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Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
September 25, 2013 11:25PM
Hotel Lobby


Carmen was the first one down to the lobby and she went to the desk to ask the clerk where the luau was being held.

“Out by the fountain. Take these doors to the left and walk straight down the steps. You can’t miss it.” the woman behind the counter was kind enough to tell her.

“Thank you. I’m actually waiting for someone. The lady that checked into Room 546. Could you let her know that I went out to find a good table, and I’ll meet her out there?”

“That won’t be a problem. Enjoy the luau.”

“Thank you.” Carmen smiled. Adjusting the shawl she’d brought over her shoulders, she headed in the direction indicated.



With the coming of night, the area around the fountain was lit like New Year’s Eve in New York City. It was bright, it was magical and it was simply fantastic. Wanting to capture the moment, she whipped out her camera and snapped a couple of pictures before putting it away. She found a good spot near the area the dancers would come out and close to the buffet table and waited for Louisa to arrive.

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September 25, 2013 11:40PM

Descending the stairs, Louisa looked radiant in her shocking pink ensemble, complete with matching clutch and shoes. Seeing Carmen, she waved and blew a kiss from across the tiled area, and clattered over towards her, looking a million dollars. Her golden locks bobbed on her shoulders, and she was like your typical tourist, admiring all the beautiful people and the gorgeous setting.


“So pretty. Ooo..birds of paradise. Oh..waiters with lap laps. I so want a grass skirt.” she gushed, finally making her way over to Carmen.

“You look so PRETTY.” Louisa said with a high pitch and tilting her head. “Is this where we sit? Are there going to be fire eaters, cause I love those. Oooo is that the menu? I know I am going to eat way too much and be a Miss Piggy.”

She settled into her seat and placed down her purse.

“Oh my…I think that guy over there is looking at you.” she said, pointing to the guy from the beach earlier. He was holding up a drink and winking at Carmen.

“Are all the natives this friendly?” Louisa asked, accepting a coconut cocktail from a scantily clad waiter.


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September 25, 2013 11:53PM
Louisa’s enthusiasm was the stuff of dreams. And it was contagious. Carmen found herself laughing at the young woman and she patted her hand.

“I don’t know which to comment on first but I think there was a compliment in there somewhere.” Carmen giggled. “And you look very pretty yourself.”

“Oh my…I think that guy over there is looking at you.” Louisa pointed out. Carmen turned and saw the man from the fishing boat and turned around with a light blush.

“Well that was embarassing.” Carmen moaned, covering her face with her hands.

“Are all the natives this friendly?” Louisa asked as a waiter brought their drinks.

“I would assume it’s part of the charm of the place. Oh, look! The luau’s starting!”

The drumbeats were fierce as the dancers ran out in their colorful costumes. Then there were the hula dancers showing off their extraordinary skills, hips moving in synchronized patterns. It was fun to watch, especially when they pulled up some of the diners to participate in the hulas.


But the big draw, was the fire dancer. He kept the audience captivated and on the edge of their seats with his superb skill. Carmen actually had to remember to eat her dinner as she was too intrigued by the man and his fires to pay much attention to her food.

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September 26, 2013 03:58AM
The Luau

Louisa was simply enthralled by the fire dancers. The funny stories they told before they started their acts, the roar of the fire sticks as they twirled them at astonishing speeds. Sucking on her twirly straw, Louisa bounced in her seat to the beat of the drumming, her eyes shining from the reflection of the fire sticks. You would think she didn’t get out much, with her over enthusiastic reactions to the dancers, even getting up at one point and putting on a grass skirt, to have a go at hula dancing, which she was really bad at. Two left feet, but creating much laughter in the crowd, with her infectious laughter. She even waved down at Carmen, like a star struck tourist, and posed for pics with some of the more built male dancers.


Coming back down off the stage, Louisa was given a floral lae to wear around her neck and kissed by a sweet Hawaiian girl. Squealing, Louisa came back to sit with Carmen and then saw the size of her meal, a banquet of cooked meats and fruits, she could hardly believe.

Louisa caught sight of the mystery man, who was trying to get Carmen’s attention, winking and blowing kisses her way, and Louisa erupted in a fit of giggles. “He seems…really keen, Carmen.” Louisa whispered, pointing him out again. “You should go and have a drink with him. I’d wash my clothes on his stomach. Hehe.”



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September 26, 2013 06:20AM
Carmen laughed delightfully when Louisa went up to join in the hula. She was a good sport and she was having an excellent time.

