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August 20, 2013 09:18AM


As she heard someone approach them, Isabella looked over curiously. Seeing Agares, the shifter curtsied to him before smiling. “Hello, Sir.” Seeing him pass a glass of champagne to Juliette, Isabella grinned again. Apparently, this was her friend’s… suitor of the moment. “I am Isabella, or Bella. Whichever you prefer to call me. Though you may already know who I am, even if I don’t know you.” With a cat-like grin, the woman eyed Agares. She knew he was a demon – that much she could sense, and smell. Plus she recognized him from the manor earlier. Though she did not know who he was. That didn’t matter to the shifter much, though – so long as he was keeping Juliette safe, and was treating her friend well, Isabella would be fine with him.

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August 20, 2013 09:50AM
Juliette’s eyes scanned the crowd as a frown tugged at her lips “He’s been far too distant for my taste lately…” Turning around, she smirked at her friend “Independent little shit he’s turning into…” Her head turned to find Agares bringing a drink to her. Smiling coyly, she looked him over like a predator assessing her prey. He looked delicious. Taking the glass of champagne from him, she took a sip as her eyes locked eyes on his tender ones. The look in his eyes was enough to fool her into thinking that he was proud to be there with her, and even shared a soft spot for her after that night of passion they shared. Lowering her drink, her lust-filled eyes darkened as her smile turned seductive. Spinning around to face Bella again, she looped her arm through Agares’ and leaned her head against his arm as she simpered “You remember Agares, don’t you? Made quite the nasty mess of Mother’s floor.” Taking another sip of champagne, she winked at Bella playfully. Looking back up at Agares, she stood on her toes and lowered her drink to lift her lips to him. She wanted to put on a show, and she expected her fellow demon to play the part.

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August 20, 2013 09:54AM
Levi had his back turned to the dancers, though he was careful to look over his shoulder every so often to keep an eye on Phoebe. As he faced the bartender, he frowned as his head rested on his hands. The angel had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen tonight. As if confirming his thoughts, Agares had stepped in to fetch drinks with a toothy grin. Levi’s frown deepened as he fought back a snarl. He wasn’t much of a fighter, but he would do what he had to in order to keep Phoebe and the other innocents safe. Swiveling around in his chair, he leaned back against the bar with his brandy in hand as he watched Agares return to Juliette. His eyebrow raised as he took in Juliette’s ravishing sight before taking another sip. That she-demon was nothing but trouble, but he could sense the humanity within her crying to be released. Gripping the drink in hand, his head tilted as he wondered if the true Juliette would break through.

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August 20, 2013 10:02AM
The rain had heavied, and the thunder and lightning continued even as darkness began to fall over the sky. Barawk then entered the ball room of the count’s home, seen as a Bianchi and legally a family member, he was invited along with the rest of them, and he knew too well that Agares would not pass up this chance at the lead Demon family in London, so he decided to go, and keep an even closer eye on his ultimate rival. He looked simply dashing in a black tuxedo, his hair brushed back and held in a pony tail. His eyes first took in Levi, who was at the bar, and he made his way over. Sitting beside the fellow Angel, he rose a hand to the bartender and ordered a glass of water, which came not a moment later. “You do not seem to be enjoying the festivities Levi.” His eyes fell upon the man, and he could see the disdain that had just recently past from his face. “Who has caused this smirk to rise upon lips? Hm?”

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August 20, 2013 10:22AM
The Roxburg Family Carriage carrying the Lady Elvira Roxburg and her companion of the evening, Edward, rolled to a stop and the doorman opened the door to let them free. Elvira waited for Edward to join her at her side before linking her arm through his so they could head indoors. Just before they reached the page, she bent close to his ear, “Embarass me tonight and you won’t live to see the next sunrise.” she threatened. To those watching, it looked as if she had clamped a hand tightly to his arm as if she were nervous. In reality, she had transformed her hand into its demonic counterpart and had dug her claws into his arm, hard enough to leave marks but not hard enough to draw blood. She turned with a smile toward the page.

