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Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 06, 2013 08:29PM
Dance Floor

“Me too!” Maha practically shouted as they danced. She was absolutely thrilled to be here and it seemed like nothing could ruin her night right now. They danced and she was impressed that he actually could. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would go out dancing a lot, so it pleased her that he could definitely hold his own on the dance floor. He went to get them drinks and she smiled and nodded, watching him as he walked away with a huge smile on her face. She had been so wrapped up in Eric and everything he was doing that she had not noticed a bunch of guys looking over at her.
One of them got the courage to come over and talk to her. “Hey girl, you need a drink?” he asked her.
“No thanks, my… friend just went to go get us some. Thanks though!” she said in her usual cheery voice.
“Maybe just a dance then?” he asked, moving closer to her and swaying his hips with the music a little bit.
She just laughed. Being a pretty young blonde, she was used to guys hitting on her at parties. Being a hybrid, she could hold her own when they did so. Putting up a hand, she pushed him away with just a little bit of force. No girl of eighteen should have been able to do it, but she didn’t use a lot of strength so he didn’t seem to notice. “Maybe next time. I’m here with someone,” she said, just slightly less nice than she had spoken before. But the guy continued to try to get closer to her, which irritated her. She simply sighed heavily. Tonight was too perfect of a night for some jerk to come and ruin.
Eric came back with the drinks and she felt relieved. Now she had an excuse and would pull Eric towards her and start dancing with him, hopefully causing the guy to back off. But Eric had different plans. He stepped in between the guy and her and showed him something that freaked him out. His fangs, no doubt. When he turned around and handed her her drink she made a kind of “yikes” face and then smiled at him.
“This is perfect,” she said, taking a drink, her eyes still smiling up at him. “Well, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” she asked with a sly smile. At that moment, the music changed. Some people looked around, upset that the upbeat music had come to an end and was replaced with a slow, romantic one. Others seemed to be excited and grabbed their partners to hold them closer. Maha smiled, a little shyly, and moved closer to him, holding up her hands to put on his shoulders, careful not to spill her drink on him.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 06, 2013 09:06PM
Dance Floor

Eric chuckled with her expression as he just hit his glass slightly against hers and took a sip from his drink. He so did not wanted that guy stay so closer to Maha, she was with Eric, and he wanted it to be that way, this is like the first time he hangs out alone with a girl, and make it look like a date, if they could call it that. He was enjoying it way too much to let an asshole ruin their night.
When she told him it wasn’t so hard, he just shook his head.
“Its different.”
It was different, it was more about helping her out, than help himself out. So of course, he works better whenever he needs to help somebody, and since he’s here today with Maha, he won’t let her think he won’t be there for her whenever she needs him. And also, because he felt a hint of jealousy whenever he saw that guy getting too closer to her, it wasn’t his place, he needed to back off.
Now that the beat of the music changed, and went into some slow, romantic one, he had to admit, he got a bit nervous, since this meant, he would have her more closer to him than before, but if he just calmed down, everything would be fine. He stared down at Maha with some awkward expression, before relax his shoulders, and allow her to place her hands there. Then he just stretched out his hands as well, and wrapped his arms around her waist instead of placing his palms on her sides. He done this because it was the only way he could keep her closer while holding his glass without spilling his drink on her, it wasn’t that easy, but how closer they were made him forget about that, and just enjoy this moment. He keep his eyes locked into hers, with a smile upon his face, feeling himself getting more comfortable each second it passed.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 06, 2013 10:12PM
Dance Floor
She smiled as he moved his hands to her waist, pleased that everything was going so well. After a moment of slow dancing, Maha became even more comfortable with him. She moved even closer and rested her head against his chest, eyes closed, and letting out a small sigh of content. How did today get to be so perfect? Just lucky, she guessed. “How’s it different?” she asked suddenly, not moving her head to look up at him. “Between that asshole and guys at school I mean?” she asked, now looking down at the ground, her expression slightly confused. It didn’t make sense to her that he could scare that guy off no problem, but he would just let the guys at school pick on him. He was more than capable of defending himself, but he didn’t. It upset her that he didn’t.

Of course her phone went off, ruining the moment. She let out a short sigh of exasperation. “Sorry,” she muttered, letting him go so that she could check her phone. Turning away, a little embarrassed, she pulled it out of her bra. She didn’t have pockets on her dress so there was really no other place for it. Dad, her screen read. That surprised her. It was weird that he was even texting her right now. It confused her, but she eagerly opened the text and looked at it in disgust. She forcefully shoved it back in her dress and turned to look at Eric again. “My dad wants me home,” she said with an eye roll. “Probably found out that I was actually having a good time.” She wondered if her mom had told him she’d been going to the party with Eric. Another thing that made Eric so appealing to her was the fact that her dad did not approve of his father or any of the Manzenlis. It was like a forbidden love and Maha always found that to be quite desirable. For a moment she considered going home. Her dad had spent the time to text that to her. That was more than he’d done for a while. But then her expression hardened. “You know what? No.” She drained her daiquiri in seconds and set it on a tray that a waiter happened to be walking by with and took his shoulders again and continued to dance. There was no way she was going to let her father, who didn’t even talk to her when she was at home, ruin her night. In fact, she did not have any intention on going home tonight at all.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 06, 2013 10:31PM
Car park

