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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 12, 2013 08:14AM


Melinda was chatting the the police officer, and answering him whatever he wanted her to. She always had some smile on her face, due already being drunk. She was drunk when she was at home, she come drunk to the disco, and drank a little more in there. With some lucky she was able to flirt with a few men, probably closer to their 30s, while she was tons of years more older than them, but growing old, and make up has that powerful effect on her.
Some of her sentences didn’t made much sense, and she was forced to answer them twice, which was clearly leaving her bored, and have nothing to do. Was she really going to get arrested? Or could she just go home, and later on, they could keep on with the questions? She knows she didn’t killed anybody, she is drunk, but not enough to forget what she does during this night. Maybe tomorrow, she will forget everything.
While she was being interrogated, she saw her younger sister, Amelia. Oh shit, no. She tried to cover her face, like nobody could see her, which didn’t worked, of course. Amelia was like that mother figure towards Melinda, always telling her to not do this or that, or else she will get in trouble. Melinda just does it anyway to show her that she can take care of herself, and most of times, she fails. She peeked from the space between her fingers, and saw Amelia with Roger besides her, the glare Amelia was giving her, sent a shiver through her spine. Now she just hoped, she wouldn’t get the same lecture.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 12, 2013 08:32AM

Amelia had finished taking pictures that would be used by the department in the murder case, when she heard Rodger coming up behind her. Ah…great. She thought to herself, turning around she showed him a smile that he would know all too well. “And hello Rodger Dodger, I see you got the call too huh?” Amelia said, packing away her camera and then standing upright, with her pig tails resting on her shoulders. He asked about the name of the club owner and if she had any details on him. Yeah, did she ever, but she kept it professional in her reply. “Galtem Manzenli, former lawyer just returned from overseas. He is the new owner of the bar here and was throwing a party tonight.”She knew this was probably going to get her in trouble, but she decided to come clean.“Witnesses say he has been inside all night in the VIP lounge.” At this she took another look at her sister, Melinda who was peeking through her web of fingers, obviously trying to hide from her sister’s gaze. “I am so going to rip her a new one later” Amelia thought, not bothering to show a wave or acknowledgement at this point. She was probably drunk, as always and on the prowl for some man flesh.

Her attention went back to Rodger who was shaking his shoulders and enjoying the song that was being played in the club. That goofy grin of his was something else. “Awesome. Maybe you can ask Mr Manzenli for a request when you go in and interview him….a dance as well.” She was being cheeky and sarcastic back, as she patted his arm and then started for her car, which was behind the yellow tape.



Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 12, 2013 08:55AM
Haley grinned and winked at Erica, “Heh I knew it…it’s written all over your face as well.” She teased Erica before she turned her head and saw where Erica was looking at. A couple of guys winking and smiling at them she rolled her eyes and shook her head, “Gosh, when guys see pretty girls they can’t control themselves…we should just get hotter so the boys lose their cool and be clumsy.” She whispered to her but laughed at the thought. She felt Erica tapping on her arm and she turned and saw her brother with his friends, she arched an eyebrow as she focused her senses on where her brother was. She turned and looked down at her glass but still listened to what was going on with Dylan. She heard his friends talking that didn’t make sense but she got a whiff of that smell of weed. She sighed to herself before she looked at the bartender who was smiling at her. She gave him a sweet smile, “Hey sweetie give me two coke please? Thank you love.” She gave him a wink and he smiled, showing his dimples before he left to fix her and Erica’s drink. She turned and looked to Erica before she saw her brother leaving with a girl that was somewhat familiar to her but couldn’t really tell. She saw the look her brother gave her and instantly she flared up her nose a bit before turning and bit the inside of her cheek. “And the idiot gets in trouble again….” She muttered although a soft growl escaped her lips. It was well known she was pissed because her brother was always into deep trouble that she will have to get his ass out of before their mom and dad finds out. She was about to say something to Erica but she saw their drink arrive and she turned and looked at the bartender seeing him about to leave, she reached out and grabbed his wrist gently. She watched him turn and looked at her, she tilted her head a bit. “Hey..think I could get a shot of whiskey as well?” The guy stared at her for a while before grinning and put his finger to his lip as to keep it quiet as he poured her a couple shots of whiskey and slid it to her. She mouthed thank you to him before she turned and looked at Erica. “I don’t think you should even worry about my brother as you can see…he’s getting into trouble again.” She said before downing two shots of whiskey that burned as it went down but she stomach the burning sensation and shook her head a bit, placing the two shot glasses down and took a sip of her coke. 

