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[RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 04:53PM

Remote tropical island getaway.

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Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 06:56PM
Four Seasons Resort Maui-Wailea – Main Lobby


Stepping into the lobby of the Four Season, felt like stepping into another world. Carmen looked around in wonder and felt herself relax for the first time in ages. The sky was blue, the waters clear.

She couldn’t wait to get out on the beach and just relax.

“Aloha and welcome to the Four Seasons.” the desk clerk greeted her as she stepped up.

“Thank you. This place is amazing.”

“Thank you for the compliment. Do you have a reservation?”

“Yes. Under the name ‘Louise Martin.'” she stated, mentally cringing at the name she had chosen for herself when she made the reservation. But she didn’t want to take the chance of being found. She was here to enjoy some time to herself.

“Sign here please and I’ll have someone escort you to your room. We have you in room 544, overlooking the ocean. You’ll love it.” the clerk passed her a registration card and she quickly signed her name. He passed over her room key and waved over a scantily clad man in a bright-colored sarong who took her suitcases. “I hope you enjoy your stay with us, and if you need anything, day or night, the front desk will be able to answer your requests. Just dial the “0” on your room phone. You’ll also find a pamphlet detailing the different activities available if that is to your liking.”

“Thank you.” Carmen smiled, following the man with her suitcases.


Room 544

She opened the door to her room and instantly fell in love. She walked around touching everything, smelling the soaps in the bathroom and feeling the softness of the large bath towels. She felt like a little kid in a candy store. Eventually the draw of the ocean called her and she stepped out on her private balcony, smelling deeply of the ocean air.


“Paradise.” she giggled. The man who brought her suitcases smiled at her enthusiasm and waited patiently for her to come back inside. She remembered he was there when she turned and saw him. “Oh I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to keep you!” she exclaimed.

“It’s quite all right. It’s like this for everyone who visits for the first time.” he smiled. She pulled two tens from her bag and passed them to him.

“Thank you, you’ve been so patient with me.”

“You’re welcome. Aloha!” he smiled, leaving the room. Once he was gone, she indulged in a bit of silliness and launched herself onto the bed, rolling around on its comforting surface. “Now this is what I call a vacation.” she laughed out loud.

Jumping up, she quickly unpacked her suitcases and changed into her bikini. She had some rays to catch.


The Beach

Slipping her sunglasses on her face, she stepped out onto the beach with a genuine smile. She searched around for an unoccupied beach lounger before she made her way to it. She removed her sarong, revealing the black bikini she’d purchased before she got on the plane, glad it fit her. She put on a layer of sunscreen before she sat back with a sigh.


“Aloha. May I get you something from the bar?” A waitress asked, standing beside her.

“How about a genuine Hawaiian Mai-Tai?” she asked.

“The Old Way or Current?”

“What’s the old way?”

“It has 3 kinds of rum in it.”

“Oh, that may be too much for my first. Better go current.” Carmen chuckled.

“Coming right up.” The waitress smiled, returning to the bar. She was back in a few moments with her drink. “On the house.” the waitress smiled.

“Thank you.” Carmen smiled, taking a sip. “Mmm. Delicious.”

“Enjoy it.” the waitress stated, going off to serve other customers. Carmen relaxed back, sipping her drink and just took it all in.

“Yep…I could get used to this. No worries. No distractions. And best of all, no Shane.” she smiled to herself.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 07:25PM
Four Seasons Resort Maui-Wailea – Main Lobby

Stepping out of the airport courtesy bus, was a group that had just flown into the capital airport, and all were staying at the same resort. There was one group of obnoxious Australians, a mother daughter duo with their men in tow, and a large girl that looked like she was more suited to a volley ball match than staying at a top resort.


“Look Kim…REAL Palm trees!”

“It’s Hawaii Mum…what do you expect?” Kim said with a flick back of her long brown hair. Kel and Brett were busy trying to get their suitcases out the back of the bus, when a tall and rather dashing american stepped out of the bus. Sharon, the volleyball girl, turned and her jaw hit the floor. “Ooo…love your work in NCIS, Mister Caruso.” Sharon gushed, as David took put on his sunglasses.

“No dear, that’s CSI Miami. Nice try though.”

“Heh…knew it was one or the other. Heh.”