Afterward, Louisa came back to the table, grinning from ear to ear and flushed with happiness. Carmen had a thought, a small one, that maybe she had a horrible boyfriend or husband back in Florida who didn’t allow the poor girl any fun in her life if this was her reaction to a simple Hawaiian Luau.

“He seems…really keen, Carmen.” Louisa whispered, pointing out the hottie from earlier that day. “You should go and have a drink with him. I’d wash my clothes on his stomach. Hehe.”

Carmen, feeling pretty mellow and happy, and a tad bit reckless, called over a waitress.

“Yes, Miss?”

“Could you see that this…” she borrowed the waitress’s pen and wrote down her room number on a napkin, passing both back to the waitress, “…gets to that man sitting by the bar? The one with the long dark hair?” Carmen grinned. The waitress smiled.

“I’ll see to it personally.” the waitress smiled, walking toward the man. He grinned when he saw what was on the napkin and toasted Carmen with his drink. She toasted him back before turning to look at Louisa.

“Oh my…did I do what I think I just did?” she giggled.

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September 26, 2013 06:42AM
The Luau

The Waitress was a dear girl, and chuckled as she took the token napkin and made her way over to the bar, where the Fisherman’s friend was straddling a bar stool His reaction at seeing her number written down on the napkin got a nod and then he alighted the bar stool and headed towards the lobby. Louisa watched all this in awe of Carmen, and giggled like a school girl at Carmen’s sudden bravado.


“Oh..my ..god. He’s such a hunk, and buns that look like they could have you bouncing off the wall.” Louisa reached for Carmen’s hand and then leaned forward as the music was very loud.

“Really enjoy him. This is a holiday after all. What happens on the road, stays on it.” She gushed, so happy for her new found friend.

Room 546

In the darkness of the spacious suite, one of the larger black trunks was seen to be open, as a shadow loomed at the window, staring down at the festivities. The figure was watching Carmen and Louisa enjoying themselves, and a dark deep growl emitted from his throat.

“Fuck this up…and it will be the last thing you do, Louisa.”

The Luau

By now the band was playing slow music for couples that were dancing, and Louisa was sucking the last of her cocktail out of the coconut. Her plate was empty and she had a satisfied smile as she patted her belly. “I ate enough for a week. I am a tubby now. I better head up and get some sleep. Have fun with Mister Washboard.” Louisa said, smiling as she got up from her chair, and took her purse. For a reason she looked up at her balcony then gasped as she saw Shane’s shadow. “Oh my. I need to pee. I better run.” And like a frightened rabbit, she was off, before Carmen could say another word.



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September 26, 2013 07:16AM
Carmen watched Mr Hottie walk away and blushed at her own daring. What was wrong with her? First day in the tropics and already behaving against the norm.

Must have been all that fresh ocean air making her horny.

But Carmen was pleased Louisa was having a wonderful time and told her as much. When she mentioned her need to pee and started to rush off, Carmen called after her. “Maybe we can do some shopping tomorrow! Ring my room if you want to go!” She was unsure if Louisa heard her as she dashed off inside.

Carmen paid the bill for dinner, took the last of her drink and started inside to her room.


Hallway outside Room 544

The man from the bar was leaning against the wall, arms crossed casually when she walked up. She paused in the hall when she saw him and blushed when he looked up at her.


“Um…Hello.” she mumbled.

“Hello.” the man grinned, stepping closer.

“I…don’t…usually do this…sort of thing.” Carmen grinned in embarassment, putting her hands behind her back.

“It’s the tropics. You can go wild.” he told her, wrapping an arm around her waist. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart threatened to beat right out of her chest.

“Oh boy.” she gulped as his lips trailed across her check and neck.

“Shall we go inside.” he mumured against her skin. She nodded vigorously, pulling her room key from her purse. He stood behind her, running his hands all over her body as he planted kisses along the back of her neck and shoulders. She finally got the door open and they went inside. He pinned her against the door with a growl and began to kiss her fully. Caught off guard for a moment, Carmen quickly caught on and kissed him back.

He began tearing at her clothes and for a moment she panicked. She began pushing at him, beating his shoulders but he wouldn’t release her. Drawing on her training, she drew back her knee and took quick aim. With a yelp, he dropped like a ton of bricks.

“I’m not a piece of meat to be pawed over like a slobbering animal!” she snapped. “Get out!” She yanked open the door, shoved her foot in his ass and pushed him out. He practically flew into the wall across the way. “When you learn that women are not a food source, come back for a visit.” And with that she slammed the door.

