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Re: [RP] Vaas Plain castle
August 13, 2013 07:37AM
The Queen waited for some replay from her husband, and for her surprise he showed some anger, but not towards what happen, mostly towards to her. His words made her actually feel like a failure and that she wasn’t able to take care of her own daughter. Which left her pissed, it didn’t left her sad, it left her angry. She just felt like throwing stuff at somebody like now. She was trying her best to make something right to happen, but it seems behind a good acting, there’s always something failing. Now she began to wonder why the hell her daughter was gone. Why she is so in love with that stupid prince? Especially from the family Brax, they are disgusting people, wicked, just like she is, but for some odd reason, she never got that along with them, other than have an affair with the King, which lately she got pregnant, and completely regretted it.
Her husband took his leave, going to somewhere, she didn’t knew where, nor she was caring about that right now. She was angry and frustrated. She turned her head and a grin appeared over her face, mostly like a grin that would show how frustrated she was. Since she was closer to some flower pot that was there, she quickly slapped it away, breaking it, while a yelp of frustration escaped from her lips. Servants and maids stared at her, kind of scared and some worried about her. She just wanted to stay alone for now. And that’s what happen, she rushed herself into her chambers, changed her clothing, sadly into some white dress, and then went to the library, so she could stay alone and read some books of spells to calm her down. 

Re: [RP] Vaas Plain castle
August 13, 2013 07:55PM
Calypso’s Chambers

The vase hit the door as the other servant hurried to shut it. She was only acting angry, and acting angry at herself. She had chickened out on her trip. She would have to come up with a new plan. She had pretended to fall asleep while packing, and had awoken with her “illness” lessened. Some other female servants had come in to coddle her, but one of them had made a mistake of informing her she was to watch over Selene when she returned.

She sighed quietly, hiding the bag she had packed under her bed. She was going to have to formally apologize to the king and Sir Wayne. The thought made her blood feel like acid, but she knew she needed to keep up appearances.

This was not going to be easy.

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Re: [RP] Vaas Plain castle
August 13, 2013 08:46PM
King Henry’s Chambers

Jimeon stood outside the door of the King’s chambers, ever since he had heard the ripple of rumor throughout the Castle, that the King had returned, and that he was markedly different from when he had left to find his daughter, Selene. Jimeon kept dancing from one foot to the other, wringing his hands, not knowing if he should knock or not. Finally, he plucked up the courage, and then rapped on the door three times. There was silence for the moment, then he heard the King’s words.


Jimeorn was startled, then he did so as was allowed and turned the handle, with the old timbers creaking as he pushed it open. The King was standing at the window, staring out at the training grounds, where only days before, there had been a wonderful event, and his life was so very different. Everything he thought about those around him, including the one woman he had come to worship, was not what he truly believed them to be. He had finally seen through his wife’s mask, and he detested what he saw. He never truly understood her demeanor, and now it all started to make sense. He ran his fingers down the glass panes, and as he lowered his head, he spotted the Knights, Arthur and Wayne in a discussion, hopefully a good one.

Jimeon kept his silence, not announcing himself, waiting hesitantly for the King to speak. Finally the King uttered words, that were almost haunting in their delivery.

“Do you remember Ambrosia, wife of the Sir Wayne, Jimeon?”

“Why, yes Sire…she was a true beauty and very much loved her husband. All the realm knows of their love, and she was even called the Flower of the Casterlys by Sir Arthur.”


The King nodded, and sighed, letting his arm fall to his side. He turned his head towards Jimeon, and you could see a tear running down his face.

“Beauty, true beauty comes from within. Its not something, that can be painted upon one’s self. It is the spirit, the soul of a person, that is true beauty.”

Jimeon stood, and was not quite sure what the King was on about. He offered the King a hankerchief and then thought better of it. “I would have to agree, M’lord, but why does this make you weep?”

The King turned to look outside the window once again, and then his face became somber.

“I believe I have been living a lie, for all these years. I have seen what I thought was love….to be nothing but hate.”

He had finally figured out his wife….now he had to work out how to deal with her.