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RP} The Rosewater Cafe
August 06, 2013 06:40PM

Re: {RP} The Rosewater Cafe
August 07, 2013 08:55AM
Levi walked down the rainy streets of London slowly, his top hat keeping most of the rain off of his head. He didn’t bother with an umbrella, as he didn’t really mind the rain all that much. It rained often, as it were. Seeing the Rosewater Cafe in front of him, he smiled his boyish smile and thought A cup of coffee should warm me up. Walking inside, the bell above the door went off and sent a M’aitre D rushing over to him. Levi smiled warmly and specified that there was only one. As he was led to the table, he sat down and perused the menu. The M’aitre D had bowed and sent a waiter over immediately. Levi was recognized as the eldest Bianchi child and was very respected throughout London.He glanced up at the waiter and smiled again “I’ll just start with a coffee, thank you. I’ll let you know if I need anything else.” The waiter bowed and rushed away to get his coffee. As Levi waited, he began to play with one of the flames on the table. Looking around, he could see the cafe was already fairly busy. Still, his coffee arrived within minutes and he flashed the waiter a dazzling smile. He bowed again and disappeared in a flurry. Sitting back in his chair, Levi sipped his coffee with one hand and began to play with the flame with the other. Such a dreary day it was turning out to be. Sighing, he glanced at the clock on the wall and wondered if his father was going to join him for lunch.

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August 08, 2013 06:56AM
Levi sat in silence for an hour or so, enjoying multiple cups of coffee. His father had yet to arrive and the angel could only assume a patient had filled up his time. Sighing, he leaned back in his chair and thought about leaving. Just as he stood up and put a tip down, two gentleman walked in whispering excitedly. Curious, Levi lifted and eyebrow and stepped closer to listen.“Magnificent…like an angel! No one has any idea who she is.I daresay though, she bears a striking resemblance to the fair Saint Selene.” Now this definitely had Levi’s attention. “No one has any idea where she comes from, though I hear she resides at the Luxembourg hotel…by herself! That’s hardly ideal for a lady such as herself… Levi frowned. He needed more information. At last the other gentleman spoke. “How peculiar that she was in the library. I’ve never seen a young woman so interested in reading. She’s still sitting in that plump chair with her stack of books, I imagine.”
“Mhmm…” Levi murmured. Rushing past the men, he hurried home.(Thread Change)

Re: {RP} The Rosewater Cafe
August 15, 2013 06:13PM
Rosewater CafeThe dining area inside the Rosewater Cafe, was already filled with groups of ladies, that were enjoying their trip into town, sipping exotic teas from the east indies, and sampling some of the very finest cakes and scones, that the Cafe was renowned for. This was not exactly the sort of establishment that you would find the Good Doctor in, but under the circumstances, it was a perfect place in which to speak to Miss Westlake about her knowledge of the murders, from the citizen’s perspective. Reginald on the other hand, was delighted to have his daughter back in London, and walked her on his arm proudly, much to the inquisitive looks from some of the more dour spinsters of Baker Street. He was very eager to hear her good news, and constantly patted her hand, till he noticed that they were being watched by the Cafe’s patrons.

“You would think some of these dames would stop having such lecherous glances, at a middle aged man with a young lady on his arm. Did it ever occur to them, you may be my daughter? Honestly.”

Reginald muttered, giving one old bat a stern look as she started whispering behind her fan to another snooty looking lady in pink. The Doctor was following along behind with Miss Westlake and chuckled out loud

“Well at least the one on my arm doesn’t look like she just fell from her cradle.”

“Doctor! Are you trying to suggest I am old?’

“Why no, my dear. You’re no spring chicken that is all I meant by it.”

One thing was for certain, the Doctor certainly knew how to push a woman’s buttons, even without realizing it. The small group were shown to a table, and the waitress came to take orders, which was four teas and with a small cup cake tower, so they may sample an array of the Cafe’s delights. The Doctor removed his hat and then nodded politely towards the table of spinsters, who recognised him as “The Doctor with warm hands.” Turns out his treatments were the talk of the town. Mrs Peabody had made sure of that. Vivian rolled her eyes, already finding the Doctor’s wit to be tiresome, turning her attentions to the young Josephine, who had made a comment in regards to the latest articles she had written for the Times.


“Indeed, the news of the fiend that is terrorizing the populace is causing quite the sensation and scandal, however, I have uncovered something far worse.” At this point she then looked sternly at Detective Blaine and muttered; “I would be able to get it published, however it seems the police are not that keen that we are divulging the intelligence to our readership. For…hampering their investigations. Something I find simply abhorrent. The press’s job is to report for the safety and well being of its readers.” She took out her notebook and slammed it down on the table top, causing the saucers to rattle. “There is a Vampire in London, with one murder already having happened at the Cathedral. And now my editor is too scared to print the stories, for fear of backlash from the Police.”

