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Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 19, 2013 10:22AM
As Johan emerged, and saw that Jasper now had Josephine on the dance floor, he stood solemly, his hands pushed into his pockets, the droplets of the girl’s blood on his chin. There was sorrow in his eyes, and this was seen by one of the lead female dancers; Nina. She crossed the floor, and stood at his side, watching the angel dance, her glow radiating all about her.

“Face it, Johan….there are some that we cannot have. I seen the way you look at her. You could never have her. You’ll kill her. And then what?” Nina threaded her arm through his, and lent her head on his shoulder. She was a demon, like he. A succubus, and knew what he was. Johan sighed, and stared at the floor. He had fallen in love with a creature, that was irresistible to his hunger. She reached for his cheek, to caress it, knowing that she could not hurt him. “Johan…would you ever look at me like that?”Her words whispered, for she had loved Johan for as long as she remembered. Johan showed a slight smile. “You are the star dancer of the circus, Nina…what would you want with me? All the men are your meals.” She shrugged, that being true. “I get lonely too. Forget her…before it eats you inside.”


He continued to watch Josephine and Jasper dance, while Nina could only keep her eyes on Johan. She waited forever…she could wait a little longer.


Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 19, 2013 10:34AM
Josephine was having the time of her life swirling around the dance floor with Jasper. He claimed to not be very good, and yet he managed to keep up with her with both ease and grace of a fine dancer. As she pressed closer to him in their passionate dance, a familiar scent wafted through the air and permeated her nostrils. Stopping in her tracks, she pulled away from Jasper to smile slowly. He was here. Closing her eyes, she allowed his intoxicating scent to wash over her like a tidal wave. It was too strong to resist, and she knew she couldn’t deny him if she wanted to. Opening her eyes, she whirled around to try and spot him in the crowd. And then she saw them. Josephine watched in horror as another woman caressed the man so she desperately wanted to touch. Why wasn’t it her over there touching him like that? Feeling as though her heart would crumble at any moment, she picked up her skirts and murmured “Excuse me…”

Before Jasper could stop her, she was already rushing across the dance floor towards Johan. The illusionist reached a hand out towards her and shouted over the music “Josephine, wait!”

But it was no use. His scent, his handsome features, his entire being called out to her, and she couldn’t bear to see him in the arms of someone else. Her steps quickened until she was finally in front of the incubus. Ignoring the woman completely, she looked up at him with her big blue eyes. Hurt mixed with affection was shining behind them as she spoke breathlessly “I love this song.” As if that were a good enough reason to rush over there so quickly, she reached out to hold his hand. Running her thumb over his hand, she smiled softly as the music changed to a slower, more romantic song that had Josephine’s heart pounding. Sure that he could hear it, the half-angel pulled him towards the dance floor and begged in her soft sweet voice“Come touch me..”

Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 19, 2013 06:18PM
Before Johan could answer Nina, the woman whom he had kept his eye on for most of the night was before him and stealing his hand, to lead him out to the dance floor. Surprise mixed with shock that she could be so bold made him move effortlessly after her, while Nina was enraged and stood with her hands on her hips. If she could have leapt between them and tore them apart she would have.

Johan assumed the dancer’s lead role, and took her into his arms once again. Having just fed on the trollop that threw herself at him, he did not hunger as before, but he still found Josephine’s allure to intoxicating. Around and around they swirled in a mesmerizing dance, while his eyes could not leave hers.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked of her, curious as to why she left Jasper for him. She had to know what he was, and that he was also a danger to her. But the more they danced, the closer her held her to him, almost possessively. His eyes reflected her face, and he was becoming the hunted. How could an angel do such a thing. He felt his breath almost leave him at her scent, her smile radiated her inner beauty. He was falling…falling hard.


“The things I want to do with you…are sinful and not to be heard by virgin ears.” He said lustfully, forgetting himself, as his cheek brushed hers. And they continued to dance.


Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 19, 2013 06:44PM
As Johan assumed his proper position, Josephine smiled up at him tenderly. So formal, even after he practically threatened her on the balcony. The way his eyes remained on her face made her feel wanted. Heat, lust, and desire spread through her like a wild-fire and she gripped his shoulder tightly as though she were afraid she would fall under the weight of his penetrating gaze. His question hung in the air between them, and she didn’t respond at first. Instead, she snuggled close to him in the sanctity of his hold and pressed her cheek against his. Johan’s scent flooded her senses and her eyes fell shut as she enjoyed the closeness she was sharing with him.

Josephine didn’t care that he would hurt her. She didn’t know exactly what he was, but she could tell by what he had said to her on the balcony and by the way Jasper had fought so hard to keep her by the illusionist’s side that this man was trouble. And yet, she found that she couldn’t keep away from him in spite of it all. He was the biggest threat to her not because of his words, but because of her feelings for him. Though they had only just met, Josephine felt herself falling under his spell, and she knew she would do nothing to stop him. His touch, scent, everything abouthim made her feel as though she would give up her very soul just to get the chance to hold him for one night. Perhaps tonight was the night.

Looking up at Johan, Josephine finally answered in her soft melodic voice “Because I’m yours. From the moment you first touched me, I became wholly and completely yours.” Her eyes opened as his cheek grazed against hers, her heart swelling at the feel of his skin against her. For something that was supposed to be so wrong, it felt so right. Sighing softly, she pulled her hand from his to wrap both around his neck. Fingers raking through his hair, she turned to brush her lips against his jaw with a soft whisper “Then let us not allow the other virgins to hear our passions…” Smiling as she knew she was playing with fire, Josephine waited to feel the reward of his burning desire coursing through her.

Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 19, 2013 06:58PM
Like the pair were dancing on a cloud where no one else could see them, the incubus was ensnared by the angel’s beauty. But her action, her words were so decadent. How could a woman tempt his very soul and ignite his aching lust in a way no other woman could. Not to feed, not to drink her essence. It was so much more. They danced a lover’s rites. Time no longer seemed to matter, the melody was their hearts beating as one. The closer they got, the more intimate it become. Fingers winding through his hair, as his right hand moved down to caress the roundness of her buttocks through the many layers of her skirts. The incubus felt like he was drowning, gasping for breath, and his Adam’s apple rising and falling. When he asked her why she was doing this she answered’

“Because I’m yours. From the moment you first touched me, I became wholly and completely yours.” 

Oh to complete her, would require the right setting. A large mansion chamber, surrounded by candles. A night in white satin where their bodies writhed in orgasmic bliss. Poets and artists would be unable to capture the beauty of the coupling. Smooth, steady strokes. Faces buried in each other’s chests. Every position imaginable. Again and again. And it would be he that was her servant, to pleasure her through the night. Sweep her away to the starry night, and bathe in the moon’s glow. He could see it all. She deserved nothing less.

Death would not come from his lips. His kiss would be one of love. Blinking he tried to snap himself out of the self induced haze. Love at first sight…and it felt so right.


“Let me love you, angel heart. On bended knee I give my all to you. I surely be the one to die this night, if you break free from me.”



Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 20, 2013 09:06AM
The two danced closer and closer as the music went on, and a flush crawled up the back of Josephine’s neck as she felt Johan grab her backside. It was so intimate and forward, she was at a loss for words and almost her breath as she pulled back slightly to look up at him. Would he hurt her? Staring deep into his eyes, she couldn’t help but smile in complete adoration for this man. The way he held her possessively made her feel like the most precious treasure on the earth and she didn’t ever want to leave the sanctity of his embrace.

As Johan gasped as though he couldn’t breath, she leaned in to rest her lips on his throat. Her fingers continued to rake through his tresses and she couldn’t stop her hips from shimmying closer to the incubus. She so badly wanted a taste of him, to somehow convey physically to him all of her emotions that were swirling from her heart to her head. This love was so wrong, but felt so right. As he spoke words of love to her, Josephine felt herself go limp in his arms. Holding onto him for dear life as they danced, she shook from the intensity of her feelings for him. If she were to die tonight, she would die utterly happy.

Lifting her head to look up at him again, she murmured softly as she tried to not beg for him to take her right then and there“Please, just give me one kiss before I burst with need…I need satisfaction for a craving I do not understand.” Her nipples were pebbling under her gown and she felt incredibly warm and moist in her nether region. His scent continued to flood her senses and all knowledge of right and wrong melted under the power of his seductive gaze.

