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[RP] Shane’s House
September 09, 2013 05:36AM

Re: Shane’s House
September 09, 2013 07:08AM
Shane’s house

For a night on the town, it seemed that Shane would come home empty handed. Not that he minded, but his fun was cut short by the antics of Amelia and the wayward Galtem. Lizzy entertained him for a time, but he knew when he wasn’t going to score and decided to head home. Course, the lights were all on, and there was someone sitting waiting for him in the lounge. The ever faithful Louisa. Curled up in furs and luxuriating in front of a roaring fire place, she heard the delicious growl of his jaguar as it pulled into the drive, and she started to tease her hair and preen herself, getting ready to be presentable for him. In fact she had waited up for hours, and had wanted to go along with him to the bar, but she knew when he wanted to go off on his own. After all she saw him all day at the office, and at home as well. In a sense, it was like being married….but not. She knew her place, and that was as his blood doll and secretary.


Strolling through the door, Shane spotted Louisa on the cream couch, and as he started to remove his tie, he asked;

“And you are up….why?”

Louisa rose to standing, letting the furs fall away to show she was only wearing lace panties and started to pout.

“I..thought you might be hungry when you got home.” She started to mince towards him, almost cat like, but keeping her head bowed. She could see that he wasn’t in the best of moods, and probably didn’t get a feed in.


She came up towards him and started to paw at his jacket, like she was the one that wanted to latch onto him. The blood doll tried to take off his coat for him slowly, and this is where he gripped her wrists and looked down at her fiercely.


“What have I said about touching me without permission?” His eyes held a coldness to them that those outside the house would rarely see. Louisa cried out and started to buckle.

“But….I love you..” Oh this was a big mistake. Shane cocked his head and asked. “What..did you say?” It was one thing for her to be his blood doll, but he never said he loved her. His fingers were gripping her wrists tighter and she was now in pain.“Please…Shane, I can’t help it. You know how I feel. Let me love you.”

At this, Shane threw her across the room, where she hit the wall with a loud thud. Crumpled and bleeding she curled up and started to sob, as Shane simply went downstairs, leaving her to her devices.


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September 20, 2013 07:03PM
Shane’s house

Louisa came in the large family room doors, her arms filled with groceries, which she set down on one of the black marble benches ready to unpack into the fridge and cupboards. The brown bags resting on the bench, she took off her wide brim hat and glasses, setting them down quietly, hoping not to alert Shane that she was home. Louisa wasn’t ready for round two just yet, and her bruises still really hurt on her arms and shoulder. As she started to put things away, she opened a cupboard, and set in some tins of tuna, but didn’t have them lined up properly.

“Do it again.”

The voice came from behind her, and she accidentally dropped a tin on the floor. It rolled around till coming to a stop at his feet, and he crouched down to pick it up. Turning hesitantly to face him she was not a pretty sight, in fact she disgusted him. He pushed her out of the way and then placed the tins properly before closing the door.

“What have I told you about going out during the day….looking like that? You are to wait till the wounds heal, girl.”He said menacingly. Shane got in close to her, and ran a clawed hand down her cheek as she flinched in pain.

“No one recognized me…I swear, I wore a large hat and glasses.” She trembled as she pointed them out on the counter. Louisa wasn’t sure if he was going to strike her again, for he was so unpredictable. He leered at her, and then sniffed her out. Hmm. Something smelt familiar on her.

“Who did you see?” he asked point blank, as Louisa struggled to remember. “I…I don’t know…I…wait. Yes, I saw that woman you hate so much. Carmen, the Internal affairs officer from the station.” Shane made an o shape with his mouth, and his demeanor started to change. “What was she doing?” He leaned in and toyed with her hair, waiting for an answer. Louisa’s knees were set to buckle as he started to turn on the charm.

