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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 10, 2013 01:19PM
360- Delilah and Olivia

Delilah watched Benedict collapse on the couch and pass out almost instantaneously. Walking over to a chair near the couch, she sat down and pulled her knees up to peak at him over them. He was still so handsome, but it was clear he had been through a lot. Exhaling softly, she stared at him silently for a few moments before her cell phone went off. Pulling it out, she saw that her adopted son David (Dane Cook…too funny.) was on his way home from a sleepover. Perfect, just what Benedict needed. Delilah put her phone away and looked over at Benedict again. Would he think she had found someone and settled down. Benedict seemed so wrapped up in everything like her, Delilah doubted he would even care. Sighing, she decided against showering and just waited for her son to come home.

As the condo became quiet and settled, it seemed peaceful for a few moments. However, that was soon destroyed when David came flying through the door. Dropping his bag next to the couch near Benedict’s head, he rushed over and flung himself into Delilah’s arms. She gasped and immediately tried shushing him, but the child prattled on “I had so much candy and Matt’s house!” Delilah scowled at first at how noisy he was before she pulled him into a hug with a soft smile. After they embraced, she plopped him on the chair and put a finger to her lips, saying they had to be quiet. David looked at the man on the couch and frowned “Mommy, who is that?”
She smiled softly and shrugged, whispering back “Just a friend, Bubba.” That seemed to be a good enough answer to David because he pulled Delilah closer and began to tell her what he did at his friend’s house quietly in her ear.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 10, 2013 01:35PM
100 – Jennifer & William

Jennifer wondered if he was just humoring her by responding to the kiss. He still seemed exhausted and she felt horrible for snapping at him like that earlier. She wondered how many times it was possible to unintentionally hurt a person before they would let you go. With most people it was probably a low number, but she knew William was different. If Galtem thought that she deserved better than he was very mistaken. If anything William deserved better, but she could not bear the thought of him with anyone but her. Yet, she was grateful he hadn’t pulled away when it felt like he was going to. If he had she might have tried being a little more persistent, but would have had to give up. Instead he kissed her back, this time with more passion. Her tongue responded to his, eagerly and she began to grow excited as his hands moved down to her sides. She moved with him as he fell back onto the bed and she remained on top of him, not letting her lips leave his, in fear that if they did leave his then she would never get them back. This was how she was feeling about their relationship. She knew that once William found out about her and Galtem, it would be the break in the relationship and there was no chance of getting him back after that. It was a thought she could not stand, but she knew it was the truth. He’d waited for her for so long. He was not going to waste another second of his life doing so. Maybe for her. But not for Galtem. Luckily, she was out of tears and could not cry anymore. So instead she merely held onto him tighter, letting her hands run across his chest, and kissed him more. As she held onto him she confirmed that there was no doubt in her love for William. There had never been a doubt. Was it possible to have two soul mates? Because as different as William was from Galtem, their bodies still seemed to match perfectly with his, just in a different way. Jennifer wondered if she was just going to have this guilt feeling permanently stuck in her stomach for the rest of her life, but it did not stop her. Right now all she could think of was William. The only thing she wanted was William.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 10, 2013 04:38PM
360 – Delilah and Olivia

There were two voices now. They had woken him, and he knew it had not been too long, for he still felt quite exhausted. At first he thought it was Olivia, having returned home – he needed to talk to her about something, so it was actually more of a hope than a thought -, but then he heard it – ‘Mommy.’ He sat up and his eyes were wide open, looking between the boy and Delilah. The word ‘Who’ formed on his lips, but didn’t quite come out. And then it finally dawned on him – it had been a hundred years. She could have died in that time and he wouldn’t have known. Settling down and starting a family didn’t seem too far off. But why did she live with Olivia? ‘They could be domestic partners.’ Olivia wouldn’t have let Benedict within a hundred feet of Delilah if that were the case though, and he knew it, so he scratched that option. His eyes focused on the boy, though not in a glare or any kind of scary way. He actually tried not to look in anyway more frightening than a random stranger would to a boy his age as he studied him. He didn’t look much like Delilah, but he couldn’t be sure. In fact… the boy looked a lot like him. He let go of that thought too – it was physically impossible. ‘But not all that undesirable.’ He still didn’t manage to say anything. All he did was turn his eyes to Delilah, the question still hanging in the air silently.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 11, 2013 10:19AM
360- Delilah and Olivia