Meanwhile, Jasper sat at the table he and Josephine had abandoned to dance all alone with a bottle of wine. As he drank the delectable nectar, he watched the way the half-angel glow brighter and brighter the longer she danced with Johan. It just didn’t make any sense. What good could come from an angel and an incubus? That man was built for sex, lust, and death. Josephine was the epitome of what was pure and right in this world. The illusionist had expected the angel to glow less and less under his charm and spell, but it appeared to be the opposite.
Josephine was positively radiant as she pressed herself against Johan. There was such happiness and love surrounding her aura that he was surprised flowers and fireworks weren’t bursting around them. Letting out another sigh, Jasper downed his drink. He wasn’t jealous, but he wasn’t happy either. One way or another, that man was going to hurt her. He was not built to love.

Standing up from the table, Jasper threw his napkin that was laying across his lap down onto the table and stormed over to the dancing lovers. As he approached them, he smiled wryly and gave them a short bow. “I am dreadfully sorry for interrupting, but don’t you think it is time for the madame to find her father?” Jasper was desperate to stop Josephine from tempting the incubus further. She smelled so strongly of desire and lust that he was surprised Johan had enough will power to not drag her off the floor…yet.

Josephine shook her head as though coming out of a spell and looked over at Jasper curiously “Mr. York! Forgive me for abandoning you.” Pulling away from Johan, she smiled at the illusionist warmly. The farther she pulled from Johan, it seemed the clearer the haze that had fogged her mind had become. She turned to curtsy to Johan, a shadow of sadness lurking behind her eyes as she smiled weakly at him “I am terribly sorry, but he is right. This is just…We can’t. Forgive me for taking up all your time.” Turning away from the both, she hurried into the crowd to find her father.

As the angelic creature rushed away, Jasper turned to look at Johan with a severe look “I do not know what you are playing at, but I will die before I see her fall prey to your devices. You are nothing but a monstrosity and I will not allow you to ruin her.” Turning his back to Johan, Jasper walked away. Though he had meant to keep his word on protecting Josephine, the illusionist knew it would be a difficult feat. Johan was a skilled hunter, and Josephine knew nothing of the world.

Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 21, 2013 09:19PM
Johan felt his beloved fall limp in his arms. Surely she too felt the same way. Never before had a woman grant him such power, and he felt like their bodies were infused upon the dance floor. Almost a dizzy like sensation as she touched him so boldly. To the untrained eye they should see that they were doing more than merely dancing. They were literally making love, fully clothed in a sea of swirling damsels and fine gentlemen. Johan wanted to seal this love. Her lips needed his, and he felt a raw hunger, that rose up like a powerful tiger about to pounce on a lamb.

“Please, just give me one kiss before I burst with need…I need satisfaction for a craving I do not understand.”

“My Angel heart, I will give you more than a kiss. A token of my love, like a jewel it will be beautiful and delicate, just as you are. I don’t understand my feelings. How you have bewitched my senses.”

He bent his head so close. Another chance. Lips but mere inches apart. Oh God, her scent. He was lustful and wanting to savour her lips, her body. He craved her like no other before. Just…one…kiss.

Suddenly…that bastard York appeared.

“I am dreadfully sorry for interrupting, but don’t you think it is time for the madame to find her father?” 

~NOOOOOO!~ the inner demon in Johan cried in his head, as he felt Josephine pull away…apologising prefusely. The look on Johan’s face. Sorrow. So close, and yet..so far away. He stood as his arm fell to his sides, again defeated. That bastard Jasper, he only wanted Josephine for himself. It was clearly a war now between the illusionist and the incubus.

Jasper made sure his thoughts were known as he spoke to Johan in a condescending tone.

“I do not know what you are playing at, but I will die before I see her fall prey to your devices. You are nothing but a monstrosity and I will not allow you to ruin her.” 

Johan stood his ground as the illusionist went off to find Josephine. The incubus slunk back into the shadows of the dance hall, planning a murderous spree, if he could not have his beloved Josephine. His eyes flashed a violent red, and with curled fists, he left the dance floor.



Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 22, 2013 06:41PM
Josephine practically ran through the crowd of people in the dance hall, her slippers padding lightly on the ground as she rushed towards the exit. What was happening to her? Holding her hands to the sides of her face, she closed her eyes and tilted her head down. She shouldn’t have done that; she shouldn’t have danced with Johan again. He was dangerous, that much she could tell from their conversation on the balcony. But Josephine just couldn’t stay away. As she thought about them dancing, a small smile graced her lips. She thought about the way his eyes looked at her, the way his arms held her…and his intoxicating scent that made her knees weak.

Letting out a soft sigh, she opened her eyes and realized she was in too deep. Josephine was playing with fire and she felt the threat of the flames licking at her heels. She had to get out of here. Pulling open the door to the exit, cold air hit her face as she stepped out into the night. Looking around her, goosebumps prickled her skin and she seemed to be brought back to reality. There was just no way she could stay here a moment longer, or her virtue would be non-existant with Johan present. But as she walked down the lonely streets away from the underground circus, she had no idea that she was being watched.
Katherine stepped out of the shadows as the half-angel walked down the streets, her greedy eyes fixed on her glowing aura. She was just so pure and fresh and young…so ready to be plucked. What the fuck was she doing in that place? Creeping up behind her, she prowled silently as she watched the innocent Josephine deal with her inner turmoil. Oh this was going to be too easy.

Seeing Jo distracted, Katherine suddenly had her pinned to the nearest wall by her throat. Leaning in, the vampire queen licked up the girl’s neck and purred “Mmmh…untainted. Just how I like my meals.” Before Jo could even react, Katherine had her teeth in Jo’s neck. Jo fought as hard as she could at first, but she soon grew limp in Katherine’s arms. Katherine was draining her nearly to death, keeping her alive just barely enough. This girl was half-angel, and the rumors of her healing abilities had spread far. This girl would be just fine and Katherine knew it. Lifting the now unconscious woman into her arms, she turned and carried her down the streets towards her home.

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Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 24, 2013 06:58AM
A Week Later – The Circus After Hours.

Down time. All the patrons, the gentlemen, the colourful ladies of society had gone home, and all that was left was the dancers,the performers, the scum of the underbelly of the nightclub scene. Some were drunk from the absentine’, others lounged with a woman on their laps, the waft of cigar smoke hung like a veil over many. There had been much talk of the angelic beauty of Josephine, that had graced the halls of the Bizzare Circus, but at the missing posters, that had sprung up across London by a father worried sick for her return, it was clear she had been taken by someone or something, after dancing with Johan. Many suspected it was he, but he suffered far more than most. Antwon, a spanish dancer stepped out onto the floor, as the pianist tickled the ivories absently. Johan was pacing the outskirts of the dance floor, well above the others, when Antwon glanced up at him, and said. “I will tell you a story….of an angel….and a demon. It never ends well. TRUE LOVE cannot exist between the light and the dark. It is…impossible.”

Johan stopped in his place, staring down at Antwon, knowing full well who he was talking about. Antwon continued, spinning on his heel, as his audience lapped it up. “What are we? We are the children of the night. Those that the society call dogs. They come here with their fat purses, and spend it on drink and a sniff of our women’s sex. BUT…this is our feeding ground. Those stupid fools, the mad fops think they control the world. No, I tell you. We do.” There came a cheer from the crowd, as Antwon swept up Nina in his arms, and then he mocked the dance between Johan and Josephine.

“Love…turns into passion, desire turns into lust. Then..suspicion, jealousy, anger….HATE…its enough to drive you…MAD!”


All the other dancers fall out across the floor,and assume the tango position as Antwon sings Roxanne. The thunderous sound of boot strikes on the floor, as Nina can only watch Johan, as he heads for the door. He had in his hand an invitation to a dinner held by Katherine. He doesn’t know why it was stuck to his door with a knife…but he was sure there would be answers. Scrunching the paper between his hands, he opens the doors to the Circus, as he sings softly as though Jo can hear him……..


“Believe me when I say…I love you.”