“She…magically made a box of cereal go from a high shelf into her hands.” Louisa braced herself for the strike…which didn’t come. Instead, Shane beamed his million watt grin, and started to feel up Louisa. “Good girl….very..very good girl.”His tone was delicious and dark, and Louisa started to cave to his will. He yanked her head to the side, with her hair caught in his finger, and started to feed, pushing her hard up against the cupboards, as she cried out in Ecstasy. Her blood started to trickle from the edges of his lips, and he grunted as he fed on her hungrily, his clawed hands holding her possessively.

When he was done, he stepped back and licked his lips, leaving her a quaking mess.

“Go clean up. You look like shit.”

On this he turned away…plotting to himself, how he was going to bring Carmen down.



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September 24, 2013 06:09AM
Shane’s House

The sound of the roar of David’s motorcycle actually brought Lousia out from the lounge room, to go look out on the balcony as she watched the white haired detective pull up on his Harley Davidson.. The bike roared, and could literally wake up the dead, or undead so to speak. Taking off his helmet, and setting it on the back of his bike, David glanced up to see the statuesque model staring down at him, and he showed something of a sly smirk as he dismounted the bike. Louisa often was fascinated with David when he made these infrequent visits to Shane’s mansion. Shane rarely had any other visitors, and this one was special, mainly due to the fact they were total opposites.

Swaggering up to the front door, he didn’t even have to press a button or ring a bell, the door simply opened on its own, and David strode in like he owned the place. Louisa hurried down the stairs, but not before checking herself to see if she looked presentable. On seeing her, David asked with a dry raspy voice’

“Where’s Hollywood?” Hollywood was David’s nickname for Shane, mainly cause the D.A had dashing good looks and had already been offered several movie deals. Louisa smiled nervously as David cruised past her, not touching or groping her in any way. He just wasn’t like that.

“On the phone in his den. I’ll get him.”

“There will be no need, Louisa. Heard the sound of that bike coming a mile away.” Shane was standing in the foyer now, adjusting his jacket on seeing the scruffy detective enter his home.

“What brings you here, Razor? Thought you were off doing that drug bust.” Yes Shane knew all about that, since he in part helped supply a lot of the intelligence. One way to become more powerful in the city, was to keep the criminal element under his control.

David flopped down in one of the comfortable couches, and took out his cigarette packet. He lazily tapped the box on his palm and glanced up at Shane with one eye closed, kinda like he was wincing. “Got asked to do a special investigation. Usual dealio. Heh, but this will make you laugh. Car is after intel on one Shane Williamson. Don’t know what you did, but she wants to nail your ass to the wall.”


This had Shane burst out laughing, in fact he found it so funny, that the laughter sounded sinister. “Oh..ho ho ho ho. So I got under her skin after that little dinner incident?” David shrugged, and placed the cigarette at the corner of his mouth, as he spoke.

“Shit’s real. She’s out for blood.” He replied with that dry raspy tone. Shane clapped his hands together, much like some mad villain from a comic book series.

“Well then….if its my blood she wants. *he then paused as his face darkened and his eyes turned black, long fangs protruding from his pale lips. * “It’s what she’s gonna get. Razor…we have much to discuss.”



Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 27, 2013 05:55AM
Shane’s House

The black airport van pulled out of the drive, leaving behind a large stack of black boxes that had stickers on them from Hawaii. Shane stood solemnly staring at the largest box, which contained the body of Louisa. He had brought her back from the ill fated trip to capture Carmen, who had managed to evade his clutches, after Louisa decided to intervene. Part of him hated the dizzy blonde for what she had done, but the other felt sorrow, for losing his precious blood doll.

Using a crate trolley, he wheeled each of the boxes inside and stacked them in the foyer. Shane wasn’t ready to deal with Louisa’s remains just yet. He had come home to an empty house. The sound of his shoes on the tiles echoed as he shut the front door. Jamming his hands into his pockets, he strolled into the large living area, where Louisa used to lounge on the cream couches by the fire place. Her favorite fur was still draped across one couch, and he picked it up and inhaled her scent from it, with his eyes closed.

