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Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 16, 2013 10:31AM
Josephine could not believe how much fun she was having with this stranger. He seemed to have unlocked the door to something she had no idea was even closed. Spinning around with him, she was aware of his touch on her hips, the way their bodies moved in synch with one another. The longer they danced, the more she felt she was suddenly drowning in his presence. He was so handsome, so experienced in this mysterious world that she began to grow afraid. She turned to see others looking on with jealousy, no doubt wishing he was their partner. Turning to look at Johan, Jo saw the way he looked at her body and she flushed under his gaze. Suddenly she felt as though she were about to be on his dinner menu. She was saved by the music stopping and the feel of his fingers on her back made her body tingle. Pulling away from him, she smiled weakly at him and dropped into a polite curtsy. Keeping her eyes on the ground, she murmured quietly “Thank you, sir, for the lovely dance…I uh, I must go find my father now.” Turning away from him, she picked up her skirts and disappeared into the crowd to try and locate Reginald.

Marian was by the bar watching Josephine dancing with Johan, whiskey in his hand as his eyes followed her gorgeous body across the floor. She was stunning. The carpathian took a sip of his drink as he watched the way her curls bounced around her and the way her beautiful breasts and arse moved with the moment of the dance. He so very much wanted a taste of her. He was quite pleased when she pulled away from Johan, fear and innocence oozing off of her like a fine fragrance of a freshly fallen rain over roses. She was perfect. Placing his drink on the bar, Marian strode over to Josephine as she looked around wildly for her father. Reaching her, he grabbed her hand. Josephine spun around with wide eyes and gasped “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there!”

The carpathian only smiled and brought her hand to his lips. Kissing it gently, he continued to hold it as his eyes locked on hers. His lips curled into a smile and he spoke in a thick Romanian accent “No, pardon me, Frumoasa. Are you lost?”
Josephine shook her head slowly and spoke quietly once more “No…I am just looking for my father?”

Marian nodded slowly and pulled her closer to him. Leaning down, he whispered in her ear “Yes…we wouldn’t want a succulent little flower like you being left alone, would we?”

The girl’s body began to tremble as she felt his hot breath tickle her ear and neck. Stepping back slowly, she looked like a prey that was about to be eaten. Marian only chuckled darkly and began to stalk towards her more.

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September 16, 2013 08:08PM
“Yes…we wouldn’t want a succulent little flower like you being left alone, would we?”

“No we wouldn’t” Came a voice of authority from behind Marian. It was Johan, and the look in his eyes was one of hatred for the Carpathian. Johan was taller than the vampire and well aware of just what he was. So he too had been watching her, but his intentions were not to dance. More like, to feed. Johan’s hand rocketed out and gripped the back of the Vampire’s neck at the pressure points and then he sunk his claws into the cold flesh, as his eyes trained to Josephine.

“Is this man bothering you, fair lady?” His tone was dead serious and he was not about to pull any punches. “We get all kinds here trying to be lecherous sleazes.” Fast as his hand was at the back of Marian’s neck, he released it. Purely a warning, but he expected Marian to release the girl.

But sure enough, Father dearest came running up, seeing Josephine looking stricken, while the other two were locked in some sort of aggressive hold.


“What is the meaning of this? Gentlemen, kindly let my daughter be. This is not some sort of rutting pen.” The Detective was ready to pull Josephine’s arm to retrieve her from Marian’s hold. Oh this was turning into quite a spectacle.


Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 16, 2013 09:25PM
Marian frowned when he heard a familiar voice speak. Scowling, he turned to say something smarmy when he suddenly felt claws digging into his throat. He could hear Josephine gasping in horror, and this just brought another smile to his face. So innocent, she was. As Johan asked Jo if the man was bothering her, his eyes flicked to the side to see what her answer would be.

To his surprise, the girl managed to speak for herself “Please sir, don’t hurt him and let him go.”
Ah, so this young one had compassion, did he? That stirred something dark within Marian as he still eyed her hungrily. However, he knew this was not the time and place to take her for his own. Too many were watching now and the man who appeared to be her father stepped forward. As he listened to the man insult them, he just snorted and released Josephine. He highly doubted she was worth dying for. Adjusting his shirt, he smiled darkly towards Josephine “As you wish, good sir. I was only admiring your daughter’s great beauty…” Looking to Reginald, his eyes darkened with lust as he spoke of his daughter “If I were you, I would keep that precious flower lucked up, lest you desire to watch her get plucked…” With that, he bowed his head to Josephine as if to say he would see her again and walked off.
As Josephine watched the carpathian walk away, she felt a shudder of true fear run through her spine as she leaned closer to her father. That man was positively vile and she felt as though he were undressing her right in the eyes of this stranger and her father. Frowning, she looked between her father and Johan before murmuring “Thank you for interfering, sir…to think if he were to continue…” Her voice trailed off and she turned her face into her father’s shoulder. She was very much grateful for Johan’s interference, but she felt embarrassed that he had to come to her aid. Josephine was also very terrified of what would have happened if he didn’t. After taking a few moments to work up some courage, she turned to look at him with a shy smile“However could I repay you for your kindness?”

