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September 01, 2013 08:26PM
Feeling her face getting squeezed in the grip of Desmond’s fingers, he showed a very nasty side to his temperament. How on earth he kept this from Selene was an absolute miracle. Minerva practically had fish lips, unable to move her jaw, since Desmond was letting her know under no uncertain terms, that he didn’t want everyone knowing his dark secrets.“I…am her adviser.” He projected, thinking himself a far better man for Selene than the dopey Prince Joffrey. But Joffrey had something that Minerva wanted…Power. To be named Queen of the House of Brax, that was her goal, and Joffrey was a stepping stone to that. When Desmond pulled back his hand, Minerva reached up and rubbed her jaw, opening and closing her mouth, clearly suffering from discomfort. Desmond walked around the witch warily, and she gave him a snide look. Her plan in her mind was foolproof and they would both get what they wanted.

“Don’t ..EVER grab my face again!” Minerva growled in anger, clearly not afraid of the Warlock, since she had a few tricks up her own sleeves. Surely he had to agree that she was about to provide him with opportunity to do what he may well have dreamed of. She shook her head, and you could hear her cracking her neck. “Hmmph…this is why they say don’t ever work with men. All grabby hands, and thinking with their dicks.”

Course, Desmond finally had the time to think about this plan, and he struck his hand out, for them to shake on the agreement. Sure, they didn’t like the other, but for what it was worth, they needed each other to pull this off. The handshake done, and she cracked her knuckles. “Just…follow my lead.” From here, she brought her hands together, and then started chanting, as in a nearby paddock was the black pony. Its coat started to turn white, and she grinned slyly as she strode on over, and placed a saddle on its back, that was resting on the fence railing. Tying it off, she then undid the gate for the paddock so the pony could canter out, riderless. Seeing this, she laughed and then spun fast on the spot before vanishing, and appearing in a window at the Castle, just two doors from the marital suite. She waved down to Desmond, that that was his cue, to do the glamour transformation into Joffrey, as she planned to lure Joffrey away.

Joffrey and Selene’s Chambers

Selene was being provocative on the bed, much to the delight of Joffrey, who had been keeping up his sexy dance routine, even sliding up and down the bed banister pole, as she watched him with hungry eyes. He pawed at her, throwing back his head, and then letting out a howl, much like a wolf does, when looking to the moon. “Hey…little Miss Riding Hood…you sure are looking good….you’re just about everything a big bad wolf could want…….Oooooooo!”


Selene was enticing him being on all fours and her hips wiggling, showing off that gorgeous rump of hers. He wanted to do more than smack it….he wanted too…

“PRINCE!…M’LORD!….it’s the Princess…she has fallen from her pony and lays in a field. Please hurry! Minerva stood outside the marital chambers and then chuckled silently, before going back to looking stricken. Joffrey stopped mid prowl and heard the witch’s cries. “Tempest?!” His fatherly instinct kicked in, and he dived off the bed, reaching for his shirt, backtracking as he begged his wife.

“Don’t move…I’ll be right back to shag you rotten, my Petal.”

He exited the room quickly and was met face to face by Minerva, who grabbed the Prince’s arm and tried to get him to follow her.


“Hurry my Prince…she needs you.”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 01, 2013 08:38PM
Desmond just shrugged with a smirk, clearly enjoying Minerva’s discomfort. “I could get a good handful of your arse instead, my dear.” As if to confirm her accusation about dicks, he wiggled his eyebrows and did a crude jack off gesture with his hand. This plan had him feeling naughty, and the desire to be malicious had been curling inside of him like a dark mist whenever he was around the demon prince.

Crossing his arms, he watched the witch disappear. Closing his eyes, he felt the earth shake beneath his feet as Desmond called on the earth’s vibrations to decipher her next location. Looking up to the window, he raised an eyebrow and nodded. Clapping his hands together once, he appeared at the nearest corner in the hallway to the marital suite. Placing his hands on the wall, he watched hungrily for the prince to exit with Minerva.