Louisa was more than a blood doll to him, she was a possession, a trophy, and one thing he hated more than anything, was losing what he felt belonged to him. His hand trembled as he lowered the fur back down, and then he let out a god awful roar, that had the fire place erupt into flames. Seething, he stared at a picture that was set in amongest many others of the people in his life over the years. It was Carmen.

Picking it up in his claws, he hissed at it menacingly.




Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 27, 2013 07:10AM
Shane’s house

There was a loud knock at the door, and Shane lifted his head, as he had been sitting before the open fire place, a glass of whiskey in his hand.

“It’s open.” He sung out, then going back to stare at the fire. David shrugged and opened the ornate timber door, with Matt in tow. Matt had not been to Shane’s place before, so he was a bit in awe of the magnificence of it. Shane looked across the room and recognized Matt from the nightclub.

“I remember you. You were that kid with the pretty brunette.” Shane said, rising off the couch and showing off his famous Hollywood smile. It was amazing he could turn it on and off like that. David knew him better. Pulling out his cellphone, he wiggled it and said.“Got the text, Hollywood. You serious? D.O.A?” David knew there was no love lost between Carmen and Shane, but even this was extreme. Matt appeared surprised, when he heard what David asked. This was no ordinary search for a missing person. Shane wanted her dead or alive. “This doesn’t sound like police work.” Matt said matter of factly.

This was when Shane decided to play his ace card.

“She’s a murderer. The mail room boy was just the start. Carmen killed my secretary on our honeymoon in Hawaii,”
David just stood there…shocked. “Louisa’s dead?” He asked incredulously. He actually thought that Louisa was a great girl, just a bit too blonde for his liking.

“Yes…Carmen is a fugitive. I want her found, and I want her to pay for what she did to my Louisa. My beautiful…sweet Louisa. You see, Carmen followed us on our honeymoon, even booked an adjacent room. Then one night, we had made love, she somehow got into our apartment, and….I found her dead on the floor. The woman is a psychopath. A murderer.”

This was when Matt spoke up.

“Do the Feds in Hawaii know?” It was an honest question. Shane shook his head. “Carmen fled the country, and I have reason to suspect she is holed up somewhere in this state. Somewhere remote. I’ve already ransacked her apartment, came up empty..” Shane all through this, listened intently. He took out his zippo lighter and toyed with it.“Ground search. I got people in various towns. Keep a look out for her. Don’t worry Shane, we will bring her to you. Either in a body bag, or in bits.”

This made Shane smile broadly and he followed with “Or…you find her…and let me, do the deed.”

All three men shook on it, making a pact.

Carmen…was now in serious danger.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
September 27, 2013 07:16PM
The following post was a collaborated effort done over an almost 5-hour live session between myself, LadyBelz and Jules aka CharlotteCarrendar. This is part two, continued from the Vacation Destinations thread. WARNING: It does get violent and gory in places and there is some extreme adult content involved. If this kind of thing makes you uncomfortable, please skip reading this. This was not done on a whim. This was planned out through skype sessions over a period of two days. Please enjoy this growing story arc.


—thread change from Vacation Destination—


Shane’s House, sub-basement

Carmen awoke slowly. Her head was throbbing and she moaned a little, trying to remember what had happened. She raised her head, or tried to at least, but the least little movement set of rockets of pain and she clenched her eyes closed, whimpering a small bit. Her throat was dry when she tried to swallow, made a loud clicking sound as she did. “Mmm.” she moaned. She tried opening her eyes and the bright lights of the room pierced her skull. She slammed them closed, breathing deeply to stave off the nausea that threatened to overtake her. She tried turning onto her side, relishing the relief that brief move brought to her throbbing temple and ill stomach. She moved her leg and heard a clanking sound. Her eyes snapped open at that, and despite the migraine that caused, she looked around, noticing she was in a room, laying on a bed. Looking toward the sound, she saw that a manacle was wrapped around her ankle and anchored to a bolt in the wall. “Oh no! No! No! No! Oh god no!” she moaned, realizing what that meant.

