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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 10, 2013 06:35AM


As soon as Eric and her was outside, he just used his supernatural speed to go the parking lot, so they could get their cars. Letting go off Maha’s hand, he stared down at her, and heard her telling him they should go do something else. Oh she still wanted the night to continue? He figured it was because of her father, for him that was obvious, but he didn’t commented anything about it. Now he was just thinking on what they could do.
“Well, we can go over my house.”
Eric suggested with a shrug. If it was another person saying those words, they would think he just wanted to get under Maha’s skin, but Eric was way too shy, insecure and innocent for such thing, he would never do anything against her will, since he doesn’t know that she has feelings for him. Plus, his father was probably at home or his sister. So nothing that big could happen.
“Watch a movie and drink some beers.”
He continued, as he forced a smile.
“Ok..I really have lame ideas.”
He told her with a chuckle, before shake his head.

Bar and Outside


Melinda noticed everybody starting to leave the disco, and she couldn’t figure out why, then she saw Eric telling her to leave as well. Why would she? Was the cops coming over? Well, she wouldn’t have any kind of problem, since she wasn’t “under-age”. So, she stayed quiet on her spot and just keep drinking her glass of vodka, sadly for her, the guy she had kissed, just left in hurry as well, why was everybody so scary of cops? Melinda knew nothing that bad could happen to her, she was an adult, drinking, she couldn’t get in trouble because of this.
After finishing her glass, she pushed herself up from her seat, and just walked out of the disco, by the back door, since lots of people was using that door for leave. Whenever she stepped outside, she just saw the crime scene, cops everywhere, and a dead body, right there. She stared down at the dead body, with a confused expression, till she saw he had his tongue out, and that clearly made her chuckle, but she slapped her own hand against her lips, as she tried to hold a chuckle, while she was trying to control herself from laughing, a cop showed up behind her, and just grabbed her arm.
“If you find this so funny, you wont mind if I ask you a few questions.”
Melinda felt a shiver through her spine, as she turned around, and saw the cop. Of course, blame the grandmother in the disco, its always more easy blame somebody.
“Now a person can’t laugh anymore.”
She complained with a pout, but she done with what the cop wanted. She followed him to closer to the cop cars, and he just started to ask her questions, if she saw something, if she knew that man, and so on. She did knew that man, well, only for minutes, he was the one who was outside, and the both of them just started to flirt, but only for a couple of minutes, before Melinda got inside the disco, then she stopped seeing that man. Either way, she interacted with the victim, so now she was a suspect as well.

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September 10, 2013 09:05AM
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Jacque was going to snap at Galtem for taking her glass away, but instead smiled. He was right about her not taking her own advice, but she didn’t have anyone to tell her to be a better person. At least she could be that person for her boss. She leaned in as though she were going to say something but stopped. A flash of sirens proved the cops were here. Lifting her head, she sniffed around and the smell of decay and death filled her nostrils. How had she not noticed before. Scowling, she turned to look at Galtem “This isn’t good. I think someone is dead in your Disco. YOUR disco. I’m not sure if you should leave, it’ll make you look suspect.” Standing up as though she were going to flee herself, Jacque looked down at Galtem. She wanted to run for her life but something about his state of mind had her feet staying in place. Sighing, she reached down to grab his hand. Yanking him to his feet if he would allow it, Jacque stared into his eyes intensely. “I’m not going anywhere, boss. I’ll be your alibi that you were with me the whole night. Well…mostly. Hopefully your lady friend vouches for you to.” Standing next to him, she crossed her arms and waited for the police to come in.