“And how may I announce you, My Lady?” he asked.

“The Lady Elvira Roxburg and this is my companion, Edward.” she replied sweetly. The page nodded and turned to the room, clapping his staff on the floor to capture their attention.

“MAY I PRESENT…The LADY ELVIRA ROXBURG AND HER COMPANION…EDWARD!” he called out clearly to every corner of the room.

The reactions this announcement garnered varied from person to person and Elvira smiled. It was a smile full of evil intent and sexual promise.

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August 20, 2013 10:26AM
(Gon just post Lillian here instead of the cemetery)

The large wooden doors that led to the ballroom opened and a hushed silence seemed to fall across the room. “Lady Lillian Barrett” came a loud and accented voice from the door. Lillian smirked and strode through. She stood at the top of the stairs, and did not move for a while. She surveyed the room, icy blue eyes narrowed and those ruby red lips pulled into a sly smirk on her face. Lillian was clad in black. the gown was laced with onyx stones and pearls. The underskirt was white and the bodice was laced tightly and allowed for an ample view of her chest. She was also draped in fur, sleek and black with a hood that she had over her hair.
Still standing at the top of the stairs Lillian unpinned her cloak and handed it to the man by the door, who took it with a bow. Underneath the hood, those long dark locks had been pinned back into an elaborate display of braids and updos. Around her throat sat a thick diamond necklace with a large onyx the size of an egg hanging of the end. Lillian strode down the stairs, having hitched her gown up. Her stride was effortlessly graceful and poised. She held her head high and watched the crowd with half lidded blue eyes. Lillian oozed power, control and if people didn’t know better, they would have suspected her to be royalty…if only they knew. Lillian stopped in the middle of the dance floor and glanced left and then right. She recognized a few faces but none of which interested her enough to engage in conversation with. As a maid approached with a try, Lillian lifted a goblet from it, bright eyes following the maid as she wandered of….and it was then she spied her dog. Grinning Lillian lifted the goblet and drank…yet she did not wander of. She turned and headed toward the far pillar where and elder Lord with a stooped back stood. She turned and the pair began to talk…yet Lillian found him as boring as she should have guessed he be.

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August 20, 2013 10:30AM
As Levi leaned back against the bar, he pulled his lighter out and began to play with the flame. As he began to relax only a tad bit, he turned his head to see he had a friend. “Hello there, Arian.” He dared not use Barawk’s true name, and used his human name out of respect. Turning, he smiled weakly and gestured with a free hand towards Phoebe, who was dancing and laughing gaily with some random gentleman. “You see that girl there? She is the true image of Saint Selene herself. Father knows it, and I’m afraid the bloody demons may as well.” Shaking his head slightly, he then gestured towards Juliette. “And her? She may be born to demons, but that woman is no demon herself. I think she’s trapped in a web of her own evil-doing, as well as the influence of her family.” Frowning, he then looked away from both women and down the last of his brandy. Tossing the glass away, he then crossed his arms and turned to face his friend once more. If he had to clean up the demonic shit left over from a war, he was glad there was a stronger angel to fight at his side. “Something is going to go down tonight, Arian. I can feel it in my bones.”

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August 20, 2013 10:50AM
(Don’t forget it’s raining people! xD lol)

As they walked from the carriage, Edward was constantly looking around, like a curious child in a new place. He’d been couped up in that manor with Juliette and the Roxburgs for so long, he’d almost forgotten there was an outside world. though her words and nails brought him back to the present. His bicep tensed underneath her grip instinctively, which dulled the pain a little, but it was still there. Luckily, he was used to sharp things puncturing his flash, and usually much deeper. In truth, it kind of excited him. He found it quite comedic that everything this woman did ended up being sexual., thus he smiled, and hoped she didn’t catch on.

