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{RP} Beyond the Veil
September 10, 2013 02:28PM
In order to cross between the human realm and The Veil, one must seek out the High Warlock King, Cypher, and ask his permission. To summon the king, you need only say his name three times and you will find yourself beyond The Veil. You can summon the king where ever you are. If you are a human, it may look like the location you are in but distorted to meet your fancies. If you are a Fae or any other supernatural being, you can see The Veil for all the pleasures…and horrors…that it is.

The Fae Court resides here as well as most Faes. Warlocks and witches often make their home here as well.

The Veil holds many mysteries and is quite fantastical. Anything can happen here and it is the creation of what The Fae folks want it to be. Let your imagination run wild and give yourself over to The Veil.

State where in The Veil you are at the beginning of every post.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 10, 2013 11:29PM
Desdemona’s Castle


In a darker part of the lands beyond the veil, resides the Witch Desdemona, otherwise known as Mona. She lives with a handful of followers, servants and meat men aka slaves, that keep her mildly entertained throughout the long years of exile since the ill fated romance with the European Alpha Wolf.

The years had not softened Mona’s heart, but on the contrary, they had darkened it considerably. Though she still retained the glamour of her ageless beauty thanks to magics and spells, she was this eve feeling tired and….lonely. Luxuriating within the hot tepid waters that were scented heavily with oils to soften her skin, she sighed as she lay her head back, a piece of cucumber on each eye, and of course wearing a mudpack supplied by her servants.


Soft classic music wafted through the air courtesy of her phonograph, as she was not up on modern times. Time it seemed stood still beyond the veil. One of her servants, a muscle bound heavy sporting a fur lap lap and not much else, set down some clean towels, and bowed his head, awaiting her instructions.


Peeling back one of the pieces of cucumber, she eyed him critically.

“I gave you a name, didn’t I?”

“Aye…you called me Samson.”

She snapped her fingers, suddenly remembering. It was due to his long hair that flowed down his back. (not back hair…ew).

“Samson? Any word on that warlock King….the one that can get me out past the veil to the realm of the Sons and Daughter of Adam?”

The servant shook his head. “No, M’lady…none have seen nor heard from him.”

This was not good news, and the Witch rolled her eyes, then set back down the cucumber slice in place.

“Very well. That will be all.”

“Did you wish Samson to wash your hair?” he asked, spying upon her naked form, almost unable to hold back his lust for his Mistress. The Witch just wasn’t in the mood. “Maybe later, once I wash off this crud on my face. Now…off with you.”she said in a commanding tone. Samson nodded begrudgingly, and left her bathroom, while Mona started to plot her next evil scheme.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 13, 2013 08:38AM
Desdemona’s Castle

Having finished her bath, Mona was dressed in a simple black robe, as she strolled back in her bedroom, only to see Dirk lazing on her couch. He was admiring a picture of her, and then gave her a sadistic grin. “Hark…what light through yonder window…breaks. Tis the east and Juliette is the sun.” Desdemona stopped dead, and placed her hands upon her hips. “How…no…when did you get here?” She asked, raising a well shaped brow to see the head of demons just lounging around her chambers. At first Dirk seemed put out.“Oh, is that any way to treat a lover?” Desdemona rolled her eyes and then said bluntly“Ex…lover.”


Dirk simply grinned and eased back, setting down her picture. “You only have to say the word, and I can be right back in your bed.” the demon patted the couch, and urged her to join him. Strolling past him, she already had other plans, and one was to somehow get that Warlock King to help her get beyond the veil. She had tried everything, every book, spell, incantation, even a few sacrifices and…..nothing. She wrapped her arms around herself and stared out a gable window. Dirk picked up on this instantly, and pushed himself up off the couch. “Now now…don’t go hiding your wicked schemes from me, Mona. You always have a way of trying to destroy someone…or something. Preferably those pesky were wolves. Though, seriously…why bother? You have plenty of pelts, and a few made into rugs. I fail to see the charm.” He was going on a bit, but edging up behind her, and resting his hands on her shoulders. Mona sighed. “Can’t a girl have a hobby?” Well, it wasn’t a hobby, no it was more of an obsession.

Dirk was amused, since she still had a sense of humor. “Some like to press flowers. YOU like to torture wolves. Not really a girly hobby.” Desdemona smiled wistfully, and allowed Dirk to kiss her neck as she thought.



Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 14, 2013 01:10PM
Cypher after having that amazing chat with Lilly in the human world, he decided to go back to the Veil, and so he could have a chat with that wicked witch, it seemed like they are going to deal with some important business. His day was going great, he had the longest chat with Lilly, and now he was “working” over her shop, and got her number, it was like a bonus, another bonus was that the girls were going back to school, so they wouldn’t be so much in the shop, and he could be alone with Lilly. Well, “alone”, the clients wouldn’t allow that alone time happen, but it would still be a beginning.
Passing from the human world to The Veil, everything was totally different, it could be anything you wanted, but right now Cypher wasn’t with the time to admire things around him, or he just didn’t wanted to. He just keep on walking towards the Desdemona’s castle, picking up the hood from his jacket, he covered his head, and continued walking.

Desdemona’s Castle


Reaching the Desdemona’s Castle, some people wasn’t sure if they should allow him to get in, till they noticed he was the King Warlock, and since most feared them, they just allowed him to pass. He removed the hood, and rose his chin, walking firmly and making the others around him respect him, and fear him. That was the best part on being a King, everybody would fear you and respect you, its like, you can have the world on your hands, and you can control them so easily.
He followed a servant that was leading him where Desdemona was placed, and then he just warned the witch, the King Warlock was here. Cypher waited with a grin, as he placed his hands behind him, and allowed the yellow cat-like eyes of his show up again, he hated covering his eyes with a normal dark brown when he was in the human world, so here he was more freely.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 14, 2013 05:58PM
[center]Desdemona’s Castle 

The shadows hold many things within them. A dark secret that a select few know should never be brought to light. The broken body of an innocent man who’s purse was simply larger than another’s. The bruised shape of a woman who’s night went a little off the path of correctness. These all remain in the shadows, encased in darkness as secrets, dirty little bits of information that had the potential to ruin a person’s life, or make another’s all the better. This, the shadows, was where Garrett Hawke felt most at home. This was where he thrived. Currently, there was much to learn within them, in the halls of the great Desdemona’s forbodding castle. So many tid bits of information, rumors, stuff to make the lip quiver and send chills down the back, possibly even create an aura of Paranoia.

Garrett was used to these feelings, and had become quite immune to them. He knew full well of the many behind the scene plots that the mistress of the house had committed, and he was far from fear full of them. In fact, the entire idea intrigued him. Truthfully, he admired Desdemona, to a point where he almost obsessed over her. Currently, he hid within the shadows of the hallways, runes covering his body that created an aura of invisibility, effectively cloaking him to those that would not know better. However, there were those, such as the Mistress of the Castle, that knew exactly what to spot. And besides this, Hawke felt another presence, one that he hadn’t felt in so long, and longed to see once more. Cypher, High Warlock of their order, in other words, their king. Hawke felt a deep, burning hate that has persisted for many, many years for the man.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 14, 2013 09:05PM
Dirk’s hands were starting to wander, as his lips pressed to the nape of Desdemona’s neck. There was no mistaking that the demon lord hungered for her, and wished to have her as his once again. Her obsession with the ending of all werewolves however made it so that she could not seem to hold her attention to the Demon lord’s needs. As he got more excited in the fact she had not moved from her spot at the window, he felt he was getting a leg over her in fact. His claws started to lengthen, and that was not all. He had started to grind her from behind, like a dog on heat. Desdemona rolled her eyes, as her mind cleared of her treacherous thoughts.



“Mmmph…come on…just this once. You know you want it. You want me to give it to you.” Dirk started to nip and bite at her neck, and she pulled away from his hold, only to round on him and glare menacingly.

“What part of NO, don’t you get?” At this she slapped him hard across the face, and grit her teeth. “Get out!” the acid in her tone and the rage that was flooding her veins was showing she was not mucking around. The Demon lord grinned sheepishly, actually getting off on the face slap, in fact he would have loved her to beat him into submission right there.

At this, one of Desdemona’s other servants appeared and announced that they were to have guests. Mona glared at Dirk, who was backing up, showing both hands in surrender. “I’ll come back when you are…in need of me.” his tone having a sickly sweet ring to it, as he then vanished in a blast of flames and smoke.


Waving her hand in front of her face, she coughed elegantly, and strode over to her changing screen, and started to disrobe. The black silk robe fell to the floor, and she started to dress in her lacy undergarments and then bustier, as she started to feel the presence of a lingering soul. Poking her head up from behind the screen, she noticed the aura of one other. Garrett. “Sticking to the shadows makes you out to be like a peeping tom. Unbecoming. Show yourself.” Desdemona said with a chilling voice, while putting on a fine full length gown in emerald green. She stepped out, fixing her hair, when lo and behold, the gold eyed King of Warlocks….also appeared. Devilishly handsome as ever, and a sight for sore eyes.

“I think my night just got a whole lot better, M’lord.”

Gliding across the room, she ran her tongue across her top row of teeth and showed a wicked smile.

