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Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 11:29AM
Juliette looked up at Edward, stunned beyond belief that he was not rejecting her right now. Tears clung to her eyelashes as she looked upon his face, his words warming her to the core. Reaching up to run her fingers through his drenched hair, she smiled and shook her head “How can you accept me like this…” His lips then met hers again and her eyes closed as his love and passion filled her senses from her head to toes. Sinking into his chest, she purred contently at how right the world seemed at the moment. Unfortunately, their tender moment was cut short as soon as she heard screams that had haunted her daily. Pulling back from Edward, she watched sadly as he pulled away to face the ballroom. He pulled her under the awning and she watched the way he reacted the horrors, something she had often created herself. As he touched her cheek and spoke, her sad smile turning into a frown as she tugged his hand “Edward if you die, I shall never go on!” Pulling him into another desperate kiss, she forced all love and fear into his lips. Pulling away, Juliette watched as her soul mate joined the blood shed.

As her fear subsided, anger soon coursed through her. She had recognized that feral scream as her father, and it pissed her off. When she was sure Edward wasn’t looking, she snuck into the ballroom and looked around. She saw the dagger that had stabbed her father, as well as all the demons surrounding her family. With a growl, she whipped around to find Lillian. Surely she would save them? Finally her eyes fell on her grandmother fighting the werewolves. Looking around the battle, her hands shook with rage as she felt helpless to help. As she struggled with what to do, she saw Levi carrying the human girl. There was an angelic aura surrounding Phoebe that she had not recognized when the human was dancing before. Her eyes narrowed and turned their deathly black as she began to stalk towards them. No one deserved the happy ending an angel met if she could not have it herself. Slinking through the shadows, she watched them get into the carriage. Climbing on top of the carriage, she laughed a quiet cruel smile as the carriage started for The Bianchi Manor.(Thread Change)

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 27, 2013 05:18PM
https://i1.wp.com/i44.tinypic.com/23rwtn9.jpgWithin the ballroom, it was now a fight between all factions of good and evil. Demon versus demon, Angel versus Werewolves, and Vampires as well. It was like the final showdown between the factions, that had all been brought into this place by the simple illusion of a masquerade ball. Many would come to regret having accepted and others would never again speak, to tell the tale.

From outside there was humans and demon kind fleeing in droves, the roads were choked with carriages and onlookers. The simple folk had come out of their homes, dressed in their nightgowns and coats, holding up lanterns towards the ballroom hall, that was the center point for the massacre. Trying to fight their way through the congestion was the Doctor and the Detective, that had both figured out that the ball was a ruse. Jumping out of a black carriage, the pair stood in awe, horrified by the screams and flashes of light and blasts of lightning that was coming from the dark clouds that hung over the exhibition hall. The rain was falling harder than ever, which made the scene all the more chaotic.


“MY SON IS IN THERE!” Johnathon cried, his eyes wide and the look on his face was frantic. The Detective reached for the Doctor’s hand, and tried to hold him back. “You don’t know that. He could have taken Phoebe out of there the moment the attacks started.” Johnathon reefed his arm free and shouted at him “I’ve already lost my wife….I am not about to lose my son!” Before Reginald could stop him, the Doctor started to run towards the entrance of the ballroom, past the bloody and battered demons that were emerging.


The Detective growled and then chased after Johnathon screaming out. “You’ll get yourself killed!” As he ran, he withdrew his revolver, ready to shoot anything that tried to attack.


Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 28, 2013 05:14PM
The wolf’s long canines were dripping in saliva, with foam frothing around the corners of its mouth. The very skin that was covered in black fur around the edges of its snout twitched and jerked as the demon known as Lillian came into range. Her casual retort, like he was nothing more than a fly in her ointment, and the comment ”Turn away pup..” spoken with a drawl made him all the more annoyed. Such disdain for other creatures, she must have really thought highly of herself in the order of the Gods. Her brilliant eyes turned yellow with rage, and she zeroed in on the beast’s heart, that beat fiercely within its chest. The wolf roared in fury as it felt the heart being twisted, but it was her words that were all the more incredulous. She actually believed she created his kind. Oh how wrong she was. Descended from Lycaon who was the son of Pelasgus, back in the days of the Greek gods, from the area of Arcadia, which was called Pelasgia in ancient times. (It is said that Lycaon was the father of no less than twenty-two sons and sometimes this number was even increased to fifty; all of his sons were known as the founders of numerous towns in Pelasgia. Lycaon had also one daughter Callisto, who became one of the loves of Zeus and the mother of Arcas.) The werewolf’s eyes blazed red with hatred for Lillian, and though he could not speak to her in this form, he roared at her with a sound that was like a freight train about to make its impact. Again, Lillian dared to torment the Alpha Bavarian, whose back hair had risen up in a show of defiance. The massive head stared down at the diminutive woman, and it was when she thought so little of his kind, to attempt to “smack” its muzzle, the Wolf launched a sideways swipe, claws extended in full, to knock her off her feet, as she smacked him with intent to damage his pride. He shook his head from the smack, but had his swipe landed, she may well be sent flying off her feet.https://i0.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ludx5kBwGN1qbd7hwo1_500.gif


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August 28, 2013 05:54PM

Lillian had stood lax, not expecting the wolf to make such a swipe. Whilst she managed to catch his face with her nails, his large paw came at her from the right, so fast that she didn’t see it coming until the last second. His claws were outstretched and long. Black as night and glinting in the candle light. Lillians eyes widened, whilst it would not hurt her much…it would mar her vessel…and there was only so much damage mortals could take. Lillian swirled in a flurry of white fur and black silk. She brought her hand up quickly, catching his wrist and although it was not enough to stop the attack…it gave her enough time to twist her head to the side.https://i2.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/1deada7953a032563a8c20c00830bc75/tumblr_mrt1py7B8k1qckb0uo2_500.gif
The paw connected with the side of her head. Lillian lost her footing and was sent clattering to the floor a few feet away. She rolled and ended up flat on her back. Groaning she stared up at the ceiling and became acutely aware that the side of her head was throbbing. Lifting her hand quickly she patted at the side of her head, her hand came away clean of any blood…but it still hurt enough to keep her horizontal on the ground for a moment.
It was clear that the beast was not a bog standard wolf like she believed….but something different, something better. That had Lillian all the more intrigued. Lifting herself up into a sitting position, she glanced over her shoulder with smirk. Clambering to her feet Lillian brushed of the front of her gown and cracked her neck. Rubbing the side of her head again she grinned “Very good pup…” she drawled, tilting her head to the side. Although she stood tall and straight, there was something sneaky and snake like in the way that Lilian began to advance toward the wolf. She made no move to attack again, but simply watched. Her eyes burned amber, whilst another slow smirk spread across her lips.

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August 28, 2013 09:54PM
Edward hadn’t noticed that Juliette left him. In fact, he had no chance to as his mind was focused on one thing, the giant, black beast currently pawing at his beloved’s grandmother’s face. The pure strength of the being, the sound of it’s roar as it fell in anguish, it was amazing. It was beautiful, and Edward would risk everything to have it. this was his Blood Doll personality coming through. He was a power hungry fuck, which is one of the things that drove him to his path as a Doll. the chance of becoming a Vampire, the felling of that persons mind in his grasp, it was his major calling. This Wolf-Man, the power he wielded….it triggered his other half.
A flash of lightning flew at Edward, and the light blinded all to his form. When it retracted, he was not in it’s place, but instead, standing directly in front of the Wolf. His eyes a bright blue, his body sparking wildly with the power he’d just taken in. A second later, Edwards hands were held out before him, mere inches from the Wolf’s chest and a smirk playing at his lips. Without a milisecond of time after the movement, a bright blue flash of energy came forth from his hands, aimed at the chest of the Wolf. It was not the most powerful strike he could offer, but it would still sting like a bitch, and on top of that, likely throw the affected a few feet on his ass.
(Not at this level of course, but still a pretty good idea)

Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 28, 2013 10:07PM
The charge of blue lightning like energy seeped into the chest of the werewolf. An attack made by the blood doll, with eyes the brightest blue. This was a foolish move, to enrage the werewolf further into a vicious onslaught of an attack. Thrown back slightly by the energy strike, the werewolf’s fur actually smoked, and it raised its monstrous head, roaring in pain and fury.https://i1.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maofn5GhWs1r3h8jxo1_500.gif

Bringing down its muzzle to stare at Edward with blood shot eyes. there would be no warning, no second chances. Lillian had been put in her place, in a manner of speaking, and now the blood doll was about to suffer the werewolf’s wrath.