Selene and Joffrey’s Room

Selene laughed wildly as her husband teased her by calling her red riding hood (hardy har har…xD). Flopping onto her back, she opened her legs enticingly while watching him dance on the banister. “Get over here y-“ She was then cut off by the intervening Minerva. Sitting up immediately, she tugged their fur blanket over her naked body as she stared at her husband in horror. The witch’s words sank in and she gasped “Tempest!”” But just as she spoke her husband’s name, he was already dressing.

Climbing off the bed slowly, her maternal instincts set in and she rushed towards the door with the blanket wrapped loosely around her. “Should I come look with you?” Worry and fear crossed her beautiful face as she stared at her husband pleadingly. The thought of her daughter hurt weakened her and all she could do was reach out feebly. With a soft whisper, she spoke after him “Please find her, my love…”

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September 02, 2013 03:14AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

How enticing Joffrey’s Selene was, as she presented herself to him in a fashion that few men could refuse. But when the voice of the witch called to say Tempest was in danger, or hurt, Joffrey’s parental side took over, and he had to leave his beloved in a state of undress. Joffrey was in the mood for some shenanigans, but as soon as he left the Chambers, he had a stern look upon his face.


“Come, we go to the stables, and get horses and ride out to this field and fetch Tempest.” Joffrey was in no mood for waiting, and already started to walk briskly, with Minerva taking one look behind her, to see if Desmond was ready to take Joffrey’s place. Minerva gripped the edges of her black skirts, and trotted on after the prince, pretending to care for the little one known as Tempest.


The gnome seemed surprised to see the Prince enter the stables and immediately shuffled over to the lot where the Prince’s prized stallion was kept. He unlocked the gate, and hobbled in, bringing out the horse, as other stable hands got it ready with the saddle and reigns. The witch was quick to follow, and the gnome gave her a filthy look. So, whatever the Prince was up too, had something to do with the witch. Another horse was prepared for her, as she grinned slyly at the gnome.

“We are off to find my daughter on that blasted white pony you arranged for her.” The Prince said with a face of fury, getting on the back of his mount, as the Witch followed suit. The gnome looked bewildered, and was about to say that he had not followed through, when the Witch made a gripping motion with her hand, that was like she was trying to wring someone’s neck. The gnome spluttered and staggered about, his eyes widening, before falling to his knees in a heap. The Witch changed the expression on her face to one of innocence and concern, uttering;


“Poor fellow…cat got your tongue?” It wasn’t a cat that had it…it was the witch. The Prince had no time for games, and kicked the flank of his horse, cantering out of the stables, with the witch right behind, and together they rode out to the plains of the Night lands, in search of Tempest and her white pony.



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September 02, 2013 02:20PM
Selene and Joffrey’s Room

As Desmond watched Minerva lead the prince away from the room, he closed his eyes and allowed his power of Glamour to take over. Opening his eyes, he appeared to be the spitting image of the prince. Looking down at his hands, he smiled slowly and leaned against the wall. He thought it would be best to wait a few minutes so Selene thought he was speaking to someone about Tempest’s whereabouts. Feeling he had waited long enough, he then pushed off the wall and stepped into the room to see the princess crying with her face in her hands. Stepping in slowly, he spoke softly as he watched how she looked beautiful even when she was grieving “It’s good to feel something for Tempest, even when you two don’t get along.”

Selene looked up and frowned, thinking it was her husband in the room “Of course I feel something…she is my daughter.”

Realizing he was walking on thin ice, Desmond knew he would have to play his cards just right. Stepping towards her, he reached his hand out and smiled slightly “Of course you do, petal. You are an amazing mother. And…an amazing lover.” He certainly hoped so as he looked down at the sad princess.

Of course Selene at the compliment right up as she assumed it was her husband showering her with praises. “Oh my darling…I feel so scared for her…” Reaching out, she took Desmond’s hand and pulled him gently next to her on the bed.