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September 26, 2013 07:37AM
Room 546

Now, Louisa had hurried off before Carmen had decided to head back to her room for the romantic interlude with Mister Tall and Fishy. Louisa, was in a dreadful state, since she had enjoyed the evening so much, she forgot what she was really doing there. Swiping her key against the door lock, it turned green, and she shot a look left and right, before darting inside, and closing the door quickly behind her. The room was dark, save for the light of the moon, shining through the fine veil like curtain, that moved gently with the breeze.

Louisa knew he was there, but she couldn’t see him. He had been standing behind the door, when she closed it, so as she took the first steps in to see where he was, she was suddenly gripped at the back of her throat, and then slammed headfirst down on the dining table.

The smack of her head was like an audible crack, and she gasped, crying out as she felt the weight of Shane behind her.

“What took you so long? You were supposed to bring her back here to me.” He growled at her, tightening his grip on her neck, as she struggled against him.

“She was meeting a guy…its her holiday. I don’t want to spoil it for her.” She protested, and this only made Shane all the more angry, drawing her back to standing, pulling on her hair, as her knees were set to buckle. “I told you to make friends, NOT help her get a date. I SAW what you did, you fucking slut.” At this she winced as he was really starting to hurt her. “Shane….please…don’t hurt her. She’s really nice.” That was the wrong thing to say, and he shoved her down onto her knees and pulled out a gun, pointing it at the back of her head. “Fucking useless piece of shit. I should cap you right here…right now. No one would miss your sorry ass.”

Louisa started to sob, her head bent and thinking he was about to pull the trigger, when suddenly there was a loud noise from next door.


“When you learn that women are not a food source, come back for a visit.” It was Carmen, throwing the guy she had arranged to meet out. Shane’s eyes darted for the door, as a smile crept onto his lips. “So fucking predictable. HA!” he was now happy to hear that Carmen was being her usual self, and not letting a man near. He re holstered his gun, and then patted Louisa’s head.

“Good girl….on your knees, ready to please.”

With watery eyes she looked up as Shane rounded on her and unzipped his pants.


“I’ll let you enjoy me, my Sweet.” And like that…the storm had passed.


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September 26, 2013 07:53AM
Midnight on the Beach


Carmen had a hard time falling asleep. She tossed and turned for most of the night but she just couldn’t settle her mind or thoughts. She was worried about her future, if she still had a job and all that. And she couldn’t help but worry about Louisa. The young woman seemed so sad at times. But Carmen wasn’t going to pry. The woman’s life was her personal business.

Sighing, she crawled from her bed, looking out the balcony door to the beach below.

“Maybe a walk will clear my head.” she mumured. She removed the chemise she was sleeping in and slipped into a lightweight dress and sandals. She would take them off when she got to the beach.


She walked along the shore line, the midnight tide splashing against her ankles as she gathered her thoughts together. She knew she had some heavy apologizing to do when she got back, already deciding to pay the medical bills for the man she injured. There was probably going to be some kind of civil suit involved and she knew that her reputation would take a serious hit.

“Why do I let him effect me so?” she muttered, thinking about the DA for the first time in hours. This whole mess she was in was partially his fault as well.

After an hour, she turned to go back inside, noticing from her position on the beach that there was someone standing in the shadows of Louisa’s room. She wondered if the woman was still awake. She headed back in. She could use a bit of a girl chat. Maybe over some late night ice cream if room service was still available this time of night.


Outside Room 546

Carmen took a deep breath and lightly knocked on Louisa’s door, just in case she had been seeing things and Louisa was actually asleep…

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September 26, 2013 08:09AM
Room 546

Louisa had been used by Shane as he dominated her when Carmen had kicked out her potential lover. Normally Louisa would fall to his charms, like all the women in his life, but this time, it was different. She dared not disobey, and when done, she crawled over to the corner of the room, shivering and scared, as Shane went out on the balcony to think.

A few hours passed, and Louisa had fallen asleep sitting up, when there was suddenly a knock at the door. Shane silently crept over and flicked Louisa’s head, which roused her from sleep. She was about to cry out, when he made a slicing action with his finger against his own throat as a warning.


Nervously she got to her feet, and the D.A stroked her hair, and gave her cheek a kiss, almost like he was pretending to suddenly treasure her. He moved into the next room, as she went to the door. It might have been room service, or a wayward tourist who was too drunk to remember their own room. She tried to compose herself, and then opened the door.

Seeing Carmen there, Louisa blinked, and with a shudder, asked;

“Are you okay? I thought you had that date.” Louisa then forced a smile and shrugged her shoulders.