Getting their bags, Mister Caruso wandered on through to the foyer, and went to check in, ahead of the group of Australian tourists. Kim, was all too eager, and grabbed her towel bag from the pile of luggage and announced. “I’ll be out by the beach…I save youse a chair. Ooo Pina coladas and cabana boys, here I come.” Teetering off in her high heels and all too high bum hugger shorts, she left the rest of the family behind to check in, while she went out to the beach front.

It was glorious, and Kimmy giggled, jumping in her spot, then sashayed over to an empty chair, next to a rather fierce looking lady, who was enjoying the sun.

“This seat taken..? Cause, like it is now. Hoooui. Name’s Kim..from down undah. We won a trip to this resort when I submitted 400 entry’s in the Napisan lucky getaway competition! Helps to use pink envelopes.”

The rest of her family all ambled down the beach in an array of beach wear, as Kim asked. “Ooo what kind of drink is that? Fluffy duck or a screaming orgasm?”



Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 07:35PM
Carmen was feeling pretty good and she was just shy of dozing off to sleep when her peace and quiet was broken.

“This seat taken..? Cause, like it is now. Hoooui. Name’s Kim..from down undah. We won a trip to this resort when I submitted 400 entry’s in the Napisan lucky getaway competition! Helps to use pink envelopes. Ooo what kind of drink is that? Fluffy duck or a screaming orgasm?”

Carmen looked over to see a woman who seemed to be wearing way too much makeup practically leaning over her to get a look at her drink.

“Hey. There’s such a thing as personal space. Back off.” Carmen scowled, waiting for the woman to back away a bit, giving her breathing room. The rest of the woman’s family ambled over and Carmen knew she wasn’t going to get any peace. She gathered her things and decided to go for a walk along the water’s edge.

She just wanted to enjoy herself without all the distractions.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 08:33PM
The Beach

One thing about this particular vacation destination, was that there was miles of beach front, with only a handful of people walking along the shore line, or swimming in the waves. Carmen would have left behind the annoying Australian tourists, and now found peace walking along the sand beneath the swaying coconut palms.


Just up ahead there was a fishing canoe, with a group of men working on nets, one in particular, who didn’t look Hawaiian was overseeing the work. With an amazing washboard stomach, and wearing hip hugger washed jean shorts, he was definite eye candy for any lonely traveler. A fire pit was burning, and another group were sitting around, playing guitars, while a few girls danced on the sand. This looked much more inviting than sitting with the beach tourists back at the resort.

“Hey Jim….get us some beers.” one of the fisherman sang out, as the man with the sunglasses smirked and reached into the large cooler, and tossed him a can. “You drink too much more, that net won’t be catching anything. You get more luck catching crabs from the town bike.” There was raucous laughter, as everyone enjoyed the playful banter.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 08:53PM
The crowds thinned out the farther she walked until she was walking in peace and silence. Sighing with contentment, she began to hum a tune, and dancing to only music she could hear.


By accident she came across a fishing boat and she could see several men working some nets in and out of the water. The man who stood over them, didn’t look like a native, but he wasn’t bad to look at either. She shook her head.

“No distractions. That’s definitely a distraction.” she mumured to herself. But she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes away from his body. And what a body it was. Toned abs…washboard stomach…skin bronzed from the sun…long black hair. He looked as if he stepped off the cover of a romance novel. She took a sip of her drink to cool her dry throat and turned to walk back to the hotel. She was not that desperate to jump the first sexy guy she’d seen in a long time.

But she couldn’t help but take another look over her shoulder at him.

“Wow.” she breathed, watching him bend over to help pull up the net. “Nice ass, too. Damn.” she muttered, finishing her drink before heading back to her room.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 09:30PM
Hallway outside room 546

The bellboy in the colourful sarong was helping with the luggage of a very attractive and leggy model that was staying in room 546, just next door to Carmen’s apartment. She was dressed from head to toe in pink, with a large brim hat, and stylish glasses, that matched her ensemble. The girl had obviously had work done, for her breasts were just too perfect. Standing waiting, beyond the bag trolley, which had some very large black cases on it, she noticed Carmen coming, and took off her sunglasses, blowing a kiss

“We are going to be neighbors.” She said with a melodic voice.


“See you down the beach later maybe.” The blonde said, before following the bellboy into her room. You could hear the heavy thuds as the trunks and bags were off loaded, and Louisa tipped him well for his trouble. “Thank you.”

