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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 07, 2013 01:01PM
The Bar

Shane was well aware that the couple next to him were simply enraptured with each other. It was actually a nice thing to see. A genuine attraction; though the guy looked like he could use a push, but while waiting for his Jack Daniels, he knew when it was best to leave well enough alone. The wild night was starting to do the wind down, with some folks either heading for their cars for make out sessions, or back to the nearest motel room, to continue the dancing, but without the lights and bass music. You’d think that Shane would have scored earlier in the night, and he may have done, though he was interrupted in that pursuit. No rest for the wicked, they say. Course, there was always tomorrow night, and Shane rarely went without a feed. On bringing Shane his JD, Lizzy quipped about how she thought after all these years, that picking up someone at a bar, was getting more cliche’. Taking up his glass, he turned it thoughtfully in his hand, and then took a sip pondering her words of wisdom.


“Bars are often the places that you will find the most lonely of society. Drink eases up their shyness, and they can lose themselves. Next thing they know, they are off in the back alley, screwing someone, that they will probably never see again. And if they drink enough….they won’t remember anyways.” Taking another sip, he showed a half smile and offered. “Course, you’d know that better than anyone. I bet you hear all kinds of lines.” He gave the couple to his left a hopeful look. There was something about that couple. Made him happy to see. “Then again…there are always exceptions.” He raised his glass in a silent toast to Nicole and Matt, then drank down the last of his drink.


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September 07, 2013 06:43PM

Alec couldn’t do much now. The two had been reunited, father and daughter, apparently. He wasn’t sure how they were related, but their scents were, in fact, similiar, which offers some idea.THough, Alec was quickly losing interest in the entire topic. all he wasnted was to get to know the girl, and now, that seems like it won’t happen. thus, he didn’t waste time. Allowing his hand to fall, he waited for her to break in the conversation, and he leaned forward, close to her ear. “If you’d rather I let you be, I understand. I’ll take your tab, and leave you a way to contact me. All I ask, is that you do so.” His words were soft, but they seemed to echo loudly in her mind. Leaning away, he waved for the bartender to come as he pulled out his wallet and fished through the cash. When the man gave him his total, including Tess’ drink, he handed her the cash and tucked his wallet away. He grabbed a pen from the other side of the bar, and took to writting on a napkin. His note was simple, and it was left at her seat. A number and a name was all that was needed to give after all.

Once the woman had acknowledged this, and possibly said goodbye, Alec stood with a sigh and turned. His eyes settled on Rosa as she spoke with some guy. Immediately, Alec could feel the jealousy rising within him. Straightening his jacket, rage flew through him alongside the jealousy. He wasn’t sure why, but it was enough to cause him to rush from the building, slamming the door open, and then shut again. As he left, he brushed shoulders with another guy, but he said nothing in terms of apologies. Especially since the guy didn’t seem very phased by it. Alec continued to his bike, and opened the cargo compartment. Reaching inside, he pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. He didn’t smoke often, but it did help with the stress.


Andrew Gatsby. The city’s number one in organized crime. He’s killed very few people, but his organiztion is booming, and is the greatest. Mainly because it’s filled with creatures of the supernatural. Vampires, Werewolves, you name it, he’s got it. And this counts for more than just his gang operation. He is the image of sexual prowess for a man. Drew, as he is known, knew of the party that night at the bar, and thus, decided that the city’s most eligible bachealor should toss in his two cents. Thus, when the roar of a Black Lamborghini Gallardo, modeled to look like the Veneno pulled up along side the entrance and parked there, no one would be surprised as to who it was.
Andrew stepped out of the butterfly opening door, dressed to impress. He wore a dashing dark grey suit and tie with matching slacks and black sleek shoes. His hair was slicked up, and his cologne was a gentle, yet noticeable smell of accomplishment. Unlike other gangs that had to lay low with their money, Andrew’s had to do no such thing. No police force could possibly hope to keep up with them after all.