She had been caught.


Shane entered the room wearing an Armani suit and looked a million dollars. Brandi, the newest blood doll skipped in after, wearing some of Louisa’s clothes. Shane heard her say ; “Oh no! No! No! No! Oh god no!” To which Shane replied “Yes…oh yes yes…hehe…yes. And the best part, you drove your car practically into mine. I mean, talk about women drivers.” At this Brandi started to paw at Shane. “I wanna play.” Shane rolled his eyes, and then said to Carmen. “She’s insatiable. Loves my body. Can’t say I blame her, I love it too.” Brandi nodded wildly and danced around the room. “Are you going to feed, Baby?” And Shane looked at Carmen and winked. “I do every other day.” At that he gripped Carmen to force her face first onto the bed, hunched over, so he could take another feed.


She watched the two come into her prison (for that’s what it was in her mind), taunting her, teasing her. When the girl asked if he was going to feed, his reply shocked her. Reaching for her neck, she was sad to discover twin puncture wounds in her neck. It was safe to assume that she had been here for a while. She tried to draw upon her powers to try and free herself before he could touch her, but they were simply not cooperating. It was as if she was too weakened by blood loss to even access them. He grabbed her in his arms and forced her face down onto the bed, his fangs piercing her neck. She cried out in pain, squeezing her eyes shut, tears leaking from her eyes. She hated herself at that moment. Hated that she had left the safety of her cabin to run away again, instead of facing him head on. And she was ashamed of herself. She could feel herself weakening even more as he fed, wondering when this nightmare would be over.


Grunting like an animal he hovered over her, feeding with delight, the sound of her blood as it gurgled into his mouth. Brandi got into a good viewing position and actually started to rub herself as she watched her Master feed from this woman that he simply hated with every inch of his being. But her blood….oh, he loved that. The feeding went on and on, as Carmen weakened beneath him. His powerful claws growing as he latched on as if he could tear her apart if she so much as flinched. When he had had enough, he stepped back, her blood running down his chin. “FUCK…I gotta say…nothing tastes as good as that bitch’s blood. WOOO!” Brandi pushed herself off the wall, and ran to him, feverishly licking the blood that was on his chin. Invigorated by her blood, he scooped up Brandi by her ass, and carried her out of the room, to the seclusion of his own suite, to do unnatural things with her. Course, he locked the prison door as he went, his dark laughter carrying through the very walls, as he left Carmen to her misery.


Carmen lay where she was left, half on, half off the bed, trying to catch her breath as it struggled in her lungs. Her heart stuttered in her chest and her veins burned beneath her skin. She had been inches from death when he had stopped feeding. Her eyelids fluttered and beneath them, her eyes rolled about as she struggled to get her blood starved brain to work at getting her limbs mobile again. But her fae ancestry would be her salvation as power came forth to heal the damage dealt by the cruelty of the vampire. Blood flowed once more and her heartbeat began to regulate itself. She inhaled sharply, catching his lingering scent and the coppery taste of blood in the back of her throat. Her nose had bled. She got her weakened limbs to move and pulled herself onto the bed. It was an effort and it tired her. She leaned against the cold, stone wall and ripped the edge of her shirt to use as a makeshift bandage. She wrapped it around her neck and tied it off in a field dressing. That done, she took a look around her prison. There was a single window, and it was high up on the wall, out of her reach. There was a second door, open, across from her and she looked in to see it was a bathroom. The manacled chain around her ankle allowed her freedom of movement to all areas of the bathroom. There were no mirrors. There was nothing sharp she could use for a weapon. She was well and truly trapped.

She moved back to the bed, crawling beneath the threadbare blanket, shivering as her powers continued to heal her abused body. “Well, this is a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into.” she whispered, surprised at how hoarse her voice sounded. “Now what do I do?”


After having pleasured himself and Brandi to no end, Shane decided to take a walk out by his pool, completely starkers. He had it all. The blood of a dark fae…whenever he wanted, a bimbo blood doll, and the chance now to take over this city once and for all.