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September 12, 2013 08:57AM

Roger’s eyes shifted back and forth awkwardly as he listened to Amelia talk. “Yea, I did.” He then looked her in the eyes and tilted his head “I see the party took a dangerous turn…I want a list of the witnesses that were seen with him. Whoever was seen spending time with him will be questioned thoroughly so I can get an outside perspective on him.” Roger ignored her next sarcastic remarks as he looked over to see a cop coming towards him. He then turned his back on Amelia and raised an eyebrow “What do ya got?” The cop proceeded to tell him that he was just speaking to Galtem and that Roger would definitely want a word with him. He then pointed out Galtem and Roger noticed a pretty blonde girl sticking close by him. Lifting a finger, he pointed at her and asked “Who’s the gal?” The cop looked at his notebook and informed the Lieutenant that the woman was Jacqueline Moulin and that she was the club singer. Raising an eyebrow, he studied the woman before looking at the cop “How…close is she with Mr. Manzenli? The cop just shrugged. Roger nodded and turned to see Amelia heading for her car. Frowning, he called after her “Oh no, you don’t…you’re staying here, Vampira. I’m gonna need your help interrogating. You may be forensics but I need your people skills.” He smirked and turned his head to look at Galtem. “I’ll take the tall broody club owner.” With that, the Lieutenant walked over to Galtem and smiled at the cop. “I’ll take it over from here…” The cop nodded and walked away. Roger faced the vampire head on and smiled politely while sticking his hand out “Lieutenant Roger Marx. I understand you run this little shing-dig here?” Raising a hand, he gestured towards the bar. His smile lingered on his face as he tilted his head to ask “Ya mind walking me through what you were doing during your festive evening?”

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 12, 2013 09:10AM

“People skills?” Amelia thought as she came to a stop. “I don’t have people skills” She placed her kit in the boot of her car, and then sauntered back over, still wearing her police vest. She watched as Rodger dismissed one of the other officer’s and was starting his interrogation on Galtem. This was the last place she wanted to be right now.

Walking up beside Rodger, she overheard him asking Galtem what he was doing at the club, a basic run through of events. Was that going to include the bathroom dalliance with Jennifer? She could almost feel like bile was rising up in her throat. Oh this wasn’t good at all. Amelia offered Galtem a weak smile, then nervously rubbed the back of her neck. She knew that he probably had nothing to do with the discovery of the dead body in the car park, but the investigation would probably uncover a lot more than anyone really needed to know.


Seeing the pretty blonde that was now more or less attached to Galtem, she started to wonder just how many girls he was getting with that night. Even she had limits. Her eyes cast over at Jacqueline warily, then back at Galtem, waiting to see how big a hole he was going to dig when he answered Rodger’s questions.


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September 13, 2013 03:20AM

Galtem right now, wasn’t so sure if he even should go meet up with the cops, if Jacque that knew him for awhile, thought he could kill somebody, now imagine some stranger cops, that doesn’t know a thing about him, and the only thing they know is that he owns a disco, and for what it seems, he has a mob look. He heard Jacque’s comment about Galtem being the one running away from his problems and the “beautiful woman”. That wasn’t a lie, he basically spends his life running away from his problems, in hope they will solve by themselves, or will never show up in his life again. In hopes his memory will forget abuot everything, and he can start everything from the start, but no success.
Galtem stared around, and was waiting to see if Amelia would come to check her sister, Melinda. That woman could be very troublesome from what Galtem heard about Amelia, and sometimes it was hard to believe Melinda was the older sister, was already mother, and now grandmother, yet, she can be this troublesome. He felt his phone vibrating inside the pocket of his jeans, and he removed his phone to see what was it, it was Amelia’s replay to his text, good that she was coming over. Placing his phone back in his pocket, he turned around and faced Jacque.
“Definitely, and you’re going to get stuck with me.”
He told her with a smirk, while he wiggled his eyebrows. He knew if he had somebody else with him, he wouldn’t snap so early.
The cops finally decided to talk with Galtem, some cop named Roger. He forced a smile, while his lips departed.
“Yes, I do own this place. I’m Galtem Manzenli.”
Galtem answered the cop’s answer, and introduced himself. It was on that moment, Amelia showed up behind him, and for some odd reason, he had a bad feeling about this. First her smile made him feel better, but the warily look she sent to Jacque and back at him, sent a shiver through his spine. Did she really thought he was getting involved with Jacque? Sometimes he hates being known as a womanizer.
“Huh, sure. I arrived here with one of my family members, and with her.”
When he said ‘her’, he just pointed at Amelia.
“We went up to the VIP Lounge, and stayed there, chatting and drinking, till she got sick and went throw up. I stayed in the couch, and an ex-partner of mine in the law life, showed up as well, and I was with him till Amelia showed up again.”
He started to explain, and it was on this moment, he would have to talk about Jennifer, he didn’t had to use her as a witness, right? Amelia walked in, she could work as a witness, he didn’t wanted to bring Jennifer into this.
“Then some woman got in the the VIP Lounge and we started making out in the ladies restroom, till Amelia stepped in.”
There wasn’t really any other way he could say this.
“I went back to drinking, and Jacque was with me till now.”
Whenever he said Jacque, he pointed at the blondie besides him. 