Both Johnathon and Reginald suddenly stopped looking about the Cafe and zeroed in on Vivian, like she had something on her forehead.

“Did you just say..Vampire?” Doctor Johnathon asked, his brow creasing, and he wondered if he heard her correctly. Vivian nodded and took out a sketch she had drawn off the Nun’s description of the suspect. Johnathon took up the notepad and stared at it, while Reginald was too stunned to speak. He knew of Angels, due to his wife who was no longer with them, but this was the first he had heard of vampires, especially in London. He had not had any such reports from the Church. Were they trying to keep the matter covered up for fear of attention? This was not good at all if it meant even the Police couldn’t do their jobs.


“So, the Church is covering up a murder, and my own Police chief won’t allow the Press to write about the murders in Hollow street. I don’t understand. What the hell is going on?” Reginald said, and then was handed the notebook by Johnathon, who had read all the notes on the case that Vivian had uncovered.

“There is more to this than meets the eye, Reg. Let me ask you this. Why is it, those in power silence the whistle blowers?” Johnathon stared hard at the Detective, who was understanding what the Doctor was getting at. “Cause they are trying to protect…one of their own. Or some higher class that we don’t know about.”

“I fear…there is great evil lurking within the upper echelons of English society. Something, we can’t even begin to imagine.”

Reginald immediately shot a look at his young daughter, and then reached for her hand. “Promise me, you will not go ANYWHERE alone. I suggest you come back with us to Doctor Bianchi’s. His son, Levi would be ideal to keep an eye on you, while we try to get to the bottom of this. “ You could see the troubled look in his eyes. He had lost his wife due to dark forces, and he was going to be damned if he was to lose her…the same way.

London had just become the most dangerous place on earth.

Re: {RP} The Rosewater Cafe
August 15, 2013 07:41PM
Josephine’s eyes were on her father as they walked, trusting him to lead her as she listened to him speak. She missed him dearly and tried to drink in every moment with him as much as possible. When he spoke of the patrons, she tore her eyes from his face to give them sour looks. Why did they have to treat his father like he was some sort of meat? Sure, she was away often but he hardly seemed like the licentious sort of man. To her knowledge, there was no woman in his life after her mother. Looking back at her father, she giggled “Well you musn’t blame them, Papa. I am a very beautiful woman and you are…you. We hardly look alike…” She was of course teasing him, which she followed up with by tickling his arm.As Johnathon spoke of her as like a baby, she smirked and knitted her eyebrows together “I shall take that as a compliment for my youthful glow…” With that, she went to go take a seat but was soon surprised by the presence of a familiar face. Not recognizing Jesse as they were both younger when they left, she raised her eyebrows in surprise as he pulled her seat out for her. Taking a seat hesitantly, she looked to her father before her eyes flicked back up to the waiter. Smiling shyly, she tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear and blushed while picking up the offered menu.
Jesse looked at the beautiful half-angel with affection, but he was careful enough not to allow his eyes to linger inappropriately. She was a high woman of status, after all, and he was merely a waiter. Leaning over, he brushed his fingertips over the menu and murmured in a gentle tone “If I may, I would suggest the Masala Chai. It combines black tea, spices, milk, and a sweetener such as sugar or honey, for those who enjoy a bit of sweetness.” He knew of course that she did, and he was doing his best to see that she was well taken care of. Continuing, he withdrew his finger so as to not make her uncomfortable.“It is a traditional beverage from India.” With that, he looked from the menu to stare at her profile. Her long eyelashes caressed her cheeks as she looked down to read the menu. He looked to reach out and stroke that soft skin, but he knew better. She was here with her father, and he was good to him. He would never allow himself to put his daughter in a compromising position. Turning slightly, he held Reginald’s gaze before bowing his head in polite greeting. He said nothing more as his job was to serve, not to make small talk.
Josephine lifted her hair off of her neck as it began to burn up under the waiter’s scrutiny. She was sure she recognized him from somewhere, but she would not allow herself to hold his gaze longer than a few seconds. Fanning herself, she lifted up the menu and passed it to Jesse with a slight smile. “That would be perfect, thank you…” She looked up into his eyes to be polite and was amazed by the sincerity of his smile. Stunned into silence, Jo watched him take the menu and bow, taking his leave. When he was safely out of ear shot, she looked to her father with an inquisitive look “Isn’t it a bit odd he came over to take our order after the other waitress already did? Whatever will I do with two teas…” Turning to look over her shoulder as he disappeared, she frowned “I swear I know him from somewhere…”