“There is no one to stop me!” he laughed, raising his fists in the air in triumph.


She didn’t remember falling asleep, but she did realize when she began to dream. And it had to be the strangest dream ever. She was running through a forest, wearing some gauzy white dress, flowing behind her like silk. Wings, shaped like a dragonfly’s and glowing with all colors of the rainbow were sprouting from her back. And she was smiling. She looked over her shoulder, seeing a shadowy figure chasing her. She smiled, making a beckoning gesture to the shadow as she continued to run away, her laughter echoing in her mind.

She frowned in her sleep.


Shane strolled along the corridor, until he came to the prison and unlocked it with the special entry code. Walking in, he caught sight of his Carmen, all curled up sleeping. Creeping over, he then got onto the bed, and pulled her into his arms, wrapping his cold body around her. He started to run his hands up and down her chest, and stomach, while licking and kissing the back of her neck. He changed the tone of his voice, so it was unlike that of his usual tone. “You just need to be loved, Carmen.”

The dream scape changed to that of a bedroom lit by dozens of candles. Carmen lay upon the bed in the center of the room, dressed now in a long flowing silk nightgown. Her hair was curled in dozens of little ringlets and her lips were painted a deep red. A shadow hovered over her body, whispering in her ear as her eyes remained closed. “You just need to be loved, Carmen.” She moaned in her sleep, trying to move away from that voice. Voices tended to lie. She didn’t need anyone. She was happy. Wasn’t she?

She felt the touches on her body and trembled, shaking her head in denial. “Nooo.” she murmured in her sleep.

“Yesss.” the voice replied, now using his hand to brush away the back of her shapeless dress and exposing her buttocks to him, He held her in a spooning position which considering she was chained was the most comfortable. He started to rub his length between her rounded cheeks, and then brought his own wrist up to his mouth, and bit into it, causing blood to seep from his arm. In a double action, he brought the blooded wrist to her mouth, and then in a swift movement, he coupled with her, entering her and then holding still, so not to make her panic. Slowly he started a rhythm, as he whispered again. “Drink my love..drink from me.” as he started to make love to her.


Carmen was feeling quite warm as the dream went on. Her shadow lover was touching her body everywhere, marking her as his. She felt something pressing against her from behind and wanted to move away. Was she awake? Was she dreaming? She couldn’t tell the difference anymore. She felt something press against her lips at the same time something large and full pressed into her from behind. She cried out, in pain, in ecstasy, she wasn’t sure. As her mouth opened in reality, blood, thick and warm, flowed into her mouth. She swallowed reflexively as she felt a pleasurable rhythm build up between her thighs. She moaned out loud.

Shane was treating her a lot easier than he did any others, for what she didn’t realize was by sharing his blood with her, he was going to be his. Sired by him. The pain and pleasure as she swallowed his blood was enough to make him aroused beyond words, and he started to pump her harder, and whispered her name over and over. “Carmen…sweet Carmen.” Course she couldn’t see his face, since she was in front of him, but he may recognise his scent. When he felt she had enough blood, he moved his hand away, then with both hands cupped to her breasts, he really started to take her more forcefully, hungry for her to cry his name in ecstasy.


His blood moved through her veins like a bullet train, lighting nerve endings on fire and causing her to cry out in shock. Hands pressed to her breasts as that delicious pleasure began to build up between them. She inhaled sharply as he thrust more forcefully into her, not wanting the dream to end. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever experienced. Unconsciously, she began to put a face to her dream lover, shocked senseless when Shane’s face overlaid the shadows hovering above her. “Oh God!” she moaned out loud, as the pleasure built more and more. Was this the reason she fought him for so long? That she secretly, in the deepest part of her heart, desired him for herself? It just didn’t seem possible. “Shane!” she murmured with need.