David indeed looked like Benedict, which was a big reason why Delilah adopted him. He seemed just as erratic and peculiar as her boss, and it somewhat helped to fill the hole in her heart that was left when Benedict was gone. Delilah sighed and turned to look at Benedict, a frown tugging at her lips when she saw that he was awake. Reaching up, she chewed on her fingernail nervously before slapping her hands to her knees. Standing up, she shrugged and pointed at David “Benny, this is my son, David.” She let that sink in for a moment before her attention turned to her son. Smiling softly, she crouched down to look him in the eyes. “You’ll be nice to Benny, won’t you?” With that, she kissed his forehead and headed into the kitchen to grab some milk and some fruit for David to snack on before dinner.
David smiled at his mother before his attention turned to Benedict. He stared him down curiously and wondered why he looked so familiar. Stepping towards him, David reached up to poke his forehead “How do you know my mommy? You must be a good friend if you’re sleeping on the couch. Why are you dirty? Were you beat up? Are you a hobo?” Leaning closer, he sniffed at Benedict before wrinkling his nose “You smell funny. Where did you come from?” His big hazel eyes stared at Benedict curiously as his mother didn’t have any friends other than Olivia. Seeing a man in her life was something new.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 13, 2013 07:37PM
360 – Olivia and Delilah

Benedict eyed David, his expression unchanging with each question. He’d shot Delilah a small look before she went into the kitchen, but now his full attention was directly on David. Before he answered, another strange and foreign thought came to his mind; he liked this boy. “I know your mother through a common occupation we shared one hundred years ago. I am unclean because I have not had the luxury of a bath in quite a few months. I was not ‘beat up’ recently, but I did engage in a physical confrontation with a man who kidnapped myself and someone that probably does not even remember me. I am not a ‘hobo’. Originally, I came from London, but I lived here in Derry for quite awhile before the man who kidnapped me took me to New York. I have been all over this side of the United States searching for your mother since then.” He realized about three point nine seconds after he finished that he forgot one of David’s statements, and quickly dove into his answers again. “I consider your mother one of two friends that I have. I am considerably closer to the other, but your mother is also very dear to me.” Another realization occurred, but he desperately wished it didn’t: Felix… was not here. Delilah had not told him where his friend was. He took in a deep, shaky breath, and began to speak again, but slowly, quietly, as he reformed his statement. “I had been considerably closer to the other, but he is…” He choked slightly when he tried to say the word, tears forming in his eyes. This was the last thing he needed, to start producing tears in front of this boy he just met. But he couldn’t stop them or himself as the tears rolled down his grimy cheeks, a sort of choked sound that could be considered a sob emanating from his throat.


Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 18, 2013 01:28PM
360- Delilah and Olivia

