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Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 17, 2013 01:24PM
Desdemona’s Castle


Cypher watched Desdemona’s for some odd reason, every time he was talking with this gorgeous witch, she was always staring at his eyes, it was like a passion she had or something, if glares could eat you, Cypher would already be in her stomach. But it was better letting her stare at his eyes than other place, while he on the other hand, there was lots of things in her, he could look at. Despite on having a little crush on the human Lily, that never stopped him from staring at other women, we all stare at other women anyway, no matter if we are taken or not, but of course, if we are taken, we still prefer our girl.
The Warock King watched the witch walking around him, always with a grin upon his face, while he stared down at her lips, seeing her devious smile, wondering what was going in her mind. Till she decided to speak out. he allowed her to picked an imaginary speck of dust from his shoulder, and listen her talking.
“So much hate towards such fur balls.”
He commented about her words towards the werewolves. Why did she hated those creatures anyway? Its not like Cypher was big fan of them either, but still. There must be a reason, and sometimes his curiosity is higher. When she finally mentioned what would be his price, his grin just got bigger.
“How dare you to think I wanted something in return? I’m offended.”
Clearly being sarcastic, since his grin would never leave his face.
“There’s some human I have my eye on, Lilly Pierce. She has been a hard person to get if you know what I mean.”
He finally answered Mona and decided her to figure out what he wanted on her own. Even tho he began to wonder if kidnapping the poor human would be something good. But she would be better in this world, under his sight, and being protected by him, like that he could make sure no werewolves would get closer, or Desdemona plan would destroy what he wanted. 

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 17, 2013 04:01PM
Desdemona’s Castle 

Garret did…well..nothing.Even as the two spoke, he did nothing. He simply stood. Made no sound, made no move, took no step away to give them privacy. No, this was getting juicy. Should their “King”, the word forced a smirk upon Garret’s face as he thought it, allow her to leave the veil, to unleash her hatred of the wolves, a war would likely ignite. Warlocks and Werewolves, and he assumed, that aside from the annihilation of the race, this was what she wanted. she wouldn’t be able to do it all alone, not fast enough. She needs help, and the best way to get it, war. Though this was all only assumption, there was more than enough reason behind it. Surely, whatever was decided here, would be worth much to someone out there, it was about time he visited the werewolves anyway. It’s been so long.

His eyes avoided Cypher, and held onto Desdemona. ‘Tis only fitting, of course. The most plotting of all their race, was surely to attract a lover of secrets. No surprise that he felt so drawn to her, both sexually, and ideally. The he’d always deny feelings, as there were hardly any to begin with, he would never deny the intense lust he felt in the sight and presence of her very essence. In the end, this was why he could always be found at her side.

As intelligent as he was good looking, he was always thinking. Always plotting his next move, something he and the mistress of this castle shared in kind. So, he listened. He smirked every now and then at the way they played with each other, but other than that, his normal, cocky grin would stain his lips. None would know what was on his mind. Just as it is, as it always will be, and as it always has been. Garret shall remain a mystery…at least….until the time was right…

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 17, 2013 05:36PM
“So much hate towards such fur balls.” 

“It’s not hate, its more a very strong dislike.” Desdemona said with a luscious pout.“You really are so quick to judge, M’lord, had I been a simple woman, I might have been offended.” A blink in time, and the witch’s attitude changes, as she plays along with the King’s banter and wit. ~Do ho ho ho.~ she thought to herself.

“How dare you to think I wanted something in return? I’m offended.” At this the Witch raised a well shaped brow. What a liar, for everyone has a price. No one does anything for the sake of their good heart, and she knew the Warlock would only find a good heart in the body of one Adam’s children…maybe.

Watching how Cypher kept that grin on his dial made her aware she was close to the reason for his visit, and right on the mark, he delivered in spades.

“There’s some human I have my eye on, Lilly Pierce. She has been a hard person to get if you know what I mean.” 

