the dark and hid for a time. As he did his body became a shadow and he was able to stalk the land, as a fae and in shadow form he was not discernible to the eyes of the casual observer and he sought a place of refuge and a reason for his presence here. He did not think it so random he was led here. It seemed since these powers had come upon him he was dragged to different places. But this had a feel like Menzobezzaran. The home of his people, the underdark. It was as if not a normal plane or place. He could feel it within him as he moved, even in shadow he felt it.


As he made his way towards the castle he kept off the road till he could learn more about this place and the people who dwelled here.