Delilah had caught the look given her way by Benedict, but she pretended to ignore it. Walking over to the cabinets in her kitchen, she grabbed all that she needed to make a peanut butter and banana sandwich for her son. While she was preparing it, however, she was listening to Benedict and David talk. And there it was. Benedict did not feel for her the same way she felt for him. The very thought that the man she had been searching for many years for did not love her had her heart ripping in two. Tears slid down her cheeks and she sniffled, trying to throw herself into the task of making a sandwich. She was a fool to believe there could be a future with a man like Benedict. He cared only for his job, and it seemed Felix meant a great deal more to him than Delilah ever did.
Meanwhile, David tilted his head as he watched Benedict explain himself. So he wasn’t a hobo. Blinking rather curiously at the man, he smiled slightly “What does my momdo for a living? She hasn’t told me.” It was true. He had no idea what his mother did for a career because she never told him. Why? Because she didn’t want him knowing anything about her past life, and yet here Benedict sat. When David heard Benedict had been looking for his mother, he frowned “What do you want with my mom anyways? Has she done something wrong?” He was going to badger the man more, but he continued to speak about a man named Felix and it seemed to make him terribly upset. As he watched Benedict cry, David walked over and awkwardly sat next to him. Smiling weakly, he reached up to wipe his tears away “If you need a new friend, I can be a really good one.”
When Delilah was finished with the sandwich, she walked into the living room slowly. Now her son was sitting next to Benedict, and the similarities were enough to break her heart even more. Exhaling long and hard as though she had been holding her breath for days, Delilah walked over to Benedict and crouched down in front of him. Grabbing one of his hands, she squeezed it gently while looking into his eyes. He may not love her, but she loved him enough for the both of them. Her smile was faint and there was no warmth in it, only sadness. Quietly so David could not hear, she whispered “I’m sorry, love, but Felix is dead.”

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 19, 2013 01:07PM
The Next Day

100 – Jennifer and William


William had good and bad night. The good thing about it, is that him and Jennifer after arguing they make it up for each other by having one of those lovely moments. The bad thing is that, he couldn’t get enough sleep after that. The both of them was laying on the bed, naked. He had Jennifer over his chest, while he passed his fingers through her long blond hair, as he stared up at the ceiling. He couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about Galtem being back to town, this was bad, he knew something bad was going to happen, it always does whenever he’s back. Last time he was back, Jennifer stopped being herself, was constantly being mad over everything, and that was a tough time, he didn’t wanted to go through the same thing, it was more hard for him to stand her in that way then most of people think. His friends for example, sees him and her as a perfect couple, always together and never sees them fighting, but they just don’t know what he had to go through to be with her, they don’t know the people around trying to ruin their relationship.
William keep on thinking and thinking, and he was getting frustrated about this, he still didn’t knew anything about Galtem, other than known that he’s back, he wants to know more. Maybe he’s with another person? That can make things more easier for his relationship with Jennifer, right? Or maybe worse. Then he had the sudden idea of go talk with Amelia, she was Galtem’s best friend after all, and he could get good information from her.
Looking down at Jennifer, he kissed her head, and slowly removed her from his chest, trying his best to not wake her up, then he just left the bed, and went to the bathroom, he took a quick shower, and just went dress some jeans, kickers, and a black t-shirt. After fixing up his hair, he stared around and grabbed the house keys. He was almost leaving the house, when he noticed Penny staring up at him, William placed his finger in front of his lips, like he was telling “shh” to the dog, then he just left.

312 – Amelia

William walked through the streets, on his way to Amelia’s door number, he still remembered her house, since him and Jennifer used to go there sometimes to have a dinner, or chat, they all were friends, so it was normal if things like this happen. Reaching her door, he took a deep breathe, then just knocked on the door, waiting for her to open it. Right now he wasn’t so sure if he wanted to know more about Galtem, but his mind wouldn’t stop bugging him with the thought something’s wrong or something bad is going to happen.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 19, 2013 05:34PM
312- Amelia’s apartment

It had been a very long night for Amelia. Having already been home twice she hadn’t got a wink of sleep. Having come through the door only fifteen minutes earlier, her police gear was draped over the couch, and she had her kit sitting next to the door. Thinking that her new kitty was probably having a whale of a time in her bedroom, she raced upstairs, and saw that the kitty was asleep in the middle of a pile of cushions, and on checking the bathroom, he had used the litter tray. Amelia fell back on the door with a sigh of relief, then crossed the floor and scooped up the sleeping kitty and nuzzled him as she went to go back down stairs.