As they were announced, and entered the main room, he damn near gasped at the beauty of the place. His eyes drastically and speedily took in the entire room with an inquisitive look. He was awe struck by the umber of people already there, as he set their umbrella to the side to dry off from the rain that had been falling. Yet, even with his scanning eyes, he could not find his beloved, the reason he asked to come with Elvira in the first place, though if she was there, he was sure her eyes had fallen upon him. As they descended onto the main floor, he spoke softly to her. “Would the Mistress like refreshment?” He awaited an answer as his eyes caught the bar. Still trying to avoid the immaculate cleavage of her dressings.

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August 20, 2013 11:17AM

Isabella laughed, giving a short nod. “I do remember that much. Quite messy, you were.” She spoke to Agares lightly, grinning once more. It wasn’t long before people began pouring in. She didn’t quite pay attention to any of them until she heard Elvira’s name…. followed by Edward’s. Then, her eyes snapped towards where the two stood. Immediately, her eyes narrowed into slits and she glared at them both. How dare Edward come with Elvira! He knew how much Juliette hated her sister… Oh, there would be hell to pay. Be it from her or from Juliette… Edward would likely not have this night end well for him.

With an umbrella in one hand, shielding him from the rain, Ezekiel made his way to the ballroom. When he entered, he gave his umbrella to a maid and then grinned and walked all the way into the ball. He wore no mask – and seemed to be on of only a few who chose to forgo the mask. Grinning to himself, the demon walked through the ballroom, greeting those he passed with a smile and nod.

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August 20, 2013 11:24AM
Agares grinned at Bella as Juliette took his arm. “I hope your mother was not too mad at my presence in your home. My essence seems to leave a rather alive trail.” He said making a joke that the dirt he left behind was somewhat living. He watched as she took a drink from her glass, before peering up at him for a kiss. Agares leaned down slowly and planted a longing passionate kiss on her soft pink lips. He broke after a moment, allowing himself to pretend to be lost in the kiss before looking back at Isabella. “I tend to get lost in this one.” He said talking about Juliette, before raising his glass. “To the everlasting memories to be made tonight.” And with that, he heard the announcement of his Queen. A his smile broadened more as he raised his glass towards her entrance. “To Lillian” He said as he took a sip of his drink before he turned to Juliette kissing her forehead as he looked back at Lillian. “Your Grandmother will find us soon enough.” He said as Lillian disappeared into the crowds. He took another sip of his drink before looking down at Juliette. “Do you dance, love?” He asked with a gentlemanly smile.



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August 20, 2013 11:35AM
Juliette smiled and snaked her arms around Agares as she stood on his toes to kiss him back. Her lips were greedy with a lustful hunger, but she knew she would have to be patient. Remembering that she was a lady, she pulled back and raised a hand to her lips innocently as she turned to bat her eyelashes at Bella “He is such a dog, isn’t he?” Her smile then froze on her lips as she heard the announcement of her sister…and Edward?! Whipping around, she glared daggers at them as her sister traipsed into the room with her blood doll. The demon fought down the urge to growl and rush over there to rip her eyes out, not wanting to give either the satisfaction of her rage. Her chest rose up and down as she fought back her anger, her head slowly swiveling to bring her eyes up to Agares. She smiled coldly and reached to grab his arm. “Always…”

She pulled him in for another rather intimate kiss before she pulled him onto the dance floor proudly. Not daring to look to see if her sister and Edward were watching, she stepped too close for just friends and placed her hand on his chest. Looking up at him with her lustful eyes again, she purred “Take it away, my darling…” A new song began and the couple soon fell into the routine. She let out a laugh as she recalled dancing with Edward earlier in her room, and her eyes closed blissfully “Agares, faster!” They whipped around in a circle on the dance floor, many gentleman and ladies impressed with their swift movements as they took up the whole floor.