He tossed the keys to the Vallet, who looked a little too excited to drive hive his car. As he walked by the guy, who looked to be about 19, he eyed him with a tight glare. “You scratch it, you will be my new toy.” The teenager gulped as he lost his look of excitement, and Drew laughed softly to himself. Just as he was going to open the door, it was opened for him. Drew’s shoulder was then brushed by a man who smelled all too familiar. Obviously the guy wanted a death wish, which would come later, as right now, Drew was lookin’ to get laid, and by someone more specific than the others.

Walking inside, he smiled, and held an air about him that was more than enticing, and sexual. He was more than a wizard, more than a vampire, he was a demon and a mix of the two. To be more specific, a demon of Lust. Now, this counts for things other than sex, including inanimate objects such as money or cars or appliances, which Drew had plenty of. Hell, he was practically co-owner of the club thanks to all the money he’s poured into it. He instantly made his way to bar, figuring he’d get a few in him before heading up to VIP, where he was more than welcome. “Bottle of Vodka and a glass.” The bartender said as he dropped the items by Drew. The guy woman knew his order by heart apparently, and why shouldn’t she? He’s been hitting that for over a year now. “Thanks gorgeous.” Drew said with a wink, his voice an illustrious tone of sexual prowess that simply melted the woman in side. “Just be at my place when I’m off for the tip, and that’ll be thanks enough.” The woman winked, and Drew laughed. “Gladly.” He then poured himself a shot, and looked around, eyeing the many suitors of prey. Though he had one woman in mind, there were none above the age of 17 safe from his wrath.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 08, 2013 07:52AM
The Bar

Bones had not seen his daughter in a really long time, but the man was not stupid. He sensed that Tess was not completely honest about her answer by the way she stumbled over her words a bit. But he still felt he did not know her well and her stumbling over her words could have meant anything. He also had to remind himself that, even though she looked like an old teenager or very young adult, she was over a hundred years old like they all were and did not need taking care of anymore. No thanks to him. He had so many questions about what had happened after he left. Or rather after he was kicked out. Wanted to know what became of all of them and how she was still alive. Ask her about being half-werewolf, half-witch and if that was why she was still here. But for now he was just too happy to see her that he didn’t want to ruin the moment with stupid questions that could wait another day.
She asked him how long he’d been here and he thought about it for a moment. “Here in Derry? Well, now that I think about it… almost exactly one hundred years, give or take a couple weeks,” he said, thoughtfully. He had showed up in town and the first thing he had done was go to the diner that Mills had worked at. They hadn’t gotten a big chance to talk, but it was how they had met. How he recognized her when she came into the hospital needing her help. His eyes shifted to the hybrid and flashed yellow, not liking the fact that he was still there.
But the twins caught his attention when they came over to where Mills was standing. He was grateful to see that both Seph and Circe were ok and he did a sigh of relief which sounded a bit more like a sigh of exasperation. This wasn’t Circe checking in with them, it was her tattling on her sister, but at least they were here and he could tell they were both alright. He hoped Mills would go easy on Seph. The girl had a hard enough time fitting in already and skipping one day of classes wasn’t going to hurt her. He guessed Mills did that kind of stuff all the time in school. He listened intently on their conversation and was grateful when they all started laughing. Bones simply rolled his eyes and muttered “Women!” before turning back to Tess, where he realized the hybrid was gone. He didn’t give it much thought and decided to let it go. “Oh, uh, Tess. This is Seph and Circe. My, uh…” He didn’t know what they were to him, so he quickly changed courses. “Mills takes care of them,” he said with a quick gesture to Mills, before resting his hands on his hips.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 08, 2013 01:46PM
The Bar