~Hard to get to know?~ That’s a new one. The King was actually having relationship difficulties with…a human? Desedemona held her hand poised to her chest, like a spider, fingers all spread out wide and she had her mouth open partially with a “what the fuck?” expression.

“Is she gay or something? I mean…you are of course…you. I figured the humans would be flailing all over you. How interesting.” Desdemona changed tack, and then started to walk in a small circle, every so often shooting a glance at Garrett who had yet to speak.

“Well there is hard to get to know, and those that shy away completely when they feel threatened. Some humans are like rabbits. One false move and ~whoosh~ off they run back to their burrow or home.

Desdemona suddenly smiled like the cat that ate a canary. “That’s what you should be doing. Treating them like rabbits. Setting…and baiting a trap.” Skipping in her step, she made her way to the book podium, and on the mantle was a large dusty tomb that she blew the dust off and then licked her fingers before turning the cover over.

“Let’s see now….spells, enchantments, shifting…oh you can do all that stuff.” She flicked the pages lovingly, her fingers doing the walking over various spells and recipes for potions. Her finger finally stopped, as she came to one page, and she grinned as she read the words.

“In order to get to know someone better, they must feel comfortable and accepting of you.” The Witch said, then took out her glasses and placed them on, before getting out a small quill and parchment, as she started to copy down the list of what was needed. Turning on her heel, she went over to her shelf of supplies, and started to walk along till she came to a pretty pink box. Done up with a bow, and she brought it down and then strolled over and handed it to the King.

“Take this. And the incantation I have written. Inside this box, is the most gorgeous little cup cake. Magical too. To set the spell, say the enchantment, and tap on the box three times. Then deliver it to the girl. When she takes a bite, she will follow you anywhere, for a period of 24 hours. Long enough to get her to listen to your sonnets or whatever it is that you do with women you like….long enough to get her to bunny hop into your lair.”

The Witch made little bunny nose twitches, then laughed. “After that…it’s really up to you with your skill as a lover to keep her. Love potions are so tricky. I’ll leave that to Cupid.”


Now that was out of the way, Dedemona strolled over to Garrett and smiled sweetly. “Fancy one of my cup cakes?’Desdemona winked at him then threaded her arm through his. All of a sudden, she decided to play dirty. “You don’t really need one, do you Garrett? And you remember Cypher, the King?” She was doing introductions, and felt the need to be cosy. She was such an odd creature at times.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 17, 2013 07:44PM
Desdemona’s Castle

The King of Warlocks needs a damn spell to get his girl? A human no less. Yet he was better than Garret. Though his expression was still as plain and common as ever, internally, he was laughing his ass off. This was just far too good! And the way Desdemona pulled it all off…if there were Gods, Garret would be praising them. Too good to be true. The great King proves as feeble as the rest of us. How quaint. he thought to himself. That’s when Desdemona turned to him. His eyes fell to her once more, and his smile widened a bit more as he chuckled at the wink she’d granted him. Her arm fell within his, and there came the introductions. Though they were not needed, and incredibly unnappreciated, to show this would be disrespectful. The last thing Garret was to those he found interest in, was rude.

However, though the king held none of his interest, it would be rude toward Desdemona, to disrespect a guest within her home. So, he played his part. His eyes fell to her as he spoke, a cocky half-grin pulling at the corner of his lips. “Were it true, I’d have already had you, M’Lady. Since I have not, it appears I may need one after all.” he said with a tone as sly as the fox and sensual as would be a lord of lust. Truth be told, however, he was incredibly smooth, and great with words. Yet, no matter how he try, he had yet to even touch his lips upon the silky skin of this woman. Despite how he hoped, one fateful night, or day, this would change. Offering a wink of his own, he chuckled as his mind switched topics.
His eyes fell to Cypher, when the introduction was made, and yet the grin never left. Even as he wanted to smirk, grimmace, and frown all in one. How he loathed this man, yet needed him at the same time. He longed for the day when he could travel the void on his own, should that day ever come. when it did, he’d avoid the ‘King’ as much, and as often, as possible. However, he bowed his head ever so slightly as he continued. “How could one forget our “Cat Eye King”? One must call upon him to travel between worlds after all. Were he not so necessary, perhaps his face might have slipped from mind.”