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 13, 2013 03:56AM

If ever there was a time that Amelia wanted to hex someone, it was right there, right then. Galtem decided to explain the night’s events a little too detailed, and the fact he pointed at her to say that they were in the VIP lounge, made her a suspect, like everyone else. Not like she had not been home for hours, even in bed when she got the call to come down.“Great…oh just great.” Amelia wanted to bury her head, but standing beside the Lieutenant, she knew she was going to be next in the firing line.

This made her involvement in the case, null and void, even as a forensics specialist. A conflict of interest. Oh wait till they find out one of the other suspects is her own sister. She could feel Rodger looking at her. Grinding her right toe of her boot into the pavement, she shook her head, and then knew she had to say what she knew.

“He’s telling the truth. I was here, hours earlier. Yes, I hung out in the VIP lounge, and yes..” This was when she glared at him…all bets were off.“I saw him making out with some…girl in the bathroom. And before anyone gets ideas, no…I was just a friend, hanging out.” She wanted to make it clear, it was no date or anything romantic. “I felt sick and the D.A…Shane Williamson drove me home.” Least she knew that Shane would back her up on that count.

When she looked back at Galtem, you could see the disappointment behind her eyes. Amelia then asked Rodger. “Will I be suspended for this. I realize this is now a serious matter.” Amelia was going to be in deep shit over this.



Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 13, 2013 09:21AM

Jacque smiled sarcastically when Galtem told her she was stuck with him. Just perfect. Still, she knew even if she had a choice that she would stick around. She wasn’t one to just run from a sticky situation, even if she wanted to. For some reason, she felt this guy needed at least one loyal person in his life that wouldn’t run out on him when he was an idiot. Turning her head, she saw Roger and Amelia walk up to them and the man began to question Galtem. Jacque stood there silently and gave Amelia an awkward smile while the men talked. She really didn’t want to be lumped with Galtem as a ‘fling’, but she planned on keeping quiet until it was her turn to speak. However, she was shocked when her boss had the balls to involve Amelia into his story. He kept Jennifer out but not his supposed best friend? This time she did not contain herself as she rolled her eyes.
Roger caught this and smiled, observing Jacque. She was exceptionally beautiful, but he had no idea the majority of his attraction to her was because she was a mermaid. He shook his head to focus himself and it suddenly Galtem’s words dawned on him. Amelia was there with Galtem at the party. The party where a dead body was found…with the owner of the joint who was a known womanizer and now a suspect. Turning to look at Amelia, he frowned and asked “Is there a reason why you decided not to mention your involvement here at the party when I asked for details on Mr. Manzenli? Did it just escape your mind that you apparently spent a great deal of your night drinking with the suspect in our murder case?” Oh Roger was pissed. Very pissed, and extremely jealous. Crossing his arms, he jerked his head towards his car “Go wait for me in my car. Now. You will be taken in for questioning and I will decide what to do with your future with the police there. I don’t care what you do for my department.”. There was little doubt Amelia was in for a good reaming back at the department. He turned his back on her to face Jacque “Can you vouch for Mr. Manzenli’s alibi?”
When Jacque was addressed again, she nodded and began to talk “Yes, I can. I arrived to the disco around ten o’clock and he was in the VIP lounge when I got there. I can tell he had been drinking already and I saw him speaking to some blonde guy and that chick you just scolded.” Roger smiled slightly at her descriptions but nodded, allowing her to continue. “I went on stage almost immediately and sang most of the party. While I was singing, I saw some blonde girl talking to Galte- err…Mr. Manzenli, and they went into the bathroom. They were in there for a few minutes, not longer than twenty minutes, I think, and they came out separetely.”

Roger cut her off “Did they look distressed? Did you recognize the woman?”

The mermaid shrugged and frowned slightly “Uh…I guess she looked a little miffed. The boss just looked kinda frustrated with himself. And I may have seen the woman around town, but I’ve never spoken to her and I couldn’t tell you her name.”