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September 17, 2013 02:02AM
Watching the sly Marian slink off to some other part of the dance hall circus, Johan took a step back, as Reginald brought his arms around his daughter to offer comfort over how the Carpathian man handled her.

“What did that devil want? Good gracious. Where are people’s manners? I seriously don’t know anymore about today’s youth.” Well he was rambling on a bit, but he had good reason too, after all the horrors that he had witnessed of late. His daughter was an exceptional beauty, and now the Detective realized that she would need constant chaperoning if this kept up.

Reginald then realized that one of the men, had not really moved to far away. He had seen this lad at the dance hall before, but was not one to mix with the younger crowd. “I guess I should thank you for trying to save my daughter’s liberty.” Reginald said, offering a hand in greeting. Johan looked a bit bewildered. Was her father trying to befriend him, considering he himself was stalking her originally? He brought his hand up through his locks, and then shook Reginald’s hand, before saying.

“Any gentleman would have done the same. Pleasure to meet you, Detective. My name is Johan Belzer. I am one of the lead male dancers here at the Bizarre.’ When the pleasantries were exchanged, Johan looked back at Josephine and smiled awkwardly. Not use to being around his dance partner’s parents.


“No need to repay me anything, my Lady. I am at your service…always.” With that he clicked his boot heels together and then wandered back out towards the dance floor, where he took the hand of some wallflower, and started to dance, every so often staring back at Josephine, as he twirled another beauty around the dance floor.


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September 17, 2013 07:13AM
Josephine was relieved when her father’s arms went around her. She couldn’t explain why, but she felt as though she could be ripped from him at any moment if he was not holding on tight enough. As he commented on today’s youth, she could only smile weakly and pull back to look up at him “Oh father…for a man who throws himself into working with criminals, you are awfully trusting of people…” Josephine then turned to look at Johan once more, feeling empowered by her father’s presence and hoped that because her father trusted Johan enough to offer pleasantries, perhaps she could to. Her trust in the stranger only increased when she saw how eloquent and proper his etiquette was towards her. She had met other gentleman before who had pretty enough words, but none had saved her life…or moved the way Johan had with her.
She was disappointed to see him walk away to dance with someone else. For some reason unknown to her, Josephine craved his presence now that it was gone. She wanted that feeling of freedom and letting go of her inhibitions, and it was something Johan was able to do for her. Not to mention the things he did to her heart when he spoke and smiled. Frowning, she shook her head. No, this couldn’t do. He was a lead dancer in a circus. Surely he danced with many women and was just as charming with them. She was no different and ought to not drool over him like a school girl. Turning to her father, she smiled a bit more to stifle her feelings and nuzzled into his arm “Where is that drink you promised me?” She began to lead him back to the bar, but she kept stealing sideways glances at Johan as he held another woman in her arms. Sadness and jealousy intermixed on her face, but she attempted to keep hiding behind the mask of her smile.

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September 17, 2013 07:32AM
Reginald was so proud to have his daughter on his arm, and had forgotten about getting her a drink. He patted her hand and strolled with her by the tables, were many patrons and dancers were sitting. He tipped his hat to those he knew, and strutted like a peacock. Reaching an empty table, he pulled out a chair for his daughter and snapped his fingers for a waitress to bring over some refreshments, as the band started up a new song. In one corner a fire breather was spurting out liquid over an open torch flame. There were many that were applauding the spectacle, while in another part of the room, was a girl balancing on a large ball. The mood of the hall was festive, and this only reflected on the way the dancers were now moving around the floor.

It was almost hypnotic, and Johan changed partners three times, as many a woman wished to dance with the tall fancy. You could see when the ones he had danced with sat down, that they were flushed and fanning themselves, while looking back at him with hungry eyes. But Johan only had eyes for one…and that was Josephine. Each turn he came around, he looked straight at her as he danced with another. It may have been shocking at best, perhaps he wanted to make her jealous, wanted her to feel within her being a lust growing to have him hold her again. The way he glided around the floor, the manner in which his hand rested on a woman’s back, so commanding and forceful, yet at the same time elegant.


Reginald poured his daughter a glass of wine and sat it in front of her.

“Isn’t this a wondrous place, Josephine? We should come here more often.”


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September 17, 2013 07:47AM
Josephine’s smile was dazzling as her father led her around, clearly enjoying her father’s public display of pride in his daughter. She had missed him so much, and it made her incredibly joyous to see that he enjoyed being around her and wished to show her off. Feeling as though she were a princess, she bowed her head politely to those she passed, that radiant smile still shining on her face. As her father pulled Josephine’s seat out for her, she smoothed her skirts down and sat gracefully while watching her father take his own seat. Looking around the hall, that innocence and amazement she had upon entering the circus had once more returned to her face. Her eyes lit up in awe as she watched the flame-throwers, her hands coming up instinctively to clap wildly. “Oh Papa, did you see that?”Leaning across the table, she grabbed his hand to squeeze it happily while turning to look at him. Jo was about to comment on the spectacles when she looked passed him to see Johan dancing with another partner. Her eyebrows drew together as she watched the way he held another woman. Seeing his hand placements, her body began to flush as she recalled the strong way he held her. He led her around with strength, grace, and ease, all the while making Josephine feel light and free as a bird. Remembering those commanding hands made her wish he held her just a bit closer….
Her eyes darkened lustfully and she tore her gaze away to fan herself rapidly. Exhaling slowly, she grabbed a glass of water as it was placed before her to take many deep sips. Downing the entire glass, she gasped for air and then smiled sheepishly. Why is it this stranger was making her act like some lustful animal intent on rutting wildly? As her eyes once more fell on Johan who had yet another partner, she answer her father rather distractedly as she leaned a bit out of her seat to get a better look at him“Yes, Papa…we really should.”