Powering off on his two muscular hind legs, he launched himself at the blood doll at astonishing speed, his massive jaws opening, and it burrowed down to bite into Edward’s neck, while its large clawed paws tried to press into his chest and force the blood doll to the ground. The savagery of the beast was set to unleash, as he had no intention of showing mercy against this foolish bipedal. His elongated fangs about to descend into Edward’s flesh, and taste for himself the blood of the doll.


Re: {RP} Ballroom
August 28, 2013 10:32PM
Edward stood there, astonished. He couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, as he knew how much shit he was in at this point. His attack had hardly forced the beast to budge from his position, and though his fur singed and smoked, it didn’t do much else. The roar snapped Edward’s mind back into reality, just as his eyes took in the form of the flying wolf, jaws wide and claws extended, paws aiming toward his body and held wide to grasp him. Edward began to jump back with all his might….yet it was a move he made all too late. The first thing to affect the Doll was the Wolve’s bodily force and the grip of it’s paws as it forced and held him to the ground. He hardly even had time tos truggle under it’s immense strength when he felt the teeth sink into his neck. He roared in rage, and fear, and pain all at once, a blood curdling sound that made even Amos turn from his fight.The Demon hadn’t noticed the werewolves in all honesty, he hadn’t noticed his wife, children, the angel, or even Zeke as they all fought side by side. His eyes were red with rage and his face was clotted with the blood of his enemies. However, his eyes did find their way to the direction of the scream, and they widened at what he witnessed before him. “No…” the only hope for his daughter’s safety was being mauled and mangled by the jaws of a werewolf…a creature he hadn’t bared witness to since their supposed extinction. However, they were far from dead as it seemed they flooded the room in numbers, slaughtering all in their path with no discrimination. Amos was horrified at the scene, and he knew there was only one thing left to do. He had gathered some wounds, and could feel the fatigue over comming his body as the demons seemed to zero in on him specifically with all the strength they could muster. fighting on, he repeatedly glanced at Edward and the wolf.

As the teeth bore into Edwards neck, and the blood poured from the wound, he could not only feel the teeth, but the injection of venom as it spread through his veins with a burning heat that felt as though he’d jumped into a pit of flame. He tried to scream, yet his throat was closed off by the wolf’s massive jaws, and all that escaped his mouth was a soft, exasperated breath. He squirmed wildly, his arms tearing at his skin as it burned, not sure where to scratch as the venom hit his heart and brain, then spread it’s way to the rest of him. That’s when the light of the moon hit his eyes, and they immediately changed. Bright Red in color, and wide as ever, his exasperated breath became screams of pain and horror as slowly, yet surely, he began to change once the venom had done it’s job. The reason it moved so fast, was because of the heightened form Edward was in thanks to the absorption of the energy transfer from the lightning to his body. His heart beat at speeds almost four times faster than any other human and this spread the venom through his blood at an extraordinary rate. First came the eyes, then the fangs, which grew to incredible lengths. then his entire bone structure began to morph, growing and breaking painfully as it took on it’s new form.

Amos threw the blade in his right hand to his right, decapitating a demon yet again. Bodies lay at his feet, and yet most of the blood that was falling was his own. Mainly from the encounter he had with a werewolf only a few seconds ago. His eyes found Edward again as his pant’s legs tore, and Amos saw the change he was undergoing. “No…” Amos roared loudly, and turned to his family, including Zeke, and upon realizing Elvira and Bart were not at his side yet, he began to search the crowd frantically, for his daughter first, and son second. It didn’t take him long to find the dark locks of his daughter’s head. “ELVIRA!” he roared as a demon had launched himself into the air, and thrown a dagger at his daughter. With a single flap of his wings, leaving his wife and Zeke, he was in the path of the dagger, which flew successfully into his right bicep. He fell to the floor, rolled, and threw one of his Warglaives through the air, effectively boomeranging it through the Demon’s body and back to him. when he caught it, he followed it’s path and used the momentum to cleave through a werewolf’s neck. As the unholy beasts attacked he and his daughter, he did his best to fend them off, though, the toll his wounds were taking on him was all too evident.