The lieutenant nodded and asked “Then what happened?”

Jacque continued “Then I decided to take a break and see if my boss was ok. I’ve never seen him look that upset and he immediately took to drinking again. I figured I should at least see to it he made it home ok.”

Roger smiled at this and tilted his head “You care a lot about your boss, don’t you?”

That warranted a frown from Jacque “As his employee, yea I do. He loses his shit, I lose my job. Don’t give me that smile, we hardly ever spoken before.”

The lieutenant let her sass slide long enough to ask “So why did you feel it was necessary to speak to your boss tonight of all nights?”

The mermaid’s blue eyes glowed faintly as her temper flared. Tilting her head, she asked quietly “How will my answer to that question find a killer?”

Roger decided then and there that he liked this woman. She was going to be an asset if not to this case, then to something else worth while. Turning to Galtem, he smiled with a slight shrug “Sorry, bud, but I’m going to have to take you downtown for further questioning. Don’t worry, Dollface here gets to come to.” With that, he looked to a cop and told him “Make sure these kids get in a police car. We’re going back.” The cop nodded and placed each hand on Jacque and Galtem’s shoulders, urging them towards the nearest police car. Roger watched them walk away before turning back to his car. Walking towards it, he then frowned and slid into his seat. Slamming the door shut, he muttered “You’re in deep shit, Reed.” With that, he sped off towards the station.

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September 13, 2013 10:46AM

Amelia’s heart sank, the moment she heard Rodger turn his questions on her. She was in it, deep. How on earth she was going to even explain her way out of this mess, was truly beyond her. It was like everything she had ever worked towards was about to go up in smoke. Her livelihood, her apartment. Who would take care of her snake and kitty? All Amelia could do was try to stop herself from being emotional in front of Rodger and especially Galtem.

“Is there a reason why you decided not to mention your involvement here at the party when I asked for details on Mr. Manzenli?’

“No, Lieutenant, I…”

“Did it just escape your mind that you apparently spent a great deal of your night drinking with the suspect in our murder case?”

“Well, to be honest I have been in bed for hours…and..”


“Go wait for me in my car. Now. You will be taken in for questioning and I will decide what to do with your future with the police there. I don’t care what you do for my department.”

Amelia didn’t say another word. She didn’t have too. The look on her face said everything.

“Yes sir.” Amelia said simply, but not before giving Galtem a look that he would never have seen before. She didn’t look at Jacque, who seemed to be spilling her guts for the Lieutenant and he was lapping it up. Amelia walked back to Rodger’s car, and got in the passenger seat, and waited for Rodger. It wasn’t long before he joined her, and of course he slammed the door and said;

“You’re in deep shit, Reed.”

Amelia bit her tongue, rather than respond. She knew her rights, and until she was charged officially, she wasn’t saying another word.


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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 13, 2013 01:26PM

Galtem noticed how he basically ruined Amelia’s day, his intentions wasn’t totally burnt her and drag her along with his problems, he was simple explaining the cop what he done today, of course he could keep Amelia out of this, but if he done that, he had nobody who could witness him being with Jennifer, and he didn’t wanted to bring Jennifer into this matter, its already enough have Jacque thinking he was capable to kill somebody, even tho that was true.
Galtem watched the cop scold Amelia, and he just rolled his eyes when Amelia said it wasn’t a date or something romantic, he would never have any kind of intercourse with Amelia, they know each other for too long, and act like siblings, it will be just disgusting have to touch themselves in that way.
Folding his arms in front of his chest, he just waited for the cop finish with Amelia, so then he could finish with them too, and they all could go home. But when the cop faced them, he just began to talk to Jacque, and their conversation seemed to last, Galtem was holding himself to not facepalm himself, when Jacque began to talk about Jennifer, thankful this mermaid didn’t knew enough about Jennifer. Then the cop just began to ask Jacque if she cared about her boss, and Galtem was holding back a chuckle, this conversation was getting extremely awkward and hilarious. But he tried to remain “strong”, so the cop wouldn’t ask him his opinion about Jacque.
The fun wouldn’t last for long, the cop was already telling them, to go get in the car, and the questions would continue in the police station. Seriously? They wasn’t free to go? Ugh, well, Caleb would have to take care of himself.
Galtem forced another smile, and just done what they told him too, even tho, deep inside, he wanted to snap, and make this people walk away from them, he had a bad night because of Jennifer, now this all issue about the dead body, its only leaving him more angry.


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