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Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 29, 2013 05:24AM
The party was well and truly over. The guests were either fleeing for their lives, or being mauled to death by the horde of werewolves under the rule of the Count. Edward was now on the floor, wreathing and his clothes being torn off, as his body was undergoing a transformation due to the werewolf attack. Bartholomew had seized Fanny’s hand, and was dragging her through the crowd, with his free hand creating fire balls, that he was hurtling at wolves and other enraged demon kind. Poor Fanny was slipping and sliding in the blood splattered floor, tripping on the decapitated head of some poor soul

“Sorry….oops…sorry…damn bastard wolf things…ACK!” She does a round house punch to one werewolf that gets too close. “You can’t attack us..its not the British way!”Fanny screeched at another demon, that is being torn in two by two female werewolves.“DAAAHHHLING…GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Fanny had had enough, and then there was the firing of the gun by the Detective. Bartholomew caught sight of Reginald trying to take out the werewolf that had attacked Edward, Juliette’s blood doll. “A gun is not the answer to killing those things! Bart shouted, trying to find his father. “They’d have better luck with your purse, Kitten.”

Finally, Bart hears his Father screaming for him and his sister and Mother, to come to him. Tightening his grip on Fanny, he pulls her harder, smashing his way through fighting beasts, till at last he reaches his Father, and Elvira. His mother is there too, but Juliette is missing. “Father….the wolf got Ed.” Course he would have already seen it, but there was nothing they could do. Bart swept Fanny up into his arms, as his father prepared to get them all out of there, and home to safety.

“Don’t let go!” he cried, as the Head of the Roxburgs caused a mammoth explosion of flames, that had all spirited back to the Roxburg Family manor.



Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 29, 2013 06:50AM

Ezekiel barely had time to notice Amos leaving before the man suddenly sprung away. The male glanced only briefly towards where his friend leaped, seeing Elvira there, before he let out a low growl and suddenly focused on the chandelier above them all. It was the main light source. It took a few moments before he pulled it with his mind hard enough. It came free of the hooks it was on, and tumbled down. It hit the floor with a loud crash, candles, glass, and metal flying every which way. Underneath where it had landed where a few bodies – human and demon alike. Most of the candles had flickered out, being extinguished from the drop. Now that the room was much darker, Ezekiel took note that Amos had teleported his family away, and took that as a sign that he should get out now. Fighting through the demons, he made it to the front entrance and left.

Isabella was mainly slinking through the corners now, avoiding conflict. WHen a demon got too close to her, though, she struck out at them viciously. Her main fascination was with the werewolves, though. They were powerful – and so amazing, in her opinion. Still in her panther form, she decided that she didn’t need to be here any longer. Just as the chandelier crashed down, she made a dash and a leap for the window. The panther crashed through it easily and landed on the ground, wit ha few cuts and scrapes on her from the glass. Wasting no time, she began running.

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Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 29, 2013 07:20PM
By now, the ballroom was almost deserted of the werewolves and many of the demons that had survived the carnage, had fled the building out into the rainy night. The odd crash sound as chandeliers fell to the marble floor, coupled with the moans of the dying made for a terrible sight. All around them, were dismembered bodies, pools of blood and wolf hair. Not all of the werewolves had escaped, and the naked forms of their former selves, laid strewn amongst the dead.


The Doctor came back to the Detective, after having searched the building for Levi and Phoebe. They were nowhere to be found, thankfully, and the Doctor patted the Detective, trying to establish if he was okay.

“They’re not here….you were right. I should have had more faith in my son. He must have rushed Phoebe to safety the moment this started.” Johnathon’s face showed something of a look of relief, though haunted by what he had witnessed here so far. The Detective, was still in shock. “I shot that wolf…man twice. And it still got away. How is that possible, John?” The Doctor thought for a moment, and then said. “Well, maybe…ordinary bullets have no affect. You have to remember, we are dealing with supernatural beings. And to be honest, this is the first I have ever encountered them. I thought it odd, when I read the invitation. How can I have been so blind, and not picked up on this sooner?”It wasn’t surprising that either man were shocked that the Werewolves were there. Its one thing to hazard a guess, another to see it in reality.

Looking over the dead demons that were either in chairs, on the floor, or strewn across tables. “So you think…they were all lured here to wipe out the opposition? I thought it was always good versus evil, not…evil versus evil.” The Detective said, wiping his brow, and then holstering his weapon. He had a good point, but the Doctor knew the answer. “Like in life, everything has a hierarchy, and there is always going to be factions on either side. One…wanting to dominate the other. Clearly, this is what this is.”

Soon the sound of police whistles were heard, as the local law enforcement had finally arrived, and they too were shocked by what was to be laid out before them. The Doctor and the Detective knew that they would be caught up in the questioning, especially since the Detective had shot one of the offenders. The Detective grabbed hold of Johnathon’s arm and yanked him out of sight, behind a pillar.

“We need to get back to the Manor…regroup. Check our children are alright. Then and only then, I can go back to the Yard, and file a report on this. Our kids come first. There is nothing more we can do here.” The Doctor knew that Reginald was right, and together, they went out the nearest exit, and headed back to the manor.


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