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September 10, 2013 10:32AM


Sirens now blared around them and as Maha looked over at the club she was really glad they had gotten out of their quickly. It was insane how many people were shoving to get out. She would not have been surprised if people were getting hurt just because of the massive stampede. She was incredibly curious about what had happened and wondered if her dad knew anything. Even when he wasn’t around he seemed to know what was going on in the town. But she forced herself to tear her attention away from the club and looked back at Eric. When he suggested they go to his house her face lit up, grateful for the offer. Her dad would be unbelievably pissed off if he knew that she not only refused his text, but ended up going over to the Manzenlis house instead. Well, he needed to get over his dislike for their family, because she knew they were not bad people. More so now than ever. That and if he was feeling angry at her at least he was feeling something for her at all. “That’d be great,” she said, almost sighing with relief before letting out a laugh. “I think it’s a perfect idea,” she assured him. “Can I just go with you?” she asked. She could run over to get her car in the morning. It was not as if she had anything important to do the next day and would end up going for a run anyway. That and she really wanted to ride in his car. “I’ll just pick mine up from here later.”

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September 10, 2013 12:40PM


Eric smiled when he noticed that Maha seemed rather happy with his idea, he was glad that he was being able to please her, even if the party had stopped. He was about say something else, like telling her to just follow him while the both of them drove in different cars, but then she just asked him if she could go with him. Really? Didn’t she wanted to bring her car along? He stared at her a bit curious, but then she told him, she could pick her up from here later, so why not?
“Oh sure.”
He told her, as he tried to find the keys from his car inside his pocket and whenever he did, he just handed it to her, with a smile.
“You can ride it.”
It was clear that she was fan of cars, and she was pretty interested on his car whenever she saw it, so he was going to let her drive. He trusted her to lead them home, and he would give her directions whenever she needed. Maybe the car would be more safe in her hands than his, who knew.
After telling her this, he pressed the button from the keys, and just open the passenger door, as he got inside, and sat down. Then he just waited for her to come as well, and drive, while he gave her directions towards his place during the way.

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September 11, 2013 12:37PM
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Galtem looked at Jacque when she was leaning back in, like she was going to tell him something, but the sirens, the loud noise, made the both of them stop thinking, and wonder what in hell was the cops doing here? He couldn’t even throw a single party, that the cops was already stalking his ass? Ugh, this night couldn’t get worse, first Jennifer, now the cops. What’s next? Some thug that wasted his time traveling from where he left him, just for face Galtem? He rolled his eyes when Jacque said that Jennifer could be used as an alibi either, and was telling him to not run away.
“Why in hell are you telling me that? You really think I could kill a man?”
Galtem asked, perking up an eyebrow. He could, he would, and he did. During this100years, his business was drug dealer, he never took them, just sold them, so of course, when things got bad, somebody would come out dead or badly injured. Then he killed some guy in front of a woman, that was stalking him after get laid with him. He wanted to scare her away, since she was getting too closer to him.
Jacque’s tug on his hand, made him quickly stand up and place the glass down on table.
“Good, because I wouldn’t let you run away.”
If he was going to get burnt, the all workers in this disco, will get burnt as well. If this disco gets closed, they all are fired.
He was clearly upset with this, and he wasn’t going to wait for the cops, he would go meet up with them, and wonder what the hell was going. He just began to walk downstairs, and left the disco by the backdoor, he went up to a cop and told them, he was the owner of this disco, it was on that moment he noticed Melinda. Oh great, that old woman got herself in trouble? Well “old”. She looked extremely beautiful for somebody with her age. But if she was in trouble, Amelia would have to known. Galtem knows Melinda through Amelia. Removing his phone, he just text Amelia, that the cops found a dead body in his disco, and Melinda might be in trouble. 

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September 11, 2013 12:44PM
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Jacque just rolled her eyes at Galtem. She was well aware of what he was and had no doubts that he most likely killed someone. Judging by how much power and danger rolled off of him, she thought it was obvious that he looked like a killer. She didn’t say anything in response, knowing he was getting pissy because of the cops being there. The singer knew she didn’t have anything better to say anyways that would make him calm, so what was the point? Following him down the stairs, she fought back another eye roll when he mentioned her running away. Scowling, she stomped after him out of the disco and shouted at him “I do not run away, thank you very much! I believe you’re the one running away from both your problems and a beautiful woman.” Jacque felt proud of herself for saying that and crossed her arms with a smug expression on her face. Galtem didn’t appear to care as he began to text someone. Frowning, she just looked towards the woman with the black hair curiously. Who the hell was that. Sighing, she lifted her head towards the night sky and mumbled “It’s going to be a long night…” Obviously she wouldn’t be allowed to go home now that the cops were here. But who died? Why the hell did it happen at Galtem’s disco. It seemed he had a knack for drawing in trouble wherever he was. As she thought this, the mermaid began to regret talking to her boss in the first place.