As the bellboy went down the hall, little did he know that he just snuck a vampire into the resort.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 09:42PM
Carmen stepped into the coolness of the hotel lobby, thankful for the air conditioning circulating through the place and headed for the elevators. She took no notice of the blonde woman who was checking in, thinking about the shower she was going to take to wash off the sunscreen and sand from her body and so she could get ready for dinner. She was looking forward to seeing the luau that was occuring that evening.

The elevator doors were closing when the man who’d helped her when she checked in, shouted out to hold the elevator. Quickly, she put her hand between the closing doors, stopping them from closing as he wheeled a luggage cart with several large black cases onto the elevator car with her. He was followed by the leggy blonde who took notice of Carmen over her pink sunglasses. Carmen nodded at her with a small smile as the doors closed.

There was silence in the car as they traveled up to the 5th floor. The bellhop allowed the ladies to step off first and Carmen made her way to her room. She was about to insert the key into the lock when the blonde spoke to her.

“We’re going to be neighbors.” she stated, her voice sounding a tad too California Beach Babe to her. Carmen looked up at her, noticing she was standing outside Room 546.

“That’s nice.” Carmen smiled, at a loss for something else to say. The bellhop wheeled the cart into the blonde’s room, who was staring at Carmen intently.

“See you down the beach later maybe.” the blonde said. Carmen called out to her before she stepped into her room.

“There’s a luau dinner later this evening if you’d like to join me? I’m not too comfortable sitting alone in a place I’ve never been before.” Carmen tentatively offered. The woman looked like she could use a friend…and truth be told, Carmen didn’t have many friends herself.

The young woman tipped the bellboy with a polite “Thank you.” as Carmen waited for an answer.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 09:58PM
Entrance to room 546

“Really? A luau? I have never been to one before.” Louisa said shyly, actually closing the door to her room, for a very good reason. She walked up to Carmen, and extended her hand. “I’m Louisa…Moorhead, from Florida.” she said, trying to be friendly. In fact, it was more than trying. Carmen seemed really nice, not at all how Shane described her.


“This is my first vacation anywhere. My boss said I could use the time off. Lucky huh?” She said, twirling her curls around her fingers nervously. Looking her up and down, Louisa said. “You look like you already seen the beach. Bet there were some really hot guys, huh?” she giggled, then chewing on her bottom lip.

“God, I sound so desperate. Must be the climate. All…hot and stuff.” Louisa for moment had started to unwind, but then became nervous again. “I don’t want to hold you up. Really nice talking to you, and sure, I will see you down at the dinner. Be great. I wonder if its casual, formal or bikini?”

Turning she giggled as she returned to her room, waving as she stood at her door, then entering her room and shutting the door.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 10:16PM
“Really? A luau? I have never been to one before.”

“I’ve never been to one either, so this will be an experience for the both of us.” Carmen found herself liking the infectious blonde.

“I’m Louisa…Moorhead, from Florida.” the woman said, holding out her hand.

Carmen took it and shook firmly. “Carmen Marquez…New Hampshire.” She didn’t feel the need to lie about her name.

“This is my first vacation anywhere. My boss said I could use the time off. Lucky huh?” Louisa stated.

“That’s not luck, hun. That’s divine justice.” Carmen chuckled. The poor girl looked nervous as she stood there, twirling her curls around her fingers.

She looked Carmen over from head to toe. “You look like you already seen the beach. Bet there were some really hot guys, huh?” she giggled, then chewing on her bottom lip.

Carmen thought back to the hot bod on the fishing canoe. “Bronzed skin, abs, washboard stomach…oh hell yes.” Carmen grinned. “It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself. So much temptation.” Carmen laughed.

“God, I sound so desperate. Must be the climate. All…hot and stuff.” It seemed to Carmen that Louisa began to relax but then she noticed her looking at her hotel room door and getting all nervous again.

“You have to admit…it’s fantastic weather.” Carmen agreed.

“I don’t want to hold you up. Really nice talking to you, and sure, I will see you down at the dinner. Be great. I wonder if its casual, formal or bikini?”

“With this heat? Probably casual. I don’t think Hawaiians are too big on formal unless it’s a wedding. But I’ll meet you down in the lobby and we can walk over together. Nice meeting you, Louisa.” Carmen smiled before she stepped into her own room. She closed the door with a small smile, thinking she might actually have made a friend of some sort.

She quickly undressed and jumped in the shower, thinking about what she had that she could wear to a luau.