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August 20, 2013 12:07PM
“I had heard of her from your father, and I hear you are to protect her. Something tells me there’s more to it than that, young man.” Arian sipped from his glass, and chuckled at his own words. He could see the look in Levi’s eyes as he looked to Pheobe. He followed his hand, and looked at her himself, and her beauty seemed to radiate, and radiate pretty damned far. She practically glew with it. “I’m sure she’s in good hands my friend.” Then he followed his fingers to the demon girl, who was now dancing with….of course it was HIM. His eyes narrowed and he growled lightly. Loud, boistrous thunder sounded at the same time. “If she can be freed, we’d best act before she is entangled further into Agares’ web as well. The Dog of Hell is known for his…plots.” He huffed, holding the glass to his lips for a moment as he spoke and glanced over to Levi from the corner of his eyes. “Though he’s far too stupid to ever think of them on his own. If not for…” The name was announced, and Arian turned his head as he sipped his drink to the Queen of hell herself. “Speak of the devil.” He spoke just after swallowing. Listening to his friends concern, he sighed, knowing damned well he felt it too. “Then I am not the only one….” He exhaled heavily through his nostrils. “I have set our defense should things escalate and the family needs a quick retreat. So long as we keep that girl…” He nodded toward Pheobe. “From harm, all will be well. The demon scum cannot be allowed to speak their poisonous words to her, m’boy. If anything, I will aid you in this as I keep keen eye upon the dog and his master.”

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August 20, 2013 12:31PM
Masquerade Ball – Main Floor


From the corner of her eye, she could see Edward was entranced with the whole affair. Maybe she had done him a favor by bringing him out? She didn’t know and could have cared less. She was here for one reason only: to meet the mystery person who’d sent her the dress currently draped across her body…and to piss off Juliette, so really that was two reasons. But why quibble with the small details.

“Would the Mistress like refreshment?”

She turned to look at Edward, her head tilted to the side. “Hm. Yes. That would be nice.” She agreed, turning her attention back to the main floor. She spotted her sister dancing across the hall, and with a smirk, she turned to Edward before he could walk away. “Thank you, darling.” She grinned, pressing her lips against his in a sensual caress, flicking her tongue against his lips before pulling away slowly. Take that, sister dear! Elvira smirked.

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August 20, 2013 12:45PM
Edward nodded when she replied to him, and as he turned to leave, his eyes fell back to her once she spoke to him. “Thank you, darling.” she spoke, and once her words had finished passing those plush, pink lips of hers, they ended up against his in a kiss of sensual desire. His eyes opened, and they found Juliette on the dance floor with her partner, and with a raised brow, he deepened the kiss before Elvira could pull away. He wrapped his palm on her cheek, and nibbled gently on her lower lip, his eyes locked on Juliette’s form. He pulled away, and a little line of static was seen stretching from his lip to hers as he did so. He used his power and their contact to stimulate her lips, triggering every sensual nerve that could have possibly been hit. “coming right up Mistress.” He smiled, and bowed his head as he turned and headed for the bar.

Reaching it, he waved the bartender over and the man came. “One water, and a thin glass of wine please.” The bartender bowed his head and within a few moments, the drinks were poured. Edward downed his water then and there, and brought the wine to Elvira, holding it to her. “For the beauty of the night.”

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August 20, 2013 01:02PM
Elvira stared at the back of Edward’s head as he headed to get their drinks, nails biting into the palms of her hands. How dare he? she snarled. Oh she was madder than a wet hen, but didn’t know if she was mad about the kiss or how he tried to use his own aura against her to enhance the kiss. She kept the pleasant smile on her face as he returned with her drink. He held it up to her. “For the beauty of the night.”

She really wanted to throw the drink in his face. She clamped down in the urge and slowly relaxed her stance, taking the wine from him, stroking his fingers as she did so. Keeping her eyes on his, letting him see how angry she was, she sipped her wine. A small droplet of the delicious drink clung to her lips as she pulled her glass from her mouth and she licked them slowly. Handing her glass to a passing waiter, she took Edward by the hand, pressing her body close. “You owe me a dance, I think.” she mumured.

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August 20, 2013 01:29PM
When her eyes fell upon his, he could see just as much as feel the anger within them, but it did not affect him. They were both there to get to Juliette. They both wanted to make her hurt, to make her suffer, what he did was to gain that end, and his stoic stubborn look showed this. He knew exactly what she had accepted his companionship for. When she spoke of a dance he owed her, he smiled softly, and nodded, extending his bent elbow to her, his back straight and his chin high. “Then may I ask that you grace me with the opportunity, Mistress?”