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September 11, 2013 01:12PM
Iggy and Izzy walked into the bar, already blazed. They’d smoked a blunt before they’d left the house, in preparation for the party. Okay, well, more for themselves. Looking around they knew it was kind of late and the crowd seemed to be made up mostly of rowdy teenagers, most of the adults probably having left to do other things. Iggy’s eyes scanned the room, looking for Dylan. The weed he’d given her remained untouched, the baggy in the pocket of her tight jeans along with some rolling paper flavored like bubblegum. The guards outside hadn’t even thought to check her for anything and she was thankful for that. When her eyes finally landed on Dylan, sitting at a table, she nudged Izzy’s arm and pointed over to him. Izzy looked in the direction and then pointed to the bar. Shrugging, Iggy started making her way across the room to Dylan while Izz made her way over to the bar, wondering if she’d even be able to get a drink.
Finally making it through the crowd over to Dylan Iggy slid into the booth next to him. After flashing a smile at his friends she leaned into him, placing her lips close to his ear so she wouldn’t have to yell over the music.
“Looking for me?”
She leaned back and smirked, having noticed his eyes scanning the crowd a moment before. Looking back to his friends she noticed they were rolling and chuckled a bit to herself. Maybe things here wouldn’t be too much different than they were back home. It seemed like people still wanted to party.

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September 11, 2013 02:21PM


Dylan just keep having fun with his friends, they was drinking, already smoking weed, but then they was already preparing another one, since it seemed the first one was going to end quickly. Dylan was fine, well not that high nor drunk, due his werewolf abilities, but he was enough to be smiling around while staring at people. He was looking through the crowd trying to find the twins, would they show up? He thought so, since he offer them that weed, it was like a gift, and for make it up to him, they just needed to show up, so he could have his fun with them.
After looking around, his attention went back to his friends, while they keep on having some random chat about stuff, and sometimes they wasn’t even making sense, only moving around with the beat of the music. It was on that moment Iggy finally showed up. He stared at her from the corner of his eye, and bite down on his lower lip, while placing his free arm slowly around her waist, so he could keep her closer to him.
“For sure. I thought you wasn’t coming.”
He whispered into her ear as well. It was on that moment, it was his turn to smoke, and he took three blows, before give it to Iggy. He waited for her to take it, and he remained the all smoke inside his lungs. That’s how you get more high, by holding it for longer. Plus they used to do games like that, to see how held longer, and then just let it all out.
Reaching his limit, Dylan let the all smoke out, and it took awhile to remove that all smoke from his lungs, he leaned his back against the couch, and he was feeling his eyes getting heavy and red. Amazing. This was going to be definitely the best thing of his life.
BUT, it seems the cops wanted to ruin his fun. They showed up, and everybody that was under-age just left, Dylan was over 100years, but he was still considered under-age on the others eyes, plus he had drugs with him, he need to leave right now, and he could careless if his friends would get in trouble, they wasn’t really that closer friends, only guys that you could smoke with.
“Yeah, and our fun gets ruined.”
Dylan spoke, as he took Iggy by her wrist, and just began to tug her with him walking walking past the crowd, he noticed his sister, Haley and Erica. They was here as well? Hell, another reason to leave this place, or else he could get in a big problem if they saw him like that, and then his parents would scold him. After leaving the disco, he was able to sneak away from some cops, and now he was already far away from them, but he wouldn’t stay here, he decided to go to the park, so him and Iggy could keep on smoking. He had totally forgotten about her sister.
“Let’s go to the park, so we can continue this.”
He told her with a smile, as he started to walk, and removed a cig from his pocket, just a normal one, so the both of them could smoke while walking.