He wrapped his arms around her and reveled silently at how right this all felt to him, despite his ruse. Pulling away, he then smiled and used some magic to pull red roses out of his sleeve. They were Selene’s favorite.
Gushing softly, she reached out and took them greedily “Oh Joffrey, these are so lovely!” Sniffing them, she smiled slowly“You are doing a great job of distracting me…”

Desmond smiled slowly and leaned in to nip at her neck. Breathing across her neck, he murmured “Oh, I can do even better…”
After several glorious moments later, Desmond lay appearing as the demon prince naked with Selene fast asleep in his arms. Smiling softly, he turned to kiss the top of her head and placed his free hand on her bare stomach. Muttering a quiet incantation to himself, he watched his hand glow. His son was successfully in her womb, and he placed a spell on him to grow rapidly in her womb. It would only be a matter of days before she gave birth and then he would grow even more rapidly until he was a teen…the perfect age to take under his wings without giving him and Selene the poor hassle of dealing with another brat. Just thinking about their future made him smile. Kissing her head once more, Desmond stood up and changed back into his own form. Turning to watch her sleep, he murmured “Soon, my love…you will be all mine very soon.” Blowing her a kiss, the warlock then turned and left her chambers while whistling down the corridor.

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September 02, 2013 08:09PM
Fields of the Night lands

Both horses spirited through the lush fields of the Night Lands, with Joffrey riding like a fiend, possessed with the fear of his daughter Tempest being in danger. His eyes peeling the land for sight of the white pony, that would lead him to his daughter. The horse’s hooves pounded the wet earth, and he darted between trees and jumped the horse over fallen logs, urging his horse on harder with a mighty kick to its flank.


Minerva was actually having trouble keeping up with him, though having her ride her horse to the very limit like this, and chasing the Prince across the plains was a damn sight more fun than being cooped up in that castle. Minerva was not so much watching out for Tempest, since she knew very well, that the girl was off on some other part of the Castle grounds. No, she could only watch how masterfully Joffrey rode his horse, and half wished he would ride HER just the same. She had heard the tales of how he treated women before Selene came along. In fact, many that were once his bed maidens, boasted about his size, and his insatiable lust for intimacy. Could it be that Selene managed to tame this wild demon for her own ends? If so, Minerva was intent on getting a bit of Joffrey for herself. Being Queen would not only have the perks of ruling over the Night lands, but if he was as good as rumors went, then she was going to have a very long and lustful marriage.

Riding over another hill, the Prince finally spotted the white pony, the one that Minerva had released, before alerting the Prince and stealing him away from Selene. The Prince cried out “There she is!” Thinking that Tempest should be close to where the horse was grazing on some green grasses. He urged his horse on, riding at breakneck speeds, to get down the hill and leap off his horse, to search the long grasses for where his daughter might be laying. Minerva now had to prepare herself, for the act of her life. Chasing after the Prince on her own horse, she pulled up hard as she reached the spot where the Prince was now off his horse, and sweeping his hands through the long grass. “Help me find her.” He asked, his tone one of great concern and worry. The Witch jumped off her horse, then took out her bag of holdings. “I have something, that may help us.” Minerva said, stealth fully retrieving her crystal ball from her bag. She blew on it as she held it, and it swirled into the image of Minerva’s own face.


“Show me…what I want to see.” She asked of the crystal ball, cleverly masking her intent. The woman in the ball winked, and the scene changed to that of “Desmond” pounding into Selene. Course it looked like Joffrey, but the real Joffrey was knee deep in the grasses, searching for Tempest. Minerva actually had to bite her own tongue from stopping herself from laughing. That sly old Warlock. He really was giving it to Selene. It was clear he was more than besotted, he was madly in love with the Princess. Minerva shook the crystal ball, and then sighed. “Damn thing….keeps showing me old memories..” she tossed the crystal ball back into the bag and then thought for a moment. ~The deed done, the seed sewn. The wife of the Witch’s love, impregnated by the Warlock. Fate is sealed, but all must sleep, for when they wake, the Princess will weep. Sleep…sleep my beauties, get some rest…for the child shall return~ This became an incantation, her words whispered on the wind, as the grasses started to bow and bend to the will of the Witch, who looked at the Prince, who was yawning his head off. “I’m so…tired….I…can’t..stay..awake…” and so easily he collapsed into the grasses, his horse moving forward to nuzzle his head.