Lizzy looked at Shane, thinking about what he said for a moment. It was true that most people who came to pick up people at a bar were either lonely or just incredibly horny. She had never thought of herself as lonely. Just someone looking to have fun. Having sex with the same person for 300 years would have been dreadful and she was no way ready for a committed relationship. But the only reason she picked most of her “victims” up at a bar was because it was easiest access. She worked here and was in tight and revealing clothing. It was easy to pick up a guy when you were dressed like that. She had to turn down offers daily, never letting men forget who was really in charge. When he said she’d know better than anyone and had surely heard all sorts of lines, she shrugged in an arrogant kind of manner and flashed a cocky smile. “I manage,” she said but the smile faltered when he said there were always exceptions. She turned to look at Nicole. It did seem like she really liked this guy. But Lizzy didn’t even know if they knew each other that well. Surely they weren’t in “love” or anything like that. Nicole was just looking to have some fun. Though Lizzy wasn’t so sure about this when she saw the way the two interacted. It almost made Lizzy sad. She hadn’t looked at a guy like that in centuries. Hadn’t wanted to look at a guy like that. Love was for the hopeless and she was quite pleased with her life. There was no point in changing anything. But she supposed she was a bit lonely after River died. It had been the longest one hundred years of her life. Of course she had Nicole and a few other friends but none of them connected with her quite like River did. She realized she’d been quiet for a while now and stood up straight, no longer leaning on the counter, hoping her expression hadn’t given her away. “Love is for the hopeless,” she repeated her thoughts as if she were indifferent about the matter. He seemed to find Nicole and Matt’s infatuation intriguing. But that was silly.


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September 08, 2013 02:02PM

“Ooh.” Circe had a sort of taunting look on her face, and Seph had to snort to stifle her laughter. Mills rolled her eyes, smiling at Tess and then at Bones. Circe was just making fun of him because he considered them family so deeply that he had to correct himself in his speech. Mills spoke up first, almost laughing at Tess’ confused expression. “They’re my nieces – adopted, as you can probably tell. Obviously, they are nothing like me.” Circe turned her chin up in mock hurt. “I am offended, I am exactly like you. I like space too.” Mills gave her a look that hinted she was walking on thin ice, so she quickly laughed and turned to Tess. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m assuming that you’re a friend of Bones?” Mills leaned over and whispered something to Circe, who then looked at Tess a little less than nicely. Then the look turned on Bones. “You didn’t tell us you had a daughter.” Mills whispered something in her ear again, and a look of understanding crossed her face before it turned to her feet. “Nevermind.” Seph looked a little uninterested, and in fact wasn’t looking at the other four anymore.

Tess smiled again, looking at the two even though they weren’t looking at her. “It’s nice to meet you too.” That’s when she noticed Alec was gone, and there was a napkin in her seat. She had hardly even heard him leave, her attention was so engaged on Bones and the three females. She gently took the napkin in her hand, and her billionth sudden recognition of the night shot through her brain like an icy bullet. It was only out of the corner of her eye, but seeing him was enough to let her know she needed to high tail it out of there. Gatsby. Andrew Gatsby was the most formidable person they had come across yet. And his presence was even worse given that the vampire she and Mark had just taken out was one of his (lesser) goons. “Well, I think I have to go. Mark and I have some work to do in the house that we’re staying at with- with some friends.” She looked at her father, feeling a little awkward that a, she’d been reunited with him in a BAR of all places, and that she just had to leave. “Um, I can, uh… Meet you somewhere tomorrow, maybe?” Circe seemed already on it and handed Tess yet another napkin that had Bones’ cell, his landline and just about every other way you could contact the man written on it. Mills gave her an incredulous look, almost as if she was going to ask her about that later. Tess nodded at her and smiled again, then turned to hug her father once more. “I really missed you.” She whispered. She thought it would be odd to say ‘I love you” so she decided against it. She pulled away from him and turned to walk away, waving slightly.

Once outside, Mark gave her a look. “You weren’t supposed to leave so soon.” She shot a look back at him. “You weren’t supposed to be waiting for me.” He rolled his eyes and the two climbed into the black SUV, silence ensuing the rest of the way home.