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September 11, 2013 09:50PM

Pulling up in her black hatchback, Amelia had more or less crawled out of bed after getting Galtem’s text about the dead body, the cops and the fact Melinda, her sister was in trouble. Sitting in her car a moment, she wanted to beat her head on the steering wheel, but instead, she knew that she would have to deal with this professionally. Already the forensics team from the local police force had arrived, and Nick Henesy the chief detective of that department, was already surveying the scene. Getting out of her car, she moved around the back, and opened her hatch back up, taking out her official vest, and sweeping her hair back into the two pony tails. Armed with her kit and camera, she slammed down the hatch, and walked to the taped off area, where she lifted it up and entered the crime scene. Nick turned and saw Amelia and smiled broadly, taking off his dark sunglasses. “You were fast.” he said, moving towards her to pat her shoulder. “Yeah, you can say that. Okay, what we got here.” Nick took out his notebook and started rattling off the case statistics, as Amelia snapped on a pair of gloves. “Male Caucasian, about 23 years old give or take, found lying in a pool of his own urine. Noted tongue hanging out of victims mouth. No obvious signs of blunt forced trauma.”

Amelia walked around the body and started to take pictures, her camera flashing, then she stopped and asked. “Any weapons found on the scene?” glancing up to Nick, who shook his head. “Negative, but we do have a witness. Odd ball, she was laughing when she came out of the club. Witnesses say she was with the deceased before entering the club.” Amelia only had to look over to her right, to see that Melinda had been arrested. She rolled her eyes. Typical. Never knew a time when Melinda wasn’t in trouble. “You will be taking her downtown for questioning?” Amelia asked, not wanting to give away the fact she was related. Nick nodded. “Going to read her rights, then book her.” Amelia crouched down beside the body and took a swab of his saliva from his tongue, sealing it in a small tube, then placing it carefully within her kit. She placed both hands upon the victims head, tilting it, then searching his neck for the obvious signs of puncture wounds. Amelia knew that vampires were bound to be lurking around this club, for obvious reasons. She couldn’t see anything to indicate he was bitten.

Placing his head down gently, she rose up and then said. “I will need to do a tox screen, and then the autopsy should reveal what was in his system, time of death. That will help us establish a time line.” Backing up, the team from the morgue had arrived to take the body back down town to forensics. Amelia stepped aside, taking off her gloves and putting the cap back on her camera.

Again, she shot a look at Melinda, but being on the clock, she didn’t want to go over and disrupt the police investigations. Galtem was nowhere to be seen, and she was not going to enter the club to find him either. That was up to the detectives.



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September 12, 2013 07:24AM

Roger arrived on the scene a bit later than the rest of the team. He was at his mother’s house making her dinner when he got the call. Ever since his father had fallen ill and was bedridden, his mother’s dementia seemed to have gotten worse. Of course, Roger never minded taking care of his parents in their older age since Helen was off in NYC pursuing her dream of being a dancer. Though he thought her aspirations were a bit wreckless, he would support his family no matter what. Stepping under the yellow tape, he walked over to see Nick and Amelia hard at work. With a soft sigh, he watched Amelia in action and noted how adorable she was in pig-tails. Tilting his head to the side, he stared at her arse as she was bent over taking pictures before one of his investigators cleared his throat. Shaking his head, he turned to look at him with a crooked grin “Don’t need another sexual harassment seminar, do I?” The investigator just rolled his eyes and walked towards the body. Frowning at himself for being caught, Roger walked up to Amelia and Nick with his hands in his pockets. He had heard Nick’s stats just fine and was caught up with what was going on. He did not, however, know where Galtem was or even that he owned the disco. Taking one of his hands out, he rubbed the back of his neck and looked at Amelia. She was watching Melinda and seemed a little…off. Did she know the suspect? Stepping closer to her, he smiled slightly and waved a hand in front of her face to get her attention “Hello Queen of the Night. Give me the name of the club owner and I’ll question him. Give me any details you have on him as well. I don’t want any surprises.” When he finished speaking, he heard the music coming from the club. Shaking his shoulders a little, he smiled widely “Hey, I love this song!” He looked at Amelia with his goofy grin, wondering if she enjoyed it as much as he did.