“So…how’s things over in the land of mortals. And…when can I join you there to do what must be done.” She had been patient for so long waiting for him…but even she had limits.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 14, 2013 10:36PM
Garrett watched on, and smiled oh so devilishly at the scene before him. A demon. She’d messed around with a demon of all things before her little escapade with the “King”. How delicious this was, and would turn to be. Now, there’s nothing wrong with screwing lower life forms, but fraternizing with demons as a Warlock or witch is NEVER a good thing, as it normally ends in a bad way that affects everyone it touches. Thus, Fraternizing with demons was a rather high crime. This would be some dirt that Garrett would hold on to for the right moment. Hell, he hardly noticed how sensual it’d become before his thoughts were interupted.

“Sticking to the shadows makes you out to be like a peeping tom. Unbecoming. Show yourself.”

Garrett smiled, but remained in his comfy zone, shrouded in darkness, though without the invisibility spell. His body appeared slowly, and at first he was undressed, his runes which were colored black glowing a dark mix of black and red, though this quickly changed upon his becoming full formed. Now dressed in a rather flashy black suit, Garrett lowered his head respectfully as he spoke. “Were there not so much to see from within them, I’d rather be in your sight, M’Lady.” Lifting his head, he watched as she strode out the door, and down the hall, most likely to speak with that drab of a man he was to call his king. With a sigh, he regrettably followed in suit, only to be greeted by the man himself not long afterwards.

Garrett said no word, simply watched. It was likely the king wouldn’t even remember him, and Garrett would not only hope, but bet on that. Hopefully, he doesn’t inquire to the lady’s company, and she expose his identity. That’d look poorly for him, and her.


Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 16, 2013 04:05PM
Desdemona’s Castle


Cypher just waited for the witch to let him step inside, there was no way he was going to interrupt her on doing her “business”, like last time. Some memories will never leave his mind, no matter how much he wished they would all be gone. As soon as he was inside, there was just smoke, and Cypher had to move his hand in front of him, to try make the all smoke go away, the hell happen in here anyway? Seriously, Desdemona needed to know how to be more “clean”.
“I see there’s too much dust in here.”
He was just using the word dust to replace the word smoke.
Cypher drew his attention to Desdemona, and grinned whenever he saw how “excited” she got to see him, and the way she moved her tongue over her teeth. OF course, he wasn’t alone with her, there was always her shadow, Garret. That man clearly had some problem with Cypher, but Cypher could careless about him, as long as that guy respected him, and stayed away, everything would be fine. There’s some people that isn’t even worth of use your energy on them.
“The humans? They’re a weird race, I believe. So weak and vulnerable. You can easily play with any of them.”
He already played with lots of humans, for his amusement, not really hurting anybody that bad, the “pain” would always disappear within minutes. Just like he done in Lilly’s store with that man.
“Join me, sweetheart? Why would you want that?”
Cypher asked her with a charming smirk. Of course he knew what she wanted, but that didn’t meant he was going to make things easy for her. He would never gain anything back if he just helped her, she would have her fun destroying the werewolves, but Cypher wouldn’t have a single thing with that, he wouldn’t care, and that wouldn’t bring him anything.

Re: {RP} Beyond the Veil
September 16, 2013 05:08PM
Desdemona’s Castle

Dirk’s departure had caused a bit of a mess, as usual. The plumes of smoke and ash were always annoying, and to see that Cypher now gesturing that the room was too smokey, and the dust and debris, Mona became embarrassed. If it weren’t for the fact that Cypher had arrived so soon after Dirk’s departure she would have had her minions working on it to clean the mess.

“I keep asking him to use the door.” she replied with a sarcastic tone. Desdemona was of course fascinated with Cypher’s eyes, the gold eyes of a cat, in the face of such a handsome Warlock. It didn’t escape her that he was now looking at Garrett, who had been watching everything from the shadows the entire time. Garret was dressed in a rather flashy black suit, and had his head lowered respectfully. Something about that man at times. But right now, the King’s attention was what she craved.

“The humans? They’re a weird race, I believe. So weak and vulnerable. You can easily play with any of them.” The King appeared non too fussed with the humans, and rightly so. She also believed they were nothing more than ants beneath her feet. What she wanted though, was not the humans at all. Like a minx, she walked around the King, and showed a devious smile.

“Why would I want that? Oh…see, that is where the fur bound werewolves exist, so very far from my clutches.” Mona was not ashamed to admit what she truly desired. The Witch then pouted and picked an imaginary speck of dust from the King’s shoulder. “You know how the humans enjoy fox hunting. Well…I like my fur bags a tiny bit bigger. More to the challenge really. Just think, I could get the very latest in hunting attire. Might see if they make those sweet riding hats in crushed velvet.” Plotting for a moment she then realized that the King would want something in return, to allow her freedom to escape the veil.


“Alright…enough with the pleasantries. I’ll be bold. I want to cross the veil. Name your price.”