The witch shooed the Horse away and knelt down beside the sleeping Prince. “One day…you won’t be so concerned about a wayward child and a horny angel for a wife. For it will be I that lays with you, my Sweet sleeping beauty.” She bent her head down and kissed his lips softly, as he drifted off unaware of all the evil that was befalling his family.

Far off at the castle, the servants, the court, and all the household staff, even the dogs, fell asleep. All except for Desmond, wherever he may be.


(Time skip – Two days)

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September 02, 2013 10:29PM
Castle Grounds

And so, as the week had gone by in the Secret Garden with Philippe, two days passed in the real world and it was time for Tempest to return home.

She stood upon the path that would lead her to home before turning to Philippe.


“I don’t want to go back. So much has changed.” she murmured.

“Including yourself.” Philippe nodded.


“But you know you must return. I fear there is great danger about to befall your family.”

At that, Tempest looked at him, eyes wide.

“What? What sort of danger?” she demanded. Philippe got a faroff look in his eyes and was quiet for a few moments before he shook his head.

“I cannot see it. The way is blocked for me. You must go now and protect what is rightfully yours. You know your destiny, now you must embrace it.”

She took his words to heart, knowing he had never steered her incorrectly before. She drew the hood of her cloak up over her head. “I will come and visit you often, as much as I am able.” she asserted. He gave a deep chuckle and stared at her with fondness in his eyes.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, my child. Now go. Face your destiny.” Nodding, she turned and stepped through the foliage. Stopping at the point where this world and her own met, she took a deep breath before she stepped through.


She stared about the gardens with a small smile, spotting the places she would play when she was a young girl. Hard to believe that was two short days ago. It was leaning toward dusk and the castle windows were lit with dozens of candles, giving it an unearthly glow.


A horse whinnied nearby and she turned to see her father’s horse cantering toward her…without her father in his saddle. “Ranger! Where’s father?” she demanded. Ranger recognized his master’s little foal by her smell, even though she was in a new form and shook his head, stomping his hoof into the ground. She climbed into his saddle. “Take me to him, quick as you can.” she ordered.

Ranger took off at a fast gallop, leaving the castle grounds and heading out toward the Night Lands…


Picking their way carefully through the dense foliage, they almost trampled right over Joffrey. It was Tempest’s quick thinking in pulling on Ranger’s lead that kept the horse from stomping upon her father’s head. “Father!” Tempest gasped, sliding to the ground. She moved to his side, kneeling beside him. A loud snore greeted her and she felt considerably more calmer. Shaking her head, she shook him. “Father, wake up.” Another snore and a murmured reply. Sighing, she knelt closer until she was right at his ear. “FATHER! WAKE UP!” she shouted.

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September 03, 2013 04:44AM
Castle Grounds

Laying in the long grasses of the Night land fields, Joffrey had been asleep. Asleep thanks to the magic of Minerva, who had managed to cast her spell on the entire lands. The one who had been spared from this was of course Tempest, who had been missing in reality a week, and somehow managed to age in that time, to become a young lady of the age of fifteen years. All this of course, was unknown to the Prince, who had been searching for her, with the Witch. The same witch that lead him astray. Now, he is laying in the grass with his daughter kneeling before him, yelling in his ear, to wake up.