Barawk acknowledged the scream from Amos as he slammed his hammer into the ground. Demons and werewolves in the immediate area were blasted back by a shock wave of energy. After Amos had left, Barawk spread his wings and with a speed almost uncatcheable, he fled through the doors that Edward had once left open, heading home to check on Levi.

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August 28, 2013 10:52PM
https://i1.wp.com/31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_luniqh5IlL1qcf8n4o1_500.gifThe sight that met Johnathon and Reginald’s eyes, as they entered the Ballroom was simply unbelievable. Werewolves, of all shapes and colours, fighting against Demons, who were putting up a fierce battle. Johnathon’s eyes quickly scanned the room for a sign of Levi and Phoebe, but in the midst of the carnage and blood letting they simply could not be seen. In all Reginald’s days on the force, this had to be the WORST crime scene in ever seen. He was practically frozen with shock, as another werewolf took down a demon near what was left of the buffet. Bodies that were practically mutilated and torn to shreds, were strewn across the dance floor, blooded hand prints were on the windows, were people had tried in vain to escape the onslaught.

“OH MY GOD! Reginald cried, his revolver still drawn, while the doctor whipped out a blade that was concealed in his cane. What got their attention however, was the largest of the werewolves, who was practically feasting upon a man that was upon the ground, writhing in agony. Reginald though this person (Edward) was human, and he aimed his revolver at the werewolf and fired off two shots in quick succession. His marks hit true, striking the werewolf’s side. Angered, the werewolf lifted his head, and roared with blooded fangs dripping, as he spotted the one that just discharged a gun into him. The bullets sadly, were not made of silver, so they had very little effect upon the werewolf. But what happened next…did.

Amos in his race to save his family and himself from the blood bath, summoned all to his arms, and then in a burst of flame that was as intensive as a volcanic explosion, the Family Roxburg evaporated from sight, most likely to return to Roxburg manor. The fire engulfed many demons and werewolves alike, and threw Johnathon and Reginald off their feet. The lead Alpha Werewolf decided this was the moment to flee. He howled loudly to the remaining werewolves, and then they all started a dash for the exits….and freedom.


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August 28, 2013 11:20PM
Elvira ducked, dodged, slashed and mutilated demons left and right in an effort to reach her father. Her dress was soaked to the bone with blood and other unthinkable substances. She noticed Fanny beating a few of the wretched hellspawn about the head with her reticule and resisted the urge to giggle. That was so…Fanny…it was laughable. She saw Bart at her side, cutting a dashing figure as he protected his lady. She didn’t envy him for finding his someone special that he would defend with his very life.She was grabbed from behind as she became distracted and she slammed her head backwards, ignoring the brief flare of pain in her head this caused. A crunch and a grunt and she was released. She whirled around, talons poised to strike to see a demon clutching his broken nose. She ended his miserable life quickly and turned to see where her father was.

He was in the center of the room, her mother at his side. There was a rapidly growing pile of dead and decaying demons at their feet as they continuously protected one another’s backs.

She growled when she spotted her sister slinking out of the hall like a thief in the night, not even looking to see where her lover was.

A cry of pain and fear caught her attention and she turned back to see a large black wolf attacking and biting Edward. She gaped. That was the last thing she expected to happen and she wanted to laugh. Oh dear, sister mine…you’re not going to want to be around him now. She mentally cackled.

So busy watching Edward’s change into his new form, she was unaware of the demon about to attack her from behind.

“ELVIRA!” she heard her father shout. She turned in time to see the knife coming at her and instinctively ducked. There was a cry of pain and rage from behind her as the threat to her life was eliminated. A moment later, her father was in front of her, having used his wings to bring himself to her side. “FATHER!” Elvira panted, exhaustion written in every line of her face. There was no time to relax as now the werewolves were starting to crowd them on all sides. Elvira hissed in anger. This night had been perfect and these beasts had to go and ruin it! She snarled as a tawny colored wolf tried to nip at her legs, earning some deep gashes to the face via Elvira’s talons for the effort.

There was an explosion of gunfire near the entrance to the hall and she looked over her shoulder to see that detective friend of Lord Bianchi firing his weapon at the large alpha wolf, who snarled in fury. It was then her father grabbed her about the waist and in a flash of flame, removed her from the hall and the danger it held.

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