Josephine turned around in her chair just as Vivian slammed her notebook down. As the saucers rattled, Jo reached out to steady her own and offered Vivian an encouraging smile “I’m sure there must be a good reason this is all hush hush. We don’t want to scare the public unless all the evidence is accumulated, correct?” She hoped she had not come off as condescending, but this woman could cause an issue for The Council if she continued prying. Leaning over the table, she managed to catch a glimpse of the drawing. Pursing her lips, she shrugged. “I have no idea who that man even is…he must be new to London. Then again, I have been gone for so long.” Staring at the image, she leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. It made her uncomfortable to know that a man, and a high society one no less, was able to commit such atrocity in public like that. It was hardly a wonder why she was not courting anyone. The Underground Salon were supposed to keep their part of the bargain, acting in their own free evil will but discreetly. For humans to know of the supernatural was a danger to all parties, good and evil. Sighing, she placed a hand to her temple and rubbed it. So much for a peaceful vacation.

Jesse soon returned with her tea, placing it in front of her without a word. He could sense she was troubled and he had to fight down the urge to comfort her. Bowing his head again, he disappeared. As Jo reached down to take a sip of her tea, her eyes narrowed at Johnathon. He was confirming Vivian’s theory on vampires, thus allowing her to assume the supernatural existed. If she found out about the vampires, she could find out about the angels and demons who were locked in a power struggle right under the human’s noses. Frowning, she clenched her jaw as she tried to remain polite and quiet. This could be detrimental if the doctor continued on like this in front of Vivian. As she felt her father reach for her free hand, she placed her tea down to hold it over them. Looking into his eyes, her own began to darken with hurt as he asked her to not be alone. Did he not trust her to take care of herself. Pulling her eyes from his gaze, she looked down at their hands and murmured “Do you think me incapable of taking care of myself?” Looking to Johnathon as Reg suggested Levi could watch her, she pulled her hands back and leaned back in her chair again. “Now I must be babysat?” She realized then that she was whining like a child, and her father deserved better than that. Exhaling slowly, she looked at her tea before raising her eyes back to her father’s. Reaching over, she intertwined her hand with his and nodded slowly “Papa, I will do as you ask. But promise me this, you will do nothing that will put you in harm’s way. You are all that I have.” Squeezing his hand tightly, she then looked to Vivian. “Please don’t leave me alone in the Bianchi house with those men…”

Re: {RP} The Rosewater Cafe
August 15, 2013 09:53PM
“Its not a matter of being babysat, Josephine.” Reginald said, with his tone getting deeper. “Its a clear case of wanting you to be somewhere that is safe, and I happen to know that there is nowhere safer right now, than Johnathon’s Manor.””Says you…Cookie is still cross about Mrs Bianchi.”

The Detective looked at Johnathon with an annoyed expression, since that was not helping matters at all. Vivian tried to take back her notebook, and Reginald slammed his hand down on it. “Fraid I am going to need this.” The Detective chimed, drawing it off the table and into his pocket. Vivian was set to explode. “That is MY notebook! You can’t just take it from me.” She growled, now getting the attention of the other patrons. Causing a scene was not on the menu today, as far as Johnathon had hoped, and he picked up his tea with a dainty manner and took a sip, as Vivian and Reginald squared off. Their faces were inches apart.

“You want this case looked into, yes?”

“I want the public to be warned!”

“Then you are going to have to come down to the Yard with me, and do a proper interview. The notebook is now evidence.”

“WHAT?! That is my work, you can’t just take it without asking.”

“Please…may I use your notebook, Miss Westlake.” Reginald asked through gritted teeth, ready to bite her face if she said no. Johnathon chuckled, and then rolled his eyes, before taking a small cup cake, and having a bite.

“You really should try the lemon ones, Reginald.” Johnathon quipped as Vivian snatched up her purse and rose to standing, huffing and sniffing angrily. “Well, then, Detective. Take me in for questioning, since you have my book. You need me to explain some of my shorthand, unless you can read it.”

“Looks like chicken scratching to me.” Johnathon interjected.


“SHUT UP!” Both Vivian and Reginald shouted. The entire cafe was now watching, and Reginald looked down at his daughter and then said in a fiery tone. “You will go with Johnathon. No ifs or buts. I will take in Miss Westlake, and we might just get something done about these murders.” he then snapped his head towards Johnathon, and tipped his hat.

“John. I am trusting my daughter with you. Keep her safe, that is all I ask.”

“Only if she tries a lemon cup cake.”

Vivian fixed her hat, and then with nose in the air, trotted out of the Cafe like she was under arrest, and the Detective tossed a few pound notes on the table, before storming out after her. The Doctor took another sip of his tea, then remembered Josephine was sitting there. He then showed what must have been the most fake smile you had ever seen a man pull, as he said;

“Lovely day. Come on, finish up and we go catch a carriage back to the Manor.”