“FATHER! WAKE UP!” The shout was loud and right in his ear, startling him so he sat bolt upright, rubbing the back of his head. “What the devil am I doing out here?” And…who are you?’ The Prince asked, looking at Tempest funny. He then saw his horse, Ranger.“Ranger….what was I doing? No..wait. I was looking for my daughter. Tempest. YES..wait, where is Minerva?” The Prince rose to standing and started to look about, before cupping his hands to his mouth and calling out. “YOU DUMB TART…COME BACK AND HELP ME FIND TEMPEST!” he bellowed. No answer was heard of course and he muttered and put his hands on his hips. “That…was the longest nap I think I ever had. Oo I think I got bugs in my pants.” Joffrey started to wiggle and walk funny, trying to shake the bugs out of his jocks. He kept looking at the “older” Tempest and said. “Wait…you. You..called me Father. I don’t remember having teenage daughters. Unless I forgot to kill that maid back in…no..err..you look so familiar. I can’t put my finger on it.” Joffrey finally stopped jiggling and then he slapped his hand to his cheek. “HOW BLOODY LONG WAS I ASLEEP?!” He started to panic, thinking that if this girl was Tempest…he had been asleep for years. He looked at her, like he was about to pee his pants. “Tempest? Did you get stung by the Milk and Honey fairy bee?” Noticing this girl had breasts.



Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 03, 2013 06:52AM
When her father sat up, mumbling something about her and witches, it was all Tempest could do was watch on in amusement. He got to his feet and watching him walk around, shaking bugs from his pants…it was like a comedy of errors and she couldn’t help but giggle. Especially when he looked to the distance and started to yell at nothing: “YOU DUMB TART…COME BACK AND HELP ME FIND TEMPEST!” When no answer was forthcoming, he turned to face her. “Wait…you. You..called me Father. I don’t remember having teenage daughters. Unless I forgot to kill that maid back in…no..err..you look so familiar. I can’t put my finger on it.” He slapped a hand to his cheek. “HOW BLOODY LONG WAS I ASLEEP?!” He started to go into panic mode and she grabbed his hands to steady him. “Tempest? Did you get stung by the Milk and Honey fairy bee?”

Tempest laughed, drawing her hood from her head so she could look him fully in the eye.

“I once asked you for a white pony and you went out of your way to make sure I had one. But I changed my mind and wanted a blue elephant instead. And you gave me one. It is a memory I will always cherish.” she smiled, brushing her hand across his cheek. “It is me, Father. Your little Tempest.” she chuckled, looking down at herself. “Well…not so little anymore, but it is me.”


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September 03, 2013 11:54AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Room

Selene woke up with a start, a sharp pain in her stomach causing her whole body to tense up. Letting out a loud gasp, she sat up in bed as sweat trickled down her face. Her blonde hair was plastered to her naked body and as she looked down, the princess screamed. Only days had passed and yet there she sat with a large swollen belly. Sobs wracked her body as fear plagued her normally soft features. “Oh gods…help! Someone help me!”She began to flail and wanted to climb out of bed to find someone to help her, but Desmond was soon waiting in the doorway for her. He had been sneaking around the castle while everyone slept, biding his time patiently for his beloved to wake up. He came in every day to work his growth spell on the child while making sure both Selene and the infant were safe. When he had heard the princess cry for help, he knew that his and Minerva’s plan had indeed come to fruition.
Standing in the doorway, he watched calmly as Selene struggled to get out of bed. With a soft sigh, he walked into the room and looked down at her lovingly. “Darling, don’t you remember? Joffrey has given you a son and the gods have blessed you with an extraordinary child. He has been growing for days, but I must say, such a thing must have put quite a stress on your body. You’ve been sleeping for days now and have been making excellent progress.”
Selene’s eyes widened as she tried to swallow what Desmond was feeding her verbally. Raising a hand, she gestured angrily at nothing since Joffrey wasn’t in the room “Are you telling me that my husband impregnated me with a baby powerful enough to grow within DAYS and I’m about to give birth?!” As her voice raised, she felt another contraction hit her like a painful tidal wave and it sent her back on the bed. Crying out, she grabbed Desmond’s hand as her inner darkness came to the forefront. Her eyes were pitch black and it looked like she had fangs. Her nails elongated to claws and she screeched in a horrible voice “BRING ME MY HUSBAND!”