With the crying out of his name, he withdrew from her and pulled her onto her back, straddling her so she could open her eyes and see it wasn’t a dream anymore. He looked different. Why? Was it possible that for all his evil ways, he too loved her just as much? Is that why he pursued her to the ends of the earth. Pinning her down, he bent forward and licked his own blood off her lips, and then mounted her again, so she could watch the expressions change on his face, as he made love to her. His eyes were darkened with lust, and at first it was slow and timed thrusts, which would only increase as she matched him in speed.


She awoke when she felt herself pulled onto her back and a body pressed against her. She turned her head when she felt something wet against her lips and looked up into the face of Shane as he licked the last of his own blood from her lips. Her eyes were wide as he pressed the hard length of himself into her once more. She inhaled sharply as he set a fast rhythm. She wanted to push him away, felt like she needed to…but she couldn’t. She noticed the way his eyes were staring at her. Even as she was turned on, she was confused. They hated each other. Didn’t they?

“Shane.” she whispered, closing her eyes against the sudden flow of emotions running through her body.


“Let go…Carmen. Enjoy this.” He said, watching her with her eyes filled with conflict. He started to smile, but not the Hollywood one, this was more genuine. “Enjoy me.” He uttered, then buried his face in her neck, as he rode her body fully. The pleasure would soon start to peak for her, with his blood now raging through her body, renewing her weary bones.


She moaned, arching her back into his embrace. “Oh god.” she whispered, feeling everything at once. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. “…Let go…” she heard him whisper as he thrust into her over and over again. Crying out, she dug her nails into his shoulders, as her body sang its pleasure, clutching at him as if she would never let go. She cried his name over and over again, wishing for the pleasure to never end.


He could tell she was getting ever close, for the cries of his name filled the room, and he was well versed in how to please a woman. He moved into a kneeling position and then lifted her legs up over his shoulders. This meant he was able to reach her g spot with ease. Not only that, she could watch him in all his glory. For all the pain she had suffered at his hands, he was about to reward her. Shane pulled her back onto him and started to thrust harder, watching…waiting for her to reach the earth shattering climax…that she deserved.

“I love you Carmen…cum for me.”


He moved from her again, pulling her legs up over his shoulders before thrusting back into her body. She nearly screamed as he hit that spot deep inside of her that set her whole body on fire. “Ohhhh!” she moaned, feeling herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. “I love you, Carmen…cum for me.” she heard him say. With a cry, she did just that, clamping down tight with her inner muscles and riding wave after wave of mind numbing pleasure.


Letting her use him right at the end, and having her crying out was the most erotic thing he had ever experienced. When she slowed, and was quiet he withdrew from her and rose to standing. He looked down on her as she suffered the jerking sensation of after shocks, and simply left her to her devices, leaving the prison. She was alone once more.


Her body no longer felt like her own. Her mind no longer felt like her own. And he simply got up and walked out without a word. She curled in upon herself, still trembling with the pleasure he’d left her with and tears in her eyes. She had done the unforgivable. She’d let him have his way with her, whether she was awake for part of it or not. She could still taste his blood on her lips, in her mouth, in her throat and she wanted to be sick. Pressing her hands to her eyes, she began to sob. What had she done?


Shane waltzed back into his main chamber,where Brandi was sleeping. The vampire crawled into bed, and took her up into his arms and sighed. Brandi murmured softly, deeply asleep, and Shane stroked her as he whispered. “My Carmen.”


Carmen lay in her prison bed, numb. This was like a bad dream and she wished she could wake up, in her apartment, in her own bed, alone once more. Wishing to be at work and listening to Mary bitch about how she drank too much coffee and not getting enough sleep. Working in getting rotten police off the force and rotten politicians out of office. As her tears dried up, she sighed deeply as she thought back to what happened in the last couple of hours. She had been witness to a more gentle side of the DA and it had been directed at her. Was it real? Or was this another of his plots to discredit her and keep her locked at his side. She just didn’t know the answers anymore.

She dozed off to sleep, her thoughts unable to settle. “Shane.” she murmured as she slowly fell asleep.