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 19, 2013 07:41AM
Desdemona’s Castle


Cypher couldn’t help but to chuckle whenever Desdemona’s started to share her opinion about this thing about the human Lilly, calling her gay, wasn’t really something he thought she would be.
“She has a child…From what I know women with woman cannot reproduce.”
Cypher told her, and then she just began to say that she thought humans would fall all over him. He perked up an eyebrow, and stared down at her with a grin upon his face, while he bite the corner of his lip.
“Oh? Really? You think I’m that attracting?”
He wouldn’t say humans didn’t fell all over him, because they did, but not the one he wanted. The one he wished for seemed to have total control over herself, or something bad happen to her with men, such as failed relationships, and so on. Plus, Lilly is a mother, but Cypher never saw the father around, he never saw her wearing any wedding ring, nor heard her daughter talk about her father or something, but unlike her mother, the teen wasn’t full human.
Cypher rose his chin and waited for Desdemona, he knew he could make Lilly love him with potions and other stuff, but love potions were so dangerous, its like, its not even love, its more like a sick obsession, that end ups getting extremely annoying, and you won’t enjoy a thing. He moved himself back and forth with his feet, still remaining on his spot, and whenever Desdemona decided to give him something, he just grabbed it and studied it with his eyes.
“You can be very useful whenever you want to, Mona.”
Cypher commented, while placing it inside the pocket of his jacket. Now Desdemona was talking to Garret, was he the only one who found Garret a creeper to always be in Desdemona’s shadow? Cypher ruse his chin, and took a deep breathe whenever Garret bowed his head at him, the King wasn’t dumb, he knew this guy didn’t liked him, while Cypher just didn’t cared about him.
“I believe its better travel between worlds than stay stuck in here.”
He commented with a smirk.
“Unless I was friends with benefits with Desdemona.”
He was totally testing the guy, even tho it was clear that Garret had some thing for this witch, sexual or love, either way, he still could picture the witch having fun with her “shadow”.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 19, 2013 09:17AM
“Were it true, I’d have already had you, M’Lady. Since I have not, it appears I may need one after all.” Garret sure was a sly fox if ever Desdemona had met one. So cute. She tickled her finger under his chin just for that, while making a sweet face and kissy lips, then sized up the King, who was explaining how the female that he was attracted to was not gay, and in fact a mum. ~A woman with baggage?~ Desdemona thought that was just the oddest thing. But, the Warlock King must have seen something in the girl, that had attracted him so greatly he was going to such lengths to secure her affections. The witch knew that nothing good would come from fawning all over the King, so she was content to stay on Garret’s arm for now, as the King pocketed the boxed cup cake and thanked her for being useful.

“I try.” The Witch said simply, having now aided the King, she hoped for a bargain being struck in return. How to cross the veil of course. The King was more interested in mentioning how its better travel between worlds than stay stuck in behind the veil. Course he had to throw in the sassy line that the only good thing to be here for was if he had a friendship with benefits with her. That certainly was not the case for the Witch, who though she found the cat eyed King Warlock attractive, was just not into him like that. Besides, he had the crush on the Lilly girl, and she wasn’t into cutting someone else’s lunch.