Back at the Bar

“She seemed nice.” Mills raised an eyebrow at Bones, almost as if in a question.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 08, 2013 02:25PM
Dance Floor

The two of them were a lot closer and let restricted now that their glasses were out of their hands and she just looked up at him and smiled, trying to forget about the text she’d gotten from her dad. It was things like that that made her know that he actually cared about her, but only enough to reprimand her when she did something he didn’t like. Not enough to praise her for the good she did or to even talk to her on a regular basis. It was not Maha’s fault that she had been turned into a hybrid. Well, maybe it was. Maybe she shouldn’t have trusted him enough to get that close to her to change her. But was it really so bad? Giles had always been so worried about her and now he didn’t have to be. She could hold her own. Hell, she could take on Giles if she needed to. It seemed like she could never make him happy no matter what she did.

But she was happy now and that was all that mattered. “So, you were saying it was different because this time it was me who was in trouble? And not you?” she asked, going back to their previous subject. “So what you’re saying is, you just need a damsel in distress and you’ll be able to stick up for them?” she teased. “Cause I should let you know right now that as much as I enjoyed being defended by you, I can take care of myself,” she said in a light-hearted manner, letting her werewolf eyes flash. That was something she loved about herself. She may be half-vampire, but her eyes were all werewolf. It made her fit in with everyone else. But as soon as people realized that she had to feed on blood to survive, they went back to remembering that she was as much of a monster as any vampire. Maybe worse. Maha was an outcast. Never fully accepted as a werewolf and never fully accepted as a vampire.
Right now she didn’t have to worry about that. Because Eric honestly did not care. She had him as a friend no matter what.Friend, she had to remind herself as they continued to dance to the slow song. He was just willing to be her friend.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 08, 2013 04:57PM
The Bar

Bones looked awkwardly over at the girls as they had their different reactions to his introduction of them. He rolled his eyes and almost said “Oh, shut up,” to Circe as she made fun of him, but decided better of it since he was not only in front of Mills who expected him to be some kind of parental figure to them, but also his daughter who did not know him very well. At least not anymore. He was grateful that Mills had taken up on telling Tess who they were since she clearly did a better job. Bones coughed a little when Circe took Tess for a friend of his rather than his daughter. Mills, once again, took care of this, but he closed his eyes and sighed as she made another comment. No, he did not tell them he had a daughter. Because he had not known he’d had a daughter till a few moments ago. At least not one that was alive.
Tess didn’t seem to mind the outspokenness of Circe and smiled kindly. He just looked at her. She was a woman now and he’d missed it all. But just like that she had to go again. She really was mysterious, wasn’t she? He could hardly speak as she went to take off again. He’d just gotten her back. He had not been planning on letting her go for a really long time and now she was already getting ready to leave just like that. Circe handed her his contact information and Tess went to hug her. He held onto her tightly for just a moment as she muttered that she missed him and before he could respond, she’d pulled away and left. He watched after her, a little heart-broken as she walked away. It took him a second to realize what Mills had said and he turned to her. “What? Oh… yeah, I guess she did,” he said. She was just as much a stranger to him as she was to Mills, it seemed. It was hard for him to even think at the moment. He sat back down at the bar and grabbed his shot glass and downed it right there, not sure what else he could say.

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September 08, 2013 08:28PM
The Bar & Booth

Dylan was finally at the party, he skipped classes today, just went to one, since he had nothing to do, he just decided to use that class to get some sleep, and contact with some friends, to tell them about the drug he had and the party, so they all could have their fun. After that, he just spent his ti me outside, walking around and smoking with some friends, they did not touched the weed, ecstasy and cocaine, they was planning on using it all for the night, plus, Dylan didn’t told anybody about the ecstasy that would be only for him, for his own fun.
He left his jacket, scarf and shirt in some place hidden, so he didn’t had to carry that thing around, he was now wearing a white t-shirt, and dark jeans. As many people do, he had to hide the drug in his underwear, so the guards wouldn’t find any drug on him. After passing that test, he just grinned and stepped inside, the lights, music, girls, drinks, everything, was perfect, just for him have his fun. But first he was going to get something to drink, so he went directly to the bar, he did not noticed his sister and Erica, he was just too focused on get drinks and go up to his friends, that he was already seeing them in few booths having fun. For now, Dylan only asked for a beer, starting soft, knowing very well, it wouldn’t take him long to finish the beer, and have his friends bring weird drinks for make him drink them, and get drunk, plus he had the drug to use, so everything would be “fine”.
“Dylan over here! You come alone?!” One of his friends asked out loudly, so he could hear.
Dylan just smirked and stepped closer, sliding himself into a booth. He took a long sip from his beer, enjoying the cold liquid sliding down in his throat.
“For now yes. I met the twins Izzy and Iggy, I really hope see them tonight, so I can have my fun.”
Dylan replayed with a grin, as they all just keep on drinking. After finishing the beer, his friends was already bringing him drinks more strong, and he would just drink them, while one of them was preparing some weed for smoke.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 04:54AM
The Bar

