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{RP} The Willow
August 22, 2013 09:29AM
Across the lake in the forest and behind the canopy of a mysterious willow tree lies the enchanted world of the Fae realm. State at the beginning of every post where in the realm you are.

Hidden in the largest of Willows is the castle and home to the McCabre family and their court. State at the beginning of every post where in the castle you are.

Queen: Ceara McCabre- CharlotteCarrendar
King: Dillon McCabre-
Prince: Keagan McCabre- EricHeymour
Princess(s): Diedre McCabre- LadyBelz
Fiona McCabre- xOEsmeOx

Ladies: Wynona Mistle- SalemWarrick

Re: {RP} The Willow
August 23, 2013 04:28PM
The Mistle’s Willow – Wynona’s room – Third “Floor”


Wynona was engaged in begrudgingly allowing the maids to fuss over her. She’d been long over due for a hair cut, and the maids took it upon themselves to also completely dress her up for the day. It really wasn’t anything all that special – they were going to take Garner outside their tree for the first time ever. She didn’t know why they needed to be dressed up as if they were going to a somewhat informal ball, but she didn’t care much to ask.

Her thoughts kept trailing back to the next time Eric would be free to leave, and after a few minutes the thought stuck and she couldn’t get it away again. Maybe she would try leaving the kingdom this time? No, that would only lead to her being late to something. (It had happened once before – she’d been about to dive into the lake when she heard some castle guards talking about her parents requesting a search party for her.) She probably wouldn’t have any luck finding a family in the kingdom. She’d have to wait until Saunders was old enough to get some fussing over in the duties of the nobility area. Then she could come and go as she pleased.

Another thought invaded her swirling thoughts of Eric – the McCabres. God only knows when the dinner her mother told her about would be. She hoped it wasn’t going to be soon. The last dinner between the two families had been when she was about eight, and apparently she had offended Prince Keagan to the point that he still held a distaste for their family. She’d come so close to meeting his gaze as Eric several times – too close. She knew he probably wouldn’t recognize her, but her heart nearly stopped every time. It happened with all of the royal family, and the other noble families. She feared that one day someone would tell her mother and Eric would be banished forever.

That day would be a truly sorrowful one.

Re: {RP} The Willow
August 24, 2013 07:51PM
Forest Gardens- Outskirts of The Willow

Fiona stood near the small pond in the forest garden, watching the natural current push the lily pads around. She had one arm raised against the tree to steady herself, her green eyes watching small fish dart between the ripples. Smiling faintly, she enjoyed the way the breeze fanned her hair out as though she were underwater or floating. Her ivy green dress brought out the sparkle in her green eyes, though it blended in with the forest floor and gave her the appearance of a tree nymph. She kept her hair long and flowing, shocking red waves falling around her. It made her pale skin seem to have a natural glow.

It was no secret she often slipped out of the castle to find solace here, but she hoped her mother or sister wouldn’t be disturbing her. Diedre was most likely up to no good and her mother would surely want her to practice dancing. Though they did not merit an invitation to the ball, Ceara wanted the girls up to date on the latest dances so that if they weren’t “forgotten” for the next ball, their daughters would surely find new suitors. With a sigh, Fiona crossed her arms and leaned her back against the tree. It sure was hard to please her mother. With a soft sigh, she allowed thoughts of her mother to fade and instead focused on the day ahead. Surely something exciting would happen?

Re: {RP} The Willow
August 25, 2013 08:10AM
Forest Gardens- Outskirts of The Willow

“You forgot to say goodbye Dearest.” The voice was soft, calm, smooth, and suave. Matter of Fact, it was everything the most suave of the suave ever dreamed of speaking. women melted at it’s sound, and yet the man behind the voice hardly used it as such. He had too many morals. The sun shone brightly on the waters through the only opening in the area, and this was the spot he came from as he spoke. The light reflected off his perfect blonde curls perfectly. His bright blue eyes holding his sister intently as she relaxed. He was one of the only people to know of this place. Mainly because they had originally found it together.

“I cannot tell you how hurt I was to wake from my slumber and find out you left without me. My heart just…crumbled into ash!” Keagan exagerated his voice extensively. Yes, he was being sarcastic, yet again. “It was horribly dreadful…” Silence then fell as he allowed his sister to take him seriously. She was an intelligent person, but she was often easy to fool with sarcasm. It was always a surprise to him that she hadn’t been used to his witty tongue by now. As he stepped to the water’s edge, he inhaled and lifted his hands. The water in his path towards his sister then split in half, revealing it’s soggy bed of dirt. Stepping through, he allowed it to continue it’s path when he was through.

Re: {RP} The Willow
August 25, 2013 12:29PM
Forest Gardens- Outskirts of The Willow

Fiona looked over her shoulder, a frown tugging at her lips as her heart began to beat faster. Her brother had scared her, but she quickly sobered up when she heard his words. Swiveling around completely, she stepped towards him with both hands to her heart “Oh Keagan, I’m so very sorry…I just had to get away from mother. If I knew you wanted to have tagged along, I surely would have awakened you.” Smiling girlishly, her eyes soon danced playfully. “It’s hardly polite to wake someone from a deep sleep, though, wouldn’t you say?” She looked into his blue eyes and found her troubles slipping away. Keagan always seemed to lighten her mood when she was around, and that was why she treasure her brother so.

Looking down at the river as he lifted his hands, her smile grew more and she clasped her hands together in front of her.“Keagan, you are so very talented…” She could see the fish swimming away from the dirt, almost as though they were now behind a glass. When the water continued to flow once more, her green eyes locked on his blue hues as she teased “Are you shirking your duties again? I can’t imagine mother or father will be very pleased…” The wind whipped her hair around her again, and her hands flew up to try and press it back down as she let out a gleeful laugh.

Re: {RP} The Willow
August 26, 2013 07:25PM
Throne Room – The Willow


Where would one find a Queen at this time of day within the Willow of the Fae Kingdom? Why she was in the Throne room, with many of the court’s ladies and lords all in attendance. Dressed in a fine red floor length gown, and with a spray of feathers that went up and behind her head, in a halo like effect, she gazed down upon all her subjects with a dissatisfied air.

“Lord Chamberlain? Where…are my children?”

The Lord Chamberlain, a rotund man with a bulbous red nose side stepped out from behind a curtain, wearing a golden suit, and a white powdered wig. He searched his parchment rolls and fussed, stammering as he could not give her an answer. The Queen’s well shaped brow went up sharply and you could hear the odd cough coming from the gathered courtiers.

“Well?” The Queen said, now getting impatient.

“Your Majesty…err…they seem to be off enjoying this wonderful day.” The Lord Chamberlain said with a flourish of his hands, his parchment rolls spilling to the floor at his feet. The Queen’s face became darkened, and she rose from her throne. Stepping up to the edge of the throne platform she let her eyes be cast across all those before her, that bowed in reverence.

“Bah…Lords and Ladies, of the court…you may dance. Hmmph.” The music started as the Queen strolled from the platform with two hand maidens running after her. The Lord Chamberlain frowned and did so wonder where the young Royals were at. The Queen was….not amused.