“So you will let me know how the whole cup cake kidnap mission goes, then help me cross the veil? The Witch asked, hoping that this would seal the deal. As she asked, she toyed with Garret’s fingers, almost subconsciously.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 21, 2013 12:09PM
Garret chuckled softly as his eyes fell upon Desdemona, who was tickling him under his chin. Her face was hysterical, but Garret didn’t feel like exerting the energy to laugh as hard as he wanted to. His free hand reached up, gripped hers, and gently, yet sensually he brought his lips to it, his eyes holding a vice grip over hers. When he lowered, and loosed her hand from his grip, he spoke. “Oh how you tease me so.” Garret winked and his attention was turned to Cypher. His words bringing a rise of his left brow. What was the man working at? Surely, Garret was obvious in the fact that nothing was happening between him and Des, yet, the Cat Eyed King was sure to point out the option, to make it an option, of his possible friendship with benefits with Des. He knew the man was simply trying to get to him, and sadly for Cypher, it wouldn’t. Garret shrugged, and his sight returned to Des. A smile peeling his lips apart once more. Gentle, and seductive. “I must admit, the idea seems rather…intriguing. It is trlly a shame the better man has her eye.” His eyes fell upon the king, a smile showing the hint in is words. He wasn’t talking about Cypher, he was talking about himself. Calling himself a better man than his “king”. Surely, this would get to his majesty.
Garret then quieted, his smile resuming, as Des held to his ar and spoke with Cypher. Meanwhile, he was in his own thoughts. Perhaps asserting their racial domination wouldn’t be so bad. Perhaps, defeating the werewolves in an attempt at Genocide would work out completely for the best. Perhaps, it’d be within his best interests to aid Des in this quest of hers. Her fingers fiddling with his own snapped him back to reality, and it made him smile all the same. If Garret wasn’t taking this rather subconscious action wrong, perhaps, his previous words were more than true.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 25, 2013 11:04AM
Cypher kept his chin up, and watched the both of them. Both so close, yet he doubted they had some kind of romantic thing, more like a lust bond, since the witch doesn’t seem to be that innocent, plus Garret is always following Mona’s ass so it wouldn’t be a surprise if one time they touched each others body, Cypher would never be surprise with that, it seems rather obvious, and if Mona still didn’t saw that, then she’s blind.
He didn’t said anything to Mona, he just took a look at her when she asked him about open the gates to the human world, he wanted to hear Garret’s words, if the man had something to say, now he just felt like strangle that man, or curse him for the rest of his life, if the man suffered, it would only be pleasure for Cypher. Whenever Garret spoke, Cypher showed a extremely forced grin, ugh, this man was clearly pushing him to his limits, of course Cypher knew Garret was talking about himself and not about any other person.
“Sad thing is in the need nobody deserves nobody.”
Cypher spoke, and took a look at the both of them. He was just sharing his opinion, he never thought he would be happy with Lilly like in those childish fairy tales or whatever. But he would still try, yet he was extremely rational and aware of the dangerous around of a relationship, if it was even a relationship.
“Mona, I will think about it. If this works, you will have your reward.”
Cypher told her with a grin, but not a forced one, then he just turned around and started to walk away. If Mona wasn’t closer to Garret, Cypher would totally get closer to the witch and piss off Garret, just for fun. But now he had no more business in here, nor wanted to stay here, so he just left.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 25, 2013 05:01PM
“Mona, I will think about it. If this works, you will have your reward.” 

Mona kept up her gracious smile at Cypher’s words, and the moment he had left her chamber she reached for a nearby vase and threw it with all the power she could muster, smashing it into tiny pieces. The fury of the witch was released, as she stood, with a breeze whipping around her form, her hair flowing around her as she tried to count to ten.

“IF IT WORKS?!…IF?!” Desdemona was proud of her spells and magic trinkets. Of course they work. The only reason they wouldn’t work was if he made a mess of the instructions. Turning on the ball of her heel, she glowered, her chest rising and falling sharply, as she snarled. “Did you see that….son of a bitch?” She jerked her thumb towards the door, and took a deep breath trying in vain to calm down.

“How…hard is it to have some puny, pathetic human fall for your charms? I mean really? He is the cat eyed King. He should be able to have them fall at his feet. And…I do my bit, I give him my magic…and he then says he will think about granting my request? THINK? No…no no no. He should just open the veil and let me KILL THOSE FURFAGS!” She screamed.