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September 17, 2013 08:05AM
The final song, and the dancers were picking up pace. Around and around, the skirts rising, and you could hear the whooping of some ladies, that were engrosed with the gentlemen on their arms. The Lady currently dancing with Johan was making eyes at the lead dancer, though he barely gave her a second look, keeping his eyes straight ahead, his chin high. If that woman could have dragged him off to a small room, oh she would have been on her knees in seconds, ready to take him whole. But as all good things are, they come to an end, and the song concluded, to wild applause from dancers and patrons alike. Johan bowed politely to the lady, who tried to give him her calling card. If Josephine was watching, she would see that he declined, much to the woman’s disappointment.

Johan walked off the dance floor, taking out a kerchief and dabbing his forehead from the perspiration spots, before heading out to one of the balcony’s for some fresh air. As he passed tables of other ladies, you could see them all giggle and point, some were gossiping about him, obviously. He did not seem phased by it at all, and left the women to their banter.


Reginald was now relaxing, taking out his pipe and lighting it, while admiring one of the waitresses. It had been a long week for him, and he was now unwinding, in the fashion one would expect from the Detective. “If only we could do this all the time. Dance our troubles away. Your Mother and I did love a good waltz. Such a beautiful woman. Aye.” Reginald reflected, puffing away on his pipe.


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September 17, 2013 08:42AM
Josephine watched with hungry eyes as Johan danced with a woman who seemed to want him right then and there. Jealousy ran rampant like a cold current through her veins as she tried to not let it get to her. He was the lead dancer, for heaven’s sake! It was his job to entertain women with his dancing, just as he had with her. And yet, here they were, locked in a battle being fought with only their eyes and expressions as weapons. Picking up her glass of wine that was soon brought to her, she raised it to her lips and watched with quiet triumph as Johan rejected her calling card. Why this pleased her was for a reason she dared not speak aloud. Her blue eyes followed his tall handsome form out of the room as she stared over her wine glass, her knuckles going white from how hard she was gripping it. Realizing she was acting like a fool, she placed the glass down and moved her attention to her father now that her distraction had left the room.

The subject of her mother was a touchy one, only because Josephine still felt some guilt about her mother dying giving birth to her. It was hardly something an innocent baby could be blamed for, but the negative thought was always in the back of her mind whenever she listened to Reginald speak fondly of the angel. Sighing softly, she reached over to squeeze his free hand gently again as she murmured “She was, wasn’t she.” Josephine had seen pictures of her mother and thought she had to be the most beautiful woman that could ever walk this planet. Now she was gone and her only desire was to bring her father enough happiness to know that Josephine loved him very much. As Reginald puffed away on his pipe, she then glanced towards the door to the balcony thoughtfully “Papa? What was it like to fall in love with Mamma? How did you know it was real?”

Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 17, 2013 08:56AM
“Papa? What was it like to fall in love with Mamma? How did you know it was real?”

Reginald stopped puffing on his pipe at this question and set it down on the table. He brought his arms over and folded them as he kicked back to reflect on a life before Josephine. His face changed, softened as he started to recall the night he met her mother.

“Midsummer’s nights ball….ah the memories. Your mother was dressed as a pink fairy, her gown so exquisite. All the boys fancied her, and why not indeed, she was the belle of the ball. Blonde, fair skin, rosy red cheeks, and ripe full lips as though stung by bees. She didn’t dance, she floated on air. Back then I was this lanky rake of a lad, with a mop of curls, I kid you not. My hands were too big for my body. I dare say I had not yet grown into it. Two left feet to boot. Hah. Why she accepted my shy offer to dance, I will never know.” At this point he paused, and you could see the glimmer of a happy tear in his eyes. “That moment she touched me, it was like an electrical spark ran through my veins. My heart must of skipped a beat, then pounded like never before, about to explode from my chest. My palms were sweaty, and all I remember, was how …she danced on my feet. So we could move as one, for I was so terrible at dancing. Her laughter…like Christmas bells chiming. Her scent like that of rose water and lilies. Then…when the song finished, she kissed my lips softly. Scandalous in those days…Aha. Oh..oh it was then…that kiss. True love. You could have struck me dead, and I would have died a happy man. For I discovered love that day. I have carried that memory with me…all my life, and when the Good Lord does come for me, I know…she will be there waiting to take me to the next life.”