Desmond made no effort to move has he let the princess dig her nails into his skin. “I will do no such thing. You are about to give birth to a beautiful son and you need me here. Now on three, you push.”

By the commanding tone in his voice, even the dark Selene knew better than to argue. Still clutching his hand, she did as he commanded and pushed.


After several moments that felt like hours, Selene was laying on her bed as happy tears rolled down her cheeks. Swaddled in her arms was a baby boy that was sucking on her teat greedily. Looking down at her son, she sighed contently and turned to look at Desmond. “Thank you…he is so beautiful…”

Desmond nodded and leaned forward, looking at the miracle that was really half his. Kissing her on the forehead, he murmured softly “You are welcome. I shall go find your husband and daughter now.” He squeezed her hand affectionately and strode out of the room.

Selene watched him go as an uneasy feeling washed over her. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt something horrible was about to happen. Then turning to look down at her gorgeous baby son, the thoughts soon dissolved and an over-whelming sense of love and completion filled her.

Castle Grounds

Desmond had use his ability of scrying to find the location of Joffrey and Tempest, and he soon stood before them. Glancing between the confused prince and the daughter that now looked to be a teenager, he raised an eyebrow. Stepping towards Tempest, he smirked “My my, it seems there has been all kinds of new developments while you all slept…” He didn’t bother to explain himself as he then turned to Joffrey “Your grace, I have come to inform you that your wife has just given birth to your expected son and wishes for you and Tempest to come and greet the royal prince.” As he waited for the shock to settle in, he tried his best not to look suspicious and had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing.

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September 04, 2013 03:26AM
Castle Grounds

The Prince sat with his face riddled with confusion. His last memories of his daughter were of her asking what the maid was up to, bosoms, and …the painting of Queen Metia in the hall of Ancestors. Tempest..was seven years old, not this teenager that knelt beside him. She spoke fondly of how he had tried to get her a white pony, and instead she wanted a blue elephant. Then he remembers he was about to have sex with his wife, for she wanted another child. Minerva, the witch led him to this very field to find his daughter. The witch was gone, Tempest was all grown up, and yet he had been asleep two days?

Rising to standing, the Prince held his head and looked down at his daughter thoughtfully.“Don’t worry about me…I’m clearly going mad.” What could possibly happen next?

“My my, it seems there has been all kinds of new developments while you all slept…” Desmond appeared. That vile weasel of a man that was always up his wife’s skirts. How Joffrey despised the slimy codfish of a fellow.

“If you mean my daughter….I am still trying to come to grips with that, and for the love of all that is evil, I don’t think I can take another shock today.”

Seems like Desmond was about to deliver the next shock, in spades.

“Your grace, I have come to inform you that your wife has just given birth to your expected son and wishes for you and Tempest to come and greet the royal prince.” 

“The what?’ The Prince’s face simply was aghast. Did he just say…his wife gave birth?

“No…no..no see, that’s not possible. Heh, I would…I would remember laying with my wife. And…I know…I KNOW..I didn’t. She can’t be pregnant…and…WAIT…HAD A BABY?” Poor Joffrey. He looked at his fifteen year old daughter, then back at Desmond and suddenly felt very sick.

“I was asleep….TWO DAYS…..not…nine months…not..eight years.’ The Prince’s mind simply couldn’t cope with all this. It was too much. “She….I…we weren’t expecting ANYTHING. She asked me to …to….and I would have, but I had to go find Tempest..” He then pointed to Tempest. “You…yes…and …why…is this so confusing?”

He fell to his knees, and started to sob.

“This is a nightmare….I want to wake up!” And with that he started to beat his head on the ground.