When she took his arm, he would lead her to the dance floor just as a new song took over, and the floor cleared in the middle as the tension between the two main couples palpated from them. Edward was an amazing dancer. He was graceful, yet strong, smooth, yet rough. He was built for such activities as dancing with women, whether it be on the floor, or in the bed. right now, he would take Elvira on the ride of her life, though his eyes would hold onto Juliette and with an attempt to rub in the fact of who he entered the ball room with. However, his eyes would fall into Elvira’s every now and then when it was called for, but only when it was called for. Otherwise, they were on Juliette and Agares.


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August 20, 2013 01:46PM

Isabella watched her friend go off and dance with Agares, a smile on her lips. She prowled around the circle of people that was forming around the couple, like a cat stalking her prey. When Edward and Elvira began dancing as well, she lifted a brow slightly. She made sure to keep an eye on both couples – she was watching them intently. After a little while, though, she decided not to let them have all the fun. Walking over to a young man who was openly staring at the two dancing women, Isabella held her hand out for his. “Ask me to dance.”

The man looked at her in surprise, before quickly bowing and asking her to dance. With a smile, she accepted and took his hand. Lifting her arm, she rested her other hand on his shoulder, while his hand moved to her waist. The crowd spread around them and formed a larger circle, so that all three couples were dancing. Isabella threw her head back, a melodic laugh flowing from her lips.

Ezekiel watched all of this happen from the back of the crowd, a grin on his lips. He was extremely amused, to say the least. He could easily recognize Juliette, Elvira, and Edward – their scents were quite distinct as it was. After a little while, he began wandering once again. Before long, he found himself approaching a young woman, Phoebe, though he didn’t know her. With a smile, he bowed gallantly to her grinning at the woman. “Hello, Miss. May I ask for this dance?”

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August 20, 2013 01:51PM
Elvira could see the stubborness in his own eyes and she resisted the urge to smirk. So, the little dog does have some bite to him. Well…let’s just see where this goes, then. She took his arm and allowed him to lead her to the center of the floor. It had been some time since she danced in such a setting and she was going to take full advantage of it.

He surprised her by how well he could dance and attributed it to something he probably did quite regular with Juliette. Shrugging, she relaxed in his arms and simply decided to try and enjoy herself. It was a ball, after all was said and done and she deserved to have some fun as well.

She matched him step for step, turn for turn. From a waltz into a promenade, theirs was a dance designed to ensnare and entice those around them, their two very distinct auras flaring about like tossed paper in a gale force wind.

It left her breathless and it gave a her a freedom she seldom experienced. She laughed out loud in delight, thoroughly enjoying herself, not caring how anyone interpreted her expressions.

She was in her element.

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August 20, 2013 03:37PM
Main Ballroom

And so the players had all entered the field, or ballroom, so to speak. So much good and evil all in one place. The room was alive with emotions, and the Count sneered as he watched all with delight. Oh he had heard of Elvira’s announcement, and the sly piece of shit that was hanging off her arm. He sipped his chalice as he then turned to watch Juliette, that pathetic green eyed monster of a woman. Oh such pretty packaging and yet within her shell, she was simply maggot infested, teaming with the green ooze of jealousy. What on earth did Agares see in her? No…no he didn’t. Another puppet on the string. The Count chuckled darkly to himself. All were dancing, so carefree, whilst staring daggers at each other. It was simply delicious.


“And it rains…perfect.” The Count whispered, the right side of his lip curling upward, as the two beauties beside him tittered behind their fans. The Count shot a glare upwards to the second floor, where his “men” stood silently with their long spears. Dressed in the ceremonial uniform of the Bavarian nation. He gave a slow and simple nod, and all suddenly slammed their spears into the floor, with a massive thunderous sound, that resonated around the room. The Count gazed across at Lillian, and he started to laugh, taking another sip from his chalice.

“Welcome to my web….children.”