Shane’s sports car pulled up in the empty space beside William and Jennifer’s car and as he turned off the ignition, he couldn’t help but look over and see Jennifer. This was the girl that had been in the restroom with Galtem, the one that Amelia had walked in on. So THIS was the girl that caused Amelia to melt down? The nerve, and she is going home with a guy that has no idea she just cheated on him with the bar owner. Shane could feel his anger rising, after having tried to comfort Amelia at her home. Then he thought for a moment. Karma always bites a person back on the ass. It wasn’t his place to interfere, so he got out of his car, but made sure to slam the door, before walking back inside. He needed a drink, to cool him down and so…he headed straight for the bar.

The Bar

There was still a bit of a crowd about, but he did recognize one face behind the bar, and that was Lizzy. Showing his usual hundred watt smile, he took a seat near Nicole and some other guy he didn’t recognize and raised a hand. “Hey Gorgeous, fancy getting me a JD on ice.” He winked and then looked to Nicole and Matt and raised his head. “You two make a nice couple….let me know when you are having your wedding.” he joked.



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September 07, 2013 08:13AM

Nicole cheeks slightly flushed red when Matt had scooted closer to her. Once he started speaking again she would look back at him with a smile. She then noticed Matt hand reaching out towards her. At first she was a bit curious of what he was trying to do, but she saw that he was just greeting himself and reaching out for a hand shake. Nicole would reach her hand out as well and grab on to his softly, slightly shaking it with firmness. When their hands came together she would feel the coldness of his skin along hers. Nicole found it slightly weird, but it wasn’t anything big to bring to her attention. “Well, it’s nice to meet you again Matt. I’m Nicole Moore.” Once done with shaking his hand she would let go and place it hand her chin, as she leaned against the counter for support. Nicole could feel the heat between the two grow as they sat closely together, basically staring into each other eyes. But once again Nicole wanted to break the silence. “So, how have you been lately?” She said as she perked a brow. Nicole was just trying to start a friendly conversation between the two, just so thy could get to know each other more.


Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 07, 2013 08:26AM

There was that moment, right as Matt held Nicole’s hand. The coolness of her skin, it was unmistakable. No human was this cold, especially at the bar in some nightspot, where bodies were crushed up against the other. Matt found himself gliding his thumb across the back of her hand. His brow creased slightly, as the shocking realization hit him. All this time, he had shied away from her, due to his curse…was it possible that she was just like he was? Matt’s eyes focused on the fullness of her lips, watching her speak, whilst his mind drowned out everything that was going on around them. Slowly, he raised his gaze and locked his eyes with her, as he let her pull her hand away from his. Matt blinked, as she adjusted herself, propping her chin up using the palm of her hand. “So, how have you been lately?” Matt started to feel his shyness slipping away, as a smile crept onto his lips.“Good…moved into a new place. It …uhm, has a great view.” he then turned his head away slightly, as he muttered under his breath “Not as good as the one I have now.” Course he meant her…but he was still guarded. He had so many questions, but the last thing he wanted to do, was scare her off.



Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 07, 2013 09:09AM
Dance Floor

Eric smiled whenever Maha leaned her face against his chest, he was glad that the atmosphere around the both of them was getting more comfortable and less awkward, that’s all they needed to be able to enjoy this night. When she asked him how that guy was different from the others at school, they wasn’t, they was basically the same, the only difference is that, the one who was the “Victim” was Maha, and not himself, so he felt the need on making that guy back off and stay away from her, probably because of his possessive werewolf side, he wasn’t so uncontrollable like many werewolves when they get possessive, so it wasn’t nothing bad.
“Well, they aren’t different. Its just, this time was you and not me.”
Eric told her, while she was moving herself away from him, he didn’t knew why, but then he noticed it was probably something from her phone. He could notice where she was taking her phone from, and he couldn’t help but to chuckle, yet he managed to hide it, since her back was facing him.
When she finally turned around to face him, he stared down at her, and pouted when she said her father wanted her to go back home. Well, that sucks, he always thought it would be his father calling him to go home, and not Maha’s.
“Well..I can take you home, if you want.”
He suggested as he waited for her to make a decision. But for his surprise, she decided to not go, she wanted to stay here, and she could careless if her father told her to go, she wanted to have fun, and for some odd reason, Eric was glad and happy with that choice of hers.
She took him by the shoulders again, and he had to step closer to her, so he wouldn’t stumble. He raised his hand and aimed his finger at her, like he was telling her to wait. Then he just drank the rest of his own daiquiri, before place it down besides her. Right now, he could careless about that glass. He placed his palms on her sides, and kept closer to her, while the both of them continued to dance.