Shane was always on the ball when it came to body language, and especially someone as out there as Lizzy. Always so confident, and cocky. Right up to a point, where Shane had pointed out that there was an exception to the rules, when love can and would happen in the unlikeliest of places. Why, it was happening right beside them, with Nicole and Matt. Shane was no idiot, and he could see this without to much of a glance. But it was Lizzy’s reaction that had him intrigued. Did it bother her that Nicole, who he had seen before at the bar, was finding herself smitten with the reserved looking Matt?

He continued to watch her as she no longer slouched, but was standing tall, and silent. A penny for her thoughts. To be able to delve into her mind and see what she was thinking exactly. Perhaps, deep down inside her being, that was what she wanted. She could deny that, but…actions were so much louder than words. He figured that by her comments and how she wasn’t even attempting to flirt with him, that she saw that he was more like her than she would like to believe.

At this moment, a leggy blonde walked up to the bar, slouching and showing off a great deal of her cleavage. She smelt strongly of alcohol and a cheap perfume. Dress so high that it was showing off a good amount of arse.

“Uhm…tequila please.” She gave Shane a sideways glance, and then started to make that horrid goose lips like pout. “Hello Handsome..” Shane’s eyebrow shot up, as she tried to get cozy with him, practically salivating on his coat. “Your place or mine?’ Shane used but one finger, to push her…and enough to make her fall right off the bar stool and collapse in a heap on the floor. “The gutter is not my style, but I thank you for the offer.”


With that he paid his tab and winked at Lizzy. “Good luck tonight, toots.” And he strode out towards the door.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 09, 2013 07:35AM
VIP Lounge

Jacque shifted her eyes around awkwardly and listened as Galtem claimed to not be a womanizer. She had heard plenty of rumors to the contrary, but hey, people could change. Crossing her arms against her chest, she watched the man bring the bottle of vodka before her eyes flicked back to Galtem. She was curious as to whether he would just keep sipping from bottles or if he could salvage up enough dignity to drink from a glass with her. Smiling slightly, the mermaid watched her boss pour two glasses and push one towards her. As she picked it up, he mentioned how long he has been in love with some woman she didn’t think she even knew. Her smile turned into a smirk and she clinked her glass against his sarcastically “Here’s to a century of good lovin’…” Downing her whole glass, she winced and as her eyes watered. Blinking back the tears, she grabbed the bottle and poured herself another. After taking a sip, she nodded with satisfaction and turned to look at Galtem, all playfulness leaving her now serious face. Leaning forward, she held her glass in one hand while the other pointed at him “So let me get this straight…after all these years of loving her, you still think the solution to your problems is drinking your sorrows away and hoping she is just happy figuring this all out for herself? You don’t really learn well, do you?”Taking another sip, she stared him down as she knew she was talking back to her boss who could very well throw her out on her ass. She didn’t care one bit, this guy needed to hear this. Frowning, she smacked her lips and continued “I think you’re a fool to be sitting here. What you should be doing is showing her that you’ve changed and will do anything to make her happy…by actually being there. Now isn’t that a novel idea? You actually sticking something out with this girl. I say you should man up and tell her you can’t live without her.” She leaned forward to grab his chin so he was looking at her as she said this “Cause honey, this here ain’t living.” Letting him go, she leaned back and smiled, lifting her glass in a mock toast “To those who keep choosing to live like fools.” Downing the rest of her vodka, she looked away from him as she knew she was one to not taste her own medicine.