On reaching the foyer, she was about to go into the kitchen to get her and the kitty breakfast, when she heard a knock at the door. Wondering who on earth would be up and about so early, she approached the door and peeked through her peep hole. ~Oh my god, it was William!~ Her mind screamed and she started to panic. Thoughts raged through her mind. Had Rodger gone over already to get Jennifer’s witness statement to back up her testimonial, that he was with her in the bathroom snogging and was in part an alibi? Or had Jennifer had the guts to tell William herself? Maybe she kicked him out and was on the phone to Galtem now, calling him to come over and finished what they started in the club?


Amelia set down the kitty, and then unlocked the door. Pulling it open, she looked at him and saw he appeared really tired. Poor guy probably has had no sleep. It was then the guilt and everything took over and she blurted;

“Oh William…I’m so sorry. If you left her, I have a room upstairs.” Amelia went to embrace him in a hug, whispering. “He told me he had changed…and I believed him. You must be devastated.”


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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 19, 2013 06:10PM
312- Amelia’s apartment


William jumped a bit on his spot, getting nervous, since Amelia was taking awhile to answer, but it was now that he noticed the time, it was too early to be at someone’s door, the poor girl might be asleep, and he didn’t felt like waking her up, maybe asking her about Galtem could wait. When he was about to turn around and leave, Amelia finally open the door, and the first thing she said, was apologizing, telling him if he left her, she had a room upstairs. So she knew about Galtem as well, Amelia was one of the few who knew whenever Galtem was back, something was going to happen to Jennifer or to their relationship, and it has been too many years standing this troublesome thing.
He forced a smile, and slowly wrapped his arms around her, just hugging her back. Her whisper, made him realize that he was back but didn’t changed, great, something bad was totally going to happen, he was hoping maybe Galtem came back with another chick, and the both of them was together. Of course he couldn’t say married or if he had a family, that would be too much asking from Galtem, he would never do such thing.
“Yeah, I wasn’t really waiting for this. I thought he wouldn’t do it.”
William was mostly like talking about Galtem being back, even if Galtem seemed a person that would never change, the moment he promised William that he wouldn’t be back and bother his relationship with Jennifer, he believed in him, and felt like there was still some humanity in him, but right now, he doesn’t know what to do. Maybe he won’t interfere on their bond? Who knows.
“But I want to know more tho.”
He told her, hoping she know more about Galtem, what he was doing here, his goals, if he was with somebody, etc.

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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 19, 2013 10:15PM
312 Amelia’s Apartment

Amelia looked dumbstruck. Wait? Why did he say that he wasn’t really waiting for this, and thought he wouldn’t do it. She blinked, and then started to scratch her cheek, when he said,“I want to know more though. ~Huh?~ Why wasn’t he talking about Jennifer and what she did with Galtem, that showed he hadn’t changed? Amelia swallowed and started to realize that…William didn’t know. She practically said that he could move in if he needed a place and he either didn’t get it, or dismissed it off the bat.

“About Galtem?” She asked, starting to rub the back of her neck uneasily. “Well…he did say he had given up his womanizing ways, but then bought a club full of escorts and lap dancers. What does that tell you? Amelia was back pedaling fast, and she wished to hell the ground could open up and swallow her whole.

Amelia’s heart started to beat faster, and she looked stricken. He didn’t know! The Lieutenant was going to be paying Jennifer a visit about the testimony and eye witness account of Amelia and how she named Galtem’s alibi. Panting, she knew there was no escape.

“William, there was a murder at the club tonight. I got a call back cause of my job.” At this she pointed at her police gear but then she became serious. “I was involved, since I spent some time there, with Galtem and Shane. Uhm…I had to give a witness statement of the people around the suspect’s. I..oh god, its hot in here.” She could feel a wave of panic, and then….she blurted;

“Galtem has an alibi…..he…he was with a woman in the VIP lounge bathroom, who I saw. They…he…Oh William I’m sorry. The police are going to tell you anyways. Better to hear it from me. Uhm.” She stuttered and then said.“Galtem hasn’t changed…at all. He was in the bathroom with Jennifer….they were making out. William, I’m sorry. So so sorry.”