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September 07, 2013 11:40AM
Dance Floor
Haley felt Erica hugged her once she saw her, she laughed and returned the hug before she felt her pull away. “Hmmm I don’t think she will I mean as long as the car isn’t wreck she’ll be fine with it. Mom is pretty laid back with it but she might get upset if something happens to the car but she’ll be more worried about you instead of the car and get the car fixed up with no problem.” She said waving her hand a bit, she knew Erica had became part of the family when she was visiting her mother at the hospital she saw her secretly bit Erica to save her life. But she knew that being a newborn of a werewolf instead of being born with the gene in the bloodline, it takes a while to get use to the ways of being able to accept the heighten senses and everything that’s different from being a human. She also remembering watching Anya died without her mother knowing it and heard the promise she made her, which made her sad because she really never got the chance to meet Anya. She snapped out of her thoughts when Erica asked where Dylan was, she raised an eyebrow before a small grin started to appear on her face. “Aw I see you got a little attraction to my brother huh?” She spoke nudging her shoulder a bit before giggling, of course she did, Erica always asked about him whenever she hangs with Haley. She shrugged her shoulders, “I have no clue last time I saw him was when he left this morning for school…haven’t seen him since but I’m sure he’ll arrive here sooner or later.” She shrugged pushing her hair over her shoulder before she glanced over her shoulders at a couple of guys standing off to the side watching her and Erica she winked at them before she turned and looked at Erica. “I’m thirsty, let’s go to the bar and chat more!” She said cheerfully as she looped her arm through Erica’s and watched with her towards the bar area. 

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 07, 2013 12:42PM
The Bar

Lizzy came back with the man’s beer in time to hear their introductions. “Here you go,” she said, handing the beer to him. Usually she was a lot more flirtatious with her male customers, but not with Matt. Lizzy was a total slut but she wasn’t a back-stabbing bitch. She was excited for Nicole to have someone. It just meant she’d work that much harder to find herself someone as well. Nothing serious. Just fun.

After she served them, a familiar face showed up. Shane came to the club from time to time so she saw him quite a bit. He was a vampire heart-throb but he was just as much of a player as she was. You’d think that would be a sign that they would have already slept together, but for some reason Lizzy hadn’t worked harder at it. There was something about him that freaked her out. He was a strong vampire, rich, and one of the most charming people she’d ever met. But she kept her distance. Well, other than flirting with him relentlessly when he was here. But that was normal for her. Her eyes flashed as he greeted her with a compliment, as did her smile. “Coming right up,” she said, ignoring his wink as she went to go get him his drink. She caught his comment about Nicole and Matt and it made her chuckle quietly to herself.
When she came back with Shane’s Jack Daniels it seemed the two were already getting quite comfortable with each other. She made a mental note to ask Nicole how they knew each other, or at least kind of knew each other, later. Hopefully not till the morning if both of them went about things right that night. “Is it just cause I’ve been around for over 300 years or does picking up someone at a bar get more cliché with every day?” she asked Shane, leaning over the counter to talk to him. She wasn’t going to interrupt Nicole’s good luck and she definitely wasn’t going to stand around not talking to anyone. He was the logical choice.

Re: [RP] Disco/Bar
September 07, 2013 12:59PM

Tess almost froze again, but managed to keep her composure. “Uh, Mark and I are… we’re working for a guy involved with the pack in London. Just information and such. We’re mostly just living here after moving around a lot.” Lies. At least she was mostly honest – she’d originally began working for Jace on the condition that she didn’t have to hurt anyone. But most of their assignments were kill or be killed now, so there were no other options. And, the biggest lie, was what Jace was involved in. He was involved with the English COVEN. Vampire. Not werewolf. But she wasn’t about to tell her father that, after over a hundred years. “How long have you been here?” She looked a Mills with a small smile after she asked her dad the question, then back to him. She moved back slightly toward Alec, almost like an apology for the turn their conversation had taken.

Seph and Circe had begun to make their way over to the four, though it was more like Circe was pulling Seph along. “Aunt M, I found the delinquent.” Mills eyes snapped to Seph at Circe’s words, and she gave her an almost dangerous look. She moved away from the bar and placed a hand on Bones’ arm as she passed him, stopping in front of the two girls to speak to them in a hushed tone, even though Tess, Bones and Alec would hear it anyway. “Persephone Mills, you are so lucky that you didn’t come over here when it was still just me and Bones, you don’t even know.” Seph was suppressing a smile. “Hey, it’s not like I did my homework anyway.” Mills reached up and tousled her hair, suppressing her own smile as her nieces laughed in a sort of broken unison.