Oh she was in a right mood. Angry sex anyone?

Desdemona sank into one of her love couches and pouted. “I need a hug.”


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 25, 2013 07:07PM
Not the first outrage he’d witnessed from Des, yet, this one, being based around a man he dispised with his entire being, was the most interesting of them all. Thus, as she ranted and screamed at the top of her lungs, throwing things and stomping about, until her well shaped arse found one of her love couches, Garret couldn’t resist the wide berthed smile that formed over his lips, much less the soft chuckle that escaped them. He could care less about the King’s words, as he could see from the look in his eyes, from the soft hastening of his breath, that he had gotten underneath his skin, and his job was accomplished. It may actually be his own fault the king didn’t feel like opening the portal from the veil, but it was so worth it, only as long as Desdemona did not pick up on that tiny fact.

When the words left her lips, Garret turned his body to face her, his arms still held behind his back, but his smile had softened to his casual, yet seductive grin as his eyes held her hungrily. “M’Lady, I’d be more than happy to oblige such a request.” moving to stand before her, he held out his right hand and bowed slightly to her. “But first, a dance, to calm the nerves, and mayhaps place a smile upon those perfectly shaped lips of yours. ‘Tis not required, but it would be greatly appreciated.” He flicked his left hand in the direction of a record player, and a small, incredibly accurate line of force flew towards the power, then the phonograph and a soft, gentle tone filled the empty air.

Once she took his hand, Garret lifted her into his arms and his eyes held tightly onto hers with limitless amounts of sexual prowess seeping from them. “I’ve always adored your smile…after all. Just as much as the rest of you, M’Lady.” the words fled his lips with enough sensual attraction to melt the heart of a minotaur and woo her into his bed, not that he’d want one. Slowly, then, he began to lead her in dance. PRactically no distance between them.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 25, 2013 09:03PM
Desdemona’s eyes flashed with fire, then back to black, as she tried to regain her composure. The witch felt cheated by the Warlock King, and she was sure he looked down on her as a lesser being, even though he did seek her help to get the woman of his dreams. As Desdemona lounged on her love couch, she brought the back of her hand up to her lips, thinking of how she could get out from beyond the veil without the King’s help. It was simply unfair, that one of her majesty and power, could not unlock the gate by herself. With a massive army at her disposal, demons galore….the one thing she wanted, the annihilation of all werewolves, seemed to evade her clutches. Lost in her thoughts a moment, she almost missed what Garret said;


“M’Lady, I’d be more than happy to oblige such a request.”

“And some angry sex?” she mused softly to herself, before he continued;

“But first, a dance, to calm the nerves, and mayhaps place a smile upon those perfectly shaped lips of yours. ‘Tis not required, but it would be greatly appreciated.”

“I need something to cool my anger…yes yes.”

She accepted his hand and slid off the couch and into his arms. So close they were, with her chest brushing against his, as he took a commanding stance, and began to lead her.

“I’ve always adored your smile…after all. Just as much as the rest of you, M’Lady.”

Paying her such a compliment, did offset her anger, and she showed him a bashful smile. Any woman would be a fool not to enjoy such well said words.

“You truly are the devil in the shadows. What would I do without you, Garret?” Desdemona found herself feeling rather hot in a certain place, as his charms were starting to take affect. Dancing closer, she started to whisper. “Can you imagine…a war? Warlocks versus werewolves. The blood, the sacrifice. Death…so delicious. I can almost taste it.”She gripped onto Garret as they danced, and a sly grin was forming on her lips. “I know what you want, Garret. Power. Total control. And of course…if you help me, we could get rid of the Warlock King.” Desdemona brushed her lips against Garret’s and uttered. “Reign over them all. All I want…is the end of the Wolves. You get everything else. Even me.” She pouted and licked her lips. “Sound tasty?’